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Rihanna Bares Bikini Body on Instagram!

Rihanna Bares Bikini Body on Instagram!

Rihanna took to her Instagram account to show off her bangin’ bikini body on Saturday (April 14).

“#lilmizzsunshine” the 24-year-old singer wrote in one of the photo captions. She later added on her Twitter account, “Hey boy dontcha know I got sumthin goin on”

Rihanna recently received some good news as her first feature film Battleship opened up at number one in almost every territory around the world, according to Deadline.

Ri‘s fans in the United States have to wait until the film hits theaters on May 18 to check it out!

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  • Dee

    Getting quite tired of her

  • xedos

    @Dee: why the hell did you click on the link can’t you read?

  • mel

    She does have a great body.. But she’s getting really annoying lately.

  • Abby

    Ri’s hot!… man, that a real female body :)

  • Mlllllle

    To me she looks way more dressed than usual.

  • ha ha

    she’s such a jerk

  • ha ha

    so obnoxious already really

  • Ava

    Rihanna has a great body! I give her that. And they do say, “if you have it, flaunt it” BUT the constant attention seeking pics almost everyday wreaks of desperation. It’s not that hot when you have to see her body parts all the freaking time.

  • Frida

    She’s 24 years old, why is she acting like she’s 16?

  • ha ha

    really what is wrong with her, there must be some void she is trying to fill. why cant she just be happy she gets to have a rich life and stop trying to show off every minute, i am getting so sick of it already. yes we know u r rich and hot, ok

  • emilie

    The question is, when does she NOT bare her body? All she does is flash her raspberries. Put it away Riri!

  • sd

    This girl is a pathetic, lost orphan. She has some potential and interest in her by association to Jay-z but she is pathetic. Her style, her ghetto dancing, her demeanor. She tweeted out the most racist image a few backs and it is shocking that the press never picked up on it.

  • Love me boy

    “hey boy don’tcha know I got sumthin going on” Did she just quote Christina Aguilera’s Come on over?!?!? If so, I like it =) Alright, alright, alright! She does have a nice body….. that’s undeniable. But please slow down on the show off attitude. We got it, you’re a pretty girl with a banging body. Now what about showing us some “artistic” talent ? huh??

  • Qiana Jones

    If you don’t like Rihanna. Don’t go to her posts. She’s young. She’s allowed to do what she wants. If she wasn’t famous, no one would care. I know people older than he that do this.

  • Courtney

    Wow never thought she’d be one to be getting into desperate territory or pathetic but she is inching

  • bajan


  • ?

    Day by day she seems to be getting trashier and trashier, its just ugh
    I was watching her old interviews and its like what happened to her? :O
    How can someone go from classy elegant singer to streetwalker and her new hair style just eww, cassie at least pulled it off and why does she wear soo much heavy make up,she barely wears any clothes she can take some make up off. Seen her w/out make up shes actually beautiful,naturally

  • abcd

    Is there no one in her life that’ll tell her to calm the f*ck down??? I understand that everyone does this etcetc but it’s just getting old. She’s beautiful (and talented?? – kinda) she just needs to move on from this phase. It’s not attractive.

    You know if this was anyone else they’d be ripping her apart. Rihanna is lucky that people seem to be ok? with her drug taking/half naked pics alllllllllll day errrrrr day.

  • meski

    @Qiana Jones: um no. I know girls that do the same thing and think lowly of them as well. Famous or not, trashy is trashy. And this girl is the epitome of it. Explains why she can’t get a man – who would want to be with a girl who validates herself through half naked pictures and stupid tweets?

  • gfjhfg

    Get real people. If this was a dude taking pics of his body you all wouldn’t be saying the crap that you are saying now.

  • Looselipz

    Trash is trash, money or not.

  • Kaylie


  • Lalalove

    She’s so full of it. She doesn’t need to act the way she acts, because she already has enough attention on her. I just don’t understand this dumb broad sometimes. The nipple exposure, the the grabbing her crotch, the this, the that… not necessary.

  • noloveforhaters

    oh my god haters are soooo funny =) at all the HATERS, CAN YOU ACTUALLY READ ??? =) this is a rihanna post, dont click on it if you dont want to read something about her or if you dont want to see pictures of her. its as simple as that =) its not a magic thing =) haters todays are so pathetic but its funny at least i have always something to laugh, when you commenting =) you taking all the time to click and browse and writing hate comments and still dont get how bad this makes you look hahahaha =)

  • noloveforhaters

    haters are tired of her and find her trashy but still they always find the time to click on every post on her and watch every picture of her. you are so pathetic its sooo funny =) hahahahaha

  • EmilyB

    She loves attention and knows how to get it but she does have a nice body and don`t mind showing nipples and crotch grabbing do she too much exposure

  • Juwan

    Rihanna is 24 yrs old, She is living her life how the avg young adult wants to live it–they go partying with friends, to the beach, take pictures of themselves, doing what people might deem as innappropriate things with them friends (When its all just in good fun). Her living her life like the avg young adult doesn’t mean she’s seeking attention. She already has attention. Why seek for something that you already have. All it means is that she wants to live her life like a normal free young adult, despite being famous. Its not fair that you expect her to act like something other than what she is because of your interest (or lack there of, that you claim) in her life.

  • whosaidthat

    she’s old hat . and i’d be shocked if SkarsgĂ„rd responded to her comments about him being “hot”. Duh, of course he’s hot, he knows that along with the rest of the world. She’s still in high school