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Gerard Butler: Coachella After Party!

Gerard Butler: Coachella After Party!

Gerard Butler lets out a laugh at the 2012 Coachella Music Festival GenArt MUSE party powered by Ciroc to benefit The Art of Elysium on Friday night (April 13) in Indio, Calif.

Later that night, the 42-year-old Scottish actor made his way behind the DJ booth and chatted it up with the musicians!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Gerard Butler

Earlier in the evening, Gerard was spotted enjoying The Black Keys‘ performance at the outdoor music festival.

Last week, while in New York City, Gerard hit up the popular hangout The Darby, where he took the stage and belted out “Wonderwall” by Oasis and “Satisfaction” by The Rolling Stones!

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“No one that is happy in their own life behaves that way and says the things she does about other people or has to profess her own life to be rainbows and unicorns.”
I agree with everything you say, especially this statement. That women needs psychological help. I don’t believe a word she says about her personal life when she behaves the way she does. It defies logic. Soon she’ll be back and start a fresh cycle of verbal violence against GB’s posters. Good luck to you with bystander and Whatshedonenow. I can’t stand those two either. They love acting as her wing men on the thread.

bystander @ 04/15/2012 at 4:05 pm

@Sweet: I’m quite content that you dislike me when I try to argue for sensible, civilised, adult discussion which allows all viewpoints to be heard without personal abuse or name calling. If you knew how many times I have negged Manny! I go by the post, not the poster.
In view of your opposition to this , may I suggest a name change from Sweet?

Well done Jj, kinda new thread. Divide and rule, lol.

Whatshedonenow @ 04/15/2012 at 4:10 pm

Sweet & Wake up, or one of the same I don’t know.

You do understand that this an entertainment news and gossip site don’t you. People post good, bad, indifferent, withering, poignant, funny or whatever comments about celebs on this site. You do understand that don’t you? This is NOT a GB Fan site. You get that don’t you. Because the way you – or you two – lash out at posters who dare to pass comments that you don’t like about a celeb is beyond crazy.

I really don’t want to engage you, but I will say one thing though.
It’s not what you say that’s infuriating, it’s how you say it and how you come across that makes you so loathsome. Try changing you attitude.


I get this isn’t a fan site, it’s what I like about it but I think there is a difference between someone who criticises aspects of his behaviour and maybe takes the p*ss out of him occasionally and someone who just comes here to constantly trash him, you fall into the latter.
I don’t understand why anyone would spend any time on a celebrity they don’t like, who has that kind of time?

Whatshedonenow @ 04/15/2012 at 4:33 pm


I think you are the one who needs at attitude change. You’re the crazed fan who feels she has to protect a middle aged movie star from a few comments, which if he read himself, would probably in his heart of hearts admit are not far from the truth.

Whatshedonenow @ 04/15/2012 at 4:38 pm


Don’t start. I trash him because he does trashy things. If and when he does impressive things I’ll praise him. You carry on as if you are above it all. Please continue. Then we won’t fall out.

Whatshedonenow @ 04/15/2012 at 4:45 pm

Oh and Niknoks I spend as much time on this site as you. Why you feel the need for a passive aggressive dig at me, I don’t know. I have said very little if anything to you or about you. We’ve had our falling out. Lets not go there again. So back off.

And I see the idiot is back. Hey to you my ass sniffer…

What does it say about you that you stalk my posts…. Oops…

@Manny: Maybe Eve should return and give you, and a few others here, another smack down! EVEL juice, EVEL juice, EVEL juice!

goodgravy @ 04/15/2012 at 7:09 pm

My impression of Gerry’s schedule:
1. get up
2. throw on an ironic/grandpa/hipster hat to tame unwashed hair
3. eat at an open venue, whilst glaring at the paparazzi
4. fill several hours brainstorming with PR/ reading GFW’sblog/ not calling last night’s conquest back
5. go to whatever trendy club that only allows hot chicks in, pick up chick, go to hotel (not home) and promptly do her
6. forget #5′s name.
7. go to sleep and repeat tomorrow

So this thread is sorta over, eh? Just as well. Just pages upon pages of vitriol.
Will check the new one and see how goes it over there.

Not one of my posts were to you Manny. They were replies to oh please. I thought you said you’re not oh please???? Lying again? Caught!
Manny = oh please!

You don’t drive I hope… with reasoning like that you are just downright scary…
And yes I was going to reply even though you were speaking to Oh Please. She is not me and doesn’t deserve your abuse or did you forget your target ass breath???

You ain’t got nothing idiot… Grow up little nugget. You’re really looking stupid now. Or should we just start calling you Eve???

LOL! You’re not only upset that you got caught socking, you’re also upset I got your number little rat.
I got you, and I got you good, and judging from the way you’re responding, I can tell you’re losing your mind. You’re slowly unraveling, and I love every minute of it. I targeted you yesterday, and I got you. Think about it the next time you start bullying GFW or anyone else. LMAO at you babe!!!!!

Good morning, everyone!

My Grandma taught me that when you don’t have a nice thing to say, you’d better keep quiet.

But I wanted to drop by and say Hi! to you guys and wish you a very nice week ahead!

Best wishes,


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