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Kate Bosworth: Coachella with Michael Polish!

Kate Bosworth: Coachella with Michael Polish!

Kate Bosworth and her boyfriend Michael Polish are all smiles at the 2012 Coachella Music Festival on Friday (April 13) in Indio, Calif.

The happy couple enjoyed the musical acts while walking around with their arms wrapped around each other.

This month, Kate‘s on the cover of Company magazine‘s May 2012 issue, as well as inside the mag for her amazing style trends!

She recently shared her ultimate Coachella playlist with, which included “Polish Girl” by Neon Indian.

“I love their intense rhythm, and hypnotic electronic sounds,” Kate said. “Can’t wait to see this band live.”

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Credit: Flix Gold Papn Rhea; Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • The Muffin Man

    im sure she was there last year with alex skarsgard but i could be wrong

  • Actually…

    A few things, first: you know they can’t be that interesting when they were unintentionally photobombed by people innocently walking behind them. (Is that girl in tumbnails 2 and 3 sticking her arms into the body of her shirt?) Why is that dress so short? I’d maybe give her a pass if it was incredibly hot, but then she wouldn’t need the ugly over sized coat. And finally, what’s up with the rain boots? I was going to give her a pass on them since there has been some crazy weather this week, but the grass doesn’t look muddy, and NO ONE else is wearing them, or even appear to have a single speck of mud on them.

  • Journalistic

    @The Muffin Man: You’re right. However, I never bought the whole Skardsgard+Bosworth thing as legit. I believe her Michael Polish were dating the entire time; don’t they just seem like two people who chose to hide their relationship and now can finally be open about it? They look like a married couple…I’d be willing to bet money on the fact that their relationship existed lonnggg before we ever knew about it.

    Anyway, I’m expecting Kate to kill it with her Coachella style this year. Excited for more pictures!

  • Vanesa

    Kate Moss??

  • lizzie

    and here she is… again. Rain boots? really Kate? I’m waiting for Skarsgard pics:)

  • xXX

    @Journalistic: I think you’re right but why Skarsgard played this game ?

  • Peanut Gallery

    First of many pointless “fashionista” posts no doubt

  • Dieter

    I totally love her style – she is such an amazing actress !!!

  • danielik

    Kate, long dress is better for you…She is looking for Alex, because she must show him her hapiness…

  • lafamepoma

    she found a man faster than Alex, life is unfair, he’s more handsome and everything, and he’s still single, i hope he find a better girl rather than kate

  • ladybug

    @Journalistic: I don’t think they existed that long before going public back in July, sorry. Probably a few months, right around the time she was cast or when they started filming in April. She seem really into AS for a very, very long time and didn’t seem to want to let go.

    @Lizzie, rain boots were appropriate, as it was sort of drizzly there yesterday. So at least in that regard she was actually being practical. No, no one else was wearing them, but perhaps she was just making sure she didn’t get her feet damp.

    I’m disappointed in JJ, he didn’t tell us what she was wearing, isn’t that part of her whole appearance here, not just the music, but so she can be a walking fashion advertisement?

  • KAY blood

    Kate’s former boyfriend is most likely gay. Why would she be looking for him? He’s so not interested in women.

  • ladybug

    @KAY blood: Aw, Ted C’s still trolling gossip threads!

    And I’m presuming this was the ‘couple’ pap shot, and today we’ll get the ‘friends’ pap shots, since they didn’t come to Coachella alone.

  • Cyrianne

    OMG she think she’s kate moss LOL^^

  • abcd

    coachella ‘outfits’ always make me rooooolllllll my eyes.

  • Sigh…

    Her legs are gross.

  • Lilla

    Did she forget her pants?

  • http://justjared mjforlife

    LOL She goes to this festival every year and every year she parades a different man who will it be next year?

  • EmilyB

    What`s up with them they look like two goofballs together yuck

  • Tia

    @KAY blood:

    Alexander is not gay why do people think he is gay he has a current girlfriend Lucy griffiths they have been together since golden globes 2012.

  • ladybug

    @mjforlife: Now, now, she did go with AS in 2010 and 2011, so it’s not a different man every year. It just seems like it.
    @Sigh…: her legs are much too skinny to be wearing that short of a skirt, it’s not attractive. A longer skirt-past the knees-would have been much, much better.

  • lafamepoma

    @Tia: Are you sure of that? i’ve never seen them together

  • Sigh…

    @ladybug: Yeah, she should cover her legs at all times. They’re disgusting, and the boots only accentuate that fact.

  • ladybug

    Can we leave the ex’s current life off of this thread? Bring him up in context with KB, sure, but any speculation on his current status should probably be brought over to his thread. TIA.

    @abcd, I know she’ll also probably enjoy the music, but she really seems to come here for parties and posing for the paps.

