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Zac Efron Talks Meeting Marines for 'Lucky One'

Zac Efron Talks Meeting Marines for 'Lucky One'

Zac Efron and Taylor Schilling separately arrive at LAX Airport on Friday (April 13) in Los Angeles.

The Lucky One co-stars flew in from Australia where they had been busy promoting their new romantic movie.

“I didn’t feel like I was the type of guy to actually portray [a Marine] accurately. There was a lot I’d have to learn,” Zac told Men’s Health‘s May issue about playing a serviceman in the film.

To prepare for the role, Zac met with real-life Marines who “were my age – 23, 24, even younger.”

“Most of the staff sergeants were not huge guys. They were about my height, 5’9″, 5’10″, some shorter, but all very stocky,” he added. “And I’m there in a backward hat and Vans, walking around like I’m still in college.”

10+ pictures inside of Zac Efron and Taylor Schilling at LAX Airport…

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  • R U sure

    There you are folks do I see arrive separately?

  • mattie

    Hope Zac enjoy himself in Australia. Can’t wait for TLO.

  • Tony


  • Journalistic

    Umm was I the only one who thought Taylor Shilling was 35+? Honestly, in the previews for this movie I thought the story line was Zac falling in love with an older woman

  • sam

    Anyone who thinks Zac is hittin that skeleton, ask any guy you know if they would. NO way!!!! Having s e x with that woman would break her bones. Poor woman, there’s nothing sexy about her. Was her face that thin and sick looking when they were filming?

  • Tony
  • kami
  • Deb
  • Deb

    She actually is a beautiful woman. She had been sick while in Australia, so that may account for the way she looks.

  • Marisa

    He’s growing on me. He looks more manly not pretty like before.

  • Rocco

    He is gorgeous.

  • Deana

    How tall is he? 5’9″ or 5’10″

  • elle

    he knows he is a short guy.what a joke zac efron is a marine.the thought of it makes me laugh,as for the movie i think i will pass on these 2 sketchy reviews and i will wait for rotten tommato.because i heard that the movie sucks as for the same old zac efron fans that just cant do much to defens his shitty acting.,or you are paid by someone to do it because it’s very sketchy the hall die hart fan think,are you with his PR TEAM if you are its tottaly ok becouse ite worke if not then i raely feel sorry for you becouse you dont have a life.

  • eat me

    @kami thank you for posting that but really not all people will follow his thoughts about this movie every one have diff taste what movie they want to watch….i didn’t watch the movie yet but reading this kind of review it gives me more interest to watch the movie… I should see it myself rather than listen to everyones critics….

  • ED

    i don’t have anything against this guy.but come he is the a bad actor even my little sister that used to think he is cool because of high school musical ,says that his acting is really bad.i think some time you just need to grow up and develop before you can judge a performance,to all his fans i wish that you just grow up and join us normal people,in the real world.LOL

  • adam

    @elle: i saw the movie don’t bother going its a bad one trust’s not just zac fult,the movie is boring,as for zac let’s say he doesn’t give the performance of his life in it.

  • david

    as if someone will pay money to see zac efron in a movie.the way i see it if you arnt gay or 12 year old girl with no social life,it isn’t your kind of a movie..if you want to see a good movie go see Battleship good action flick.

  • Derpina

    @david: Sorry, no offense, but this Battleship looks like the “male equivalent” of Lucky One in cinematographic mediocrity, is there anyone over than 12 years who still impressed with special effects like this?

  • kami

    from the few clips i’ve seen, i do think zac and jay r. ferguson will do a good job in this movie. also i’m counting on zeus to have some good scenes. but, it’s a sappy nicholas sparks story, so storywise i’m not expecting much. “you should be kissed every day, every hour, every minute” is gagworthy. well, maybe not for 12 yr olds.

  • Derpina

    I think it’s funny how these haters are stupid, separating Zac fans in 3 types, “12 years old girls”, “cougars” and “gays”

    What’s the point? There’s only 3 ways to be Zac’s fan: being imature, a deluded spinster, or an “aberration” (?)

