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Erin Heatherton: New Yorkers for Children!

Erin Heatherton: New Yorkers for Children!

Erin Heatherton looks lovely in yellow at the 9th Annual New Yorkers for Children New Year’s In April: A Fool’s Fete held at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel on Tuesday (April 10) in New York City.

“At New Yorkers for Children and found me a beautiful angel!! @doutzen” the 23-year-old supermodel wrote on her Twitter account along with a picture with fellow Victoria’s Secret angel Doutzen Kroes.

Later that night, Erin and Doutzen got the best burger in NYC at Shake Shack!

Also pictured inside: Selita Ebanks.

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63 Responses to “Erin Heatherton: New Yorkers for Children!”

  1. 1
    meh Says:

    Blah faced model with no charisma. Victoria’s most boring angel!

  2. 2
    Doutzen Says:

    Where is Doutzen? She is post-worthy!

  3. 3
    Kevin Says:

    I’m not a fan of Erin at all (she seems so vapid and fame-whorish) but she looks HOT here. I love the freckly-beachy look she has.

  4. 4
    Delphine Says:

    Her stance is weird and stiff. Shouldn’t a model be able to pose for a picture?

  5. 5
    A Says:

    If her head was attached to a 5’6 body instead of a 5’11 thin frame, she’d be working at a mall in Skokie, Illinois.
    Her face is plain. She looks like every other Cali blond. Pretty but meh. Forgettable.
    Just like in American Psycho their faces just start to blend with each other and you can’t tell ‘em a part anymore.

  6. 6
    ck Says:

    “Later that night, Erin and Doutzen got the best burger in NYC at Shake Shack!”

    Thanks for that fascinating tidbit

  7. 7
    rushg Says:

    @A: I agree with you, she is simple looking but people ALWAYS got something to say on these internet forums. When a girl/celeb/model is too “unique” looking, she gets called ugly all the time. Make up your minds fangirls with no lives…

  8. 8
    @rushg Says:

    FYI that’s what these ‘Internet forums’ are all about. To say something, to tell your opinion. And of course if the opinion doesn’t agree with you that means that it comes from ‘fangirls with no lives’. Haven’t we heard that before?
    @ck: yeah, just as fascinating as the tweet or this VS Angel. Jared does that from time to time. Posts photos with boring tweets attached.

  9. 9
    erin leo?!?!?! Says:

    the girl in silver dress, **** totalllyyyyyyy!!!!!!

  10. 10
    FashionGal Says:

    Is she preggers?

  11. 11
    ? Says:

    she actually looks very beautiful here,that dress really looks pretty
    idk if its her make-up or what she looks better then ever here
    is she gaining weight her face looks more fuller so does her body,which is good.
    I still stand by her being only cute/pretty but not model type but now shes kinda looking like a model

  12. 12
    keshaluv Says:

    OMG Erin is a goddess!! Leo can really pick them well, good he move on from Bar that jew. Erin is perfect for him and much better looking.

  13. 13
    keshaluv Says:

    i love her freckles and her dress, she is just so hot right now, someone has to start trending her on twitter omg!!!

  14. 14
    ^..^ Says:

    Girl is silver dress is much prettier. Erin is boring boring boring. Yawn.

  15. 15
    @keshaluv Says:

    Are you aware that Leo picked Bar as well? So your comment doesn`t really make sense! LOL! Sure, Erin is perfect for him. A barely 20 panty model is just perfect for a 37 years old womanizer. Whatever you say!

  16. 16
    @keshaluv Says:

    Also you referred to Bar as `that jew`. Doesn`t show much intelligence and do you know that Erin is Jewish as well?

  17. 17
    ali Says:

    This womn is stunning !!!! very tall skinny with an amazing body
    naturely beautiful !!
    go erin

  18. 18
    @15 Says:

    Are you aware that Bar is not better than a panty model as well? And almost 30 panty model? Like thats sonething to boast about.
    Having said that these anti semitic remarks are really ugly.

  19. 19
    @18 Says:

    And when did I say that Bar is better than Erin? My point was that keshaluv said Leo knows how to pick them well and then trashed one who was also picked by him.
    But we totally agree on that ugly remark about her/their religion.

  20. 20
    sarah Says:

    She has no boobs..

  21. 21
    steve Says:

    the only reason this fugly nobody is on gossip sites is because of Leo. God, does he pick ‘em ugly and boring or what?

