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Gerard Butler Thinks Coffee

Gerard Butler Thinks Coffee

Gerard Butler grabs lunch with a guy friend downtown on Wednesday afternoon (April 11) in New York City.

Yesterday afternoon, the 42-year-old Scottish actor was just trying to enjoy a hot beverage when he was mobbed by fans at Think Coffee on Bleecker and Bowery. He later stopped by the John Varvatos boutique next door.

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On Monday, Gerry attended the screening and after-party for Darling Companion held at the Tribeca Grand Hotel.

FYI: Gerard is wearing a Rogue shirt.

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175 Responses to “Gerard Butler Thinks Coffee”

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  1. 1
    dghgh Says:

    Just a couple of queens having coffee. Nothing special here, folks.

  2. 2
    Reviews Says:

    The friend is Freddy Bosche.
    I am amazed at both of them wearing almost the same thing – scarves, long wool jackets, hats, similar pants and shoes. GB’s friends like to copy his style as if they all belong to him or are in his group/gang. It’s quite amusing.

  3. 3
    Penname Says:

    Maybe he’s the one copying Freddie’s style? Freddie is the New Yorker!

  4. 4
    mr. blackwell Says:

    How do you know it is not the other way around?

    You are making an assumption that it is not the other way around.

    The mini fedora on Frederick is a more dashing look. Mr. Blackwell believes baseball caps should be worn on the baseball field or alright in the crowd at a baseball game if one must. Gerard really could take some advice from Frederick about the proper fitting of jeans. Though I give a 10 for the choice of wash and over all cut, very slimming. The pea coat is a timeless classic every man should have in his wardrobe. The scarf adds panache.

  5. 5
    malibumillie Says:

    Is it that cold in NYC?

  6. 6
    malibumillie Says:

    interesting is that cameramen behind Gerry in this photo, hard to stalk someone with a tripod

    great photo though

  7. 7
    Reviews Says:

    Since he is the leader of the group, it stands to reason that he sets the tone and the style of his friends. Part of the reason his buddies are friends with him is his celebrity, so they would be following him not the other way around. Maybe you should look into how other species behave when there is a dominate male around. Clearly, GB is the dominate one in the group because of his status. Also, did you ever look at him walking in a group of friends? He is always walking up front, not behind his friends. No doubt, he sets the tone.
    If he ever gets a serious GF, no doubt his buddies will too. And, his GF will walk in front of the other women in the group. She will be the dominate female in the gang.
    Maybe your need to disparage GB and make him look like a loser is coloring your judgement.

  8. 8
    GFW Says:

    He’s with a buddy similarly dressed out and about in the brisk air of springtime but I need to say he looks SO more acclimated in NYC!! Is it just me projection onto him? I don’t think so.
    He looks very well. His eyes clear and sharp. No unhappiness in the way of expressions while allowing his photo to be taken.
    His clothing has taken on a new significance. Hard to describe. How about? He’s caring. He has circled back to caring! I’m so touched he looks so well. Now, the catch is not to get too excited or he’ll split! (laughs)
    who wished they’d switched hats liking Gerry in fedoras so much… and yes it is that chilly on the east coast

  9. 9
    Penname Says:

    @Reviews: You think he’ll walk in front of his girlfriend too? You know, that whole alpha dominant male thing?

  10. 10
    GFW Says:

    Feel he’s like rediscovering NYC!! I do.

  11. 11
    mr. blackwell Says:

    @Reviews: Unless you are privy to the company of these men you have no clue as to who the dominant male is – you might be very surprised. Most of his friends are better dressed in fact for the most part if I must be blunt.

    Your assertion sounds like a teenager who needs to prop up the object of her affection, rather silly. What is next, your Gerard will bring world peace to the Middle East too? Cure cancer? Invent time travel? I hope when he was visiting John Varvatos he picked up a few pieces.

  12. 12
    Stacie Says:

    I just love Gerry . Lovely as usual . He looks Happy . Thanks JJ for posting !

  13. 13
    charlotte Says:

    What the h-ll happened to him? Wow the years have not been good. Seriously, what the h-ll happened??????

  14. 14
    Whatshedonenow Says:

    Gosh they do look quite the pair – literally – don’t they.  They look very Soho, very very Soho –  that overpriced tramp look. Very… umm …for want of a better word ” metrosexual”.

    Most of the men who live in Soho are gay and walk around looking very smug surly pleased with themselves, with embarrassingly small dogs.  I am so impressed when I see a guy with a pit bull or Rottweiler or German Shepard in that area.   The guys are real pouncy in Soho. Is that
    Freddy Bosche gay?

  15. 15
    memory lane Says:

    A couple of years ago, Gerry and Ronnie showed up at the Victoria Secret show in NYC wearing identical velvet blazers…. and I mean identical. It was weird, too, because these things were nasty. They looked like something Hugh Hefner would wear.
    Not long after, there was an article about Gerry showing up at a NYC shop with a male friend and buying matching pea coats for himself and his friend.
    This thing with Gerry and his male friends dressing the same has been going on for awhile. I find it kind of weird. Women do this when they’re young, but I don’t know any adult men who do it…. and certainly not middle-aged men.

