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Jennifer Aniston Covers 'Marie Claire Australia' May 2012

Jennifer Aniston Covers 'Marie Claire Australia' May 2012

Jennifer Aniston looks lovely on the cover of Marie Claire Australia‘s May 2012 issue.

Here is what the 43-year-old actress had to share with the mag:

On her boyfriend Justin Theroux: “He’s a protector, for sure. He’s just a good human being, and so funny.”

On being secluded while filming Wanderlust: “All of a sudden I began decompressing. It’s weird, but it felt like living a normal life; almost like having your anonymity back. Nobody bothered us and we were protected as a group. There were no paparazzi and no secret, tricky little cell phone pictures being taken. I realized how paranoid and guarded and not trusting – walled-in – I had become. Not consciously so, but just this armor that I kind of have, protective armor. It’s not for my friends or family, but for being outside in the world, always on guard.”

On shooting a topless scene for the film: “There are always nerves when you shoot a scene like that. But the adrenaline takes you through it and then you have the girls come in and cover you up immediately. I got very comfortable with seeing nude people, pretty much immediately. It was bizarre to know that these were actually nudists – because there’s a nudist colony in Clarkesville – and how comfortable they are being nude.”

FYI: Wanderlust will be released in Australia on April 25!

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253 Responses to “Jennifer Aniston Covers 'Marie Claire Australia' May 2012”

  1. 1
    jimmy Says:

    all her boyfriends are ugly and weird except brad

  2. 2
    . Says:

    Im so happy she’s happy at last. She deserves it!

  3. 3
    celio Says:


  4. 4
    Lola Says:

    ugh, already arriving the psycho fans of jolie, full of hatred and bitterness, spreading its poison to the world.

  5. 5
    bahha black sheep Says:

    why she demand her nude scene cut?

  6. 6
    Opa Says:



    Now why in the world would Angelina fans be bitter??? Angelina has it all and then some. All Jen has is that jutting chin, her hair and tan!

    Jen’s fans are the psycho ones. One look at Female first shows her fans are far from stable. Their obsession with Angelina is scary with the terrible things they wish on her, to their creepy theories (including the idea the twins have 2 DIFFERENT FATHERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) They are nuts.

  7. 7
    Lise Says:

    A protector???? He can’t even hold an umbrella over her head. Walks two feet in front of her, jumps out of cars w/o being a gentleman & helping her out etc. All with picture evidence of course.

  8. 8
    BEAN Says:

    Why did they make her bronze? Lmfao. That is a terrible cover.
    Brad is ugly now. He has aged terribly and looks like a homeless person.

  9. 9
    KC Says:


    You have it all wrong. Jen’s fans are the bitter ones, just like Jen herself.

    Google Angelina’s name, click on Past Hour on the left side and notice the FEMALE FIRST links that are sure to pop up since they never stop talking about Angelina. Jen’s fans are certified crazy and belong in mental institutions with their theories and ideas. They are the ones with the insane hate.

  10. 10
    Lola Says:

    TO ALL ANGELINA’S PSYCHOS: you already bored me. I would never be a fan of a child molester unlike you, losers! GET LOST, you are disgusting.

  11. 11
    amy Says:

    @Opa: Umm, seriously…lets see Angie has an aging guy past his prime who is obviously smokin other than cigs…and is a boozer. Sure kids are cute when there little…but they grow…and in Angie’s case will have a hell of a tell all to write about that whacked out mother who used herion. Jen is gorgeous, has money to do what she wants when she wants, has friends, gorgeous Justin, and so much more….oh and btw…she doesn’t call the paps or news when she gives money to charities. Fast forward…maybe 3 years….Brad will be with a young chick. Oh…not the ones that he and Angie sleep with now…lets face it Angie has been able to control Brad with sex….kinky sex…but he’ll get bored.

  12. 12
    Cheery Says:

    Damn, that “photo” is like a pastel drawing O__o … photoshop much?

  13. 13
    Justin Wants a FrontlaceWig Says:

    Orange 47yoa Hasbeen jennys long winded rambling interviews are all the Same just like her Dull Movies – SAMESH!TDIFFERENT DAY

  14. 14
    I have to say Says:

    wow she’s beautiful.

  15. 15
    I have to say Says:

    and so happy looking.

  16. 16
    Blah Says:

    What a waste of cover for a film that will make only $14.

  17. 17
    LOL Says:

    Yikes!!!!!!!!!!! Orange on orange and summer’s over in Australia !!!!!!!!!!

  18. 18
    Tage Says:

    @Cheery And yet, even with all that digital wizardry they still couldn’t make her look good. It’s all nose and chin, so of course gotta have that hair in the face ;)

  19. 19
    hag Says:

    right on cue. brad and/or angie has positive press, up pops THE CHIN coattailng as usual.

  20. 20
    Right on #19 Says:

    Before morning Jared will have constipated face next to Brad and Angelina’s post.

  21. 21
    Sugar Says:

    This is supposed to be a new interview? It sounds just like some other interviews she has done. She really has nothing new or interesting to say it seems.

  22. 22
    ellie' Says:

    Wow what a great surprise..Jennifer looks great on the cover..

  23. 23
    ellie' Says:

    coat tailing off of who..there’s something here about Angie & Brad??… can’t be anything positive..
    Lets make this clear ..Jennifer has never needed Brad for anything…..after all these yrs she is still a superstar…all own her own..move on already…and leave this beautiful happy woman alone..

  24. 24
    ellie' Says:

    Beautiful color on Jennifer…actually looks great in any color…

  25. 25
    ellie' Says:

    Oh that post up there..the picture… When Brad was doing a woman that would never be with a married man.Cheating on his wife..awe Angie didn’t care about her poor MUM being cheated on by Jon Voight…but I’m glad shes a fake and a liar b/c….Jennifer is happiest i have ever see go girl..

  26. 26
    ellie' Says:

    @Right on #19:
    i hope so ..I love to look at this show how really ugly Angie and Brad are…

  27. 27
    Ze Says:


    Omg. What is wrong with you? Are you menopausal darling? Who cares about 3 yrs from now, this are just celebraties ppl. You should be worry what happen to you 3 yrs from now if you continue this bitter attitudes. Wake up and smell the coffee

  28. 28
    Dee Says:

    Wow she looks really pretty on the cover!

  29. 29
    Ghost Says:

    she looks great , I agree Ellie’. But what an immoral , bed-hopping , self-absorbed , dull , no talent , washed-up pretend movie star. It’s great to see your multiple posts as it gives us a chance to have a good laugh. Still loving you . The Ghost.

  30. 30
    Aussie Girl Says:

    Oh C*ap–Now i’ll have to walk around the supermarket watching out for her ugly mug.Bet the sales from this issue suck and I will bet anything that this piece of ca ca they called a movie will make next to nothing over here…Will let all you hens know how much bwahahaha

    Ellie#25 Just letting you know it’s 2012 not 2005 stop jabbering ab out a split that would of happened anyway and who did what and when-It’s boring & lame.

  31. 31
    AGA Says:

    Ouch…Look at that chin. No amount of photo-shopping can disguise that. Where is her usual giant scarf which attempts to hide said chin and does’nt work.

  32. 32
    atomzgoodz Says:

    พิเศษสำหรับผู้ ตอบคำถาม ถูกที่สุด
    1 บอก ชื่อเดิม และ สมญาหลวงปู่ทวด ให้ได้มากที่สุด จะได้รับรางวัลพิเศษค่ะ
    2 ชอบคำสอนใดของหลวงปู่เหตุผล
    3 อนุภาพหลวงปู่ที่ประทับใจ
    4 เหตุใดจึงชื่อว่า เหยียบน้ำทะเลจืด
    5 เล่าเหตุการณ์ย่อ ๆหลวงปู่ช่วยแผ่นดินสยาม สมัยอยุธยา

  33. 33
    nina Says:

    YAWN! wastage of space!

  34. 34
    The Real Emma Says:

    Of course Huvane gets Jared to put this up today because there is news about Brad and Angelina. Ugh, has she no dignity left whatsoever?

  35. 35
    True dat Says:

    It’s embarrassing how much she coattails them.

  36. 36
    hag Says:

    let’s see, the CHIN has a middle-aged, balding USER past his prime- dressing like a kid, who has hit the jackpot!! the aging hipster scored a middle-aged woman-child so afraid of her aging self.

    one year from now the USER will have gotten what he wanted from the desperate, clawing onto years’ ago youth, maniston. she will be ALONE AGAIN, NATURALLY :(

  37. 37
    Orange Clawn with curtain hair Says:

    The bottle blond orange Clawn must love that curtain hair style!!!
    All that money in the world, cant do nothing for that Chin!!!

