Christian Bale Covers 'Entertainment Weekly' with Anne Hathaway

Christian Bale Covers 'Entertainment Weekly' with Anne Hathaway

Christian Bale and Anne Hathaway channel their Batman and Catwoman characters for the cover of Entertainment Weekly‘s summer movie preview issue, on stands Friday (April 13).

Director Christopher Nolan chatted about Anne‘s portrayal of Selina Kyle/Catwoman.

“She has a very strong way of protecting herself and those she cares about,” says Chris, “which implies an underlying darkness.”

“I had to physically transform,” added Anne. “Chris sat me down at the beginning and said, ‘Joseph Gordon-Levitt did all of his own fighting in Inception. That one zero-gravity fight? He trained for two months.’ I basically left his office and went to the gym and just came out about five minutes ago.”

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24 Responses to “Christian Bale Covers 'Entertainment Weekly' with Anne Hathaway”

  1. 1
    becca Says:

    as much as i hate to say it, this picture looks ridiculous! i hate anne for catwoman!!!

  2. 2
    ha ha Says:

    again, just awful

  3. 3
    Carol Says:

    I think there’s no Batman without the Joker…I still sad with Heath death :( I don’t think anyone can be a great villian like he was…

    RIP Heath ”You were just to good to be true”

  4. 4
    Sayee Says:

    I see they’re desperately trying to sell Anne as Catwoman. It just doesn’t work.

  5. 5
    essie Says:

    anne’s cat mask looks like something you can order from those tacky halloween shops… i don’t like the costume direction of catwoman nolan’s going with.. she looks more like a hybrid of batgirl

  6. 6
    battered Says:

    Michelle Pfeiffer. Now that, ladies and gentlemen, was the true catwoman. Which is sort of beside the point because Anne Hathaway will be terrible anyway.

  7. 7
    Nancy Says:

    I doubt very much that people are going to change their minds about Hathaway.

    They’ll see what they want to see. It doesn’t even matter if Nolan loved her audition and he wants to fulfill his vision for this character. It doesn’t even matter if her performance is Oscar worthy. Ever since, her hosting duties at the Oscars last year, people still haven’t seem to forgive her.

  8. 8
    Elisa Says:

    Defenitivamente no me gusta como Catwoman, es una muy buena actriz pero le falta sensualidad caracteristica del personaje. espero equivocarme pero creo que sera recordada como la peor Catwoman de la historia, aun peor que halle berry.

    saludos de españa!

  9. 9
    charlotte Says:

    Would have seen it. Only because, of Anne I WON’T. CANNOT STAND HER SO CALLED ACTING. YAWNNN

  10. 10
    Feist Says:

    She actually looks better than I expected, but that’s not saying a lot. What the heck were they thinking in cast her??? Having said that, batman is a boring franchise. All those superhero franchises, most do nothing new. That’s why they had to bring all the avengers together etc. Yawn already. Get me Ridley Scott and his perfecto SF action films. Out with the superhero/ines.

  11. 11
    LAME Says:

    ugh! …..

  12. 12
    A Says:

    Still not buying Anne as Catwoman.
    She looks like a mouse, it’s that bad.
    I really hope she turns out great though but right now what I’m seeing is cringe-worthy and laughable….that cover is ridiculous.

  13. 13
    Toni Says:

    Catwoman? Training for months? First of all, she looks more like Batgirl….and if she wants to talk badass, she should go see Terminator 2 and Aliens. I don’t buy that she did anything badass in her life.

  14. 14
    Des Says:

    Have to agree with everyone here. Anne just does not do it for me as Catwoman. Will still see it though as I love Nolan’s movies, and JGL of course.

  15. 15
    Chelsea Says:

    So are we all not going to watch this movie because Anne is Catwoman? I don’t think it’s fair to judge her ability before watching the movie. Who is to say that actors can’t develop? I’m going to be one of the people here in the comments to say that I trust Nolan’s decision and craft, so then believe that he has made something great with this movie.

  16. 16
    A Says:

    @Chelsea: Nolan isn’t God. He too can make mistakes.
    I’m still seeing the movie and as I’ve said before, I hope she turns out to be a great Catwoman and proves me wrong, however, what i’m seeing right now is not good…She does not look good as Catwoman here, she looks like she’s dressing up to go to a Halloween party. her expression and everything is cringe-worthy.

  17. 17
    LaCroix Says:

    Hollywood yet again RUIN another story / character .. Catwoman is intense..twisted & tortured..all the while being truly sexy.. anything that Hathaway has done is not remotely close to that.. I just dont see it..this movie will fail cus of her & her alone..

  18. 18
    deadpool Says:

    I hate it I hate it I hate it Eva Green would have made a BRILLIANT Catwoman. Look at her trying to look tough – it tickles me.

  19. 19
    anon Says:

    The thing is every time there is a pole about female cartoon heroins or baddys, Catwoman is always number 1. In other word many people have an investment in what Catwoman is. It can’t just be a Halloween costume.

  20. 20
    cappie Says:

    Catwoman is supposed to be REAL pretty, gorgeous & hot when Anne is soo NOT!

  21. 21
    Jane Says:

    Anne looks like a complete joke as Cat Woman. I feel as if she was doing a skit for Saturday Night Live it would work comedy wise. I cannot take her seriously as an actress–more of a bombastic performer. Don’t forget the Oscars people. It was a train wreck.

  22. 22
    The Real Emma Says:

    I agree, thumbs down on Anne for this role. What a waste of time and good money.

  23. 23
    Sophie Says:

    In still photos, she does not have the right non-campy look for Catwoman. I actually think she looks ridiculous in that mask, and *full disclosure* I am really not a fan of her acting. However, it’s possible she may be okay in the film – trying to give the benefit of the doubt here. That’s just a bad cover though, all around. It looks like 2 separate photos melded together. Just blah.

  24. 24
    nora Says:

    relax everyone, I don’t like her eiter, especially after what she said to Robert Downey at the oscar round table but let’s face it. She’s a good actress and what about Christian ? I damn Like him, He’s fantastic!! i’d have loved to read what he had to say..

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