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Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie: 'The Counselor' Co-Stars?

Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie: 'The Counselor' Co-Stars?

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie may reunite on the silver screen in the Ridley Scott-directed flick, The Counselor.

Michael Fassbender is already locked into the project and now Brad Pitt and Javier Bardem are thisclose to joining as well.

Deadline reports that Angelina Jolie is in discussions to play the female lead, sexually charged femme fatale Malkina.

The Counselor, which will kick off production late June, follows an attorney (Fassbender), who is in search of a big payday after he proposes to his girlfriend, Laura.

ARE YOU EXCITED at the prospect of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt reuniting on the big screen?

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  • Mitch

    I hope so!!!

  • OMG

    of course, I am so excited to see Brad and Angie on big screen together.

  • Frenchy

    OMG WHAT?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hoping this is true!!!!!!!!!!

    Waving to all fans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I don’t think so

    They got my hopes up for nothing. Deadlin updated with this, ” There are rumors swirling that Angelina Jolie is in discussions to play the female lead but that is less solidified”

    So it’s just a rumor to get people interested and when they say oop! Ange is not in the movie but looooook guys stay excited because brad Pitt is in the movie that’s when I say bye bitches.

  • co

    Oh. My. God !

  • Jude

    Good news.

  • riri


  • cloco

    give it to me !

  • The power of Jen

    Deadline reports that Angelina Jolie is in discussions to play the female lead, sexually charged femme fatale Malkina.

    Anorexia is not sexually attractive¡¡¡¡

  • Sean

    Hopefully Brad leaves the hag for another woman this time…

  • SARA

    can’t wait..Angelina is a very generous amazing person. So what if she’s so thin? That’s her problem and her business not yours. It does not make her less of a person. She’s involved with every country suffering from poverty and violence. She has a big heart and that’s what matters in the end.

  • Rose

    Yes, I’m excited!! We the fans have waited long enough. Bring it, HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY!!!

  • Janet

    lol together again!!!

  • Pitt ain’t chit

    Brad Pitt is a myth. He can’t open movies on his name alone. He needs big names and big director Fincher. W/out him this is what happens……..
    Moneyball= 110 worldwide worldwide y’all
    Tree of life = 40 million worldwide worldwide y’all
    he’s not a worldwide superstar like Tom cruise

    Valkyrie grossed 200 million worldwide y’all and tom didn’t even have a German accent.

  • angelina

    i wish they still look like that, now brad is old and ange is anorexic and botoxy

  • Chupa

    Well if it is true I hope they aren’t playing a couple.. I think it would be too show-offfyy…
    But the movie sounds great and Ridley is awesome.

  • Umm

    my body is ready.

  • bummer

    Damn they used to look so hot at one time.

  • lol

    @Pitt ain’t chit:
    Inglorious Basterds world wide $321 million, beats Valkyrie by $121 million. LOL.

  • daniel

    one movie i wont be watching

  • lol

    @Pitt ain’t chit:

    Dude you’re talking about Tom Cruise. Sorry but there’s no medication to fix what you have.

  • Pitt ain’t chit

    @lol: Big director , dum dum. Pitt ain’t chit on his name alone with lesser known directors.

  • crystal

    who will take care of the kids? i thought they said when one of them is working, the other is not. anyways gone are the days when i gave a rats a22 about these two or any celeb for that matter. oh wait i am still in love with johnny deep

  • Pitt ain’t chit

    @lol: Tommy lives up to his internationally star label. Brad chit da international star is a myth. He’s an America celebrity.

  • Whamo

    It’s actually a reality show called The Marriage Counselor. We can follow the exploits of The Leg and Brad in their futile attempt reconcile their lost love.

    The word “female lead, sexually charged femme fatale Malkina” and The Leg’s name should never even be in the same sentence. THE WHOLE WORLD is still taking Gravol to settle their stomachs from The Leg’s last attempt at being seductive and have finally just stopped laughing at her. Do we really want to open up THAT whole debacle again?

  • Umm

    @crystal: Ugh stawp. you’re embarrassing yourself.

  • wow

    I think The Counselor has Oscar written all over it with this cast. Can’t wait.

  • lurkersville

    ooh now this should be good. Fans have been wanting so bad for them to co-star on screen again. But let’s wait till it’s a done deal before we get all excited.