  • Annie

    Aww, love.
    Kate’s Coachella style doesn’t disappoint, she looks cool.
    Michael looks great too.
    I want to see the rest.

  • ladybug

    @Sigh…: And she doesn’t realize that they’re not her best feature-especially her thighs- so she keeps showing them off.

  • Jeannie

    @mjforlife: I think he’ll be sticking around for awhile. He likes the attention as much as she does.

  • Eresyn

    I actually like the boots with the dress! what i don’t like, is how she brings the whole outfit down with her extreme skinniness…

  • Sigh…

    @ladybug: I really wish shed’d stop.

  • plume

    wow, what a difference from last year. These two definitely seem to fit.

  • ladybug

    @Eresyn: The boots with the dress isn’t bad, it’s that the dress is too short.
    @Jeannie, he’s really into now, isn’t he? I think at the beginning he seemed sort of confused by it, but he’s fully along for the ride.

  • TFS

    More coachella happy couple PDA pics (rolls eyes) she called the paps all right
    I have never seen so many pap pics of some -D list celeb at some music festival .

  • Really?

    #32- never seen so many paps etc?. It’s Coachella and the paps are a given for all. Everyone is papped.

  • ruda

    aren’t those the wellies she wore to the Way Out West Festival in Sweden in 2010? Ahhhh..she just wants to remember the “good times”


  • ruda


  • Tulip

    I think she looks great!
    @ladybug: “Sort of drizzly there yesterday”? It poured!!

  • Chelle

    @Annie: The only reason her “style” is relevant is thanks to her STYLIST. You know, Cher? They did this same BS last year with all the OMG look what great outfits we have “planned” for a MUSIC FESTIVAL. Boy, I’m telling you I call my stylist to go to a music festival. I do it every year for Bonnaroo! I really made sure I had the perfect ensembles just in case I got “caught” by paps…..Seriously who is this twat kidding? She looks so desperate with that little hobbit next to her. I will be glad when she completely dries up and blows away in the gentle breeze of spring….she’s headed that way since her most recent movie apparently has tanked…again. Also before all you stans start I am not a fat jealous ASkars fangurl. I didn;t have to fukc every male I came in contact with to get my career off the ground and I found my “life partner” without cheating on anyone.

  • Jeannie

    @ladybug: I think he does. I don’t remember him being papped this much before.

  • ladybug

    @Tulip: Per other reports it was more a drizzle than a downpour, whatever, it was wet and the boots actually made sense. At least in that she dressed appropriately footwear-wise, some pics of other celebs/random concertgoers it looks like some people didn’t really take into account it wasn’t going to be hot and dry the first couple of days.
    @Really?: Coachella is indeed a pap-fest. And yet some celebrities seem to get papped more than others, or at least give the impression that they’re going out of their way to get papped.

  • ladybug

    @Jeannie: Well, there wasn’t a reason to pap him, he was doing his own indie director thing, which usually doesn’t involved being papped, since most people outside of the industry don’t know who he is.
    @Chelle, I’m pretty sure she’s done this every year she’s gone to Coachella (however long that’s been), it really is a three day fashion show for her.

  • hummingbird

    I saw L!fe Happens last night. It was really good and I was amazed by the quality of the film. It didn’t look low budget at all. Kate and Kristen were hilarious. The theater was probably more than 3/4 full.

  • Chelle

    @ladybug: I would much rather be comffy than try hard stylish. but then again I have more sense than this bird brain.

  • Actually…

    @TFS: The close ups of her in those sunglasses make her nose look very plastic.

  • ladybug

    @Chelle: I never understood how those booties from last year were comfortable-it was hot and you’re standing/walking all day. But maybe they were more comfortable than they looked.

  • Chelle

    @ladybug: At least she is with someone as equally as desperate as she is this year. Skars was way past the point of even being friendly last year – can anyone say the big fight. In fact if I remember the photos from the first night he looked absolutely wasted…LOL I probably would have been too though. She was smiling like a jackass looking like she was 12. Not to mention that posing thing she tried to do for the paps and in the background you could see her entire group had left her desperate butt there looking really stoopid!

  • danielik

    This couple like paps…

  • ladybug

    @Chelle: That photo always amuses me, you can see him easily, but everyone else, including Cher, had also left her behind.
    He gets papped with her, but they don’t even mention Big Sur anymore, which sort of defeats part of the purpose to getting papped, doesn’t it? So you can promote whatever you’re trying to promote?

  • Chelle

    @ladybug: They are trying their best to promote themselves as a truly happy pair of life partners instead of the cheating fameho’s that they are. It seems like all he does is post vomit inducing pictures of his skank on twitter now and she retweets them….WOW what a life! I wish I was that much of a benefit to society! I mean really all I do is save lives on a daily basis…(not trying to sound conceited…LOL)

  • danielik

    When I see these pics, it seems they have the same legs…

  • sid

    every year she’s there with a different dude. lol.