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Diane Kruger & Joshua Jackson: Lacoste Lovebirds!

Diane Kruger & Joshua Jackson: Lacoste Lovebirds!

Diane Kruger snuggles up to her boyfriend Joshua Jackson at the first day of Lacoste L!ve‘s desert pool party in celebration of the 2012 Coachella Music Festival on Saturday (April 14) in Thermal, Calif.

The 35-year-old actress will soon star in the highly anticipated flick The Host, based on the best-selling book by Twilight author Stephenie Meyer.

A new poster for the film, featuring star Saoirse Ronan, was recently released. Check it out in the gallery below!

15+ pictures inside of Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson at the Coachella Music Festival

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diane kruger joshua jackson coachella lacoste 01
diane kruger joshua jackson coachella lacoste 02
diane kruger joshua jackson coachella lacoste 03
diane kruger joshua jackson coachella lacoste 04
diane kruger joshua jackson coachella lacoste 05
diane kruger joshua jackson coachella lacoste 06
diane kruger joshua jackson coachella lacoste 07
diane kruger joshua jackson coachella lacoste 08
diane kruger joshua jackson coachella lacoste 09
diane kruger joshua jackson coachella lacoste 10
diane kruger joshua jackson coachella lacoste 11
diane kruger joshua jackson coachella lacoste 12
diane kruger joshua jackson coachella lacoste 13
diane kruger joshua jackson coachella lacoste 14
diane kruger joshua jackson coachella lacoste 15
diane kruger joshua jackson coachella lacoste 16

Credit: John Sciulli, Chris Weeks; Photos: Wire Image
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  • rada

    cute and natural, unlike that other blonde at coachella

  • http://@Javi4Real Javi

    love this couple! So cute together! #AcrossTheUniverse

  • Anon

    Good lord. How sad is it when you people pay for Just Jared to post that you are in a Stephanie Meyers movie? Can her career go any lower? And good to see that Pacey has reappeared to be her shopping bag holder once again. Clearly he has nothing better to do with his life once again.

  • Mickey

    @rada: Which other blonde? There are like a gazillion of these lame asses at Cochella for ‘the music.’ (But attend pool parties instead…)

  • uh no

    Nice photo op, Diane! So people who were “so sure” JJ&DK broke up were wrong. Now they both are not wearing their commitment rings. Should we be worried? ; )

  • Journalistic

    Such a beautiful couple

  • New Jersey

    Please tell me how Brad Pitt passed on this one?

  • lold

    Truly beautiful, non-attention seeking couple.

  • Sammy

    @lold: LMAO! Please tell me you are being sarcastic! Non-attention seeking? Have you seen Kruger in action?

  • uh no

    @Sammy: What do you mean? Diane never ever plays Hollywood/PR games! LOL

  • d

    i like her and like her style, i just do not know why some people hate on her, i mean she has never done anything stupid and embarrassing like most celebs, seriously the hating is soooo random

  • huh

    Her first outing with her BF in months and Diane takes her gay BFF with them? Why is he there? To chaperon ? lol

  • Eonyk

    I just don’t understand the intense hate this couple seems to illicit in people. Oh well, I think they look cute. Wait til the haters sweep in and all positive comments are voted down. So predictable.

  • uh no

    @Eonyk: I think those haters hate Diane because she´s german.

  • Eonyk

    @uh no: I get that some people just don’t like them for whatever reason. But so what? Just don’t bother following her/him. Problem solved.

    But seriously, the hate just seems way intense, as if people are personally butt hurt about the fact that they’re together, or photographed together, or whether they’re wearing rings or any of a dozen other things that are none of people’s business. It’s just odd.

    Then again, I guess that’s celebrity culture these days. I don’t really follow any other RL celeb couple, so I’m sure this happens to other couples too, but whatever… it’s just… something I’ll never understand.