    When it is said sounds a little discriminatory for me =S

  • Derpina

    You can thumbs down my comments all you want

    But explain to me, why “gay” is said so negatively? Seems like it is a problem by itself.

  • florence2

    Love how jj put in the post ‘ they arrived seeperately’ whose he kidding if they had arrived on separate flights they would’nt have been photographed at the same time it’s like he’s trying to convince people that they’ve had nothing going on.

  • florence2

    And what’s with the sour face Zac you were all smiles in Aussie.

  • R U sure

    @florence2 You travel 14 hours on a plane and see how you look

  • R U sure

    @Florence2 I notice if the post on JJ is not in Zac’s favor you say it is the gospel truth, now it isn’t. i have a question for you. When you but your make up on which face to you do first?
    So you were at the airport now stalking him and know everything.

  • eat me

    @florence2 that’s what you called exhausted face.. And leaving seperately is not a big deal cuz there’s nothing between them as you presume they are…. And pls use your common sense same flight or diff flight is no big deal jj edited this and post it together same how he post that pic of him in mens health magazine and the premiere.

  • Revenge-Is-Sweet

    @florence2: It’s finally time, when your mental problems would be treated. Go back to the postings of Vanessa, you have nothing to do here than to cause trouble. But I can do that as well, believe me and then it’s going to be very ugly. Leave him finally alone. Zac is a free guy and can do whatever he wants with whoever he wants, but for your information, he has really better things to do than look for a girl at the moment. He has a full schedule and no time for private stuff. I give you a tip go to photo galleries of Vanessa and look at her making out pictures from Coachella and leave his fans here alone. None of us is interested in your stupid hate for him.

  • ellie’

    Zac has some good genes from his family…nice looking young man…From the trailer looks like a really good actor…Think he will be going places…

  • kyle

    All that traveling is physically exhausting, then you have the paps to contend with. Of course, there is no way Zac will be happy about it.

  • hehehe

    Not believable as marine! More like a hairspray and eyebrow pencil kind of guy.

  • hehehe

    GO JOSH H! That rotten-tomato Zac wish his movie will earn even just a fraction of what Hunger Games did. LOL!!! For sure this movie will bomb…

  • florence2

    And i am free to post a comme t if I choose too who are to tell peop,e to leave Zac alone what are you his mother I’m pretty sure he does’nt need you sticking up for him and if you want to start with me then fine go ahead. I Com e to his post to put my view now it does’nt match everyone else’s especially the Zac worshipper’s but do I care no if people choose to reply to me then fine that’s up to them@Revenge-Is-Sweet:

  • Bunnylover

    @florence2: But you object if others go and give their views on VH’s posts? Can’t have it both ways. Either ALL are free to give their views or no one.@hehehe: Umm? These are two entirely different genres. There is no way that you can compare TLO to a film like HungerGames. It is like compairing a Disney film to the Exorcist!! Totally different films with a totally different audience.

  • http://google barbara

    First of taylor, is 27 years old., she said it in a interview, second they did a movie together, all co stars, are friendly to each other,they worked together, they trying to sell there movies,even vanessa and josh flirting with each other, to sell there movie this is want actors do to sell there movie, this movie is a love story, and it has gotten good reviews, if he is a bad acter why has he made 5 movies in a year, directers love him, alot of you don’t know want good acting is, this movie is for a older people, not for the young.know one knows why they broke up, but zac and vanessa, and god, it’s there business, if anything it had to do with there careers, they didn’t have much time for each other, working on movies, then selling them, i’m going to see this movie, i went and saw vanessa’s it was good, i support them both.

  • R U sure

    @florence2 You do have the right to post and gripe , but we have the right to correct you when you are wrong.

  • Bunnylover

    @barbara: have to be honest. Some of Zac’s better acted movies are the ones that a lot of people, even some fans haven’t seen. Me and Orson Welles and Miracle Run had great performances from Zac but they are never mentioned when his acting skill is discussed.