  38. 38
    hag Says:

    NOTICE the vast majority of her mag photos have her hair blowing across or somehow covering that manly face? multi-millon $ PR don’t come cheap.

  39. 39
    . Says:

    Jen and her PR are totally deceptive. No topless scenes were ever filmed with Jen. She wore pasties on set in Clarkesville, and then for the first test screening, breasts were digitally added. The hype was created but there was no substance or basis, there would never be a topless scene, that is why it was all innuendos, hundreds of stories and no denial. It was done for money. IMO she isn’t dating Justin either, he is another disposable, hired, co-star “friend” she can hang on to, to promote her films, but audiences aren’t interested in him. He has no genuine character, he’s sinister, vain and cold….. they are very mismatched to make their upcoming contractual “break up” easier for the fans to digest. Until she starts being honest with herself, people will lose interest. Making a career out of acting marriage, acting pregnancy, acting sex and acting family is basically meaningless if the reality isn’t there…… the reality of this is far more important and she is constantly denying that reality in a battle against the media.

  40. 40
    Jen the hag Says:

    ellie’ @ 04/13/2012 at 1:13 am

    MANISTON superstar?? bwahahha more like SUPERDUD at the box office.. the only movies where she act as the gf/sidekick of the a known actor that’s when her movie do earned in the box office but when she’s the once carrying the film it flopped big time.. like Love Happen, Management and Wonderslut …geez and look at that cover all digitally photoshopped and she still look FUGLY and HOMELY!!

  41. 41
    JL Says:

    @.:very cute nick :) :)

  42. 42
    . Says:



  43. 43
    King Says:

    ooh, oooh, I’ll be sure to run & buy my copy of some real interesting reading material.Expand my mind :) Look at magnificent pictures.
    LMAO..Man, you gotta to be kidding me, same old tune for 15 yrs now. Esp. since her hunk husband bailed. What 7, 8 yrs now?
    This is the most shallow woman I have read, even a ***** like a KK is more interesting.Seriously. Has this hag ever said ANYTHING of interest & depht or much less do???

    4 flops in a row & Jared still calls her super star or something like that. LOL
    (Huvan must be paying better these days, ja>?)

  44. 44
    Cs Says:

    This is the best she and team could come out with? Remember she gets copy and photo approval or No interview according to the the editor of vogue Uk.

  45. 45
    factcheck Says:

    they always have to have hair or something covering part of her face..even with all the photoshop and camera and light tricks – she still looks average at best. If you put her next to a beautiful face like Charlize or Angelina, she will look downright ugly.

  46. 46
    ^..^ Says:

    She does not have a good face shape or nice facial features, and it gets worse as she ages..she was cute during Friends days, but she never was and never will be beautiful in my opinion. I don’t see why they keep pushing this idea at us that she is beautiful or sexy. She just isn’t, and her personality matches her looks. With that much photoshop anyone and I mean anyone can look that good on a magazine cover. The fact that she is an egotastic self-centered immature 40 year old who spends all her time trying to improve her looks, without any meaningful contributions to the world despite her wealth, makes her even more unattractive.

  47. 47
    Steph Says:

    In my opinion i think jennifer aniston is a great actress! Having to go thru what she did in the public must have been embarrassing and so hard. I dont care if the brangelina losers go off on me but she deserves to be happy and im happy shes found it!

  48. 48
    Steph Says:

    So many haters.

  49. 49
    JJForever Says:

    A natural, gorgeous, stunning, happy, healthy and classy woman with beautiful smile. She deserves all the happiness. Justin is cool, handsome and very talented guy. We do not care those haters.
    We’re just so happy for Jen and Justin.

  50. 50
    Jentheho Says:


    So true. If he is a protector, he would’ve covered her completely with the umbrella.

  51. 51
    jillyro Says:

    That is a weird pose and her hair NEVER changes, even for a mag cover!!! I guess Justin was “protecting” her from the fabric of the umbrella when he neglected and selfishly did not hold it over her LOL!! I

    Her interviews are SO BORING, always the same topics (body, hair, no privacy due to paps, my friends, blahblah) *yawn*, she needs to get out more, it’s a big world out there but she is stuck in one spot.

  52. 52
    Jentheho Says:


    Oh please. Did she went through what Elin went through. Did she went through what Maria went through? How about Sandra B? How about Huma Weiner? Jen Jen has the most easiest divorce of all and yet she played the pity party for 7 years. All these women mentioned went on with their lives less than a year.

  53. 53
    Jentheho Says:


    She changes her hair color from brown to blonde. She had a nose job done twice. She works out 24/7. What’s so natural about her?

  54. 54
    Jentheho Says:


    LMAO!! Super Wanderbomb.

  55. 55
    Mental Ellie Says:


    After all these years, she still makes 8 mil/movie. Hey Jen, you are a superstar. You are so super we’ll keep pay you 8 mil/movie while Angie gets 20 mil. Reese gets 15 mil. Julia got 20 mil. Sandra 10-15 mil. These women even got an Oscar. But because Jen is such a superstar, we’ll only give her 8mil/movie and no Oscar.

  56. 56
    Jentheho Says:


    I agree. Jen looks great in any fake color. Fake tan for a fake woman. She even got her tiny boyfriend a fake tan for the Wanderbomb bomb premiere.

  57. 57
    Aussie Girl Says:

    @Jentheho: Thank You!! I’ve posted this same thing many times. So many women have gone through horrible,public splits. Most involving kids and mutiple court dates. I will add to your list Eva Longoria finding many s*xtexts from BFs hubby,N.Kidman being blindsided from Tommy(Best thing)& and the politition lady who died of cancer,who’s hubby had a bub with a young blonde-Sorry I’m not from US.
    But Ticky had an easy divorce,all private,no fighting,BUT it’s like hers was way worse than any other woman in the WORLD!!

  58. 58
    Jentheho Says:

    @Aussie Girl:

    Exactly. She had the most easy divorce. She should thank her lucky star that none of the things happened to those women had happended to her. I think her fans made it sound like she had it worse it because Brad was the perfect man. They were the so called “golden couple”. When that image was shattered, her fans had a very hard time getting over it. Plus, it didn’t help Brad left her for Angie. If Brad left her for someone else and not Angie, I think the the divorce would’ve die down after a year.

  59. 59
    JEN IN REHAB Says:

    The loons keep saying “jen deserves to be happy” WHO IS DENYING HER??? This 48yoa woman is stuck in 1998 and coattailing BP who left skid marks on her face!
    Be HAPPY JEN Move forward take your meds and give some to elle

  60. 60
    ellie' Says:

    Ghost loving u more for being here…Loving beautiful Jen..that alone gives me a great laugh..not what u have to say about her…

  61. 61

    Another loser movie from Jen. Great.

  62. 62
    ellie' Says:

    @Jen the hag:
    Just love u visiting here,,,Ty..

  63. 63
    ellie' Says:

    @Aussie Girl:
    Does the truth hurt…and i really don’t care ..just glad Angie really didn’t care about her MUMS feeling over and over and over …love Angie & Brad together and that’s the truth…Jen does look so good…!!
    Just love you Aussie being here…

  64. 64
    ellie' Says:

    Don’t ever compare Charlize next to Angie..We know Charlize is so beautiful…as far as Jen many many people would pick her over Angie or for that matter over anyone…I just don’t see it Angie but I do in Jen…I guess to each his own…we all have our own opinions…

  65. 65
    ellie' Says:

    Of cause Jen went through a lot at that time of her life..I would think anyone would…But especially Jennifer being a star the whole world knew that she was embarrassed by her husband and Angie..I guess you have no emotions…pretty sad…But Jennifer is so happy now has been and I don’t understand why she is still picked on by all of you…This is what you wanted..or are you just jealous, Jennifer is still such a relevant and was gonna go away..Jen a star and get use to it she is here to stay…

  66. 66
    ellie' Says:

    @Aussie Girl:
    you have got to be kidding me…Love is love…you really have no common sense at all.. No woman deserves to be cheated on nor a man to be cheated on…Besides Jen filed for the divorce and I’m sure it hurt for along time…Doesn’t mean that Brad didn’t love her…he worked with someone for awhile and they fell in love…But Brad should have been a man and divorced his wife first and no woman should go with a married man..Its wrong and I won’t put any praise to a couple to hurt one another..

  67. 67
    ellie' Says:

    your still not over Jennifer it seems like ..why do u people keep saying she uses Brad…i would like to know for what..and whats so great about Brad…?? Sometimes I wonder do you people want them back together..I’m so confused by all of you Brad & Angie’s haters…there no sense to your antics..

  68. 68
    wow. Says:


    Yeah, like Joanne Gartin’s husband, Chris. Remember when Anuston was practically hiding on the floor of the car? lol @ the “I slept with my friend’s husband” on the side of the mag cover by photo-shopped-the-gills-Anuston…..yup, 1st thought—yes –you did, Jennifer….homewrecker. And then, there was Heidi’s guy….uh huh.

