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Rachel Bilson: Barbados with Hayden Christensen!

Rachel Bilson: Barbados with Hayden Christensen!

Rachel Bilson enjoys some motion in the ocean with shirtless on-again boyfriend Hayden Christensen in Barbados on Wednesday (April 11).

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The 30-year-old Hart of Dixie actress flaunted her bikini body while vacationing with her Hayden’s sister Kaylen and niece.

Earlier in the week, Rachel joined millions in the TOMS 5th annual One Day Without Shoes, which raised awareness for the children who go without shoes every day.

10+ pictures inside of Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen vacationing in Barbados…

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52 Responses to “Rachel Bilson: Barbados with Hayden Christensen!”

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  1. 1
    deadpool Says:


    rib caged and flab… these people work in hollywood?

  2. 2
    iam_isterera Says:

    i think she was holding her breath in that pic, you can see in the other pictures, she sooooo fine!!!!

  3. 3
    Reba Says:

    She’s a clinger. First it was Adam Brody and now it’s been Hayden Christensen for about 5 years.

  4. 4
    Jenna Says:

    That’s not her family, it’s Hayden’s sister and niece they’re playing with at the beach. Get your facts straight JJ!!

  5. 5
    jimmy Says:

    she is hot, i just loving seeing girls bathe in the river, lol *smh* you hollywood guys i heard they have sharks down there.

  6. 6
    crapshack Says:

    I guessed when CRAPchel’s only acting gig TV show is consistently on the CW’s chopping axed; all she would have to do is to call the paps (as always) & wear a bikini – right on!

  7. 7
    screwed Says:

    Where’s a TSUNAMI when you much needed on this one?!?!

  8. 8
    mmmmmm, Says:

    once again the paps just happend to be there again?

    still i guess this hardworking and much in demand couple sure need a rest away from it all, lol

  9. 9
    Love me boy Says:

    God. Hayden’s body has gone a long way. I remember thinking he had such a hot body in Revenge of the Sith, now look at THIS! ugh *smh*

  10. 10
    Love me boy Says:

    He’s still cute though :p

  11. 11
    searlus Says:

    Jeeez his body is soo gross just like his acting -just keep on hiding Manakin!
    And to that OC Gremlin, keep on breathing even infront of your paps, you could still never get any high-end endorsement deal & your tummy might stuck-in for good LOL!

  12. 12
    searlus Says:

    And anyways, Manakin been spending time w/ his family coz he got no choice where to spend his INdefinite free days for that loooooong period of time – as he’s been bumming around &/or never been that busy for over a month for the last “4 years or so and its still counting”…
    Maybe, Manakin should check out who’s representing “Channing Tatum” coz he’s also non-actor just like him yet… could get lots of work and most of them were all blockbusters… or just Manakin himself is simply just got a Midas effect of “cursed”.

  13. 13
    gottasay Says:

    I use to be really into him a long time ago…like 2006?I’m glad I got over him, looking at his IMDB page he’s basically a nobody, so I don’t know what I seen in him, I guess I was really into that Star Wars movie at the time, and thought he was “hot” in it…which he’s not too bad looking in it, but looking back at being a fan of his, his career now has gone WAY down, movies flop in the box office, some straight to DVD, and he looks uglier now than ever….I’m so happy my liking for him was only temporarily and I got over him quick…he’s so lame. rachel surprisingly is doing more than he, and I could give a less crap about her either to be honest They aren’t A listers nor B listers…idk what they are…but they are LAME. they deserve one another.

  14. 14
    reidell Says:

    Of course & obviously that HC still wants an acting career; he’s doing pap-calling every once in awhile; where all non-relevant celebs would seek w/ their non-happening careers. That is to say that, HC’s the worst thing to happen to Star Wars, and ultimately, the only thing he’ll be remembered for.

  15. 15
    kosher Says:

    Hey Ret@rdchel! Quit on doing vacations already and be professional to promote your another budget movie; even if you’re just an “extra” on these cast of D-listers.

    … with a charmless cast (Rachel Bilson plays the third roomie)…
    CharnLESS?! How well-accurate that is.

  16. 16
    sara Says:


  17. 17
    oden Says:

    @crapshack, screwed, searlus, reidell, & kosher Wow, you are back with multiple posts and multiple names as soon as Hayden and Rachel appear! You must spend your life sitting and waiting to waste your time commenting on two people you don’t like, but seemed to be obessed with LOL! Who is the one with no life here? That would be you!

