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Miley Cyrus & Demi Moore: 'LOL' Official Trailer!

Miley Cyrus & Demi Moore: 'LOL' Official Trailer!

Check out the official trailer for Miley Cyrus‘ upcoming flick, LOL!

Here’s the film’s synopsis: In a world connected by YouTube, iTunes, and Facebook, Lola (Cyrus) and her friends navigate the peer pressures of high school romance and friendship while dodging their sometimes overbearing and confused parents.

The romantic comedy also stars Demi Moore, Ashley Greene, Douglas Booth, Austin Nichols, and Thomas Jane.

LOL will hit theaters in a limited release on May 4!

Pictured inside: Miley out and about with her mom Tish doing some shopping on Tuesday (April 10) in Calabasas, Calif.

Miley Cyrus & Demi Moore: ‘LOL’ Trailer

30+ pictures inside of Miley Cyrus shopping in Calabasas…

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  • ha ha

    this sh/it’s really coming out? Really?!

  • anon


  • arlyssa

    Her film career is going in the same direction of LiLo after Mean Girls. What a shame. At least they picked an appropriate title for this movie.

  • Beautyizmyname

    Looks real lame.

  • jessica

    is this shit serious? a real copy of the french LOL? everything is the same, they could have changed a little, at least. and jeremy kapone is way better than any of these guys (:

  • jaded

    Well I heard the movie is really bad so I guess it’s fortunate it will not go straight to DVD.

  • kat

    so embarrassing for douglas/demi

    and ashley greene is so ugly

  • living in a box

    girl your career is over..sorry..

  • stephanie

    woow she can’t act.

  • Gossipgirl

    What is it with this girl and underwear?? First, no drawers, in these photos, no bra. They act like a family of wild mountain goats!

  • ha ha

    her bo/obs and a/ss are gonna sag when she gets old

  • Jane

    This movie will bomb…seriously.

  • A

    Terrible acting from Miley. I cringed :/


    This movie looks seriously stupid. I hate to be negative, but this looks worse than all those awkward and pointless Michael Cera romance movies. And yes, Ashley Greene is really not cute

  • bahha black sheep

    looks sexy with no bra ….flap flap flap

  • smiler

    yeah miley! this movie will top the box office like always. mileys movies are always top! who will watch it? come on miley is in it.

  • bebe

    She can’t act…and her voice seems so static and emotionless, making it difficult to get into her character.
    Plot seems quite lame/but the bf seems cute…..

  • S

    Ok that looks too lame…LAWL?

  • Sam

    Seriously Miley, it takes a minute to find some undergarments and another few seconds to SLIP THEM ON!!

  • Lauri

    Can’t believe I’m saying this but it looks like Miley can act and is doing the best she can with the awful material. Movie looks sh!tty and she should have picked a better one.

  • Dan

    She never wears underwear in public anymore because she wants attention. simple as that.

  • anon

    what is wrong with her teeth??

  • babasama

    demi moore are no credibility!
    This trailer make me laught of Lot oh hey LOL!

  • babasama

    @anon: FAKE

  • Dee

    I don’t mind Miley and I happen to love Demi Moore as an actress but this movie looks horrendous! The plot is stupid, more then half of the acting is terrible and they gave away the entire movie in the trailer. No wonder they keep making remakes these movie people are running out of ideas for movies!

  • Love me boy

    LOL!!!! can’t act to save her life

  • Liz

    The French movie was SO much better.

  • KissThis

    A movie full of total cliches. It would be pointless to see unless you love Miley Cyrus for some reason.

  • lil

    I really liked the french version it is based on, but this one seems so bad.I’m also embarassed for the gorgeous douglas

  • lafamepoma

    Seriously people the French version is far better, watch the trailer on youtube, there are subtitle id somebody don’t understand French, i know that the director is the same for the 2 versions but in Europe people is more free, and Miley as the main character puah!! what a wrong chose.

  • s


  • Daphne

    i’m sorry but this jst looks stupid -_-

  • Jo

    ‘LOL’ at her face…

  • feka

    wtf is this? the movie is basically all about miley’s character while the french one focuses on the mom and the daughter. this movie is just like any other stupid teenage romance movie.

  • Sheila

    She looks like a chipmunk. A trailer-trash chipmunk who can’t act.

  • chocolatine

    No offense people. I’m french and a big fan of american cinĂ©ma. But this it’s a just a pale copy of a french movie whish name is …LOL (what a surprise!). I beg people to see the Real first version before…less naive.
    I know there is a sort of tradition to remake foreign movies in hollywood but seriously american cinema is better than that.

  • bobjustbob

    LOL no wonder Miley’s jealous and envious of Jennifer Lawrence’s career, Jennifer (and Kristen Stewart, ect. and many others) have the career Miley thinks she should have in her age group, they all get offered better roles because as this movie shows, Miley is getting offered bottom pile scripts. Because she can’t act. It’s like watching a large-toothed female version of Billy Ray and her acting is about as awful as his was. Y’all, that whole family belongs in the outback.

  • jillyro

    Yikes, her acting is painful to watch. Miley won’t be able to transiion to adult roles because her acting is limited. And she can’t count on her kiddy fans following her. If you ask any former and now grown-up girls who were once Hanna Montana fans what they think of Miley today. The answer is always “I don’t think of her” or “I USED to like her”, with her limited talent she has pretty much peaked career wise.

  • John

    Classy ladies wear underwear in public.

  • Lee

    She whines about the paps always following her, yet she willingly gives them so much to work with. This girl really annoys me… she just screams “look at me! look at me!” all the time. and this movie looks pretty bad… just seems to be miley making out with a bunch of guys to detract from the fact that she’s not a good enough actress to carry an actual script and story

  • zileuton

    WOW…this story’s about one girl moving on from one boyfriend to another!!! how deep! and did i just call it a story??
    i’m 22 but even when i was in highschool, i would’ve still thought of the movie’s content as a fabulous piece of CRAP!

  • zileuton

    i bet miley signed up for this because of the two good looking boys of the cast! And of course, who will offer her any job that has some depth and intensity or which requires ACTUAL acting skills!

  • icefire

    how about “LAME” with “!!!!!!!!!!”?

  • w

    She obviously had a boob job. Why not get her effing ugly mug fixed with a nose job and some braces for those nasty teeth? Maybe she’ll look halfway decent.

  • lalala

    NOOOO… Why did they have to do this!! The french version was really good… and they are going to ruin the story with this version.. And why Miley huh? They are so many more talented than her.. :l

  • yel

    Great! Can’t wait to watch this movies. Demi Moore looks gorgeous and beautiful at her age. Love & hugs

  • eve

    she looks like she is 29 yrs old. very road hard.

  • Cierra

    I LOVE Miley, and I LOVE every member of the cast. No faltering love.

    But…pardon me…


    Still love you guys though…but be ashamed.