  • Moon’

    Wow happy to see them TOGETHER !!! Such a beautiful pic :)

  • Anon

    LOL at the Pacey fans who post here that they are a beautiful couple just b/c they are fans of his and have no idea about this woman or her history. It’s the same person all the time here asking why no one likes her. I;ll just start with her acting talent. Have you ever seen her in anything where she doesn’t bring the movie down with her ‘acting skills?’ Cause I haven’t. We can start with the general annoyance regarding her there. Too bad she’s not taking acting classes here instead of seeing a concert in the desert – which she’s not, she’s at a party. Also, she needs to figure out if she wants to be a model or an actress for people to even start to take her seriously in the US.

  • What???
  • Georgina

    just because cameras haven’t captured them or sites haven’t posted photos of them in some unit of time doesn’t translate into theybroke up or aren’t together.
    They actually have lives and exist when cameras aren’t around and cameras do not capture their every move like some reality show.

  • lucy2

    I have to say that I’m surprised to see them together, and I am sadly glad that he took his ring off. There was a time when I liked them as a couple…they really looked sweet together a couple of years ago…now I think they should move on. As for the idiot who thinks that anyone who likes Josh is a “Pacey fanatic”…you need to get over yourself. Josh started acting long before Dawson’s Creek. He’s had some good years and bad years with his roles, but he’s survived a lot longer than most, and he seems to be a decent guy.
    Here’s what I’m waiting for: The TomKat marriage is rumored to be wrapping up this summer…end of the year if Katie will sign on to stay until the end of the year. Once that is finished, the truth surrounding Suri’s bio-dad can be finally addressed. I hope Josh gets that paternity test, but I realize that he may wait until Suri is older and wants to know the truth.
    Go to Blind Gossip :-) for the impending breakup post:

  • Anon

    I can’t believe they are back together for the third time. I lost so much respect for him when he went back to her after the second time. Well, here’s to hearing some good gossip about these two and their dysfunctional relationship again!

  • ohyeah

    they are pretty sh*tty actors

  • Kimmy K

    @ohyeah: At one time, I truly felt he as going to be a very good actor – his indie stuff from a few years ago is terrific. But I think it’s hanging out with the model that has turned his acting brains to mush.

  • Justine

    Note to yourselves: if you are scrutinizing photos of celebs to see if they’re wearing commitment rings and then post about it it’s time for u to get a life.

  • Anon

    @Justine: Note to your: if you are scrutinizing people who look at photos of celebs to see if they’re wearing commitment rings and then post about those people posting about it ,it’s time for YOU to get a life as well.

  • heh!

    So much bitterness going on! I can hear the gnashing of teeth from here. In the meantime, in another set of photos, the lovebirds look radiantly happy and don’t give a cr@p.

  • K

    Diane Kruger just may be the best dressed at Coachella…

  • lucy2

    Your comment made me laugh. You are here with the rest of us.
    There are probably some people who spend too much time on all of these sites, but I’m pretty sure that for most of us it is a fun escape from the stress of work and everyday responsibilities. I don’t smoke and rarely drink…let me have my celebrity gossip.

  • Suzie-Q

    A man in his 30′s with thinning hair??? OMG!!! I’ve never heard of such a thing!
    Maybe he should get plugs like Cruise or a rug like most male actors. Would that make you happy?

  • Anon

    This relationship just makes me sad. It’s not healthy at all.

  • Cute couple

    Kate bosworth and bf micheal polish should take a cue from diane Kruger and her bf and actually look like a couple and not staged pap pics

    And Diane looks so much younger then 35 I would have switched ages Kate bosworth 29 looks 35+
    Diane 35 looks 29

  • willanka

    They look lovely together.

  • Rougemyknees


    Oh right, like YOU never went out with your boyfriend AND your best friend. What a freaking moron.

  • joy

    can’t believe she is 35!

  • Deborah
  • baby-g

    @huh: Maybe she just wanted to do something nice for her friend by bringing him along?

  • cathrine

    my god, diane kruger is beautiful