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Kristen Stewart: 'My Valentine' World Premiere Pretty!

Kristen Stewart: 'My Valentine' World Premiere Pretty!

Kristen Stewart rocks a Stella McCartney skirt and blazer at the world premiere of the “My Valentine” video on Friday (April 13) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 22-year-old Twilight actress attended Paul McCartney‘s music video release hosted by the Beatles member himself, as well as his daughter, designer Stella McCartney.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Kristen Stewart

Earlier this week, Kristen celebrated her birthday! As a special treat, three of her Snow White and the Huntsman co-stars, Charlize Theron, Chris Hemsworth, and Sam Claflin, left her personal YouTube messages – check them out in case you missed them.

10+ pictures inside of Kristen Stewart at the music video premiere of “My Valentine”…

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kristen stewart  my valentine premiere 01
kristen stewart  my valentine premiere 02
kristen stewart  my valentine premiere 03
kristen stewart  my valentine premiere 04
kristen stewart  my valentine premiere 05
kristen stewart  my valentine premiere 06
kristen stewart  my valentine premiere 07
kristen stewart  my valentine premiere 08
kristen stewart  my valentine premiere 09
kristen stewart  my valentine premiere 10

Credit: Andreas Branch, Alberto E Rodriguez; Photos: Patrick McMullen, Getty
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  • lauren

    she looks so ~happy~

  • Madi

    Absolutely stunning. This look is great on her :)

  • LindsayLohanFan

    She looks kinda miserable…

  • jaymes lover

    I’m not going crazy for the clothes and shoes…. but everytime i look at this photos i like it more…. i think because we are talking about kristen stewart… so she is gorgeous like no one else!
    make up and hair are anyway perfect as always! love stewww <3

  • Anna

    For the first time she looks clean. But with the same arrogant face.

  • Kk

    What the hell is she wearing? Not into it.

  • mimi75

    Another proof that Stella McCartney is a “successful designer” only because her father’s fame and wealth.

    The skirt and the blazer both are unimaginative and bland.

  • Lola

    Wonder if a smile would kill her…

  • ann

    please.//there are photos of her laughing at this event!!!!
    i like the clothes,suits her well!!

  • fighter

    She looks kinda miserable cos she is gay and she cant come out of closet..

  • Journalistic

    Her eyes! wow!

  • R

    looooooooool! she looks straight out of a film on women workers of the fifties ….. that’s why she looks miserable? and what is this hair and cheap make-up?

  • Nina

    This pisses me off! I’ve looked through all the photos from last night where Kristen was happy, smiling and laughing! She looked like she was having a great time! Like always Jared puts on the ones were she may not have the best expression on her face! What’s up with that! If any of you actually gave her the chance you would come to know she is actually a very smily and playful person! And for the person who called her arrogant… wow! That’s ridiculous! She is one of the VERY few stars on the website that is not arrogant, self centered or stuck up!

  • Iffy Miffy

    She’s a very pretty girl with stunning eyes but this was not the most fortunate choice of outfits.

  • #_#

    Hey Jared, why didn’t you put the smiling pics of Kristen? I saw plenty of smiley pics of Kristen from this party on the other sites. And she wasn’t miserable in those pics. I guess you enjoy it when people especially comment on her smile or her looking miserable. What a shame!

  • aquarius64

    This outfit makes her look like a nun.

  • NYC

    Does she go out of her way to look horrific?
    Ugly legs.

  • Delilah

    Can’t read my, can’t read my, no you can’t read my poker face…

  • Jo

    So sick of seeing her miserable face and lifeless face. Her publicist needs to notice by now that she’s overexposed and annoying.

  • Blueberry

    Awkward chick is awkward and wierd

  • 1direction

    Didn’t she say she wasn’t into the celebrity lifestyle and hated doing red carpet events? We’ve got a new famewhore desperate to become a fashion muppet on our hands lol

  • Tara

    She looks truly beautiful, and kudos for being one of the rare celebs who do their own things despite the idiots screaming smile, or do that, or that! Similar to Victoria Beckham, you can shout all you want haters, they do their own thing!

  • Sabrina

    What a beautiful young lady! I love her porcelain skin!

  • Wow

    Her smile is killling me! She looks so happy!

  • Exposed!

    Don’t understand why she’s famewhoring at events nowadays because she has Twilight and exposure already. You don’t see Jennifer Lawrence famewhoring around even though she recorded widespread praise for her roles including Hunger Games

  • nah

    Posing for pictures is part of the job. Really, she’s supporting a very good artist, shows her good taste. The people at this party are classy, just like her.

  • sweetness

    only fanatic Twilight fans thinks she looks good in this outfit. It’s the most unflattering clothing.

  • zzz

    She’s basically selling her image now since Twilight is ending this year. She’s doing endorsements, fashion gigs and posing at events that have nothing to do with her along with her stylists and publicist on toll. To me it seems she’s scared of letting the fame go now

  • Anna

    Funny how websites just nix the pics of her smiling to keep up the faux “she never smiles” bullshyt. She’s a gorgeous girl smiling not smiling still gorgeous. Stella McCartney should find a new hobby. I’ve never liked her clothing.

  • Shannon

    she looks like a power lesbian. from the 80s.

  • A

    SHE looks so miserable sour face and the clothes are so not flattering on her. Please go away wherever you came from and make space for all those talented and grateful girls who are strugelling to get noticed and land acting jobs….

