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Zac Efron: Bra Unhooking Expert!

Zac Efron: Bra Unhooking Expert!

Zac Efron shows off his bra unhooking skills while promoting his new movie The Lucky One in Sydney, Australia.

“You hold it this way because the girl is like this, kissing you,” the 24-year-old actor explained while holding a bra. “You just pinch … and slide.”

And of course the bra magically unhooked!

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Zac had been talking with Mel and Matty from Australian radio show Hot30 Countdown during his movie promo tour. Check out the video of Zac‘s bra unhooking skills below!

Zac Efron: Bra Unhooking Expert!
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  • lauren

    really jj?
    why would u post this?

  • Buzzy

    Yeah, right.

  • kell

    Zac looks really skinny or something in this…idk something about him looks different, anyway still love him that was funny haha:)

  • futuremrsdicaprio

    Didn’t even bother to watch, but boys, take note. Thank Zac for bringing attention to such a great cause LOL

  • R U sure

    All the good things Zac does and you post this. I believe you love to see the haters come out . They will have a field day with this.

  • R U sure

    BTW You didn’t mention the hosts brought it up, because it is in the movie.

  • Yoki

    Wish the lad would do that to me! It’s okay, I’m not jailbait!

  • Zac’s publicist

    Zac is a womanizer and has been with hundreds of women! He is 1000% straight.

  • Samsam

    @kell: I agree he looks A LOT slimmer than usual and has seem to lost the movie weight a bit too fast :/ slow down dude

  • Zyonna

    see he cant be gay if he knows how to unhook bras, cuz dudes dont wear bras so how would he know?

  • Mlllllle

    What for ? A Man don’t wear bra cuttie pie !

  • Sara

    LOL im a chick and i even struggle with my bra thanks zac ;)

  • Xo

    Stay classy bb

  • lauren

    @zac publicists
    who the eff are you?
    some troll/

  • Zzz

    This is normally where I insult Efron but my God the guy just makes it way too easy there are just too many things I can say but I can’t pick one there all good. But him keep acting like a douche helps. But hey it’s not like he’s selling sex or anything and boy does he hate being a heart-throb sure. Zac you can at least make it harder for me to think youre a douchebag.

  • Ezra

    the lengths they will go to make this short boy appear to be a ‘he’ man and appear to be straight! It’s comical! LOL

  • Vic

    he’s doing one of the things he does best: 1. Make women obsess more 2. piss off guys as they try out his method

  • milla

    hahahaa: his face when she explained the situation !!! (0:12-14)

  • cute

    love him

  • Shauna

    Yeah, right. I think they meant Zac Efron: Man Thong Unhooking Expert or Zac Efron: Man Undresser Expert!

  • Raina

    Join Zac later in the show when he shows us not only how to unhook a bra but also put on a condom while texting. Side eyeroll. He can’t be effing serious. You’re right, dude makes it way too easy!

  • nick

    i saw the movie and its realy bad and i am zac fan,but i got to say he should start picking better roles.if he wants to be considered a good actor.the role just wasnt for him.i dont think its his fault i think the storyline was a little boring.i hope his next movie will make it for him.

  • Ava

    I’m sorry but she looks so old, especially compared to him. Pretty but looks older

  • kami

    did he also demo how to put on a condom?

  • tess

    ok so the movie was bad .so what. i still love zac.he is such hunky ya zac

  • tom

    WHAT THE EFF is wrong with you people?this guy just cant act ,unfortunately i saw the movie and it was very bad.and it’s this guy fault.his bad acting just make you suffer in your seat throw the hall damn film.

  • aliss

    waste of 2 hours of my life what a bad movie.i want my money back

  • kami

    here is a decent review of the movie.

  • tom


  • tom

    @tom: kami it was realy bad ,and he is a bad actor.personally i have nothing against this guy except his bad acting in this movie,and boring story of the film.THIS MOVIE IS JUST VERY BAD ONE.

  • lauren

    bad as in the story line?
    cus honestly i just dont find this movie plot romantic or cute,

  • Raina

    I just hope he stays away from castings for the Finnick Odair role in Hunger Games, He would hands down ruin that movie with his surely schmalzy, cheesy interpretation.

  • tom

    if you dont belive that the movie realy sucked just go see it.but dont say i didnt tell you so.

  • cathrine

    @tom: it’s charlie st cloud all over again,yep its realy bad one, tom you are not crazy dude chill out .i belive you.i saw the movie.its bad.and he isn’t helping with his stiff acting.

  • R U sure

    @Tom You keep talking about it , I saw it and I loved it. I thoought he did a very good job at acting.

  • R U sure

    Sorry that should be thought

  • trendeh

    wow he is very expert

  • Jake

    There’s nothing more depressing than a gay tease showing their real stripes. But they will soak up all the gay attention they can get. Followed him for years, but it’s ignore time.

  • graciela

    wow, Zacky has moves lol

  • 43v3r

    What A douche . . .

  • R U sure

    @Aliss you got cheated the movie has only been in premieres so far , they should not of charged you. Oh wait be honest you really didn’t see it.

  • LOL

    @Raina: He doesn’t audition, cause he’s the great Zac Efron. He needs to get a clue, cause one bad movie after another isn’t gonna do it for him, and choosing gay crap like this won’t either.

  • Zac Efron Biggest Hater

    I hate Zac Efron sooooooo much, so I decided PAID TO WATCH his sappy romantic chick flick with one week in advance just to see how his movie is bad and how his acts sucks, and I hate him so SO MUCH that I’m here every day to express my hate for him (irony)

  • sami

    His mother will be so proud.

  • Just a doubt

    It is me or most of that Zac “haters” have this habit to see all his movies, go to premieres, knowing obscure gossips about him, see him personally, ALWAYS here to complain, always have stories, know all the news about, follows his every move…? This is creepy! @_@

  • Derpina

    I’m wondering how he learned this, if he were in front in a room I think my bra would open itself automatically

  • no doubt

    @tess: ‘Hunky’ he like 5.2 – LOL, bahahahahahah

  • Carla

    Gorgeous human being…

  • Deb

    I think that the film was just wonderful. Very enjoyable. And Zac was GREAT! He is proving more and more that he is developing into a very talented actor.

  • Derpina

    @no doubt:

    He is close to 5’7, 5’8, average stature

    5’2 is ridiculous, if Zac be 5’2, Emile Hirsch would be 4’10

    Vanessa would be 4’7 lol, she could be Peter Dinklage girlfriend