  69. 69
    ellie' Says:

    @Mental Ellie:
    If you say Jen makes 8 mil a movie I don’t think that’s so shabby…I don’t understand why Angie would make 20 mil..I don’t like her acting..I still try to figure that out…Julia most definitely !!! Jen is just so loved so sweet so beautiful so healthy which is a good thing for younger people these days for being bulimic or anorexia…also exercise so great mentally…

  70. 70
    ellie' Says:

    Brad wasn’t her boyfriend….Why were any of her boyfriends weird…i don’t think Brad was a good person for what he did to his wife..But times goes on and everyone heels…Brad always had such a big heart I’m sure he felt horrible for what he did…But everyone has moved on..Jen is happy with Justin….Brad is happy with Angie and there beautiful children…Leave Jen alone already don’t understand your people keep this going…

  71. 71
    yep Says:

    gorgeous, simply goreogus! Jen is such an amazing all around person! i just love her and wish the best for her and justin!

  72. 72
    ellie' Says:

    I’m really not into you like this…I really adore Jennifer for her sweetness her kindness and her beautiful smile…If Jen did something wrong she isn’t right also…I will agree..but I don’t believe the mags I don’t read them sometime ago they were right at one time but its all to make money with lies…Jen already spoke out about Heidi and i believe her..that nothing happened..She just seems to be an honest person..but I do not know her personally I really don’t anything about any star unless they speak for themselves…Jennifer has really always kept to herself..I know she is sick of this triangle created…I would be…!!!

  73. 73
    ellie' Says:

    @Mental Ellie:
    and don’t call me mental ..there will be no correspondence between us..and that would be just fine with me…

  74. 74
    ellie' Says:

    Hi Jade
    Its so hard to stay in touch with you..haven’t seen you on for awhile..i know its the same old crap.Such hatred..Just wanted to know how u and your family are doing..Hope all is well…miss u my friend..I really don’t blame that most of Jens fans are gone from these vicious people…

  75. 75
    ang Says:

    seriously you twits!!! do you think she ran out and posed for this magazine last night so it would be in the media today just cause brangelina were in the media yesterday over something. My gosh you people are deranged. do you honestly think she calls every ragmag and ragmag site begging to do a story of her?? wait, you probably do.

  76. 76
    jilly Says:

    Angie is a psycho HO and must pay this site to cover up her mess. Jennifer glows, she is beautiful and all the idiots who worship the Devil Angie are dying of jealousy. Get lost and go worship your Evil *****.

  77. 77
    Erik Says:

    Stop the bullying, Lol Jennifer haters are sick, you know how sad to hate someone you do not know? Removing all nonsense comments that have nothing to do with the article, and do not understand why you always named Brad and Ange, Jennifer goes really beautiful and sexy in that picture.

  78. 78
    Scott Says:

    She is so smart, sexy, charming, beautiful, sexy again. I seriously love her, she is a sweetheart

  79. 79
    ellie' Says:

    I’m happy for Angie & Brad..Hope they don’t wait another 7yrs..Now maybe Jen will be left alone…But I don’t think that will ever happen…

  80. 80
    Pam Says:

    I love her¡

  81. 81
    ellie' Says:

    Jennifer has never looked so happy….beautiful classy woman…

  82. 82
    TheOlderSheGetTheLongerHerChin Says:

    What’s up with that grandma looking hair Jen, half of the Orange county house wife are looking better that you on their bad hair day … LOL !!!

  83. 83
    ellie' Says:

    I don’t understand all the silliness over Brad and Angie getting engaged ..7 yrs later and 6 children…I say its about time..I wonder how long the engagement…
    Just hope now Jen is left out of there lives…Jennifer deserves happiness and she now has it with Justin….

  84. 84
    Alice Says:

    She looks great!!
    Fantastic smile! xoxoxo

  85. 85
    irisne Says:


  86. 86
    The ORIGINAL Miami D. Says:

    Wow she recognize some thing in him?????? What else is he going to be he is not an actor and she would know that because she isn’t either

  87. 87
    Amber Says:

    Awwwww ”he is a protector”
    something she could never say about brad.
    brad never cared enough and left poor Jen to rot in the rain :’(
    he is cocky and hideous.
    Justin is amazing ♥
    I just wish they met sooner.

  88. 88

    Aniston megawhore alert
    huge supply FAWP
    Aniston biggest *****
    hazmat suit
    thickest rubber
    gas mask
    radioactive tart

  89. 89
    ANCH1977 Says:

    Im taking bets to see if Aniston will anounce her engagement this week. I give a week

  90. 90
    JL Says:

    @ANCH1977: Aniston can send them a congratulation. No more.

  91. 91
    catee Says:

    Why do haters show up here?

  92. 92
    Kleenex Box 4 Hens in Agony Says:

    A protector who can’t even protect her with an unbrella. during rainy time A protector she has to pay for.
    Yeah, right , such a protector !

  93. 93
    MJ Says:

    CONGRATULATIONS BRAD & ANGIE AND TO YOUR BEAUTIFUL FAMILY YOU BOTH CREATED! GOD BLESS! We, your fans waiting the WEDDING DATE at least we can request off of work just to watch it if it’s televise. Hopefully, we can see it live, that would be nice. CONGRATULATION to MRS. ANGELINA JOLIE FOREVER PITT.

  94. 94
    2% Jenny Says:


  95. 95
    alw Says:

    no #90,i bet she will annouce she is pregnant,because if she annouce she is engage it will appear she is coattailling…..

  96. 96
    Miller Says:


    When did that ever stop her?

  97. 97
    yep Says:

    @KC: lol! the comments prove the truth! Look! lol! lol! i am still laughing…… Jen looks beautiful!

  98. 98
    lurker Says:

    Fr Dlisted:

    And Jennifer Aniston will drug Justin Theroux and drag him to the nearest 24-hour chapel in 3..2..

    This is so priceless…..LOL

  99. 99
    JL Says:

    HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA !!! !!! !!! !!! !!! !
    R I D I C U L O U S ! ! !
    OF COURSE “congrats”, PARTNERS !
    The planet will stop turning, no doubt !
    Hey, MJ ! Did you forget where you are?
    This is an ANISTON site!
    Get out of here with your Jolie’s PR PROPAGANDA !!!
    Go lick their sphinkters on the Jolie’s site !

  100. 100
    MJ Says:

    @JL: Sorry! my bad. I was kind of lost maybe because of the GOOD NEWS that I read. Too much excitement, I thought this was Angie’s thread. Ohh! well, CONGRATULATION TO MRS. ANGELINA JOLIE FOREVER PITT! WOW! That’s a long name but who cares, it’s still awesome. ‘LOOOOVE THEM!

  101. 101
    JL Says:

    @MJ: MJ,
    you may go to Jolie’s site and find my several comments.
    About so called “good news”: it’s just a PR EFFORTS for now.
    I want to see an official wedding, OK?

  102. 102
    Aussie Girl Says:

    Oh Poor Hen. No more” it’s just a partnership not marriage” over &over.
    You’ll have to find something new to blab about. A commitment to the future is better is more romantic than a quick wedding anyway and nothing is more commited than having kids together,that’s a life time deal. Congrats to JA fans-No more BS about BP still wanting to be with her etc etc.

  103. 103
    AGA Says:

    I can just image in my mind, Ticky and Huvane having an emergency meeting….What PR BS can we come up with to bring attention back to me, Stephan “Should I get engaged to JTX to try grab back attention” Should I announce I am trying to get preggars to JTX, Or should I adopt a baby–It will have to be white and born in US,so there will be no comparasions??? Oh Stephan-Help me with some good pR,b/c’ I;m so dumb I don’t know what to do with this news b/c I need to pay you millions a yr to help me cause i’m a dumba*s on my own and my paid toy-boy can’t help cause he’s from the D-List. Help Me Huvane lmao

  104. 104
    Kleenex Box 4 Hens in Agony Says:

    First the she loves the Urinator for the way he thinks thoughts, now she loves Justin for being a protector with an UNprotective umbrella.
    Maniston will get Midget a rise for his contract. ‘ole girl must make sure that the protector breakdancer stay with her pretending he loves her…
    Go Justin…protect your investment, you goldigger…oops….you bloody protector !

  105. 105
    ellie' Says:

    I don’t think it matters if Brad & Angie get married…I don’t think these vicious people will ever leave Jen & Justin ever alone…They will keep this triangle up forever…they just can’t help themselves…pretty sick worshipers the cruelest I have ever seen…

  106. 106
    ellie' Says:

    I don’t why they think we are upset about this..Angie & Brad have been together for 7 yrs already…We are gonna have a meltdown or even commit suicide…I hope its about time they grow up…and think these group of people need a lot of help…I have no clue who is writing not so nice things on Angie & Brad sites ..but yes I did take a look these are people that just can’t them…They have nothing to do with Jen..How childish your still bringing up Jen..