  • Rose

    @#15, Angie can gain weight. You are ugly and ugly goes to the bone.

  • Lara

    I’m very excited, just hope it actually happens.
    Great story and fab cast, so yay for Brad and Angie!

  • lol

    @Pitt ain’t chit:

    Brad is more international friendly.People LIKE Brad. Tom is a notorious celeb. Oh and his fake marriage is about to implode. Just saying.

  • Janet

    Angie always gets the femme fatale roles.
    Will they make it again?

  • jp fan

    Ridley Scott gotta to get Angie play Malkina. No one else can play that role better than Angie.

  • crystal

    @lol: i hope yor kidding right? brad and angelina are known for being tabloid stars than actors. tom on the other hand stopped famewhoring and started to focus on his acting. when last did you see tom on the cover of a tabloid?

  • seriously

    Pitt + Jolie + Bardem + Fassbender + Portman + Ridley Scott == WOW WOW WOW EPIC HEAVEN MASTERPIECE

  • Chupa

    @Pitt ain’t chit:
    Are you serious.
    Moneyball made that much because no one outside of the USA plays or watches baseball. The Tree of Life was a critically acclaimed INDIE movie

  • Florencia

    I thought they wanted to withdraw from “acting”? Angie please, retire! You bored me.

  • EW

    UGLY both are douches

  • My 2 Cents

    I’d love to see them in a film again.

  • Just Saying

    MONEYBALL is now the highest grossing
    baseball (INTERNATIONAL) movie of all time. Check BOM.

  • yap

    Maleficent can wait. Angie, go get Malkina

  • Just Saying

    The 2 name changing trolls are in pain; IN PAIN because of ENVY!
    HOW WONDERFUL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    so both suck sir ridley off
    ugh puke bork
    vile rotting
    horrible stench
    jolie still biggest vvhore ever
    FJWP thick on ground
    toxic biohazard
    use thickest rubber
    use gaz mask
    use hazmat
    use tong
    u puke anyway

  • Yoki

    If that’s true, it’ll be so totally awesome! I luv them!

  • MJ

    Hopefully, it’s true that this will be the movie that Angie was talking about, that she and Brad finally found a good script for them to work again in the BIG SCREEN. I’m sure, their kids will enjoy it and all their family members seem to willing to help if they need them. Even Angie’s Dad was excited for them if they work together in the film again. Ohh! I cannot wait for that to happen. Count me in, I’ll be at the theater. I can’t get enough of these two. ‘Love them.

  • Whamo

    Just Saying @ 04/12/2012 at 4:55 pm 0

    MONEYBALL is now the highest grossing
    baseball (INTERNATIONAL) movie of all time. Check BOM.
    By that logic if high grossing films are your barometer of greatness then your girls Land Of Nut N Honey was a colossal BOMBola… Check BOM BOMOLA!!! LOL!!!

  • Pitt ain’t chit

    @Just Saying: If pitt chit was able to live up to his international star tag the movie would do more than america. The studio was hoping for 100 million domestic dollas but dats wut it made worldwide yall. It was a silent bomb cuz his pr keeps chit tight. everyone expected it to make more becuz pitt chit is supposed to be international. Jerry McGuire did wayyyyyyyy more than brad da faux international stars movie.. Face it he is not an international star on his name alone like tommy.Period.

  • Tina

    This is all-star cast.

  • A Lurker

    Javier Bardem has a man crush on Brad. Now he and Brad are in the same movie. Love to see Brad and Angelina together on screen.

  • Pitt ain’t chit

    Pitt is American celebrity. Nowhere near the star appeal he supposed to have. He is also very weak actor that tries to trick us into thinking he is growing as an actor by buying great scripts. He is a myth in every aspect of his movie starnes.

    Myth- Pitt chit is a good actor.
    Myth – Pitt chit is the best looking actor.
    Myth- Pitt chit is an international star
    Myth- Pitt chit has a huge fanbase
    Myth – ptt chit is nice and clean

    Truth- Pitt chit is mediocre and if you watch his old movie u see he hasn’t grown one ounce as an actor
    Truth- pit chit is very fugly , has a lot of fake teeth and sometime he resembles an ugly ape also used butt fat in his facial pitts
    Truth -Pitt chit can’t open movies on his star appeal alone
    Truth – Pitt chit only has as many fans as his current squeeze
    Truth – rumored to have da herp. Rumor goes back to da 90s