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Alexander Skarsgard: 'Avengers' Premiere with Dad Stellan!

Alexander Skarsgard: 'Avengers' Premiere with Dad Stellan!

Alexander Skarsgard shows up to support his dad Stellan at the premiere of the flick The Avengers on Wednesday (April 11) at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood.

The 35-year-old Battleship actor’s dad stars in the superhero flick as Professor Erik Selvig, a character that he previously played in Thor.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Alexander Skarsgard

The Avengers unites Robert Downey, Jr., Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, Jeremy Renner, Mark Ruffalo, Scarlett Johansson, and more in the ultimate superhero film!

Check out The Avengers when it hits theaters on May 4.

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Credit: Kevin Winter; Photos: Getty
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  • EmilyB

    @ladybug: here me go again they back to Lucy Griffiths again HIs vampire sis again on KB post someone name Karl claim they were spotted together they are tripping big time about him and these women

  • Dating?

    That looks like Lucy griffiths and here is the evidence , you know what this means they are now officially dating because they were out together with other people. Lol

    Let the LG and AS dating rumors start all back up.

  • @Dating

    @Dating?: sure, or ith Charlize theron or with the next girl he was spotted with

  • EmilyB

    @Dating?: Oh i see you have pictures cause you say you have evidence where is it are you trying to be funny ha ha next

  • EmilyB

    @Dating?: I saw the picture that`s on KB JJared still @Karl it looks like her but everytime someone be seen with him there are dating so don`t anyone speculate just yet guys Coachella is coming up plus next week is very good for him it`s too many rumors to count right now

  • Thoughts?

    So general consensus is still that Ted C. is full of sh!t? I’m fine with that. Would also be fine with the casual dating of both lovely ladies, because it could mean there’s always room for a brunette! ;) (guess my hair color)

  • ladybug

    @EmilyB: Karl is making things up, he’s trolling for attention.
    So is Ted C.

    “BREAKING… EXCLUSIVE… UPDATE: Universal may have the last laugh after all now that its Battleship is opening overseas. For months the studio has fought media bad buzz about how risky this expensive military vs alien actioner from Peter Berg has been. Especially when the studio is claiming it came in at $209 million — and everyone else is saying $250+M. And there’s still the possibility that, in the United States at least, it could become a disappointing ”John Carter in gunmetal grey” invoking that most recent $250+M budget buster that disappointed at the box office for a $250M writeoff for Disney. But Battleship debuted Wednesday in Australia, Korea, Belgium, France, and Switzerland, and previewed in 11 other territories, “and we are off to a very good start,” a Universal exec tells me.”

  • ladybug

    And according to Skarsgard News, he’s not actually confirmed yet for the pool party:

  • Not again

    Omg someone is sending tweets to Ryan seacrest and ted C
    claiming that the mystery is solved it is confirmed Alex is dating Lucy and using the village idiot pic as proof. I am so shocked I am now waiting for all the gossip reports to come out on this. Such an innocent pic Is going viral and being uses as proof for dating
    Jeez people this to funny

    @Ted_Casablanca i think mystery solved on who Alexander Skarsgard dating Lucy Griffiths sis on True Blood pic on Just jared
    30 minutes ago via

    @RyanSeacrest Hi Ryan mystery is solved as to who Alexander skarsgard is dating Lucy Griffiths the picture is on Just Jared Nora sis on TB
    39 minutes ago via

  • Thoughts?

    What picture is this people are talking about?

  • ladybug

    @Thoughts?: This one:

    Taken from a different table, it doesn’t look like a date, it looks like some TB costars at lunch.

    But you know, trolls gotta troll.

  • yay_me

    The mother wanted a girl, the father wanted a boy, so they had an ASkars

  • Professor

    @ladybug: I agree. Are we sure that is Lucy. It appears she has lightened and shortened her hair. And she is only 5’6″ yet the girl in pic sits almost as tall as Alex. Also both Alex and Mic Mac have something to drink in front of them yet the girl does not. Not even water.

    That profile is not clear. I think Carl is trying to make a couple of bucks. It looks more to me like a pretty fan decided to sit down and chat with the two of them.

  • lucy vs char vs riri

    lollollollollollol you ladies obviously don’t wanna share Alex with anyone? Too late, he’s with me now! You can take papa Skars, I think he’s more suitable for you!

  • ladybug

    @Professor: We don’t know who she is, she could be TB related and came late to the lunch. Or a random person. Or a friend of either one of them, AS does seem to have many female friends.

