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Gerard Butler Covers 'Wonderwall' by Oasis

Gerard Butler Covers 'Wonderwall' by Oasis

Gerard Butler smiles for photographers as he walks through the Soho neighborhood of New York City on Thursday afternoon (April 12).

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Gerard Butler

Last weekend, the 42-year-old Scottish actor took the stage at the NYC hotspot, The Darby. He belted out “Wonderwall” by Oasis and “Satisfaction” by The Rolling Stones. Check out the video of Gerry singing at The Darby at!

Gerard was recently mobbed by fans while getting his caffeine fix at Think Coffee in the Big Apple.

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gerard butler oasis wonderwall 01
gerard butler oasis wonderwall 02
gerard butler oasis wonderwall 03
gerard butler oasis wonderwall 04
gerard butler oasis wonderwall 05

Credit: Jay Thornton; Photos: INFdaily
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  • Swansong

    He looks like someone’s uncle now. No sex appeal whatsoever. We used to find this attractive??


  • Mustlovedogs

    It’s raining Butler! Another thread! Who’s the dude?

  • Swansong

    What is with the scarf? Are you trying to fit in with the rest of the artsy world, Mr. Butler? You are too much a whore for that.


  • Swansong

    @Mustlovedogs: “It’s raining Butler! Another thread! Who’s the dude?”
    Who’s the dude indeed. Already on his way down, soon to be forgotten by everyone but JJ and the fannies that post here.


  • Mustlovedogs

    @Swansong: Give it a rest, why don’t ya! No one cares about your silly comments. And you’re not Swannie.

  • vs

    Isn’t that Fryguy with him? Haven’t seen him in awhile.

  • Dee

    I’d hit it

  • ???

    don’t tell me another gay guy???

  • Mustlovedogs

    So that’s fryguy? Does he have a real name?

  • Gossipgirl

    @Swansong: Word! He is just so skeezy. He will do anything with a pulse; no class or taste! Very unattractive qualities.

  • alice

    nice hat

  • kelly

    @Dee: I would hit either one of those hot guys gerry is looking happy and fit love the smile

  • GFW

    He has taken to his pegged holder of hats! Love it!
    As for the posse thing? (read: no comment) Will say it’s necessary though.
    The colors of New York. Know what I mean? Looks like a New Yorker for certain… so much better head-to-toe than out west!
    Love how the camera crew is, you know, there. Crazy!

  • GFW

    Aw man, and I had a bunch to say at the other thread.
    feelin’ Gerry’s feelin’ good… right about… now

  • sami

    He is so dang hot. Unique in the cookie cutter world of HW ‘stars.’

  • FYI

    Fry Guy’s name is Nick Boyle. He’s an actor (from New Zealand).

  • Joanna

    Is the guy wearing a hat Gerry’s friend Freddie?

  • kate

    @Joanna: LOL. Looks like gerry is reading the guy’s palm.

  • Joanna

    Do you see the little white mouse on Gerry’s arm? Cute :)

  • Actually….

    @kate: it looks like he’s about to pass out!!! Are they holding hands????

  • Can’tGetEnough

    Lots of tweets today:
    Develop World Health ‏ @dworldhealth 4 hours ago
    All set up and ready for our fundraising event, Scotland Unfiltered in NYC tonight! Gerrard Butler, Ross King and…
    Amy Irving ‏ @AmyIrvingMakeup 4 hours ago
    Has just been told I’ll be getting my hands on Gerrard Butler tonight!
    Anna Rathbone Miller ‏ @avrathbone 18 mins ago
    Eating cupcakes with Gerard Butler!
    Jacob Gilmore ‏ @gilmorejr 1 hour ago
    Just had my cab stolen by Gerard Butler. Taking a bite out of the Big Apple.
    Ya Mother ‏ @khenilove 2 hours ago
    Hey, so it’s Thursday & I just met Gerard Butler. Had a lengthy convo with him & he made me blush. Yea, that’s what happens on Thursdays.

  • Can’tGetEnough
  • minrer

    @Joanna: “Leaning on my lover”.

  • Mustlovedogs

    He’s got a little mouse on his arm! See the Petco box beside him? Wonder when that was taken?

