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Sacha Baron Cohen: 'The Dictator' First Clip!

Sacha Baron Cohen: 'The Dictator' First Clip!

Scope out the first clip of Sacha Baron Cohen in the new comedy, The Dictator, out May 16.

The clip, which also features Anna Faris, pokes fun of women and education. All sorts of wrong!

“I love it when women go to school,” Sacha jokes as his character. “It’s like seeing a monkey on roller skates. It means nothing to them but is so adorable for us [men].”

Mind you, his character is wearing a feminist shirt: “Women Unite! Take Back The Night!

The Dictator also stars Megan Fox, Ben Kingsley, John C. Reilly, and J.B. Smoove.

Sacha Baron Cohen: ‘The Dictator’ First Clip!
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  • W

    You need to stop promoting this racist piece of crap.

  • sanoga

    I’m a feminist, and I understand that this movie is done in jest and is not to be taken seriously, but Sacha Cohen really needs to give it a rest. He can be a funny guy without alienating and offending people… it seems like all of the “humor” in his movies comes at the expense of somebody else. Stop being a one-trick pony and learn to make people laugh without turning them into the butt of a lame joke.

  • Lauri

    This movie is racist in EVERY shape, way and form.

  • illwill

    Lol get off your high horses, its a movie! You dont like the content of it dont spend money to go see it. An this scene would be considered sexist not racist

  • Missy

    @illwill: I totally agree with you!

    And people saying that Sasha Baron Cohen is racist obviously have no sense of humour and no idea whatsoever. His is a very revealing, important and critical comedy. Is it shocking? Of course. But to me, most people’s reactions to what his characters say or do are a lot worse than anything he does. He brings out the worst in people and that way, he shoes what a sad society ours can be.

  • solecito


  • -.-

    i don’t get his humor.

  • http://compute PIP

    @Missy: Until he starts making fun of Jews he will be called racist.
    Hope this movie bombs like his second movie did.

  • Blo

    He’s just a dumb zionist joo. Anybody who falls for his crap is just a brainwashed sheep.


    His Jokes are just sarcastic :P

  • Again?

    The only reason this guy gets away with what he does is because he’s Jewish. If it were anyone else, this would never pass. He’s racist, his humor is outdated and did I mention how offensive this is? I agree with the comments above.

    My cousins husband is one of his lawyers, if some of you knew the truth about him you would never support such a racist, anti-Muslim idiot.

  • Esol Esek

    I appreciated Cohen’s mocking rappers, because they sure needed it. Likewise for priests, feminists, politicians, rednecks and homophobes. They all deserved a roasting and he delivered it with genuine talent for improvisation.

    HOWEVER, at this point, he’s been attacking muslims with both Borat and this new movie. I assume he’s smart enough to somehow do better than the worse of stereotypes, but the fact that I’ve yet to see a Rabbi or jewish neocon, or ex-Goldman Sachs and Hwood major jew or jewish politician makes him a total racist in my book. Basically, he really believes he and his race are the best on earth. The other point is that jews are not doing badly in any field of power, and they have major sway on both Wall St and particularly Hwood.

    This movie needs to bomb, and he needs to get a new concept, and there’s noone left to skewer except his own foul people, foul not because of who they are, but because of the innate superiority complex they seem to need to perpertrate on the world. (that and the fact that six million Israelis are telling 300 million Americans, and 1 billion Muslims how to live their lives just to protect their misguided and now racist experiment.)