  16. 16
    kelly Says:

    yep looking health and way to sexy just how i like my gerry and look he brought a handsome friend to mmmmmmmmmmmmm (drooling)!!!!!

  17. 17
    Toronto Says:


    “Is that Freddy Bosche gay?”
    Yes, yes and YES.

  18. 18
    sockinthecloset Says:

    @memory lane: Hmmm…very interesting. What’s your theory?

  19. 19
    Reviews Says:

    “You think he’ll walk in front of his girlfriend too?”
    No of course not; that’s not how a gentleman behaves. His woman walks up front, or he holding her hand. In fact, I don’t know any alpha male that wants his woman walking behind him. They usually like her in front so he can protect her, or simply enjoy watching her feminine way of walking. That’s where the phrase “ladies first” comes from.
    Also, if there are women in the group, and women like to stick together sometimes – yapping and laughing – I can see the dominate female upfront and more vocal and setting the tone from the rest.
    If you ever paid attention, in every group, even in a group of friends, there is always a more dominant member. Sometimes it’s based on personality, sometimes on looks, sometimes on status, sometimes on plain size – the bigger the guy the more in charge he is perceived to be. Other people look up to/hold in higher regard this person they perceive to be better, or in higher status, than they are. For example, that’s why taller men do much better in life than shorter ones.
    This all happens rather subconsciously. It’s not a behavior that tends to be verbalized or consciously decided. It all happens behind the scenes, in the recesses of the mind.

  20. 20
    Reviews Says:

    @mr. blackwell:
    “Your assertion sounds like a teenager who needs to prop up the object of her affection, rather silly. What is next, your Gerard will bring world peace to the Middle East too? Cure cancer? Invent time travel? I hope when he was visiting John Varvatos he picked up a few pieces.”
    Please shut up; you’re making a fool of yourself. I guess you know nothing about social anthropology. I can’t listen to any more nonsense.
    You don’t know that which you say is true either. At least my conclusions are based on reality. They are not based on taking Gerry down a few pegs.

  21. 21
    memory lane Says:

    I think this whole group of “men” reek of immature, superficial, and “try-hard”.
    It takes away from Gerard’s masculinity, I think. This whole thing with him skipping out dressed just like his poser club friends doesn’t scream “man’s man” to me. A real man exudes independence and an interest in actions over appearance. This says the opposite.

  22. 22
    Reviews Says:

    Yes, Freddy is very handsome.
    I don’t think Freddy Bosche is gay. And, I don’t think they look metrosexual except for the scarf each is wearing. I think they look rather ragged and rugged.

  23. 23
    Reviews Says:

    BTW, I have no problems criticizing Gerry when it’s warranted, so I am not a teenager fan in love with her idol. Far from it.
    It’s just that I don’t feel he should be criticized for the way he dresses. This man is not gay or metro sexual so fashion is not his #1 passion. As GFW says, he is not a woman, he is a man, so why not judge him like one?
    Truth is, most straight men don’t care much for fashion. Maybe if he had a GF or wife, he’d be dressed a bit more fashionably. And…if you paid attention, all his buddies, almost always, dress like him or along the same line as him. Obviously it’s a gang or group thing they plan together for some unknown reason.
    This reminds me of the famous solute pose that GB likes to have other people take in photographs with him. He clearly is the one setting the tone there. I have seen that pose in pictures of him with Ronnie Madra, FryGuy, Freddy, and the good doctor, as well as other friends and fans he encounters. There is another picture in which he and other friends – Ariel, Danny Fefer, as well Freddy, and FryGuy – are sitting on a beach all wearing white shirts, jeans, and flip flops, having a stern look on their face as if they are members in a gang. Therefore, this is intentional, not a coincidence.

  24. 24
    Reviews Says:

    @memory lane:
    “This thing with Gerry and his male friends dressing the same has been going on for awhile.”
    Very true. And the matching coats he and Ronnie wore to the VSFS 2 years ago is another example of that.
    “I find it kind of weird. Women do this when they’re young, but I don’t know any adult men who do it…. and certainly not middle-aged men.”
    They probably think of themselves as some kind of a “Frat Pack”. I don’t think it’s some psychological issues they have, or an indication they are all gay. Anyway, I think it’s pretty much established that he is not gay. Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and the rest of their gang did the same thing back in their day. Rob Lowe, Charlie Sheen, and the rest of their gang had the same thing going back in their day. And don’t forget the “Entourage”, that show is all about that. Gerry and his buddies are somewhat reminiscent of all of them.

  25. 25
    memory lane Says:

    I don’t think Gerard is gay. I just think he’s immature and not very secure in himself. A lot of things about his lifestyle make me think this is the case, not just the matching outfits.

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