  22. 22
    jad Says:

    in that side picture it looks like she got lip looks gross. She must be under a lot of pressure being around the better looking vs girls who have naturally plump lips.

  23. 23
    constipated Says:

    Her stomach sticks out farther than her chest..and this is a “model” to what a woman should look like? lol

  24. 24
    keshaluv Says:

    if you are accusing her of being jew, that is a tall accusation, I hope you have proof. That is horrible to be accused of that. Jew’s are known world wide to be criminal killers and rapists.

  25. 25
    @keshaluv Says:

    Google her and you will see it yourself. `accusing her of being jew`? Are you for real? It`s not an accusation or a sin ( as you make it sound like ) it`s a fact. Both Erin and Bar are Jewish whether you like it or not!

  26. 26
    Wow Says:

    I agree with comment #11 she looks good! And people can say shes ugly, or she doesn’t have this or that. she is a vs angel, and they just don’t hire any old regular girl. they are all beautiful in their own ways :)

    People only wish they looked like erin.

  27. 27
    Dieter Says:

    I love the full round ass of hers !!!!!! Best Angel ever !!!!

  28. 28
    :) Says:

    @Dieter: Dieter obviously never saw what a full round ass looks like. She has none, Dieter.

  29. 29
    Suz Says:

    You can stick your chest out all you want, love, but you still won’t have any tits….

  30. 30
    889sherrie Says:

    Why would VS stop working with the gorgeous Selita Ebanks (by far one of the sexiest black women I have ever seen) and start working with bland faced Erin that you could find in any mall across the US???!!!

  31. 31
    Dieter Says:

    @:): She has a perfect example of the california full round butt. Just like Cameron Diaz’ !!! Totally love it !!!!

  32. 32
    Me Says:

    Why this girl gets so much hate? She’s stunning! Ahh… this is the point

  33. 33
    Fan of models Says:

    She looks so uncomfortable, she never learned how to pose on red carpets. Her body is to stiff.
    She can only twists her spine trying to look sexy in bikinis. The rest is so unnatural.

  34. 34
    Michele Says:

    Her posture is awful.
    And when is someone going to tell her that it’s about time she changes her hairstyle. It’s so boring…. like the rest of her whole personality.

  35. 35
    solange Says:

    I wonder how many pairs of false eyelashes she applied?

  36. 36
    Naomi Fan Says:

    She reminds me of Tweetie Bird… tiny body with a big round head.

  37. 37
    av Says:

    so much hate for someone people don’t know. Kinda scares me how much women are turning on each other (even tho its been happening since foreverrrrr it seems to be getting worse).

  38. 38
    k A Z Says:


  39. 39
    not-hating Says:

    Let’s be honest here for a sec. VS sells lingerie. She does not have a womanly figure for lingerie, nor does she have a sexy enough face. She looks like a malnurished, not yet developed teenager. Think Candice Swanepoel, Doutzen Kroes, and Adriana Lima. Those 3 are the only current models who can do the sexy and inspire women to buy the lingerie.

  40. 40
    Sat Says:

    I guess she leaves poor Leo naturally HUNGRY maybe even starving ! She forgot to put her padded fakeys on ( how many of guys are let down when what you see isn`t what you get !!! ) Now you can clearly see why she represents the FLAT FLAT Plains of Ill-o- noise ! Any way maybe someday he will find his truelove
    Jan 16, 2012 – LEONARDO DICAPRIO IN J. EDGAR DiCaprio came to this shoot sucking on an electronic cigarette. “I have an oral fixation,” he explained, …

  41. 41
    Shounna Says:

    Erins last name is Babalon is that Jewish ?

  42. 42
    plain Says:

    @Shounna: who cares if she’s Jewish or not? she’s plain and isn’t deserving of the supermodel title whoever she is.

  43. 43
    FrG Says:

    So now that she is apparently dating DiCaprio, every Gossip sites talk about her… She was nonexistent before…
    There is something crazy and so weird about that…!? Can a romance launch a career??

  44. 44
    @43 Says:

    Sorry but this girl is just so boring and plain that even being Dicaprio’s puppy can’t help her. I haven’t noticed that every gossip site talks about her because this whole setup with Leo is such a cliche by now. She is nothing special so this is just a snoozefest.

  45. 45
    Rachel () Says:

    @:): Lol. The poor guy is confused about what “round” means. He said the same about Kate Bosworth…enough said.

