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Jennifer Lopez: 'American Idol' Judges Save Jessica Sanchez

Jennifer Lopez: 'American Idol' Judges Save Jessica Sanchez

Jennifer Lopez poses for the cameras as she arrives on set for the American Idol elimination show on Thursday (April 12) in Los Angeles.

The 42-year-old entertainer became emotional during the show when frontrunner Jessica Sanchez was declared as having the least amount of votes for the week.

During Jessica‘s last chance performance, Jennifer ran up on stage and stopped her midway through the song to tell her that the judges would be using their one save to keep her in the competition.

“Gimme that mic! This is crazy … you ain’t going home! Go sit down!” Jen said.

ARE YOU HAPPY that the judges used their save on Jessica Sanchez?

10+ pictures inside of Jennifer Lopez arriving on set…

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Credit: Aik Arshamian; Photos: INFdaily
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  • bimmy simgy
  • NYC

    Ok, this is getting obvious and also very sad….

  • Jacqueline

    This is indeed SO sad. I have stopped watching AI because this show is wholly based on whose popular with the girls and whose not. It is certainly not a show based on talent anymore.

  • Me3

    JLo should stop the disrespectful behavior for the sake of her kids. Her videos and performances are raunchy.
    As far as American idol goes, America voted. The judges cant tell people what to like.

  • Tiana

    this was a conspiracy to boost their ratings! the number of views that jessica sanchez has alone can tell anyone that this person was no where near the bottom. AI was just trying to boost their ratings by making such a dramatic save with the most talented girl in the competition!

  • Me3

    Spoken like one of the few Jessica fans. Time will tell.

  • Jan

    I think the judges SHOULD have saved Jessica BUT, their reaction and running up to her was unprofessional. They have made Jessica their “pet” and the public showed their reaction. I voted for Jessica once but she had not impressed me the other times. American Idol even made a after show video of Jessica to post to fans on her twitter tonight. American Idol and Jessica posted it to all their followers. I think they are showing too much favor for Jessica and it may backfire again.

  • Shelly

    The bottom three were right in my opinion. I dislike the save and I agree the judges overreacted. Randy was obnoxious.

  • Tiana

    @Me3: few? uh have you been on youtube lately hit me back when you can explain to me how 2 million views equal only a few fans…

  • Rickstandsup

    JLo looks HOT!!!!!!!!!! She brightens up American idol. I like Holly and Colton.

  • Me3

    Time will tell. Bye bye to the “hard worker”. Lol

  • Shelly

    Why would anyone vote down my comment? I like Colton and Phil and Elise. Jessica tries to be beyonce. No originality. Not genuine. Maybe she just needs to mature.

  • zz

    People need to watch the Voice. It’s a far superior show to AI, both talent-wise, format-wise, and judge-wise.

  • Tiana

    @Shelly: and Phil tries to be like Dave Matthews or every other white guitar playing guy, and Colton like every other commericial pop/rock guy in existence.. are these ppl that original lol

  • Sam

    I agree that the judges marching on the stage was so over-dramatic. Also Jessica knew she was safe because the smarty Steven Tyler blurted that they were gonna use the save minutes before the eliminated contestant was even announced :P

  • tastiger

    Running up to the stage and telling the world, we, the voters got it all wrong was an insult. Don’t we have the right to vote on who appeals to us? If those three were in the bottom then too bad, their fans need to step it up for them. I don’t think its fair for the rest of the performers and their fans to be berated by the judges because we vote for who we like.
    I’m glad there will be no more saves.
    We vote for who we want to win……nobody has the right to tell us who that person should be.

  • atomzgoodz

    วัตถุมงคงในงานทุกชิ้นผ่านการอธิฐานจิตด้วยความเมตตา จาก จากหลวงพ่อพร้า วัดโคกดอกไม้ และ หลวงพ่อกฤษ วัดอรัญญวาสี
    ส่วนความศักสิทธ์ อยู่ที่ความศรัทธาคุณ เชื่อในศาสนา และการทำดี บูชาสิ่งใดก็สัมฤทธ์ผล เกิดเหตุอัศจรรย์ เกิด บารมี

  • lucas

    @Shelly: @Shelly: why dont you go on American Idol and sing then if you know it all

  • lexy hates bilson

    Hey did she design that dress for her Kohl’s line?? Oh wait she only wants the regular folks to buy that so she can pay for her and her boy toy to wear REAL designer clothes!

  • She Stinks!

    JHO Bag got emotional because she found out Britney Spears is going to make more money than her on another show. She only gets emotional when it has to do with herself. She doesn’t give a crap about anything. Who does JHO Bag think she is – let the public vote and let them get kicked off. Just sit down and shut up you low class no talent trash.

  • Emil

    guys, have a heart, this is not about you, it’s about this young girl who strive so hard to get where she is right now. the world is already full of hatred, let us all be nice.

  • sillyme

    Not a fan of Jessica. Big voice but lacks style and sense of self as an artist. She’s just a good imitator, like Jennifer Hudson – who’s only good at singing other people’s songs.

  • muzicman

    I think this episode is scripted. With the millions of fans jessica sanchez all across america has, i dont believe she garnered the lowest votes. This is a gimmick by the show to boost its ratings. But still i believe Jessica Sanchez should emerge the winner, she interprets not-so-known songs in such a manner the world begin loving and noticing these not-so-known songs. She has the talent to reinvent the original music of the song and make it amazingly adaptable and very pleasing to the ear of its listeners.

  • dawnisaho

    I only agree with Elisa and Jessica in the bottom three. Let’s all remember, the voters are mostly young people. Jessica performs like a Vegas lounge singer. She needs to take it down a notch with the theatrical performance. Elise is not at all attractive or youthful enough. I think Skylar or Colton are going to win.