  • Mustlovedogs

    @Joanna: Where did you get that photo? I’ve never seen it before?

  • Joanna

    Another Gerry fan sent them to me together with some other pics about a year ago.

  • Joanna

    I forgot to say, I believe the pic is from 2009.

  • GFW

    2009? Ah, yes! His, “Yes, she’s a regular girl.” time (sigh)

  • Cara

    Look relaxed and enjoying time with friends

  • Joanna

    What do you mean?

  • Can’tGetEnough

    @Mustlovedogs: The photo of Gerry with the mouse was taken at Jeannia Robinette’s surprise 40th birthday party in October 2009. Jared Leto gave her the mouse!

  • cupccake

    I’m sure he is having a great time at this world health thing I bet he looks great in his kilt. I hope we get to see pics.

  • Mustlovedogs

    @Can’tGetEnough: Oh cute! Thanks for the info! Gerry’s hair was really short! I would have thought it was older. He had filmed LAC and TBH that year. Was trying to remember when he started letting his hair grow.

  • Joanna

    Yes, Jeannia is in some of the other pics. I didn’t know they were taken at her birthday party though. Thanks for the info :)

  • Mustlovedogs

    @FYI: Thanks for the info!

  • Can’tGetEnough

    You’re welcome! Have a great night!

  • Hollywood Gossiper

    @FYI: FryGuy is an actor too? that’s news to me. Does he have an IMDB page?

  • Q.

    This is an honest question to all the women here; If you had the chance, would you ever consider having a serious relationship with Gerard even though you know he’s led such a promiscuous life and has had so many women?

  • mr. blackwell

    If one has issues properly tying up one’s boots [is there a designer logo on that boot tongue flapping around] might one suggest a slip on boot. Ruins the line of the nicely tailored pants. The man has such long lovely legs, why not rub it in that you are taller than the little people.

  • justsayin’too

    I have ot say I like him heavier and short hair like in the old picture. But what is he doing with a tiny white mouse? Oh lord…remember years ago the Richard Gere gerbel story. Butler you are a puzzle!

  • LadyofGlasgow

    @Q.: This is an honest answer,if I had a chance, I would do everything possible to give him happiness and love that he deserves.I think in reality he is just lost boy in this big and empty world.

  • food 4 thought

    @Q.: No. He’s not worth the considerable health risks. I would not ever be able to get the multitudes out of my head.

  • Here’s one for you

    @Q.: Would you consider having any kind of relationship with him if everything were the same, (meaning the sexual history, drug use, etc.), but he was NOT an actor? Let’s say he’s just the guy next door who works at a blue collar job. You are romanticizing this guy based on his acting roles, not for who he really is.

  • huh?

    @Here’s one for you: I thought the question was pretty straightforward – no romanticizing that I could read into it.

  • huh?

    @Here’s one for you: Or did you mean to respond to LadyofGlasgow?

  • @Q.

    hel.l no

  • Lucy $ 5 cents $

    Perhaps that is what Mr. Butler wants,

    nobody to have a serious relationship with him,

    he is building his reputation in such a way that most decent women would not be able to trust him,
    and therefor both could never really commit to anything but a quick fuuck and a coffee in the morning.

  • Reviews

    I was reading the last thread and I am very sorry I mentioned that he and Freddy were wearing almost identical outfits. That observation has been turned into “proof” Gerry is gay. I don’t think he is gay, and I don’t think Feddy is gay either. I don’t understand how people can make this determination from a few pictures.
    Some amazing pictures from OMAM
    Especially this one. He was so fit, I don’t know how people were saying back then he was too thin. I never saw it. Most of the pictures that contributed to people saying he is too thin were photos of him clothed and wearing baggy pants. Then, 2 days later they would see pictures like this one and say he put on some weight. LOL, it’s so funny. How can you tell from a few photos he lost weight, and then see a few other photos a couple of days later and say he is so fit? Yet people make certain determination all the time from a few photos or tabloid articles, and they did it in the last thread as well.

  • Reviews

    Gerard Butler in New York
    TMZ Video again of Gerry singing “wonderwall” – This one is a little bit more audible.

  • Reviews

    Here is another video of him singing “wondewall” but with the TMZ commentary and examples of him bellowing other tunes. Funny!