  46. 46
    ellie' Says:

    She is that’s perfection for lips..and face…

  47. 47
    Tweety Bird (I like the name) Says:

    Report from NYDaily News about Tweety Bird’s behavior at the event.
    “VICTORIA’S SECRET Angel Erin Heatherton was behaving devilishly at the New Yorkers for Children spring gala Tuesday. The model, who is reportedly dating superstar Leonardo DiCaprio, sat between her publicist and fellow Angel Lindsay Ellingson at the Mandarin Oriental event, but barely spoke to her tablemates. Instead, the 23-year-old beauty passed notes back and forth to her flack before getting up from the table halfway through the meal.”

  48. 48
    unknown Says:

    @Tweety Bird (I like the name): SHe is pretty, more so than Bar Ratbelly and definitely more than Blake Deadly. NOt the greatest beauty I’ve ever seen, and the dress is HIDEOUS, but no one can say she’s ugly.

    Why does she suddenly have a publicist? WHy is she so afraid to talk? What kind of terms did Leo put inn her contract? She mentions him and she gets sued? that is so lame…did she hire one because of all of the leo backlash???

    I still dont think they are that tight-casually dating, that’s it. He’s busy, she does actually model, so long distance at best.

  49. 49
    unknown Says:

    I saw Selita on fifth ave in NYC yesterday, she must have been out getting ready for this event. I knew it was someone model like, but now I know it was her.

    We need a new LEO thread, I dont want to talk about the current dingaling….there really is nothing to say.

  50. 50
    unknown Says:

    The national enquirer is saying Leo pulled a hissy on Django, but its already been Gossip Copped, meaning his rep called and quashed it. The Enquirer did this about J Edgar saying he was getting fat and arguing with Clint. Sounds familiar,, but so does Elvis on UFO with Tupac and Biggie Smalls from them as well.

  51. 51
    unknown aka tinkersh*te Says:


    Why? So you can say the same things over and over about “Bar Ratbelly” and “Blake Deadly”? Wish you were unknown.

  52. 52
    Publicist? Says:

    She’s got a publicist? What for? She’s selling push-up bras and blowing kisses in high heels at shopping malls? No, I guess her 37 year-old boyfriend made sure she won’t say a word about him so he hired her a PR.

  53. 53
    ????akaAdiraBar Says:

    @unknown aka tinkersh*te:
    that is what I said, I dont want to talkabout the CURRENT dumbdumb.

    I think she hired a flack because now because of Leo she is a “name” and doesnt want to make the same offensive mistakes of her predecessors like


  54. 54
    dolly Says:

    She has a publicist because she’s a model for Victoria’s Secret. The other models have them too. I wish her luck trying to make a name for herself. She seems like a nice person, pretty, good body, but there is nothing special about her. It took DiCaprio to get her noticed and it looks like that’s over.

  55. 55
    @dolly Says:

    … what is “over”? Just curious.

  56. 56
    ????akaAdiraBar Says:

    @dolly: why do you say that it’s over…it seems that way to me too, but do you have any particular info?

  57. 57
    @56 Says:

    According to a tweet Leo and Erin are in Cancun, Mexico. Leo is definitely there. He was seen at a party with Jamie Foxx and there are photos as well. Some movie ( Django ) related party. The tweet just says they ( Leo and Erin ) are there. So it seems like they are not over IF the tweet is legit.

  58. 58
    @57 Says:

    I read also the tweet addressed to JUST JARED from Livia Fernandez and I am wondering if it is not just wishful thinking from one of the dreamy teenagers from BZ. I read news from the Mexican news website, and there is absolutely no mention of Leo’s full-time puppy in Cancun.

  59. 59
    @58 Says:

    Yeah, I also noticed that it was tweeted to JJ. It`s not a sighting that they were actually seen together. It is possible that she is there ( who knows what`s going on? ) but somehow it`s always on twitter that she is following him. Photos and stuff like that. Maybe that`s why she needs a publicist.

  60. 60
    @@58 Says:

    She could actually be there, (we know how she clings to him) it’s just that most columnists and reporters have no idea who she is. So till now, there was no official sighting of the two.

  61. 61
    benita Says:

    I wish this was over. She doesnt look that great in regular street clothes.
    see the pix on gulliver…link on the last leo thread. so wish this wsa over already…it will be one of these days, but not soon enough.

  62. 62
    شات حلا Says:

    Thank you for your wonderful entry was veryضص

  63. 63
    Model???Really??? Hahahahaha Says:


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