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Zac Efron: 'Lucky One' Melbourne Premiere with Taylor Schilling!

Zac Efron: 'Lucky One' Melbourne Premiere with Taylor Schilling!

Zac Efron attends the premiere of his new film, The Lucky One, held at the Village Cinemas Crown on Wednesday (April 11) in Melbourne, Australia.

The 24-year-old actor (in Balenciaga by Nicolas Ghesquière) was joined by his co-star Taylor Schilling and the film’s director Scott Hicks.

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Zac was all smiles as he made sure to sign autographs for all his waiting fans.

“Thanks to all of the Melbourne fans who waited in line for hours to attend #TheLuckyOne premiere!,” Zac wrote on his Twitter account.

10+ pictures inside of Zac Efron at the Melbourne premiere of The Lucky One

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60 Responses to “Zac Efron: 'Lucky One' Melbourne Premiere with Taylor Schilling!”

  1. 1
    lauren Says:

    they look good together,

  2. 2
    lauren Says:

    also to all the haters and people who think that zac and taylor ”got it on” in nola all can go sit in the corner somewhere and stop acting like you know what your talking about cus you dont.

  3. 3
    amy Says:

    They look good together! I saw an interview on tv of the pair of them, seems as though they have great chemistry. He’s cute & her laugh is adorable!

  4. 4
    What's with the face?? Says:

    And lauren, you could stand to go get a life, and stop laying in wait, ready to pounce on every new Zac or Vanessa thread. You’re creepy. And for the record, they look awkward, and Zac looks as puss-faced as he usually does.

  5. 5
    mattie Says:

    Zac looks great.

  6. 6
    ash Says:

    come on Jared,the twitter account @ZacEfron run by his team,it’s not his personal account so that’s def. not him who wrote the tweet you quoted.

  7. 7
    BIATCH Says:

    the girl really look old for Mr. Efron though the poster for the movie looks nice

  8. 8
    Rachel Says:

    He looks great :D
    And she looks pretty.

  9. 9
    CiCi Says:

    Guess they made her wear flats! Hope this might be his first box office hit, he needs it.

  10. 10
    Cherry Says:

    U know what people u guys are insanely weird and stupid stop the effin HATE!!! Ps it’s not worth it:)

  11. 11
    lauren Says:

    @whats with the face
    look who’s talking your responding to me
    also you do on come on here and hate on zac, people like you who just say hateful things on here, and with my comment like that like 95% of the comments on here are bunch of bs who act like they know what there talking about, how bout you do yourself a favor and think about what you just said.

  12. 12
    MADONNA Says:


  13. 13
    SE Says:

    They both look great :D

  14. 14
    amelia25 Says:

    Beautiful Zac!

  15. 15
    Marj Says:

    I cannot wait for the movie PAPERBOY to come out. I love NICOLE KIDMAN and ZAC.

  16. 16
    R U sure Says:

    He looks great and everyone had a good time on to Adelaide

  17. 17
    eat me Says:

    excited to watch this for 2 reasons first zac was in it second i watch all the movie from the notebook to this… Hope it will be good i’m sure it is cuz i love the ”last song” it made me cry and i love the one with channing tatum and amanda forgot the title but it’s really good movie…

  18. 18
    Bunnylover Says:

    @ash: I really don’t get the problem with the tweet quoted. Yeah it is probably not been typed by Zac, but it’s not as if it is a world shattering declaration is it? Not hating, just confused as to why you have a problem with such a banal quote.

  19. 19
    kami Says:

    i don’t think zac’s pr team is very smart. why are they making him look like a fresh faced teenager to promote a movie where he plays a scruffy faced marine? he should at least have facial hair during the promotion. i’ve seen interviews with taylor and she is very intelligent and articulate, but she looks really emaciated in these pix, and in the few movie clips i’ve seen, she’s way too thin. it’s hard not to notice that.

  20. 20
    cutie Says:

    looking good Zac and Taylor!!