  107. 107
    ellie' Says:

    I couldn’t even write one comment about these people…wow are they crazy..I would not even go there there so sick…delusional obsessions..
    Wow there are so many stars on here they are great actors..and not one comment…I really do believe these are now hired people..don’t believe they really have nothing to do with Angie & Brad..just like the fight..and that makes JJ just rich…

    Happiness to Brad & Angie always even if they were not married..That’s no big deal in my life…

  108. 108
    ellie' Says:

    JJ where are all of the posts from last night..and why are they all gone..

  109. 109
    JL Says:

    @AGA: AGA, she doesn’t care. Nobody care…
    She is busy with her new mansion and providing a good fehg shui is much more important these days…
    After the 7 years this story is so BORING…

  110. 110
    PIP Says:

    Look for Chelsea to go on PittBull Attack, loser.
    Jennifer will have to increase Midget Boy allowance, because she will be more of a NAG in the coming months.

    ellie’ because you post the same s hit over and over.

  111. 111
    ann h Says:

    “Decomposing?” Is that supposed to be like a fourth “rebirth” for her or something? Did any of you see this photo a long time ago? Pretty sure I did but I may be mistaken. Jen talking about Justin being her protector reminds me of Sandra Bullock saying “he’s got my back” about Jesse James.

  112. 112
    JL Says:

    @Aussie Girl: Poor-poor ASSIE,
    the question is: what SHE wants, not freaking Brad.
    Brad promotes his own great talent as a designer. Who is Robert Procop comparing to Brad almighty?
    All the world must know Brad had spent A YEAR on this ring. Much more better to show the love along a year. Much more better to play with children then to build the underground park. It’s like a white sofa you can just look at and don’t touch…

  113. 113
    Jen MANSTEALIN Says:

    Jen and her urinator back then. Now it’s, Jen and her protector unable to protect her during rainy times. Such a cacxh !
    …she has to pay for a guy she stole !…bet she gives hime daily paychecks for his pedicure, manicure, mascara, eyeliner, tan and his breakdance performances in short legs and skinny jeans.

  114. 114
    Jen MANSTEALIN Says:

    @ 113 JL
    We don’t care about Mayer’s stinky, nasty ex !!!
    She is no better than the booty Kardashian and her nasty Ray J ! Same nasty practices, different disgusting lovers !
    Just a stupid well preserved OLD perevert woman who take a much younger pervert guy who indulges in nasty scatologic practices, who took him twice in a row after Perez Hilton made out with him and with his nasty bedroom reputation..
    If she ever was a price, she lost it after Mayer the Player and is no catch for any decent man or any man she ever had bar this disgusting pig. She didn’t even had the excuse of being young and immature She was the oldest stupid woman Mayer ever peed on, at 40 and the only one who asked for a second round of urine shower in a row !
    No wonder, Cooper and all the rest were not interrested and she had to pay and steal someone else’s boyfriend to take Mayer’s nasty leftovers !

  115. 115
    yep Says:

    @ellie’: They enjoy being mean! Bullies! lol! However, I am happy for Angelina and Brad wish them happiness and I am especially happy for their children since they have been wanting them to get married. I hope they enjoy their engagement time and planning the wedding time and of course their wedding day. Now, back to Jen! Her tan is the perfect tan! That color looks awesome on her! I can’t wait to see what she has done to her new home with Justin! It will be amazing! Did you see The View where they were ALL agreeing with what Jen had said about aging and having a real conversation on the topic. Love Jen and Justin together!

  116. 116
    JL Says:

    You know SO MUCH about Mayer’s urine!
    So you must know a lot about it’s color and taste. :)
    It’s OK, urine therapy – it’s very good for skin.
    It’s very good for BRAIN – you need this practice. Because you trust to tabs SO MUCH.

  117. 117
    colin Says:

    lovely.shes beautiful! I like her.

  118. 118
    Eeeks Says:

    Reading Jen’s interviews make me really wonder : Does this ‘mega-star’ who buys $21 million dollar mansion have anything of substance to say, or interesting at least?? Even her fans are more interested with Brangelina than they are with her! Just goes to show, that with out the Brangelina brand, this woman is nothing…

  119. 119
    Hello my lady Says:

    This is why jealous women hate Angelina:
    St. John commercial featuring Angelina Jolie

  120. 120
    Woweeee Says:

    Woweeee … What happened to you Jloon, you forget your meds?? Your last post sound like you talking from your a$$ again, murlie LOL…. What happened with your long lecture Loon…… Where is your minder….
    Mansion is so important for Dolly and her paid midget, they needs the space to stare and run around blind folded… LOL….
    Wether Brad married or engaged.. Or just happily live together with his beloved Angie and his SIX children … Him and your Jen with Manface and with the long chin Loon, Is OVA… VINITO… KAPUT… DEAD…
    DEAD.. DEAD… Get over it Loon…. But you Can’t… Can you Loon???
    I know why… Because Jen the Loon who is eating only salad for 20 years and still FAT, is ONE and ONLY “ONE”DEVORCEE IN THIS ENTIRE WORLD!!! no one on THIS earth ever been devorce or dump…. Or been left for another, except forJen Chiniston the GIRL NEXT DOOR from Friends…. LOL…. LOL….. LOL….. LOL…….!!!!!!
    and when you back to report to your minder, tell your J Loon even when she cant buy Beauty, to buy more furniture and mansion and put more
    filers while she’s at it!!!!!!!!

  121. 121
    JL Says:

    @Woweeee: Woweeee,
    if you miss my comments go to Jolie site – we have a very good time there.
    All my lectures for today are there.
    Jolie fans call me an Energizer Bunny – very sweet! :)
    mansion is really great and very important. This her living place. She is building her life and very successfully.
    She is HAPPY about Brad and Jolie – a good reason for media to calm down at least.

  122. 122

    Maniston is crying right now. She probably is passing those old voicemessageS of Pitt in rewind mode while sniffing on her 100th handkerchief while her boohoo sisters like JL are battling massive nervous breakdown….LMAO !
    Hey Mani ? Pay your midget dracula a big fat check so that he may consider to marry you and to make babies you so want (sarcasm)…and don’t forget to get that pre nup…we never know with those mascara wearing goldigger gigolo skinny short legged breakdancers….

  123. 123
    tota Says:

    love her

  124. 124
    tota Says:

    best wishes

  125. 125
    tota Says:

    amazing cover

  126. 126
    ang Says:

    wow, you brangelina fans are utterly pathetic posting here about their engagement. You people are the ones who havent moved on. time to shake the dust and stink off and go outside instead of just trolling websites looking to post about those two. complete losers!!!

  127. 127
    JL Says:

    @ang: It’s not easy to read their comments on the Jolie’s page. They are sure they are a better sort of people…

  128. 128
    yep Says:

    @Eeeks: lol You can like both ladies like I do! However, if you are HONEST you can’t help but see the hate go and look on Jen’s thread at the Brangelina fans hate and then Angelina threads who by the why make a negative remark on Joliie’s fan just to start more hate. lol! Hate at the point is really mute as Jen, Angie and Brad have all moved forward however so it is the character of the person behind the computer that love to hate for sport. Unfortunate for Angelina her fans hate on most threads! Why I don’t understand just an observation. Goes back to the heart! Britney, Charlize, Reese and so forth….. even children! JLo’s, Valentina and etc…

  129. 129
    AGA Says:

    Come On Hens–At least Brangie fans don’t wish Death on innocent kids, do not post Anti-Jewish rants for no good reason & rely totally on tabloids instead of the truth. Hens make up crazy BS like the twins have diff dads and constantly blabbing about what Ange did 15-20yrs ago. Hens are far more vile and viscious than Brange fans. Oh a hen even wished the worse that can happen to a woman on little Zee when she was only 4–Disgusting Freaks

  130. 130
    Aussie Girl Says:

    #113 Unlike you,lots of humans can do two,three ot more things at once. I’m sure Brad found plenty of time to love his Angie,his family,make movies and make money for New Orleans AND help design a ring all at the same time esp within the space of a whole year.
    You really need to come up with new material now don’t you?? And maybe learn some spelling & grammer–I told you that 5 yrs ago-BET
    so others can try to comprehend—Actually Why Bother.
    BTW–All celebs live in mansions,it’s no big surprise that JA has one orlr two-Big Deal stop going on that she has a mansion-Boring of course she does! From Asse Girl LMAO

  131. 131
    Aussie Girl Says:

    No wonder your made-up wife left you,you are disgusting human being.
    Yeah,just read your vile posts on the Angie thread–These things are in your dirty mind only and come fromto much tabloid reading. Wow,your a piece of work and get your info form book failures and made-up in your perverted mind. All three are all over this triangle BS,so should you. BTW–It is well known,said by Mayer himself that he likes to urinate on his GF’s and she was with him Twice-So STFU Bet
    You are def what JA was talking about when she said her fans make her skin crawl,i’m positive that she would be horrified by your comments. Yeah i’ll go have a coffee and lmao and your desparate new BS. What’s wrong with a great partnership anyway??