  • Could be Lucy

    Sounds silly but This is the only image I could find of Lucy that is a side angle of her face
    , and I am sure that is Lucy g, it looks like she has slightly lighted her hair probably for trueblood or it could be just the lighting.

    I know she is a very dark brunette

  • ladybug

    @Could be Lucy: It could be, she’s his co-worker, as is MicMac, which is why the presumption is that it’s LG.
    But in the end, as with the Golden Globes, and EO, and CT, it’s probably nothing. And until there’s something I think we should focus on more important things, such as, if he’s at Coachella next weekend, will we have lots of pics of SweatySkars? How will Battleship do? When are we going to get gym pics? What about stills from The East, WMK or Disconnect. Or heck, from TB?

  • Thoughts?

    @ladybug: Oh, THAT one? Geez, I thought people were talking about something different. It does look like it’s taken from another table or from further down the bar where they’re sitting or something. I don’t know the Village Idiot at all so I’m just guessing. Well anyway I think it’s hilarious that Ted C. is trying to confirm Charlize right about the same time this picture comes up and a ton of other people are trying to say the opposite. What a mess. — Of all his upcoming projects, I most want to see stills from “The East”. Really looking forward to Sound of My Voice and seeing what that director and Brit Marling have to show us. Good night, everyone!

  • ladybug

    @Thoughts?: I going with the Alex Has Been Cloned Theory, so he’s really seeing all the women he’s been linked with since Comic-Con.
    And Ted C, wasn’t he still saying in July of 2011 that KB and AS were still an item? So Ted’s not the most reliable of sources.

    Yeah, I want to see stills from The East. Plot-wise, this is the one that interests me the most.

  • hollywood

    If AS is hosting the Skyy Vodka party, I hope they’re paying him a $hitload of $! Otherwise he shouldn’t and I’m sure wouldn’t do it.

  • Come On

    AS tends to date his co-stars but I wouldn’t be surprised if he and CT were an item. AS and KB used to go to the Village Idiot a lot.

  • ladybug

    @hollywood: That, and lots of free vodka.
    But he hasn’t really done that sort of thing recently, the showing up at store openings (Tom Ford, etc) like he did last year.

  • Macy

    OMFG not all this sh*t again. Good grief! Ted confirming one woman and some random photos of a cast lunch and people are sayin another woman is dating him. Lord can’t people just wait until there’s actual, you know, evidence? Looks like a table full of co-workers having a drink to me. No big deal. Ted C is full it sh*t, nearly everyone knows that.

  • POGO

    Heck if he was sitting closer to MicMac, then people would be saying they are a couple.

    I think it was juist a cast luncheon.

    As for Ted C. he is wack.

  • xXX

    I don’t understand why people speculate on his lovelife… but I think he is going to do like his father : settle down with a non-celeb woman.

  • Amazeballs

    So – you are criticizing others & commenting YOURSELF on his love life. Way to go.

  • l.m.f.a.o.

    Because they are loons and have no life or even less love life their own. You see a trend here? Alex is NOT ALLOWED to date anyone!!! His mature lady fans can’t handle if Alex dates someone who is pretty, slender AND YOUNG! And I agree with you xXX, at least if he really really really wants to keep his privacy. Also he has to move out of HW and settle in to some European country or at least in to NYC.

  • l.m.f.a.o.

    @Amazeballs: @Amazeballs:

    Yes, she/he’s slightly doing that but at least she doesn’t sound as crazy as some regulars here. It amazes me too why some of his stans go all mad if Alex is attached to some pretty girls? Do they want him dating only older women (he’s done that in his past) or settle down with a man?

  • xXX

    @Amazeballs: I was sarcastic, and in fact he does what he wants, it’s not our business, but l.m.f.a.o is right, if he really wants to keep his privacy he has to change his lifestyle

  • submarine

    He has to sit at home and nowhere to go? He likes fun, hangs out with friends, concerts, bars and now in Los Angeles he has a job :) Why should he change this?

  • @submarine

    @submarine: Perhaps he wants a life as Cate Blanchett rather than as Brandgelina… I don’t see why you must live in LA to be able to go out, go to concerts, have fun…. and True Blood will not last eternally

  • submarine

    Yes, I agree, True Blood will not last eternally but now he is still filming so he is in Los Angeles :) When TB will be over, we can see what will he do. Now he should live as he likes, why he must be unhappy?