  21. 21
    tina Says:

    @lauren: Your an idiot because you don’t that they didn’t get it on. I think with this promo and all the answers he’s been giving fills in alot of the gaps that fans had at that time. Where there is smoke there is fire. Last night he was seen holding hands with her and it was in an empty theatre, He has een showing her the sights and spending alot of off time with her, as he did in New Orleans. Not necessary if you are just friends and co workers. Sorry but there is something that happened between these two, it might have ended at the end of filming because it was controversial for him But now they can pick up where they left off and hey they are both single .

  22. 22
    R U sure Says:

    @Tina Empty theatre who do you think took the picture?
    This was a practice run and several photos were taken for PR. Look who has them on the sites.
    You have no idea what you are talking about a lot of coworkers and friends sight see. That doesn’t mean they are having sex. It’s called PR, they all do it. But if it makes you happy to think he would hurt other people , then by all means be happy.

  23. 23
    R U sure Says:

    @Lauren you really cofuse me, you stand up for Zac , then you are the first one to throw him under the bus.
    Not just here but on other sites and on blinds on a Gossip Monger site
    Most the time I like you and you use reason. Then you stab him in the back like your # 2 here.
    I’m not arguing here , just stating something plain and simple.

  24. 24
    mindheisttime Says:

    I just wanna kidnap him, cuddle him and nom him forever, because he is so freaking adorable.

  25. 25
    Tony Says:

    Yep, I think these two got into their characters enough that they “carried on” off set (Oct through Dec) during the filming of the movie. But, I also think once the movie ended they got “out of character” and went their separate ways. That happens more often than not with co-stars.

  26. 26
    Tony Says:

    BTW Lauren’s post #2 is what made me think of that. Pretty sure she thinks it too, or she wouldn’t have posted that comment. She attempts to defend Zac before he’s even accused.

  27. 27
    R U sure Says:

    @Tony At least you said “I think’ and not like some people who say for sure and reall dont know.
    I think not , I do believe he was trying to work on his relationship, but things went south way before this. They both knew the end was near.

  28. 28
    Whatever Says:

    @R U sure: I have a gut feeling that hanging with an older woman for months in NO had a lot to do with his split. When you are in a long relationship, sometimes it just takes finding someone new and exciting to think you just don’t have it for someone anymore. He himself said his time there was “life changing”. So I am convinced something happened there, and I don’t buy “things went south” long before that. They looked very happy in the early fall, at the CSC premiere, and other events, and in candids. Then NO happened. Something went on down there. I am totally convinced, and always felt that. Does it change anything? No, and it’s long over. But the subject came up.

  29. 29
    lauren Says:

    @ r u sure,
    i defend zac because i’m suck of the people on here who act like they know what they are talking about, no one knows the truth on them, only they do and maybe thier friends and family, people have been saying the same crap for a year now. neither one of them are gonna say what happend? why? because its between them not everyone in the world,

    if you go back on zac posts the past year 95% of the bs comments are the same crap it gets annoying

    ummm stop acting like you know what happen cus you dont and niether does the next person, so stop acting like you know what your talking about or what you ”think” you know. endless your zac or vanessa friend you dont know ****.

    rant over.

  30. 30
    Tony Says:


    I agree with everything you said. And now he keeps saying he likes “older women.”

  31. 31
    R U sure Says:

    @Whatever what you said is very interesting and quite possible, I doubt it happened that way myself.
    Of course they looked happy at the CSC Premiere in July .
    But I can tell you this, there were issues and Vanessa was angry over Zac’ strip club visits. I’m not putting blame on one or the other , but I will say this, they had “friends” that worked against them.

  32. 32
    R U sure Says:

    @Lauren , You missed my point I said you defend him, I like that very much. But you were the one who brought up N.O stories and mentioned “Got It on”

  33. 33
    lauren Says:

    @ r u sure
    because ppl bring it up, go look back in the last t43958 posts of him since him and v ended it,

  34. 34
    Whatever Says:

    @R U sure: Well, whatever happened, happened. I don’t doubt for a minute, that it was due to many outside influences. That is sometimes how breakups happen…..others interfere, influence, and ruin something they don’t understand. Based on Vanessa’s comments after the split about needing someone ” true to himself”, I think we knew there were outside influences.