  132. 132
    jensastalkerofjps Says:

    Well, Jennifer (like Kate Gosselin) can only blame themselves for having those types of fans, that make their skin crawl. They encourage and promote their brand of hate and stalker behavior by their own actions.

  133. 133


  134. 134
    JL Says:

    did I catch you? poor baby…
    Relax! :)

  135. 135
    JL Says:

    @Aussie Girl: Assie,
    I love to talk to you, but I’m busy now.
    Come to Jolie’s page. The holiday is going on :)

  136. 136
    Anna Says:

    She sure looks happy:)
    Im happy for Jolie-Pitts :)
    Im happy for Jenny and Justin :)

    (Where is the love people? ;-) calm down!)

  137. 137
    What's up Says:

    Testing… Testing 123

  138. 138


  139. 139


  140. 140
    JL Says:

    but you are SO S T U P I D to get it.

  141. 141
    JL Says:

    (your father must be alcoholic)

  142. 142


  143. 143
    JL Says:

    (blue wiski)

  144. 144


  145. 145
    JL Says:

    The engagement holiday is THERE.
    And I’ll spoil one anyway.
    But what are YOU trying to do?
    Nobody see your “creativity” , m o r o n.

  146. 146


  147. 147
    amber Says:

    @JL: JL,just ignore him/her and he’ll go away :/

  148. 148
    JL Says:

    @amber: Formally you are right :)

  149. 149
    amber Says:

    :) oh my gosh.. they are thumbing us down *shakes head* you’d think they’d get bored of doing it…..

  150. 150
    Nadia Says:

    Jennifer you are beautiful and fun,your movies are always nice to watch!

  151. 151
    JL Says:

    @amber: They need a brain ventilation from time to time.
    No problem… :)

  152. 152
    The end is near Says:

    ahahahahha…those two homewreckers will be ova soon….

    Jennifer Aniston, Justin Theroux Split? Actor ‘Needs Space’

    By Emma Koonse , Christian Post Reporter

    April 17, 2012|8:51 am
    Reports Tuesday have indicated that Jennifer Aniston’s boyfriend of almost one year Justin Theroux “needs some space” as their relationship has recently taken a downturn.
    Aniston, 43, was in “floods of tears” after intense bickering with Theroux over Easter weekend, according to the Belfast Telegraph.
    As things worsened, more speculation sprouted Tuesday suggesting Theroux and Aniston are taking a break.
    “Justin suggested he needed some space, which escalated into an almighty row, and by the end of it he said he wanted a break and told Jen he had been looking into buying a place of his own in Los Angeles,” said a source close to the situation, according to the U.K.’s Grazia magazine.
    The news of her break up surfaced just days after Aniston’s ex-husband, Brad Pitt, announced his engagement to longtime partner Angelina Jolie…..

  153. 153
    JL Says:

    I have a nice news too:IUC World
    Exclusive: Brangie’s Desperate Attempt to Avoid Going Bust – “Engagement”

    Posted on
    April 16th, 2012 by HisHighness in IUC:Bits, IUC:Entertainment, IUC:Exclusive

    The recent
    “engagement” announcement was a desperate attempt to avoid seeing the Brangie
    brand collapse, according to two sources close to the notorious couple. “Their
    star has dwindled the last year,” one source told IUC. “They needed something
    to generate the press they used to get. So they decided to go with the
    engagement thing. It was all pre orchestrated, hoping to turn it into loads of
    media attention to revive their brand. The couple is a major brand and are
    worth millions together. That’s a primary reason why they stay together. If
    they split they’d be worth pennies.”

    source close to the couple said “Brad and Angie don’t win Oscars and they don’t
    receive the kind of money for making films they used to. Studios look at them
    as being has-been. They are praying that the engagement ring revives
    everything. I wish them luck.” Developing…

    Angie-Anthony Bball Story Coming Soon*****

  154. 154
    JL Says:

    Why not?
    Belfast Telegraph & Christian Post are the most powerful editions in the world. :) :) :)

  155. 155
    MJ Says:

    @JL: Hahaha! Idiot fan. Brad and Angie doesn’t need to look for attention because the attentions are looking for them. Angie’s leg alone was a big hit all over that no one even paying attention to the Oscar winners. Angie’s leg alone stamped Ticky’s WANDERSLUT in that the same week, no one was paying attention on Ticky’s movie even her fans. Look again when both Ticky and Angie were in the same city, same week, same day they checked out from their hotel Ticky even used the front door but no fans, no paparazzi were there but when Angie tried to get out, she even used the back door and you can see it was chaos, there were fans and paparazzi were line up just to see her. Ahhh! Ticky is not even worth a penny but Angie she’s worth too much. When Angie become MRS. BRAD PITT that will be the day that Ticky will worth zero. Poor woman. Oh! well, Ticky desrves it. Good luck to her.

  156. 156
    Billy Says:


  157. 157
    JL Says:

    your self meditation is not impressive.
    Jolie can become just a MRS Benetton.
    She is not attractive for Pitt.
    Where is Brad on these pictures?
    The only reason her fans were waiting near hotel – they was been INFORMED and ORGANIZED well.
    About the LEG – that was a good material for laughing…

  158. 158
    JL Says:

    I hope you are a big boy,
    and you must understand the difference between
    licking the sphincter and kissing the ass.
    Million of men on the planet would be happy to kiss Aniston’s ass, but this a very exclusive pleasure.
    She was invited in to Wanderlust because of her luxury look – and her body is really perfect!
    Your idol Jolie afraid go on public in jeans because she knows how she looks. And her bony ass doesn’t remember somebodies kiss since the times of BBT.

  159. 159
    AGA Says:

    @JL: Yoiu are a vile pervert and should be banned from this site. You talk about B&A s ex life,but NOW YOU are talkin g about licking as*es-F/ing Hypocrite
    And I truly can’t believe that you quote IUC as a source–Lame jl lame
    BTW–Are you happoy the fake couple are breaking up?? No more D-list BF for your lesbi an idol. She’ll be rattling around that huge mansion all by herself & another poster said EVERY-ONE in HW has a MANSION Big f/ing Deal.
    I’d say a classy woman does not wear jeans and try to look like a teenager-Loads of peeps don’t wear jeans-BG Again

  160. 160
    Bella Says:

    Excuse me But didn’t Brad Pitt just get nomiated for an Oscar just this year and for Button in ’09,the same year AJ was nom’ed. BP won many awards this year to my knowledge and are followed were ever the go.
    Just b/c you don’t like them,there is no need to flat out make up lies.
    Jen is Ok,but I have the feeling this guy is using her for the lifestyle and esp contacts in the industry JMO

  161. 161
    JL Says:

    I’d say a classy woman stays classy in everything: in jeans, in bikini, in the any dress. You may look at Jennifer.
    Your Jolie can’t look like a lady even on the Red Carpet because of her horses leg… I don’t say about her tattoo on the hands, shoulders, neck, back and so on…
    About mansion – NOT everybody in HW has a mansion in BEL AIR.

  162. 162
    hehe Says:

    I have this mag:D

  163. 163
    Maniston, a serial dumpee Says:

    LMAO! the orange b!tch is about to be dumped.

  164. 164
    JL Says:

    You know NOTHING about her life.
    You eat just what she gives you to eat…
    Go read the tabs

  165. 165
    Maniston, a serial dumpee Says:

    Maniston going down in HW as “THE ACTRESS W/ SERIAL DUMPERS”.

  166. 166
    Maniston, a serial dumpee Says:

    She got so many dumps she ain’t gonna use this line ever again “I AM SHOCKED AND THE WORLD IS SHOCKED”.

  167. 167
    AGA Says:

    Jen has a mansion in HW Wow I’m so shocked,the world is shocked.
    Oh hang on a minute there are heaps of mansions in HW and Bel Air-Do you believe if your mansion is in HW(Bel Air) your Sh*t don’t stink like the rest of us. Besides $21Million for ONE person is plain disgusting and nothing to brag about.
    Doesn’t SS have a lame Norman tattoo on her foot now? Yes it can be covered but so can Angie’s And she has none on her hands,so what anyway-You are pushing yourslf on thiese blogs trying to earn your few $$ Bet, they both look classy on RC except when Ticky wears her mini’s. You must be tired b/c you are pointed out lame sames between them
    ONE person who is DEF NOT Classy is YOU-perverted mind & thoughts centered on 3 people you dont know & posting the most classless/tasteless things I’ve ever seen-Your parents must be so proud of you.