  • Wil

    @Tiana: Most of those views on youtube originate in the philippines, not the usa. Anyone with phil blood on ai and that whole country gang busts them on youtube. Millions of fans,i dont know about “fans” being the most accurate word.

  • chicca

    She is wearing a beautiful orange dress of Victoria Beckham’s collection. I love her dresses like this one! and this colour is perfect for Jennifer.

  • Amelia



  • Angelo

    Dresses like a slut, whoring around with a boy young enough to be her son, a 3 time LOSER at marriage, a colossal failure as a mother, a woman who created a career she didn’t deserve by sleeping around with every man in Hollywood she could use, now at 42 and waning she has gone so low as to perform porn in her latest video. Tragic Loser.

  • Naomi

    DEFINITELY Joshua and Jessica did not belong anywhere near the bottom three!!!! I hope this contest does not turn into let’s eliminate the people of color BECAUSE really voting SHOULD be based on TALENT NOT FAVORITES!!!! NOR DISCRIMINATION!!!

  • yeah

    Glad they saved Jessica, and I wann grow up to look like JLo. She is smokin hot.

  • sorry

    Jlo got 20 million and well deserved.

  • Angelo

    JLO got not one single Grammy and didn’t deserve the 20 million she whored around to get. She is nothing but a glorified hooker.

  • David

    Yes, that dress is from the Victoria Beckham collection. JLO’s ghetto clothes from the $2.00 dollar bin at Kohl’s can not compare to the classy Posh collection.

  • Dina

    #30, if you want to grow up to look like JLO save your money because it is expensive to have all the cosmetic sugeries she did. There is nothing smoking hot about this TRANNY and if you want to see the real JLO just check out the pictures of her when she first started out pre-surgery. Short, dumpy, big nose, kinky black hair, fat face with pointy chin, no jawline to speak of, flatter face, the list goes on…. If you poked her with a pin liquid plastic would ooze out.

  • lena

    hot dress, hot body, nice color but I think it would have looked better on a blond

  • Sandrine


    How can you be sure? Are you from the Philippines that you know how people from that country behave?

  • jaspisgirl

    yeah good-looking dress,but please could someone tell her to wear one number larger!!!!!! sorry but she is not that thin!!!!!(i am not too!!!!)

  • Lynn

    American Idol is still on???

  • Yid Hori

    American Idol should be as America is: respectful to diversity and freedom. Jennifer nad Randy were almost ridiculous trying to force people to think as they think! Music is about emotions and feelings, not everything like images and cleebrities issue as JLo and Randy might think. Some people care more about music and musical talent rather than people who thinks about clothes and hair styles. AND all of them deserve to be there, they are all talented, or they wouldn’t be there by now. JLo and Randy should show some RESPECT to Americans opinions instead of trying to impose their private choice over us.

  • Yid Hori

    @Tiana: You are totally right! They should respect Americans ideas and choices and not try to impose their stupid ideas of what an American Idol is. There are many Americans who are not concerned about jackets and clothes and colours are JLo and Randy are.

  • Dan

    There are actually software programs that can cause multiple views on YouTube. Don’t let that number fool you. It’s not a real indication of how many actually PEOPLE viewed the video.

  • John Williams

    Whoa, I must have missed something. I was not an idol
    fan until about 5 years ago. I thought after the Judges
    sat the fnialist it was up to America. American voted
    and Jessica Sanchez got the fewest votes. Was or is
    she the best? American decideds, Not Steve Tyler,
    Not JoLO and definatly not Randy Jackson. I am a JoLo
    fan and I think she is hotter than a two dollar pistol.
    I was astonished when I saw the final 3. But America
    Voted. Now if America votes don’t count lets change the
    name of the show to Steve/Jen/Randal Favorites. After
    Randy stood up and told Ameirca to vote for the best
    it will most likely be a kiss of Death for Jessica on Idol.
    I have only voted a few times but last night I voted for who I thought
    was the worse. Americans should do the same for one
    week and maybe American Idol can go back in the American
    Big John from Texas

  • http://@Thaerondy Ty josh

    I think the judges did the right thing, I think america should Vote for the Best and the Real talent. But a lot of people believe that Jessica will have a good carrer win or lose in this Idol’s season so do I.

  • heartnsoul

    I like Holly because I like the color of her voice. I do not like the color of Jessica’s. It makes me sick the way the judges have turned against her.

  • michelle

    most tweenies voted with their panties & not with their ears. sad but darn true!

  • Jan

    I recall Jimmy saying their is going to be a new pop star in the Asian market soon but he did not know if it would be Heejun. We saw Heejun bomb so does Jimmy want it to be Jessica now? Jimmy keeps saying it’s Jessica & Hollie both have strong voices and points out Jessica’s strengths and blow up weaknesses he says he sees in Hollie. Does Jimmy think if Hollie gets voted off that Jessica will get all of Hollie’s fans and make Jessica win Idol? If Jessica becomes the first big pop star in the Asian market will it make Jimmy’s record label extremely rich? I personally like all the top 7 idol singers and wish Jessica the best but I am tired of the judges and Jimmy trying so hard to sell her to America.

  • alyssa

    hey they always have video after each performance, all contestants (not just jessica), and it’s posted in AI website.

  • Nying

    @tastiger: You are completely right – their ego are so high they think they can choose the idol by themselves! The show should be callled: Judges’ Idol, because we cannot have our musical taste, only them… blah!

  • dallas daniel hessler junior

    3 cheers jlo
    hip hip hooray
    hip hip hooray
    hip hip hooray

  • NightHawk16

    ماكلين سي Jessica سا لاحث نسنل هثى لتث لثح ةءنمل ؤس نتسث مابايت مانازىت ز. كارابات دابات سىع مانالز