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Emma Watson & Will Adamowicz: New Couple Alert!

Emma Watson & Will Adamowicz: New Couple Alert!

Emma Watson leans in to kiss new boyfriend Will Adamowicz at the 2012 Coachella Music Festival on Saturday (April 14) in Indio, Calif.

The 22-year-old British actress got cozy with Will while checking out some bands.

Earlier in the day, Emma stopped by the Mulberry BBQ Pool Party where she met up with fellow actress Lily Collins.

Emma has been busy filming her new movie, The Bling Ring, in Los Angeles. On Thursday, she showed off her belly and wore a pair of short shorts on the film’s Venice set.

10+ pictures inside of Emma Watson and new boyfriend Will Adamowicz at Coachella…

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emma watson will adamowicz coachella 02
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  • Carol

    she’s always dating someone.

  • Ron


  • camille

    @Carol: I know right? It’s so weird because nobody says anything about that. She has a great PR team.

  • .

    He looks like he using her..but not sure.

  • Alice

    He is cute!!!!!! If shes happy,im happy :)

  • Chelsea

    I swear she always has a new boyfriend…

  • Birdie

    She’s young, so what.

  • Iz

    Since the HP where done we’ve seen her with 4 guys(including this one). Damn that’s a lot Emma! But I guess she hasn’t found the right one to be in a long term relationship.

  • Qiana Jones

    She’s young. I swear you people need to quit judging these celebrities lives. They live theirs, not always by your standards.

  • BEAN

    They’ve been seen together since December. Do you get your information from TMZ and the dailymail only JJ?

  • Dizzy

    They look cute together. She’s young and dating. Let her be.

  • Jessy Smith

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  • Nina

    Awwww so cute!!!!

  • Kate

    She gets around

  • Mia

    Those hooped ear rings are really trashy looking!

  • Tina

    Its true!!! She does seem to hop from one boy to the next…and none of them are even nice looking!!

  • Helena

    She changes her mind about boyfriends as quickly as she changes her mind about colleges! Heehee!

  • BB

    I used to like Emma but now I just think she is conceited and fickle and she always has a smug expression on her face.

  • Fish

    She just loves the attention doesn’t she

  • Effy

    In all honesty who is this guy? I tried searching for him but didn’t find anything.

  • sofia

    this guy is not even cute. Now Emma and George Craig were cute together, But whatever makes her happy!

  • Liz

    Everything about this girl looks very average to me

  • Callie

    I wish people would just get over their adulation of this stuck up little madame.

  • justsayin

    Yay for Emma! Even she has been w/ different guys, so what? She’s just trying to find Mr. Right, aren’t we all? And who cares if he’s not an actor or not that well known. 1.) She’s smart enough to not date someone who’ll use her fame and 2.) that’s probably what attracted her to him, which I find refreshing as opposed to finding the hottest IT guy at the moment.

  • Jem

    Next week she’ll be photographed kissing some other new boyfriend! Perhaps she should be a bit more classy.

  • rachel

    I find her very cocky and its always been off putting. There are too many things about her that are unattractive. Pity.

  • loverducky

    Isn’t that blonde girl in the background on America’s Next Top Model right now?

  • Fiona

    So is she concentrating on her studies now and being focused? Oh no she quit AGAIN! I’m sure she’ll be all “college is whats important” again when she feels like it. More empty words.

  • GG

    She always looks so miserable

  • Lizabeth

    Bit of a bed hopper. And people talk about her like she’s this amazing role model. Please…give me a break. Her true colors are showing now.

  • Emily

    I wonder will she ever be considered a good actress? Doubt it.

  • Kel

    Typical young starlet. Moving from boy to boy, messing her commitments like college around, loving the attention. Just another starlet clinging to her fame

  • nolan

    Never got the appeal with her. I guess people like the character from the HP books and they have put that image on to her. But take away the wand and there is not much to get excited about I’m afraid.

  • Mike

    She wanted to be seen.

  • Echeesuxs

    Get a life and get help Echee. You couldn’t be more obvious.

  • Jess

    She looks moody and stuck up all the time!!!!!! Why do people like her?!!!

  • lily

    New couple? you obviously haven’t seen the pics of the two of them snogging in Mexico at the airport from back December

  • Sara

    Emma does appear to be too in love with herself but no wonder she is when her fans elevate her ego to untouchable heights. She is just a product of their over the top adoration. It is only getting worse.

  • Valerie

    I just saw the pictures of her in the shorts and high top and I can not believe people thought she looked good. She just looked trashy!!!! What is going on with people.

  • Dawn


  • Ben

    Why does she always look like she’s just got a whiff of a foul smell?

  • CK

    I do not think she is appealing at all.

  • nay

    She acts like one of those mean girls in high school who flit from boys to boys and turn her nose up at every other person in the classroom (literally and figuratively). If they don’t benefit her or make her look good she’s not going to bother talking to you.

  • Echeesuxs

    Just look at Echee trying to mix it up! You go Echee.

  • Thom

    u guys she HASN’T BEEN HOPING FROM ONE BOY TO ANOTHER..LOOK THIS GUY IS THE SAME ONE THAT SHE WAS DATING IN OXFORD EARLIER THIS YEAR, previously she had been with that guysfrom “Perks” and before that, while filming DH dated that other guy from college

  • @Echeesuxs


    Who is Echee? Is it the same person posting up all the the hateful comments under different names? Lol.

  • Anna

    Just because she’s a celebrity it doesn’t mean she can’t date as many guys as she wants! She’s in her 20s, let her live her damn life without your judging. Seriously, did you guys date only a couple of people at that age???????????

  • Lol

    Lets just say that if everyone’s sex life was a normal distribution, she would be in the top 5% for girls her age for most sex partners.

  • marilyn


    Typical young starlet. Moving from boy to boy, messing her commitments like college around, loving the attention. Just another starlet clinging to her fame
    Emma Watson has a net worth of 50 million dollars just from Harry Potter alone. right now she ranks 5th on the list of actors under 30 in earnings. she is also making good money for other projects as well. why should Emma give up a career in which she’s making good money to go back to college? What ever for? Emma made millions without even seeing the inside of a College. As for moving from boy to boy, that’s called dating. I’m 26; everyone my age does it. so what is your problem.

  • Shannon

    I love that she’d date a normal guy she just met at school, but for her sake i hope he likes her for her and isnt dating her simply because she’s emma watson