  168. 168
    JL Says:

    AGA dear,
    you try to sound like you have one mansion in Malibu, another in Bel Air…
    And like you are her neighbor. Nicolas Cage is her neighbor. Not you.
    And THE MOST SURPRISING for you must be the fact : if you practise yoga seriously, if you eat clean organic food, if you maditate and wish just GOOD to other people – even your **** will be not so stinky.
    You may try too: don’t eat fast food, don’t drink freaking bear in front TV, don’t jealous to somebody because of mansion, stop negativity in your mind, and after that – go smell your ****. You’ll be very surprised… :) :) :)
    You’ll say: it’s expensive, I have no time, I must work – right, it’s NOT easy. Millions of people try to look like Jennifer Aniston, and leave it, because of lack of will power. Badmouthing is much more easy thing…
    You say – $ 21 M for one person is “plain disgusting”? What is not “disgusting” – a social help? Are you a COMMUNIST? Or you want to determine how much is NOT disgusting? Go earn 50 M, if you can. If you are not – SHUT UP.

  169. 169
    Maniston UNCLASSY Says:

    @ 162 JL
    Your classy ‘icy nipples bend over transparent tiny mini dresses’ Jen at 40+ in bikinis, mini dresses, ect, yeah what a classy middle age woman….
    Maniston and pasties and upsk*rt views and bend over bootey have been her trademark for more than twenty years.
    she is the p0rnish movie actress version a la Pamela Anderson when it comes to nasty bend over attitude and mini dresses exposing her aging c**chie.

  170. 170
    JL Says:

    What a big news – her pictures in Cabo!
    Beautiful legs – all the world knows that. SO WHAT?
    May be you can find her naked pictures – like Jolie, Alba, Berry, Marceau and MANY OTHER?
    Can you find JUST ONE her naked picture?
    Send me the link. :)

  171. 171
    @ JL Says:

    At least, Jolie doesn’t get fingered in the red carpet by her co star while smiling like an idiot appreciating the intimate gesture like a cheap middle age woman.
    A classy woman stay classy in everything and in any circumstances…yeah, tell that to your idole and her hundred’s of tranparent minidresses, her pasties fake nipples when she doesn’t accept someone else middle finger right in her a$$hole with a large smile on her face, like it’s no big deal, like she is accustomed being treated like a peice of beefsteak by any male around.

  172. 172
    Topless Maniston Says:

    Take a look at the Orange B!tch fool.

  173. 173
    Nude Maniston Says:

    More fool!,28804,2107768_2107767_2107757,00.html

  174. 174
    JL Says:

    That picture with Butler’s finger was maiden not on the Red Carpet
    (Jolie’s fans are HONEST as usual) , but on charter ship in Paris.
    The quality and optical resolution like that was a cell phone. I wouldn’t be surprised to know that was Butler’s idea: to ask his assistant to make this picture and to try to receive something REAL in change of not publishing…
    Ask yourself: why there is just ONE image? And why just this foreshortening? And why SO FAR and so bad quality?

  175. 175
    Butler Fingered Maniston Says:

    Classy B!tch!

  176. 176
    JL Says:

    @Nude Maniston: ARE YOU A COMPLETE MANIAC?
    THis is a well known cover. What CAN YOU SEE? Just face, legs, hands and cravat. SO WHAT?

  177. 177
    Naked Maniston Says:

    Not satisfy yet?

  178. 178
    JL Says:

    @Butler Fingered Maniston: I saw this picture 2 years ago. I’m asking: waht caan you see with that quality? Can you determine the distance to be sure she felt this finger? Why JUST ONE picture?

  179. 179
    JL Says:

    @JL: I can say why we have JUST ONE picture. Because that was 1 sec moment. Because if his finger was in her a$$ that would be a MINUTE – enough to make 10-20 pictures. Are you children at all?

  180. 180
    JL Says:

    @Naked Maniston: You must a 12 years old teenager!
    Why do you send me snapshots from the “Break Up”?
    Is it what you call NAKED?

  181. 181
    Natural & Classy Aniston Says:

    Any other way you roll it the b!tch is naked period!

  182. 182
    JL Says:

    @Natural & Classy Aniston: Do you see a big birthmark on her left leg?
    This so called “sex type” picture.
    And the distance is like from the Moon.

  183. 183
    JL Says:

    enough to send this crap!
    If you want to se a REAL pictures – open Sophie Marceau sites, Jessica Alba, freaking Jolie and enjoy – do something at least! :)

  184. 184
    Earthy Maniston Says:

    Very classy indeed!


  185. 185
    JL Says:

    on that paage:
    Watch Jennifer Aniston’s SEX TAPE !!!

  186. 186
    AGA Says:

    @JL: #160 Right back at you. YOU are the most negative poster I’ve come across,so don’t you compare me to any-one or pretend you know anything thing about me. I know about YOU from your posts,you are a LIAR-FACT. You are not a man,b/c of certain things you have posted is easy to work out. You were the disturbedf mind who brought up lick*ing as*es,then try to get out of it by babbling BS–GN BET Even Ellie has left you now.
    #175 LMFAO Not “maiden on the RC” Are you 8yrs old. It’s MADE.You are def BET- And he did have his finger when the sun don’t shine-stop making up bs again Still LMAO

  187. 187
    AGA Says:

    Don’t know about a total naked pic,but will try to find a pic of her getting out of the beach water in a tiny bikini–which clearly showed a vajaja flap. Quite disturbing,in one mag it had to be blurred out-Real Classy! Will try find pic if I can be bothered–give you something to mastaba*te too!!

  188. 188
    millie Says:

    yay its Jen on the cover :)
    woop woop

  189. 189
    JL Says:

    it’s not very smart to mix all in one cocktail just to criticize me.
    Billy thinks kissing her azz in an easy think for every moron. That’s not correct, and every her part deserves respect :)
    It’s about kissing.
    About licking: when Jolie’s fans are ready to praise her no matter what she does – this a pitiful licking her sphincter without being sure she had washed one, OK? And let’s stop this proctologist conference.

  190. 190
    JL Says:

    I’m sure if you could have a body like JA you should spend ALL the time on the beach just in sunglasses and arm clock. :)
    All her bikini has a normal size. I don’t know where you saw her in a TINY bikini. Everything OK with her bikini.
    As you can see there is NO new links from our busy guys. Because she is caring about her reputation. Despite this a Hollywood. She is not like MANY OTHER who is ready to demonstrate e v e r y t h i n g to make a career.

  191. 191
    comments from kiddies Says:

    @Butler Fingered Maniston @Naked Maniston @AGA
    You must be 6……………………………..or 7 years old…………… :]

  192. 192

    Why is that granny naked mommy?

  193. 193

    “Can I look at that magazine w/ the blond nude woman posing w/ a bunch of naked men mommy?” “NO!” “But why? It’s GQ not Play Boy.”

  194. 194

    What is that strange thing poking thru that woman’s bikini bottom mommy?

  195. 195
    JL Says:

    Oh big deal,
    you may go on the Anistonavenue, or JJarred and find all these pictures.
    If you don’t know what the THING is it, go to your mommy and ask :)

  196. 196

    Mommy said she wants to look F.U.C.KABLE. Is woman w/ an extra weenie look more f.u.c.kable? You should know JL because I read that you are either a lesbian or gay?

  197. 197
    JL Says:

    Mommy said she is very sad : you are complete pervert.
    Why the banal beach is so special thing for you?
    All the life in the trailer?
    This is a PRIVATE beach without morons like you.
    But if you like pics maiden from the distance of 10 km – enjoy! :) :) :)

  198. 198
    JL Says:

    where are is your picture? Try to compare her “tiny” bikini with bikini of other stars. Open ‘Bikini Celebs’ on this site to be sure :) :) :)

  199. 199
    AGA Says:

    Unlike you-I have a life and have been extremely busy all day. Not worrying about JA,Angie or Brad. It is you who sit here all day lying and BS’s. Did you look at any of the links esp the US Lies Weekly showing her in at least 11 TINY bikini’s, which are all mis-matched and look stupid and like a teenager? With all her $$ you would think she would buy a decent bathing suit while she is pretending she can’t see the many paps that she called.
    I actually do not want to spend my weekend looking at pics at this washed-up C-Lister. But I am NOT a Liar,she was in an orange bikini and her very waxed flap was clearly visible. Very Classy
    BTW–What is your thing with as*es and splicters? Is that your thing? I think you protest to much about the Butler pic,where he def has his finger up her butt. Is it b/c you don’t want others to see it.Do you have it up on your wall. Very Tired jl-Don’t bother responding.Take some spelling lessons instead,we have been telling you this for 7yrs now BET-eg #190 WTF is an arm clock?? #190 Nothing is MAIDEN things are MADE Dummy

  200. 200
    JL Says:

    as you are extremely busy all day – where is your HW mansion? :) :) :)
    You told it’s a nothing special…
    Poor girl – not enough money and no a free time… :)
    About her bikini – a lot of teenagers would be happy to have a body and bikini like her. And older women too – right?
    But fast food + badmouthing = fat….a.s.s….and anger to everybody beautiful.
    Well. Have your life :)

  201. 201

    Hey Pervert, talk about pot calling kettle black. You’d been given posters different website for obscene pic, asked for more Maniston nude pic,calling out the distance of the pic taken. Sound like you’re a real peeping pervert yourself. Wow! Maniston must be proud to have a sicko fan like you.