  • lol

    @A: UM, Kristen IS talented and grateful. Someone who works since a child, has 28 films to her name, only 22 yo. No, she will not move over so those “talented and GRATEFUL” girls get her roles. If they are truly talented and grateful, they would NOT need the extra help. They could work as an extra and move up the rank. They SHOULD NOT be getting a Bella Swan role or a Snow White and the Huntsman role right off the bat. You sound entitled and a fool.

  • R

    “and little Kristen Stewart, in a cobalt short skirt, black jacket and flat black pointed toe creeper shoes — who spent most of the night hiding in a corner, looking like she felt very out of place.” from The Hollywood Reporter

  • Lol

    Nah, her boyfriend Rob Pattinson was there. Also her friend Stella McCartney who dressed her for the event and at the Kid’s Choice award was there and dear old friend Joan Jett was there, too. If she chose to seclude herself in a corner, it was due to her choice, not b/c no one would invite her to sit with them.

  • uhh

    @Lol: Rob Pattinson was not there.

  • I Heart Derpy

    Rebecca Black wants her Friday Party Dress back….

  • V

    Haters are on here again. I’m going to get thumbs down, but you haters will just be proving my point. She looks fantastic and it’s great she stepped out to support the McCartneys. Jared you purposely chose pictures of her not smiling…just to feed the haters I guess? But really, there were other people there who have shots of themselves not smiling….why don’t you post those? And to all you haters…were you bullies in school? Do you get satisfaction out of putting other people down? Because that’s just sick. And to some haters…were you ever bullied? And now your joining in on bullying Kristen? I thought you of all people would understand…but really if you haters fall into that category..that’s sadistic. And please don’t hide behind the fact you are sharing your opinion..because you’re not. You are spreading hate and it seems a hobby for “R” and “aquarius64″ to bash Kristen in every Kristen post. That’s just pathetic. Kristen is a beautiful and talented girl who has remained true to herself despite being thrown into this category of celebrity and at such a young age. I would think these are admirable traits…but I guess not according to you haters. And she does not look miserable…if you see the video of her there…she is smiling and waving to fans…but I guess some people only choose to display selective information which people take as fact. And also I doubt she felt out of place…considering she left with Joan Jett.

  • Dee

    I don’t know why but I think of Missy from Bring It On when the choreographer goes “Smile” *she smiles a big creepy smile* “Don’t smile” lol Kristen pulls off the beotch look well. And honestly maybe she looks better when she’s not smiling especially when it looks painful for her when she does attempt to smile.

  • Dee

    That outfit is awful btw she has a pretty fierce face just some of her outfit choices are just noooo……

  • V

    Haters just keep proving me right. There are pictures of Kristen smiling at …why don’t you see those first before passing judgment on Kristen not smiling.

  • Ruby

    Why are people calling her a fame Whore or over exposed? She goes away for months on end working and you don’t hear from her! She never goes to events! Except award shows in which she is nominated! Kristen I definitely NOT a fame whore! She is on of the very few people in this business that is not! Kristen is down to earth and not stuck up like everyone else! You guys don’t even give her a chance and just mindlessly hate her and judge her! If you watched an interview with her she always speaks about how she doesn’t like being famous and having to stand in front of photographers who shout stuff at her. Heck I wouldn’t like it either! Paps who get a six figure salary for yelling at you and pressing a button! Kristen was very much happy and bubbly that night! Chatting, smiling, laughing and hugging everyone! People complain that Hollywood is full of fake people then a girl like Kristen comes along who is real and down to earth and still you complain! Make up your mind! Society is shocking! You all lump actresses together and make them one! Kristen is her own person and does not have to act like everyone else! Why don’t you all give actresses room to be themselves instead of lumping them all together!

  • http://AthanasiaHoran Athanasia

    Don’t like the outfit,but she’s still gorgeous. Go kristen ! xx

  • rob p

    Worst actress ever

  • New Jersey

    @V: Whah what
    Her personality sucks

  • mary

    Anna@ 04/14/2012 at 8:48 am

    there are group of actors here in Hollywood that have some interesting ideas about how things should be done. the poster boy is Sean Penn. Kristen is one of them. it works like this; if Kristen and others are doing the red carpet to promote a film that they are in then they are all smiles for the cameras. it’s required PR. however, if Kristen and others are attending an event on their own time they see no need to smile for the camera. after all, the paps are now invading their privacy.

  • aaw

    argh some people are just full of shit and jealousy or i don’t know what it is!
    there are a lot of pics were kristen smile, and she has a BEAUTIFUL smile, she is sweet, lovely.. people only have good words about her!
    of course, jared only put the one she doesn’t smile..
    and she was there to support a friend, and because she love the collection,.. noting to do with fame-whoring !!! she is lone of the most down to hearth actress out there !
    she deserve more respect, please

  • yea

    I like her awkwardness.
    Kstew is so popular and successful now, she doesn’t need to change who she is.

  • aleighcat

    She always looks so uncomfortable and awkward….but I like her! She needs to learn how to stand when being photographed. Very pretty girl, and she seems very nice. I saw “Panic Room” the other day and it’s hard to imagine that little girl blossoming into such a beauty. I think she’s so pretty when she’s wearing a long gown and has her hair up.

  • blue

    @Ruby: Hey Kristen hasn’t disappeared for months. She shows up to events and “caught” shopping at Balenciaga every 2-3 weeks. She needs to keep her image up lol. Just a while ago her visit to Paris was a huge publicised event and she called the paps to take pics of her “shopping” at Balenciaga with her publicist. Yeah right she’s not trying to keep her exposure in check.

  • zurichgirl

    what an awful look, sorry but lets be honest she is detached.