    And lauren, no, no one knows what happened, but you won’t stop people from maturely discussing possible reasons. As long as people are respectful, I don’t see why it bothers you so much. We all know they are happy now and have moved on. No one is blaming anyone. It happened. That’s life. But they seemed as happy a couple in HW as was possible. Life just has funny ways of working out.

  35. 35
    kami Says:


    now that you mention that zac and taylor “got it on”, i remember hearing that vanessa had friends in hair and makeup on the tlo set who filled her in on what was happening off set. and #34, vanessa’s comments post breakup did reveal a lot.

  36. 36
    sam Says:

    I thought Taylor Schilling was in the movie “Argo” with Ben Affleck and played the wife to his character. But, she’s not listed in the credits. Did she drop out of the movie? It’s already finished filming.

  37. 37
    RAY Says:

    On the set of The Lucky One Zac had a friend that was always visiting him. He had nothing to do with the movie, I hear this is where some of the problems started. not an actor friend

  38. 38
    R U sure Says:

    Only Zac and Vanessa know what happened. Vanessa knew you can’t believe gossip. There was plenty of gossip about her on J2 also.
    Thanksgiving in Hawaii , wasn’t pleasant

  39. 39
    Bunnylover Says:

    @ash: will you stop this? many celebs don’t actually physically tweet themselves. Ellen used to have a guy tweeting for her from her show. Perhaps the point that should be being made is that at least SOMEONE is tweeting from the account! Please explain to me the point of having an account for over a year and NO-ONE has ever tweeted from it?

  40. 40
    Whatever Says:

    @R U sure: The “gossip” was always just that she and Josh had fun together. Both crazy, both silly. And seeing their J2 interviews, I can see that. That’s a very far cry from spending time having dinner, going to clubs together, or whatnot. Those are the things that can and will break up relationships. I’m not saying it happened for sure, but trust is very fragile, and when you lose it with someone, that’s it. Zac’s “friends” had long been encouraging him to “bathe” in p*ssy, and I believe were a big influence on him. It’s water under the bridge now. But I do believe it was painful and heartbreaking for her, and that is why they could never be friends now.

  41. 41
    Bunnylover Says:

    @Whatever: HAHAHA!!! How I love it when the hater’s like you keep quoting the ‘bathe in p***y’ thing, when it was actually said by a journolist and Zac disagreed with it. But Hey! why let a little thing like a fact get in the way of some high level hating?

  42. 42
    Bunnylover Says:

    @Whatever: and the gossip about V and Josh was that Zac turned up to surprise her and she was all over Josh, on his lap. But you see this is just a rumour. I’d give her the benefit of the doubt even though Josh has since admitted to them dating, she never did. If there was no foul play going on by her why would she keep her mouth shut? The relationship was suppossed months after the split? But this is all irrelivant. We are supposed to be discussing pics of The Lucky One premiere, nothing at all to do with her.

  43. 43
    R U sure Says:

    @whatever Here is where we differ, you heard different rumers then I did. I wont comment if I think rumers were true or not. ut I will say that by the time ther started their respective movies, they had a pretty good idea where things were heading.
    @Ray those were just rumers also, I know what you are trying to say here. You are wrong . Those rumers are not true.
    They bath in p remark was in Details Mag. That was like 4 monts before the break up.. Some of those friends are now gone. others I wish were gone, but that is my opinion. (I’m talking both male and female)

  44. 44
    kami Says:

    i feel bad for taylor at this premiere. could wb not afford to hire a stylist for her? poor woman’s hair looks terrible, and she’s so frail a breeze could knock her over. and that washed out dress hanging on her? having her look nice/sexy could have at least drawn more males in to see the movie. zac does look good, young but good.

  45. 45
    lauren Says:

    um taylor has been sick….so stuf about her looking bad, give her break, lets see you travel all the way to the land of oz and dress up while your sick, im sure you would look try to look your best too.

  46. 46
    TexasLovin Says:

    Her hair is the pits there!

  47. 47
    R U sure Says:

    Taylor looks like something that cat dragged out not in!
    just kidding she looks very nice considering she was sick.

