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Beyonce 'Looks Unbelievable', Says Fellow Party-Goer!

Beyonce 'Looks Unbelievable', Says Fellow Party-Goer!

Beyonce keeps her baby girl Blue Ivy wrapped up tight as they leave an office building on Friday (April 13) in New York City.

On Thursday (April 12), the 30-year-old entertainer and her husband Jay-Z hit up a private Cartier event at Skylight Soho. The couple surprised Rita Ora, who was performing Destiny’s Child‘s “Say My Name”!

“I”m embarrassed!” Rita, who is Jay-Z‘s protegee, said to the crowd.

“[Beyonce] had on no make up, or very little,” a witness told Us Weekly. “She looks unbelievable.”

Another onlooker added that Bey and Jay-Z “were very sweet together…They seemed to really have fun!”

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  • LindsayLohanFan

    I think the baby is over covered…

  • Jennajenna

    I see Jay Z is still letting her carry around that doll

  • Qiana Jones

    It isn’t a doll, it’s her baby. It’s cold at night in New York, her baby doesn’t need to be exposed to freezing whether. The jokes are getting old people, she had a baby whether you guys choose to believe it or not. At least she isn’t exploiting the baby like all the others celebrity mothers.

  • image problem

    Of course she looks great she didn’t birth it….release the third trimester pics.

  • bonnie

    No makeup? Are her lips naturally bright red? Get a grip, people, we all know she’s good looking but we also know she has a lot of money and a team of people helping with the baby so she’s not going to look as tired as the average new mom- even with makeup.

  • wonder woman

    you have to remember she is walking into a crowd of papparazzi and flashing lights. of cours she wants to shield her baby from that with a blanket, I think that i ssmart of her.

  • theresa


    oh, i see. because you are not allowed to see the baby it’s automatically a doll. what’ Beyonce is doing is called protecting her daughter’s privacy. where do you get the idea that you have any right to see her child?

  • theresa

    image problem

    tell me, were you in the room when Beyonce gave birth? just wondering here. and now, she not required to release any third trimester pictures in order to make you personally happy.

  • Gossipgirl

    No story here; just more Be-YAWNCE….

  • Marina

    I love you, Bey. Don’t care about the haters!!!

  • AbFab

    Cute blanket!

  • Jane Patton

    What a good mommy Bey is. She always has her baby with her, and is always carrying her in her arms.

  • lmao

    You’re suppose to look great after having a baby especially at 30. Most people at that age loose the weight right away. As for her not wearing makeup, she really doesn’t need it with her dark skin. If she were pale than she would definitely need to have it…she is not as light as everyone thinks she is..

  • belle

    Yes, all the haters out there..please just give it a rest bcse you guys are totally becoming more and more annoying! Agree with Qiana…go kick some rocks or something…just be gone! I am so done!!!! This message is C/O THE HATERS!!!!! LOL

  • Jane Patton

    @lmao: #13
    Exactly. I got down to my normal size within 2 to 3 weeks of giving birth to my children.

  • Nothing But Love

    Looking good beyonce.

  • Jane

    First of all, Beyonce is a narcissistic histrionic. Second of all she had that baby for publicity, and because her last album flopped. Thirdly, she most likely has a baby, that was carried by a surrogate because pregnant bellies cannot deflate, and Beyonce’s did, however underneath that blanket is nothing but a doll. See Beyonce is a selfish narcissistic, histrionic, and she wants to credit for things other people do. She’s done this her whole career, so it makes sense she would do it in her private life as well. She has continuously taken credit for other people’s writing of her songs, the same way she took credit for the surrogate who carried her baby. While the real mother was somewhere tucked in, Beyonce was parading it up with her padded belly. Same here. The real “mothers” aka the nannies are taking care of that baby, while she’s walking around with a doll to take credit for it. I really hope her career is over after these shenanigans. She goes out every single day with her baby. Why? It’s not like the baby (doll) is getting anything out if it because it’s always covered, and seemingly can’t breathe underneath that heavy blanket.

  • Delilah

    asphyxiated baby alert!!

  • Oh Yeah

    Beautiful Bey

  • ehhhh

    give an average women Beyonce’s money and she will look flawless without make-up.

  • BackSplashSource

    she is a beautiful women for sure..

  • Mary

    When the truth comes out that it really is a doll then some of you will feel stupid.

  • bebe

    I’m so tired of “insiders’ commenting on how fantastic Beyonce looks…how she barely had any makeup and looked unbelievable/how baby Blue is a star blah blah….
    Is she a good looking women…yes! Is she unbelievable good looking…far from it, and most importantly far from being a true artist.
    It’s incredibly annoying when everyone hypes up celebs to the point where they believe they are god-like. Celebs now days are constantly seeking attention, even if it means using their babies/who even takes a baby at a concert?

  • Lupo

    BEYONCE, if you don’t want the public to see the “baby” why do you even bring the baby out….leave it home with the nanny, baby won’t know the difference where she is…duh….you cover her up as if people are so interested in seeing the infant……another photo op!!!!!

    You look so silly carrying that over “bundled” package…ah baby…..just saying.

  • STOP

    @Jennajenna: People amuse me. If it was my baby i would cover her face up to. THE CAMERA LIGHTS ARE NOT A JOKE. ESPECIALLY ON AN INFANT DUHHHHHH

  • camillus

    Fame Who_e Wanting pictures of her over exposed ass, she’s such a phony Bi_ch who deserves to fail the rest of her life, she’s such a waste of human kind, don’t tell me she’ pretty, she gave birth, she’s such a good parent Fuc_ you all you don’t know anything about this W_ore so shut up.

  • cha

    LOVE…Hope i see jay out and about holdin baby blue soon 2…I think he’s one of those Dads who doesn’t like 2 hold kid unless their sittin when it’s still really small…..

  • Sue

    @camillus: you shut up ! F___ing bitch !

  • Dierdra

    People, Honestly! I was skeptical at first when I heard that the baby was a doll. I believed she faked the preganancy but I had to draw the line when it was said that Bey was carrying a doll. But in the link below, look closely at the way the baby is positioned. She is like that the whole way. And If you look at other pictures with Bey carrying Blue, its the same position the whole way!

    same with this pic (and look @ the perfect creases of the legs)

    I know it sounds ridiculous, but view them w/ an open mind and look closely. and also, why is she ALWAYS covering her? I mean seriously people, who seriously does that? & you all justify it just because she’s Beyonce. She doesn’t care about you guys so why defend her?