  • ladybug

    @xXx, but he has changed his lifestyle. Compared to the last two filming seasons of TB, we don’t see hardly any pap pics (or even fan pics) of him. And yet he’s out and about. He’s a social person, he’s not going to hide in house, not his style or personality.
    So for the most part he’s able to live his life pretty normally for a celebrity. I suspect that if he were actually dating someone, he’d not be at a well known eatery (where he’s been papped before) on an actual date.
    He’s mentioned in the interviews from last year that he doesn’t want the paps/gossip to dictate the way he lives his life. So no, he doesn’t like the paps, or the gossips like Ted, but he’s not going to go into hermit mode to avoid them.

  • hmmmmmmm

    hey, just had a funny thought. You can say that AS and KB have joint custody of Coachella. One gets alternate weekend visitation. LOL.

  • ladybug

    @ladybug: JJ’s naughty word filter takes out triple x but not ass?

  • marant

    lucy and alex are a couple!! there’s no evidence yet but there will be soon!!! i think she’s pretty so good for him

  • ladybug
  • @marant

    yes, and Charlize and Alex are a couple and because Charlize wants Fassbender ( they are going to do bad thing all together

  • The dating situation

    Alex and Elizabeth Olsen are a couple (no pics only gossip)
    Alex and charlize theron are a couple (no pics only gossip)
    Alex and Lucy griffiths are a couple (1 video golden globe party and a lunch outing with costars)
    Alex and whom ever is next are a couple (nothing yet has surfaced)

    I just don’t how Alex does it dating all these women in HW, he must never get a wink of sleep lol no actual dating evidence except a bunch of gossip and rumor mills

    When are we going to see some stills from his new movies more then who he is dating it is getting boring .

  • gettingsome

    He may not be dating but he is definitely getting game.

  • Macy

    They forget lying to your girlfriend and getting paid to have sex with her, aka Bill Compton.

  • ladybug

    @The dating situation: I tell you, they’ve cloned him.
    But as I mentioned earlier, yes, we’re well past due on seeing stills from the movies he shot last year.

  • ladybug

    @Macy: Hater! :)


    So nice to come home to new threads to read. Alex and his dad look so good together. Strong family resemblance and emotional ties too. I was reading the threads I missed out on and some of the items linked to and in one of them he mentioned we wouldn’t even recognize him in one of his movies coming out because of the long beard and hair. I guess it’s okay for me to tell you he is talking about The East. Remember I told you back during filming when I was on set that he did not even look like himself. Some of you wondered about the beard and I told you there was more to it than the pap pics showed? I so wish I could post some of the pics for you.

    Just let me say it is another beautiful side of Alex.

    And for all you pot stirrers out there let me make one thing clear……I care not who he dates as long as they are good to him and for him, and they are not using him until they find someone a step higher in the biz to further themselves.

  • Macy

    LOL! Yeah I forgot, we’re supposed to forgive Bill everything. Pfff!

  • ladybug

    @TEXAS SWEDE: How are you doing?
    I remember you telling us back in November that he wouldn’t be readily recognizable in The East. Still want proof, I’m needy that way! :)

  • ladybug

    My Heart Will Go On?! I’m worried about him:

    ” The jet lag was exacerbated by a karaoke session the night before. And Alexander Skarsgård, the long cool Swede, is the worse for wear. “I’m really hung over. Worked hard to tone down my sex appeal, see?” Better believe it. Actor Stellan Skarsgard’s actor son is head and shoulders above the rest. In height, in looks, in cool, in style. And in loyalty. He mentioned his father a few times.”I sang My Heart Will Go On.” What, no Abba? “Of course, we sang Abba. My dad was in Mamma Mia… I’m prejudiced. I prefer the American version of Girl With The Dragon Tattoo because my dad’s in it.”


    @ladybug: Drugged, sore, and my boobies are not the same size anymore but I am alive and they got it all. I have a whole new chapter for my book. I flatlined during the surgery. But only for 2 minutes.

    BTW Thanks to all of you for the prayers and good wishes. It helped a lot.

    Ladybug if he were to walk around HW in character as Benji I don’t think he would get papped at all. His height is the only thing that might give him away.

  • ladybug

    @TEXAS SWEDE: You flatlined?! Yikes!
    Boobies, you can always get new ones, can’t get a new you.
    So, he can walk around in Benji character and not get papped? So is this what he’s been doing as well as using the Magic Beanie of Invisibility?

  • concerned

    @TEXAS SWEDE: so glad u are back with us! And thanks for the hints toward the East – I am ready to see him transform and show all the people who say he plays one roll over and over that they are WRONG about him!