  • eat me

    @he he he ok your comments really obvious that your comparing both V’s exes. Let me straight your mind this is not about acting of both actors or as v’s exes this is about movie as you comparing to… Hunger games is way more diff than TLO…i did read that book before they made a movie..i do agree that it’s really a nice book to read and it’s great the way they do it in the movie but honestly speaking i don’t like the actors except jennifer lawrence.. as i compare it to the book josh is not fit for the character same as liam. But i have no complain cuz i know actors is not perfect as we want them to be how they portray the character perfectly…and to tell you frankly this series is not good as you think it is cuz mocking jay the last book is very boring to read and the directors is not coming back for the second movie so good luck to josh… Cuz i don’t think he got the charm that zac has to the girls… Just saying.

  • R U sure

    @Bunnylover You are right about Zac’s films,”Me And Orson Welles”, is one of my favorite movies . My favorite Zac movie for sure. “The Lucky One” is not for everyone , but I loved it. So different from everything else he has done.

  • eat me

    @hehehe another fact ….popularity basis josh hutcherson got recognize first in hollywood than zac cuz of the first journey movie when he was young i did watch that movie And i do admit that i find him cute then BUT josh didn’t have the screaming fans that zac got since HSM… No one even recognize josh till he did the journey 2 with V but still he’s charm is not enough to get more fans until this hunger games movie… So movie basis who got more flop movie zac or josh?

  • eat me

    any way zac fans any news for a new movie for zac this year????

  • Bunnylover

    @eat me: Take a breath and type more clearly!! Please stop bringing irrelevant people to Zac Efron threads. Why do you feel the need to come here to big him up? I don’t mind Josh, professionally, but not all actors are the same and not all fans have the same tastes! You are trying to create conflict. Here’s a suggestion. I’ll meet ya back here in ten years and we shall see which of all the current crush actors are still working.

  • eat me

    @bunnylover i don’t mean that way i’m just giving him/her own medicine… I got irratated reading(@hehehe) comment…. I understand and i do agree what you said and i didn’t bring him up here FYI!

  • Bunnylover

    @eat me: After The Paperboy, Liberal Arts and the Bahrani one? And some of us still haven’t seen The Lorax! Not out here until late July!! Hopefully he will film some new stuff this year, but he barely has time to breath at the moment! LOL

  • florence2

    I don’t care what views people have on either Zac or Vanessa,s post your more than likely getting me mixed up with he other Florence that is floating around hence the number two after my name.

    People are free to put their views across and just as you defend Zac then yes some times I will defend Vanessa but I do it without being foul mouthed to people but the minute people put a comment negative about Zac then the bad language and nasty side if his fan’s comes out, wonder how proud of his fan,s he would be if he knew they were like that.

  • R U sure

    He would say THANK YOU FANS

  • Bunnylover

    @florence2: If you were just giving your views that would be OK. But a lot of the time you are attacking with completely untrue and un-founded rumours. I feel the need to point it out when others are hating on him using things that are not true to attack him. If your problem is that he isn’t to your taste, that is fine. But being so damn negative all the time about things that are little more than rumours is not on. No he is not perfect. He is a human being a very few are. He is just doing his job and trying to live his life. If you or anyone else doesn’t approve it really isn’t there business at all. As for his talent. If you don’t like it, go watch people that you do and stop fixating on those that you don’t.

  • R U sure

    @Florence2 Just to let you know JJ jr just posted the same thing but made it clear they were on seperate flights, BTW People Mag, just said he arrived back in Los Angeles SOLO. I’m not right all the time , but you are wrong most the time.

  • kami

    so far tlo is getting good reviews from critics.

  • hehehe

    gay marine? lol!

  • R U sure

    @hehehe I hate to inform an idiot like you but there are gays who defend this country too. There is nothing wrong with being gay .
    You arn’t the first to call him gay or even the last but you are wrong.