  48. 48
    TexasLovin Says:

    @lauren: I didn’t realize she was sick. Poor girl. She’s very pretty.. but her hair really looks bad there. She looks like a drowned rat.

  49. 49
    Roz Says:

    They both look great but she looks so much older than Zac.

  50. 50
    tina Says:

    Is that his Mom? Seriously she looks horrible and even if you are ill you can comb your hair into a ponytail or something. She looked horrible here and at the next premiere. Zac is acting like a ass but it’s what he does. He wants to be perceived as a Casanova . He’s trying so hard to impress this lady. You can totally tell they are so into each other. Don’t say it’s for PR they are going over and upbove what PR is required of them . It really doesn’t matter if she makes him happy good for him it’s about time he settles down . I feel sorry for her must be the hardest thing in the world to be his girlfriend. I would hate to have a boyfriend that flirts with anything in a skirt and says sexual things to hurt the loves he is supoose to be in love with.

  51. 51
    R U sure Says:

    @Tina So what job do you hold in PR that you know so much?
    They did a movie together , if she isn’t impressed by now she never will be.. So what is gone an above PR . Dry humpling a t the beach , Oh wait that wasn’t them. Kissin and shopping at same time, OH forgot that’s not them. So what sexual things did he say to hurt his love? All I’ve been hearing Zac say he is single.. So Miss Expert how do you run PR?

  52. 52
    Mitch Says:

    I´m so excited for that movie!!!

  53. 53
    kami Says:

    i’m seeing the trailer for this movie on tv and it looks like “boy finds pictures of girl, boy finds girl, boy bonds with girl’s son, boy and girl fall in love. the end.” is there any conflict in the movie?

  54. 54
    Tina Says:

    @R U SURE Ohh hurt his ex why don’t you, well for your information I’m not necessarily her fan either. At least she has one BF. if it’s PR for her it will work or not but it’s not about her. I get it your into comparing well for your information Zac Efron has says all the sexual innuendos in all his latest interviews. What a stud his move is unbuckling a bra. Who brags about that oh wait a player who wants you to know he has had tons of practice. Answering on Facebook that his favorite scenes were the sex scenes.PR lets see oh no he doesn’t do that ask Lily Collins. Wow what a stud we get it Zac you love to F***and you want everyone to know you do and quite a bit. Plus we all know you have have your pick of any woman you want. He is single isn’t he? Well I’m sure he will be for a long time , he enjoys variety I’ve heard all women any age.

  55. 55
    lauren Says:

    what is your problem?

  56. 56
    R U sure Says:

    @Tina Don’t worry you’ll get your turn

  57. 57
    R U sure Says:

    @Tina I’m sorry that was mean of me. You are probably the only one he wouldn’t touch.
    do you like people talking bad about you. I have no Idea what you even mean about Lily? I believe they dated a few times an that was that. how do you know if they had sex or not? Not everyone has sex on every date they go on. The bra thing was brought by the hosts of the show , because it is in the movie.. Is he suppose to say he hated doing the love scenes? Your right about one ting , he has his pick of many women throwing themselves at him.. For all you know he has one person , that no one knows about and keeps that private.
    How did I hurt his ex . I like her too.

  58. 58
    Whatever Says:

    @R U sure: Yeah, I kinda lost some respect for you with your dry humping comments. Funny, he says different things in different interviews. In one, he said his favorite parts to do were the Marine scenes. Now, it’s the sex scenes, which is more his speed. And I don’t agree you have to gush about your costars like he does. Other stars simply say their costars were great to work with, were great kissers, and leave it at that. He’s nauseating. Always. He just goes over the top on every promo. He was disgusting and embarassing fawning over Michelle Pfeiffer during NYE promo. HOe’s just TOO much, and people look at him and think, what an a$$. He needs to tone it down, and be more professional.

  59. 59
    jaded Says:

    He needs to dial it down a bit. He’s becoming really grating.

  60. 60
    R U sure Says:

    @ Whatever All I said was he didn’t do those things for PR whats wrong with that? now here is where you will see me criticize him. You are right he should be more consistent . . If gushes over his co stars so thats just him. Each to his own. If I had my way I’d say tone it down a bit. but I wont hate him for it.

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