  202. 202
    JL Says:

    When she wants to look sexy, she makes the posters.
    But when she wants to have a rest on the closed private beach, paparazzi will take a pics anyway – even across telescope.
    Because they know: morons like you need that.

  203. 203
    JL Says:

    @JL IS A PERVERT: Yeah, sounds like you are HAPPY to see any topless picture or video, even from the distance when you can’t recognize WHO IS THIS.
    Even despite the information this a sex TAPE. :) :) :)

  204. 204

    I feel sorry for anyone who lives next to you pervert. You probably zooming in every angle of their panties,drooling at their coochies and tits w/ your big fat camera lens. Shame on you. You’re a lonely piece of ****.

  205. 205
    JL Says:

    You must better know… :)
    What I’m drooling well – is YOUR HEAD.
    Nice to see your reaction

  206. 206

    LMAO! Looking back at previous posts. This pervert thing kept encouraging posters for more Maniston nude pics. What a good hen you have Maniston.

  207. 207

    Heck, that thing JL must be happy to find someone here to share its hobby and thrills. OMG! it even browsed and showed other posters that there’s a Bikini Celebs site here. What’s a pitiful desperate thing it is.

  208. 208
    JL Says:

    Excuse me,
    but not me started the talks about “nipples”, “transparent dresses”, “up skirt views” and the rest of tiny-mini-bikini…
    Watch out post #169.
    I had told – there is NO ONE her nude pick in the internet and all your BUNCH started sending the links. WHY DO YOU KEEP ONE ? :) :) :)
    And I don’t change the nick – no reason.

  209. 209

    The thing just doesn’t know when or how to shut the hell up.

  210. 210
    JL Says:

    Hey, BLUE !
    No more ideas ?

  211. 211

    It let angers took over its head so now everyone can enjoy Maniston’s dirty pics and knowing now that Maniston wasn’t that classy and inocent old b!tch like she protrayed to be. It’s all good. Don’t you think hens?

  212. 212
    JL Says:

    With your brain, BLUE,
    EVERYTHING around must be dirt

  213. 213
    yep Says:

    Missing Jennifer! Know you are getting your home ready! Jen is one classy lady!

  214. 214
    AGA Says:

    Of course I don’t have a HW mansion- I don’t even live in the U.S. What’s wrong with being busy working all day? Should I be on the internet and collecting welfare instead,like you prob do. As I said I don’t have time to fantisize about my fav actors Brad & Angie all day everyday,I come on JJ when I have the time in my busy fullfilled life.
    BTW–Pls don’t say I am jealous of JA,b/c I’m not, ONLY of her $$$$.
    After reading the foul stuff you have posted I would never want to be famous-ever.
    I find it extremely interesting that I posted seeing the waxed vajaja pic and 12 HOURS later you are still on JJ asking me for it??You want that pic bad don’t you?
    You are always claiming that JA has such a great body,why so touchy about her wearing small bikini’s-Is it b/c you don’t want other’s to look at her body??Do you think she’s all yours?? Keep Dreaming BET

  215. 215
    JL Says:

    Jolie’s fans so love to demonstrate the HUMAN VALUES !
    Great advertising to their brother-kissing idol, adopted three multiracial kids just for the promo of own Benetton catalog!
    United Colors of Jolie-Pitt ! :)

  216. 216
    JL Says:

    HA-HA-HA-HA-HA !!!
    AGA, I know why you are so busy on you work all the day and have no money!
    I don’t need your pitiful picture, I just want you stopped the laying about JA.
    There is no here picture like you said. Her “waxed wajaja” there is just DEEPLY IN YOUR HEAD. But you find the time to share the lie about people you never saw and will. Go on Jolie site !

  217. 217
    AGA Says:

    OMG Saving THREE kids from extreme poverty,pain and being lonely with no family to a terrible thing to do-Right?? NOT???

    Maybe you should try living in the present like my Yoga teacher tells us.
    Yes Ange had a wild life,but that was at least 10-20yrs ago and SHE admitted to it all-She never tried to hide her past.
    You are a very strange hen indeed, all you can do is fall back on aj’s past. To Me they live a pretty quiet life,they don’t stumble out of clubs,they don’t smash there cars or get arrested, same goes with JA.

    I found a mag a couple of days ago with JA on the cover–JEN&VINCE-pregnant and engaged!! It was dated DEC 2005. So JA was so devasated by her divorce that she was in Vince’s bed within month’s.
    Seriously—Do you wish she had married Vince and had his baby??

  218. 218
    AGA Says:

    BTW–Do you have a HW oh sorry Bel Air Mansion???
    That $500’000K she just lost on selling her NW apartment would of gone a long way to help starving kids,but as JA said herself charity is not her thing.

    You make no sense either–If I’m working then I’m NOT stupid and do have money. In my job you have to actually have to spell and use grammer. Why are you so upset b/c I work and have busy days like most peeps do??

  219. 219
    JL Says:

    AGA, you must go back to reality !
    Just look at your comments – what the YOGA TEACHER are you talking about? Your head is full of hate, and anger, and jealous !
    You need yoga, but you have no talent for that and no money ! :)
    OHHHH !
    I don’t have a mansion in HW but I’m able to RESPECT the achievements of other people. Unlike you.

  220. 220
    sullivan Says:

    @Butler Fingered Maniston: Wow! Great photo. Butler and Aniston are both sloppy drunks.

  221. 221
    JL Says:

    I hope someone will make the same sort picture with Butler.
    And Butler will be very surprised to see somebodies finger “in his ass”. :)

  222. 222
    AGA Says:

    You are misunderstanding my posts on purpose. I DO NOT HATE JA.
    I dislike her and think she is a bad actress,but no hate. While you claim to respect others,you respect the achievements of others,but put down people who help in NO and other poor countries. You ragged on against Jewish people and wished DEATH on innocent kids,but you think I have hate in my heart???
    Why would you say I have no talent for Yoga? Why do you think I have no money? I have never made any ref’s to trailor parks,only that you need spelling lessons. I mentioned my Yoga teacher to get you to live in the PRESENT not 15-20yrs ago.
    You have no proper comeback for me and my questions,so you make up stuff about me that you could NOT possible know.

    So are you going to tell me if you would of wanted JA to be pregnant to V ince and married??
    You are a LIAR & a pervert tho-that;s easily known buy your vile posts

    Yeah real lame–You are stupid b/c you work but have no money??? Of course I have,I work DuhYou are stupid b/c you don’t sit on JJ all day?? ALL BACKWARDS BET
    I’ve already admitted that I’m jealous of JA $$$$ only!!

  223. 223
    ariella Says:

    123. HOLLYWOOD DAME 04/16
    1. This B+/A- list actor was overheard talking about his womanizing ways at Coachella. After sneaking drinks all night, he revealed that one of his solid A list co-stars was horrible in bed and he had to imagine she was another one of his co-stars who wouldn’t put out… “I’ve been with fat *******, ugly ******* and drunk *******, but she was the worst lay! I had to flip her over and think of (former co-star #2)!
    Womanizing Actor: Gerard Butler
    Bad in Bed Co-Star: Jennifer Aniston
    Co-Star #2: Angelina Jolie

  224. 224
    JL Says:

    You must a writer. Is it your new novel about Hollywood?
    Nobody wants to publish one?
    Why am I not surprised? :)

  225. 225
    JL Says:

    sorry: you must BE a writer.
    You tried to “publish” this story on the Jolie’s site, but no result even among the Aniston’s haters. :)

  226. 226
    MJ Says:

    @ariella: So true. Gerard Butler was so mesmerized by Angie during Lara Croft. He couldn’t believe how beautiful Angie is not only on the screen but especially in person compare to Ticky, it’s way opposite. No wonder why Gerard Butler always drunk when he was with Ticky, maybe by drinking he can imagine Angie. Same with John Mayer. John M. revealed that the woman in his dream is Angie and so as Justin T. Poor Ticky, must be f*cking hard for her to hear these guys every time they have sex, they mentioned Angie. Too bad for these guys, Angie is with her love of her life now and soon to be the MRS. PITT. Oh! well, there’s nothing wrong on dreaming something that is good. Good luck to those guys.

