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Halle Berry: Jenesse Silver Rose Awards with Olivier Martinez!

Halle Berry: Jenesse Silver Rose Awards with Olivier Martinez!

Halle Berry looks lovely in Dolce&Gabanna on the red carpet at the 2012 Jenesse Silver Rose Awards gala and auction held at the Beverly Hills Hotel on Saturday (April 14) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 45-year-old actress was joined at the event by her fiance Olivier Martinez.

Halle will be hosting a celebrity golf outing this Monday to support the Jenesse Center‘s life changing work.

Earlier in the day, Halle was spotted heading to a FedEx office.

10+ pictures inside of Halle Berry at the gala and going to FedEx…

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halle berry jenesse silver rose awards with olivier martinez 01
halle berry jenesse silver rose awards with olivier martinez 02
halle berry jenesse silver rose awards with olivier martinez 03
halle berry jenesse silver rose awards with olivier martinez 04
halle berry jenesse silver rose awards with olivier martinez 05
halle berry jenesse silver rose awards with olivier martinez 06
halle berry jenesse silver rose awards with olivier martinez 07
halle berry jenesse silver rose awards with olivier martinez 08
halle berry jenesse silver rose awards with olivier martinez 09
halle berry jenesse silver rose awards with olivier martinez 10
halle berry jenesse silver rose awards with olivier martinez 11
halle berry jenesse silver rose awards with olivier martinez 12

Credit: Russ Einhorn; Photos: SplashNewsOnline, FameFlynet Pictures
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  • BEAN

    Short hair is not a cute look on her

  • Asha

    Halle, 1999 called and they want their dress back!

  • Someone

    Which new black actress is going to take her spot?? I love Halle but her time has passed and its time for a new one.. i reckon she has to be as pretty as halle but as talented as Viola Davis for people to buy it.. mmm i wonder where she is..

  • BlameCanada

    @someone, I am right here.

  • Mia

    Wow. I can’t believe this has happened. Halle Berry is wearing a dress that is just not flattering. There is just something about that crease that makes it look like she’s just a few pounds too heavy for that dress.

  • hyu

    Hate everything about the look

  • Cat

    This guy bad dressed seems asking what he is doing here.

  • Ellgy

    At least she looks more feminine. She usually dresses so masculine when casual.

  • huggy bear

    she looking so washout with this man go back gabriel

  • Millie

    What is HE wearing….that’s the question.

  • jess

    the most unflattering dress i have ever seen on halle and why is oliver rocking hills. i hate when a guy gets into a relationship and looses his looks. oliver used to be HOT, pls dont let halle do to you what angie did to brad

  • huggy bear

    he look like an old man no spark

  • noloveforhaters

    haters are soooo funny =) hahaha, as if the haters which are hiding behind their computers look better then them both hahahahaha =) i doubt it (i know that i dont look better as her). easy to hate on the looks from other people while you hiding behind your computers =) hahahaha. she is 45 and looking gorgeous, what about you hater? =)

  • Love me boy

    I don’t like the dress. I remember she rocked a leopard print dress back in 2008 right after giving birth and she looked a-m-a-z-i-n-g. This dress is less stunning though. But Halle’s still a pretty woman, you guys can’t deny that

  • huggy bear

    noloveforhaters do you have a good body send us a picture before you talk.

  • noloveforhaters

    @huggy bear. i think you dont understand. thats the point halle has a great body a better one than i have. thats the reason why i dont hate on her look. and i doubl that everybody who is hating on her look here, looks better then her =) i think she looks great, not only for somebody who is 45 =) she just looks great =)

  • noloveforhaters

    @huggy bear this means actually before the haters talks bad on the look of halle they are the ones who should send pictures, to proof they are better looking, otherwise i think they first should optimize their own look, before they hate on the look of other people =)

  • huggy bear

    noloveforhaters take a look at halle pictures over the years and you will see a big difance in her look. she is too thin , she is losing her ass it just not the same halle am not hating on her she just don’t look the same halle. the way she is hating on her baby father make her a very hateful person am just saying.

  • noloveforhaters

    @huggy bear please dont misunderstand me =) but people start sayin things like “Short hair is not a cute look on her” what is totally ridiculous, she is wearing this short cut since a long time. so you can not deny that it is obvious that people start to mention even the pathetics thinks on her just to affront her. i mean if you like her or not, to make mean statements about how she is looking just seems pathetic to me =) and if you dont like her than why you come to her post read things about her and click on her pictures and even take the time to write mean comments? =)

  • huggy bear

    noloveforhaters in hollywood business people is going to like or hate the things there people do it;s just the way it is halle knows that. so please don’t get mad at what other people say ok no love lost.

  • noloveforhaters

    @huggy bear sorry but i am not mad, i have an other opinion as you. thats all =)

  • msirene

    Hummmmmm…. do I detect a baby bump, or does she need a larger sized dress? I’m just saying……..

  • BlameCanada

    All that hate and anger on the inside is starting to show on the outside. I’ve never seen her looked so bad and washed up. Olivier is aging her like that dude who aged Waren Beatty aged Annette Bening. Plus she is 45, nature is setting in and you can only fight it so much.

    Hate speeds up the aging process. She needs to step back and revisit some of her decisions and make some amends.

  • BlameCanada is right!

    All the hate and anger Halle has inside is starting to show on the outside. A 3 time loser, her marriages always end so ugly. The way she is trying to separate Nahla from her father is disgusting. Good luck with your FOURTH marriage!

  • nope

    @BlameCanada is right!: Never married to Aubry. So, if she goes through with it–Martinez would be hubby #3.

    Remember, the operative word is “IF”. Not being negative, and wish her only the best regardless of how the whole fiasco with Aubry is being played out in the tabloid/entertainment media.

    Again, the key is will they still get married or stays as a couple if a Family Court judge says Nada on taking Nahla to France with her. Also, regardless of how much time has been spending in the US and his new restaurant venture, I don’t see Ollie Boy moving to the US permanently green card or no green card rumor.

  • wishful thinking

    @msirene: wishful thinking…tight dress…don’t think Halle will have her eggs harvested again (mentioned on Tavis) and have IVF again (Tavis/internet) for Martinez. Only time will tell if they do have kids or last much longer (not being negative).

  • Rollergirl

    Olivier and Halle attended this event last year. Remember Halle wore hot pink? They did the red carpet “together”. Now they are engaged. Why didn’t they do the red carpet together this year? Don’t you think that’s kind of strange?



  • kandy

    wow she looks so old and her make believe boyfriend needed heels, he looks a tide mess, both looks washed up. same old thing halle, that tide hair, tight dress, we are so over it. next. one big bore.

  • jrn

    Her hair is just gorgeous.

    I wonder when they are going to tie the knot.

  • jrn

    That dress looks like something you would wear to a hookers convention. :/

  • judy

    that is one nasty looking man , wearing the hi heels. Guess she likes him cause she can contol him and his ugliness.You go Gabriel and get total custody of your baby.

  • Halle’s FOS as usual

    @nope: Halle’s FOS as usual regardless of this great cause.


    1- I think she will ONLY get married if and only if they judge says yes.

    2-Is cocky, impatient and over confident like she is with most things in her life before they go awry, and marries in haste before the judge rules, then her Halle Ho’s (nickname in high school) marriage will be shorter than Kim Karhorian’s.