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Miranda Kerr Celebrates in Style!

Miranda Kerr Celebrates in Style!

Miranda Kerr helps celebrate the world premiere of the “My Valentine” video on Friday (April 13) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 28-year-old model attended the music video premiere hosted by Paul McCartney and his daughter Stella. Paul‘s video features Natalie Portman and Johnny Depp!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Miranda Kerr

Miranda recently got an excellent endorsement for her book, “Treasure Yourself”.

Ellen DeGeneres highly recommends my book Treasure Yourself. Check out the video here Lots of love, Miranda xxx” she tweeted.

10+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr at the video premiere for “My Valentine”…

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miranda kerr my valentine premiere 01
miranda kerr my valentine premiere 02
miranda kerr my valentine premiere 03
miranda kerr my valentine premiere 04
miranda kerr my valentine premiere 05
miranda kerr my valentine premiere 06
miranda kerr my valentine premiere 07
miranda kerr my valentine premiere 08
miranda kerr my valentine premiere 09
miranda kerr my valentine premiere 10
miranda kerr my valentine premiere 11

Credit: Alberto E Rodriguez; Photos: Getty
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  • AdrianaFlima

    gosh such a big flat wide alien head. Cindy,Linda,Claudia must be wondering what happened to models, lmao.

  • jaliah

    ET call home

  • Lola

    Whoa, someone needs to fire her make-up artist.

  • ellie’

    Some sexy woman u are..Loved you on Ellen last week..

  • TheEricaStar

    Her face is looking way too pale her legs look dark Yuck definitely not a good make up day she’s looked better just out in sweats with her son.

  • ET

    this chick only looks good with her hair down, covering half of that big alien head.

  • Dieter

    She has an IQ of 160 !!!!!!!

  • truth

    awful dress

  • beautiful

    Miranda looks beautiful as always.

  • Gossipgirl

    Yikes! Was it a dress code for them to wear variations of the same dress! Stella McCartney’s clothes are fugly! But all these celebrities are too busy kissing up to realize how truly unfashionable Stella’s clothes are.

  • Anon

    Not a good look on her at all – the makeup, the dress, the hair, etc. Her face is super pale and that cheesy over-the-top smile isn’t helping.

  • reba

    The make-up and hair don’t go with this dress. I agree – fire the make-up artist who did this. She looks two-toned and too severe. She usually looks great, but not a good one here:(

  • YAY!

    She looks gorgeous! As always!
    And DOH! If you are attending a party in honor of a designer, you wear that designer’s clothing.
    Six insulting comments in 20 minutes? Kind of obvious, isn’t it?
    Hater sockpuppets always gonna hate.
    While we just keep laughing at you.

  • frisbee

    What the eff is with her face? She looks like she’s had a face lift. I know it’s just make-up, but whoa, that’s a whole cake on her face.

  • @14

    I don’t really think that she is wearing much makeup at all. In HQ pics on Bellazon, her face looks very clean and pretty. I think that it’s just the flash in these particular pics that make her look two toned. In other pics, she looks ‘normal’.

  • Gossipgirl

    @YAY!: You are the sock puppet ; the party is to promote Sir Paul’s video, not to promote Stella’s fashion. Next time read, before you pounce.

  • Louise

    How can this woman be a model? She may have a lovely body, but she is not facially attractive. Must have the same publicist as Taylor Swift (publicist selling a package that is not talented or attractive).

  • @16

    Uhmmmm, it was held at Stella’s store, and she was the host. It was also held at Stella’s store. THAT is why everyone fron Gwen Steffani, to Kristen Stewart, to Miranda Kerr were wearing her designs.
    You would know this if you did more than stalk Miranda across the internet.

  • @17

    She’s pretty to enough people to be a VS angel, and to land on the “most beautiful” lists more than a few times.
    To each his own, but I think that she is gorgeous.

  • danielik

    She looks curiously…

  • @Louise

    She’s not only a model. She’s a highly successful model. I guess that makes your opinion the minority.

  • Effy

    Really? We are mocking her head and forehead size? You people wonder why this world is so harsh. She looks great and actually natural, unlike the other supermodels.

  • frisbee

    @@14: She looks like she’s wearing a ton of make-up: look at the difference between the colour of her face and her shoulders, as well as the roots of her hair; the flare off her chin; the pasty look of her forehead, and the alien-like look of her eyes – all signs of extra make-up on possibly sleep-deprived face. Also, she has some serious Lily Collins eyebrows going on, and don’t even get me started on that atrocious dress. The last two things being clearly unrelated to the make-up, by the ton of which I nonetheless stand.

