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Shirtless Chris Evans: 'Details' Magazine Cover Star!

Shirtless Chris Evans: 'Details' Magazine Cover Star!

Chris Evans goes shirtless while scaling a mountain for the May 2012 issue of Details Magazine.

Here’s what the 30-year-old hunk shared with the mag:

On his first celebrity crush: “Sandra Bullock in Speed. I literally had a big poster [of her].”

On who wins the Avengers ass kicking contest: “Not me (Captain America), just not me! I saw it and I was like Captain America has no business being on this squad! …Iron Man is shooting f–king missiles, Thor is calling out lightning, Hulk is ripping apart jets and I’m, like, taking the stairs.”

On a hidden talent: “Tap dancing.”

On what he likes in a girl: “I like wet hair and sweatpants. I like sneakers and ponytails. I like girls who aren’t so la-di-da. L.A. is so la-di-da. I like…Girls who give me a hard time, bust my chops a little.”

On how he’s emotional – and proud of it: “I weep at everything. I emote. I love things so much – I just never want to dilute that.”

If you missed them in February, check out the behind-the-scenes shots from the cover shoot! And for more Chris pics and quotes, visit!

10+ pictures inside of shirtless Chris Evans for Details

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Photos: Norman Jean Roy for Details
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  • stellartes

    what a dream man!

  • Michael

    I want to rim him so badly!!!!

  • noob

    He is my ideal man, sweatpants and ponytails is all I wear

  • celia_luv

    he’s beautiful! He’s so down to earth as well which is nice! Cant wait for avengers!! He’s gonna own it!

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  • Andrea

    I will have so many babies with you Chris. alskdjaklsdjlkasj

  • anna

    Ni lo reconocí de tanto photoshop.

  • Lalalove

    His mere touch would drive me wild. He’s so beautiful.

  • nonya

    can you say F*CKIN’ HOT!!!!??!?!!!!!!!!

  • http://@fezinh4 fernanda

    he’s the best, seriously.

  • Over here!!

    Well what a freaking coincidence. I’m so anti-la-Di-DA and I am always in sweatpants, piratically all I own, that and sneakers. Pony tails is a hair style preference and I am constantly wetting my hair, when not in a pony tail. OH, and I like to bust chops, it’s what I do. Right, almost forgot, I accept all sorts of emotions. SO yeah, Chris, just hit me up. :)

  • photoshop

    omg – so easy for the little guys to buff up, then add photoshop!

  • mel

    Gosh darn it. He his a hot piece of man!

  • Antoine’s Waxed Pubical Sack

    He’s a groomed ape.

  • Audrey

    Ok Chris, since you just described me as your dream girl I am on my way!

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  • me

    So hot.
    Sempre gostei dele.

  • Love me boy

    Woh, I’m fainting. I like what he says, if that’s really what he’s looking, then why are we not together yet?!?

  • Love me boy

    I meant if that’s really what he’s looking for!

  • youyou

    he is the man chris evans forever