  227. 227
    JL Says:

    1. Poor Butler needs a drink all the time because he is alcoholic.
    2. And because he understand he will never have a body like Brad Pitt for example: Butler’s azz is as wide as his shoulders – like a woman. :)
    3. MJ wants to sound like expert, but all he can know is a fast food from the tabs.Oh, well! There is nothing wrong in eating fast food.

  228. 228
    ;) Says:

    Jennifer is lovely:)
    hope she is doing well and everything is dandy for her ღ

  229. 229
    ariella Says:

    @JL – 225

    I agree blind items are sometimes to be taken with a pinch of salt but this one, no salt needed?

    Problem is with this celeb what you see is not what you get.

    Thought I’d lighten up the thread for ya all.

  230. 230
    JL Says:

    you can’t change the fact she emanates Light.
    She has a lot of People Choice Awards a year by year – it’s impossible to buy for money the AUDUINCE. This is not a freaking Oscar – the result of hidden intrigues.
    You can’t see somebodies talent and success.
    A “blind item”? Don’t laugh me.
    I see just a bind hate.

  231. 231
    JL Says:

    sorry: AUDIENCE . It’s impossible to buy the AUDIENCE
    So all you can’t do – to share the “rumors’ about Mayer or Butler – it’s like Butler told this story to you – are you his friend? :)
    Go fantasize girl!

  232. 232
    abcd Says:

    I love her…………………………………………………………….

  233. 233
    yep Says:

    Jen is so beautiful! Such a classy lady! I miss seeing her!

  234. 234
    yep Says:

    @@ JL: actually that shows more on the man than any woman! the man showed his disrespect to WOMEN…. PERIOD!!!!!! I did like him before that – then I started observing the way he treats women and was surprise! He showed HIS lack of character! Wonderful, classy, good women get raped that is saying like they deserve it because they wore a certain dress. Just because you don’t like Jen don’t blame another person actions on her that was HIS action! Which you should be disgusted by HIS action as a human being!

  235. 235
    JL Says:

    to ariella:
    SO ALL YOU CAN DO – to share the rumors about Mayer and Butler
    The “best friend” C.Cox organizes her meeting with Mayer and clairvoyant ariella casually knows all the “truth”.
    That’s how your informational system works.

  236. 236
    MJ Says:

    @;): Don’t worry fan, Ticky is now bloated from drinking vodka and can’t stop dialing Brad Pitt’s phone. Good thing Brad Pitt is a smart one, he already changed his phone number. Hahahahahahaha!

  237. 237
    JL Says:

    @yep: Butler was trained since childhood in the way like other nations representatives are the “second sort” of people. That’s why he was “mesmerized” by Jolie, but other women are almost the animals.
    Butler is a big PIG and no more.

  238. 238
    JL Says:

    @MJ: MJ,
    if you remember her look after the divorce became just BETTER (Oscar 2006).
    So you may don’t worry. You’ll enjoy A LOT of magazine covers with her face.
    Everybody can see: there is no FAMILY Jolie-Pitt. There is just PR activity to make $$. Jolie had adopted three different children just to promote her own catalog Benetton. This is the real reason of her “charity”: United Colors of Benetton!
    The “ENGAGEMENT” story is pitiful at all: first sensation several days ago, and ooops – one more “engagement” was on Christmas!
    The first price of the ring was 250 K, but next day ooops – 1M !!!

  239. 239
    JL Says:

    Chalsea Hundler
    had told Angelina “doesn’t strike me as someone I would have a close friendship with.”
    HE HE

  240. 240
    AGA Says:

    Oh No! I bet Angie is so upset,she can’t be friends with a foul mouthed,vile Wh*re. And is Handler Not Hundler.
    Oh and she won Peoples’s choice awards over an OSCAR LMAO as usual. Bet she is happy with those lame awards instead of an Oscar or even a nomination.

    So Again, She was in VV bed within months of separation and divorce.
    Do you wish the tab was true?? Do you wish she was married to VV and have two bubs by now or do you love this fake triangle to much???

  241. 241
    AGA Says:

    #238 Come On BET. You can’t tell other’s not to read tabs,then go and quote them yourself regarding the the ring. I think Nobody except Pitt and the jeweller know how much the ring cost. If you want to quote tabs I read the JA ring cost $500,000 over 10yrs ago! Big Deal

    And Chalsea Hundler?? LMAO as usual

    And besides Mayer said in the Playboy interview that she was boring.That he didn’t want to spend the rest of his life petting dogs in the kitchen.Maybe JTX likes it Each to they own

  242. 242
    ellie' Says:

    All this silly talk about Jeniffer…you can say all u want about Jennifer, there is nothing worse then making it a beautiful animal a horse…and Angie is the beast…I think people are intrigue by her being the most perverted person in the world..I can only imagine..I can just gag..
    nite everyone…

  243. 243
    AGA Says:

    Yes You are right JA def has a horse like face,like SJP very manly. That’s why she covers it with her hair or those silly giant scarves.
    Perverted–It is well known said by Mayer himself that he like to urinate on his woman and she was with him for a YEAR and took him back–I could just gag and vomit.

    Oh great article on Celebit*** about the overlapping timelines between JTX,JA & Heidi B…So OMG she STOLE a man from a 14yr live-in relationship. Home Wrecker. Or maybe they both were not happy so they split,just like ALOT of couples do!!

  244. 244
    JL Says:

    you are really obsessed with idea of urinating! :)
    If nobody in your city doesn’t want to to urinate on you – go call to John Mayer – may be he will do it from his balcony :)

  245. 245
    AGA Says:

    Not my thing….Just JA’s and your’s are with as*es and splincters!!! LOL
    Oh and for you fantisizing about one day meeting JA and having her all to yourself-Laws have been passed now,you could live in the Bel Air mansion(HW Mansion not good enough for you)with the dogs,happily ever after.

    And no gibberish about B&A b/c at least I know I will never be lucky enough to meet them and do not think about them 24/7,unlike you and JA GN BET

  246. 246
    JL Says:

    I never told about one day meeting – this your delirium.
    One day meeting is not my dream.
    And the mansion is not my dream too.
    And I prefer cats. But the dogs are lovely too – much more better than many people.

  247. 247
    JL Says:

    why must I teach you the English language?
    There is no word “grammer”. Just GRAMMAR.
    There is no word “splincter”. Just SPHINCTER.
    The word “splincter” can disorient your boyfriend and your will be very surprised :) :) :)

  248. 248
    AGA Says:

    : LMAO–You giving me a f/ing spelling lesson.LMFAO It’s b/c I do not use that word very often where you use it often. Keep Dreaming you can spell and post corrently,I think you have finally found spell-check.
    #238 So you may don’t worry?? LOL And your may be surprised-WTF-Bad GRAMMAR BET as always.
    BET-Always good for a laugh,why do you think I bother resoping to you at all??

    So,JA&VV—Did you like them together,or were you not getting paid to protect JA back then?? That was in ’05 same time B&A got together with JA in VV bed just a few months behind-It was her first post Brad dumping tho.

  249. 249
    JL Says:

    Vince Vaughn loves to listen mommy too much.
    All the best to his mommy.

  250. 250
    JL Says:

    you had used the word “grammer” two times for sure last week. That is why I want to help you sincerely.
    BTW what does it mean – “… spell and post CORRENTLY” ?
    Why did you stop to remind about Murley? Because I’ll get you are Assy Girl? :)

  251. 251
    S Says:

    Jenny pie :)
    she always makes me smile! just want the best for her!
    love you hun!! dont let the crazy trolls get you down.

  252. 252
    Dumb fans Says:

    I spent reading through brangelina and jenn forums tonight, and let me say, i have never seen more stupider so called fans in my life than the fans of both celebrites. Do you people not have any lives instead of backbiting and character assasinating them?, who may I add dont even know any of you exist. Why are you vouching for them when they dont give two feces about any of you?. I find all of you extremely pathetic to say the least. I really hope none of you are adults, because that would be very embarrassing to see adults picker over which celebrity is more good looking or wealth/famous. Do yourselves a favour, and get a life. I hope all of you can stop and reflect on what I said, and pardon my ESL.

  253. 253
    JL Says:

    @Dumb fans:
    This not a talk about CELEBRITIES
    This is a talk about OUTLOOK
    Jolie fans can’t get her homewrecking was a HOLOKOST of somebodies LOVE.
    And people will blame her the REST OF HER LIFE
    E N D L E S S

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