  • @23

    OK, fine. But other pictures prove you wrong.
    But I understand how your kind hates facts.

  • @23

    Huh? If you zoom in on the pic here that is kind of a semi-close up of her face, you can tell that she isn’t wearing that much make up at all.
    She has amazing skin. She doesn’t have to wear a top of make up.

  • frisbee

    @@23: Prove me wrong how? All I said was “looks like”, which denotes impression and implies a personal one. Are you now going to claim that I am wrong about what my personal opinion is and that, in fact, my personal opinion is that she is not wearing a ton of make-up? Yes, do take some time to decipher that.
    @@23: I zoomed, still consider her make-up to be off, as did many other commentators. Also, never said anything about the quality of her skin.

  • @26

    Yo also said that she ‘looks like’ an “alien”. A classic delphi insult. So we know how your opinion is skewed.

  • panenka009

    Já myslím že Miranda onemocněla,a tahle příšera s velkou hlavou, malýma očima,vadným držením těla a křivýma nohama za ní zaskočila.Prostě je to podvod!

  • frisbee

    @@26: No, I said “alien-like look of her eyes” [due to make-up]. My eyes tend to look the same way when I apply covering foundation to my upper eye-lids. In fact, I recall quite a few people telling me my eyes look “alien”. Are they all “delphi” then?
    Also, this is JustJared, not some “delphi” site. Just making sure you’re not confusing the two.

  • sara

    She looks amazing.
    Such a beautiful young woman!
    I can’t wait to see her Reebok ads!

  • I

    I have to agree… her dress is so ugly! And I think her make-up is boring… I think she should look at her old photos from 2006-2007 and start to look like that again. She should get rid of that red lipstick, and change her hair-colour and hairstyle, I think she could cut up her hair and add some higlights… that would be pretty!

  • Sarah

    Miranda looks beautiful here. She always has great fashion style. I can see why she is one of the most successful models out there.

  • Sarah

    I wanted to know what was posted on her blog recently that got people upset? was there a post on her blog stating that there is a cure for cancer? I checked out Delphi to see what the haters are saying and they are all angry at Miranda because they are claiming that she’s saying there is a cure for cancer. they are out of control with their insults and slamming her and it’s uncalled for. I don’t get the hatred for Miranda. They don’t know her personally and they have launched attacks at her. She is a successful woman, who has a lovely husband and cute son and does so much to help others. The people on Delphi are on a rampage which I don’t understand. When you go on there to try to defend Miranda, they go after you and call you names and it’s sick. Their hatred towards Miranda is sick. Miranda comes across as a sweet and nice person. Have anyone of you heard about this thing being posted on her blog? I can’t get over the hate and iciness on the Delphi board. They are despicable people the way they go after Miranda, Orlando, and Flynn.

  • @33

    One of the many authors, nutritionists, naturopaths, and sprirtualists posted an entry on the Kora blog that basically stated that healthy diet and a positive attitude cured cancer. Rather simplistic, but nothing new. In fact, scientific researchers have long known that a positive attitude can aid in the treatment of many diseases.
    The blog is just a site where people can post articles. Unlike the delphi site, Miranda doesn’t edit them if she doesn’t agree with them, She merely gives them a forum to express their opinion. and note, it is THEIR opinion, not Miranda’s, or her team’s.
    The delphidiots are just twisting facts and blowing things way out of proportion. Just as they do for everything else.
    My favorite delphi-ism was when the tried to turn her statements about the benefits of breast feeding, into a condemnation of women who chose not to breast feed. *eyeroll*
    Their only purpose in life is to try to twist facts.
    They are just as pathetic as they have always been. Nothing new there, at all.

  • funny

    Delphi claims to be all about free speech, yet they want Miranda to censor her contributors.
    They (and delphi lite) also claim that since they are allowing freedom of speech, they are just an outlet for opinions, and that the blogs themselves are not responsible for their content.
    Hypocrisy? Why are we not surprised?
    I guess that if they are holding Miranda responsible for what her posters write, then we can hold the delphi/mean girls responsible, too, right? That means that the entire delphi site is responsible for the person who stated that they hoped that she had a book signing in NY, so that they could DISRUPT IT? Or the libelous, fake blogs that some of their members love to create? And what about that famous statement by a mean girl made when Miranda was pregnant that she “hoped that Miranda AND THE BABY got sick”? Dea twisted herself inside out trying to explain that she just allows a place to speak your opinion, and that she isn’t responsible.
    Double standards at delphi keep us so entertained, don’t they?