  18. 18
    Rita Says:

    That is Hayden’s sister and her family who does the research for this stuff? Hayden looks fine to me, so does Rachel. Where do you see any flab on either one of them? Rachel is holding her breath in that one photo. Hayden’s birthday is April 19th, hope they have a great time at the beach!

  19. 19
    feka Says:

    @Reba: or maybe she’s able to maintain a relationship?

  20. 20
    ashross Says:

    I’d say RB could even go nude for a day on the beach yet her crappy TV show would still get the axed from CW – such a horrible TV actress!

  21. 21
    tina Says:

    Aw Hayden and Rachel look so good together. Hayden’s neice is so cute.

  22. 22
    asdsdf Says:

    OK. I didnt know they would get so many ugly replies here.
    I love them because they find way back together. I love happy ending because I dont have huhuhu.
    wish them love and happiness, and just ignore all those bad people here.

  23. 23
    just me Says:

    @feka: Maintain a relationship that’s a laugh! She only there to promote herself not him. They don’t have one. Only when its she want to be seem with him.And that is her family with her not his. I’m sure if hayden want to be with her he would have went to la like last time. There was no reason why Rachel had to go back to babardos this year.She should be trying get some more work.This Rachel is all about anyway. Its never about her work. His birthday is next week not this week. She always have motive about what she do.Her show has wrapped up last month not this month.She always make things look good when they are not. They are never getting married to each other so why Rachel keep doing this? She does this for attention to make her look good and not him. He never hold her hand or get close to her like last year. Its still the same like last year. He’s not showing no kind are feeling for her at all. She try and make herself seen like they holding hand and they do not. And she don’t get too close to him in the water like last year.So i do not say that they are couple at all.I’m sure she want this in magazines like last year.So this is what she call a relationship when he is not working are not inoring her? That what she want her ex to keep talking to her when she know its not right for her to do that.She could have went by herself instead are having him come alone. Its going to be about her anyway. She is not fooling no one she made him come with her like last year. There is just publicity like last year. That’s all she can do is flaunt herself like that. To make him come back to la with or be seem with him. She do not care about her work like that. She do not mention it or care the charity event that she had. To make people think she working when she is not.Talking about her doing vacations. That’s all hayden being doing lately is hitting the beach nothing else are hanging around her in la.Hayden has not worked in two years after takers and didn’t do nothing afterward. what happen to him? That’s all he use to do. Not doing anymore audtions at all.Is he still doing battle creek or it not going to happen? Other people are getting work and he is not. He shoiuld not be shown on the beach vacationing. He has done enough are that aleady with her and without her. Can”t keep saling a vacation and no relationship liike she said last year when she got mad when he was getting attention for going home and he didn’t pay her no attention when he was there. She just going to make someone be with her anyway she can.Its still a relationship are no important when you did the same thing last year. He have not worked in two years and Her show about to get canceled and it was not important to show them. Jared why did mention her show might get cancel? Rachel trying to get a part in his movie. That’s why she have not said anything not dating anyone else or they are not getting along.But he still look handsome. Wish he would went by hisself instead her being alone. They are always unhappy when they be together. Also They left on bad terms when he was here last. So I guess she tried to make up with no sucess she still called paps.And she lied about going anywhere like Thalways.@sara: The pictures still show unhappy people there. Can’t sale them anymore. Rachel need to stop trying. At least we won’t see him next week there.He is her ex-boyfriend that’s not working and she trying to sale him like adam. why date another guy instead? You have use the beach thing and him enough!

  24. 24
    Elle Says:

    I can’t believe this girl has haters! :( She is so cute in “Hart of Dixie”, I really love her and this show.

    She looks great in those pics, what a stunning body!!

  25. 25
    unreechy Says:

    Just how timely it is that we see these forever-odd-duo here in JJ… see this BilHO’s low-rating show cant get out of the list of TV shows who’s on the brink of cancellation (like as always); so she badly needs (all over again) lots & lots of media hype these days for her show to survive if ever; and her HC(sic) came out of his cave to lend whatever rescue – and as if he can, even a bit or even gathering small children to the pap scene?!
    Funny when these two started hooking-up, He’s still a B-lister while she’s a Dlister; as it still is & by default. Now instead of him bringing his B-list status on her; it’s absolutely the other way around. Surely it really sucks when a “dreadful omen” plastered on one’s face of a celebritard is highly infectious & incurable.

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