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Kate Bosworth & Michael Polish: 'Good Day Sunshine!'

Kate Bosworth & Michael Polish: 'Good Day Sunshine!'

Kate Bosworth stays close to boyfriend Michael Polish at the 2012 Coachella Music Festival on Saturday (April 14) in Indio, Calif.

The same day, the couple checked out the Mulberry BBQ Pool Party, which also brought out Lily Collins and Emma Watson.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Kate Bosworth

“Good Day Sunshine!” Kate wrote on her Twitter page to Michael, who then retweeted it.

The night before, Kate and Michael attended the Mulberry Firepit Party, which had a monster-theme, specifically around the children’s book “Where The Wild Things Are”.

FYI: Michael is wearing Levi’s.

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Credit: Nathanael Jones, Ben Dome; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • Effy

    So I keep seeing posts of her at Coachella, but seriously, besides getting her pictures taken, does KB actually do anything? She seems extremely pointless to this industry.

  • Lola

    Before you all start hating on her, I just want to acknowledge that this girl has got style.

  • Just Sayin

    too much work done on her face

  • Rachel ()

    Katy Perry, Rihanna, Diane Kruger, Vanessa Hudgens, Nina Dobrev, & Josh Hutcherson, were also at Coachella. Yet Kate Bosworth is the only one to have 4 posts. Kate isn’t famewhoring. Sure.
    ‘“Good Day Sunshine!” Kate wrote on her Twitter page to Michael, who then retweeted it.’
    How is that statement not meant to be a joke? That’s ridiculous.

  • Leonarda

    I love Kate Bosworth.

  • Lois

    Wow! In breaking news two twats twat on twitter…..

  • picnic

    @Leonarda: what??? she has no tits

  • Why?

    Why? why? why? what have a done to deserve daily pictures of this left over HW trash.

  • Sigh…

    This is the last day isn’t it? She doesn’t need one post, let alone 4. Go work or something, you’re getting way too old for this nonsense. She just screams ‘only child’ to me. Grow up.

  • Magic

    She finally found a guy who looks happy to be around her. The True Blood dude always looked miserable with her.

  • Loli…

    Her forced smile takes my breath away

  • Amy

    wow, she is really enjoying coachella this year. With no drunk brutish “viking” by her side.
    She gained some weight, that’s great :)

  • Nice

    Now I can see the outfit better. It’s cute, the only thing I would have gone for the long necklace only and a blk v neck tank.

  • Also


    You forgot she has no arse. Flat as a pancake

  • Actually…

    Kate would have looked MUCH better without the over shirt. Or if it was too cold for that a plain one would have been fine. The outfit’s just way too busy.

  • picnic

    @Also: and chicken legs

  • Another one?

    Why are there so many posts of her? What does she do? There are actual celebs there, post them instead please!

  • Amy

    @Also: good for you, criticising tits sizes.
    Haven’t you heard that women come in different shapes?

  • Dieter

    This girl is so stunning. Great actress. Amazing style !!!! Instant hard-on !!!

  • Macy

    It isn’t like this is some kind of new look outfit. Tons of people wear that look and have for years. She’s not setting any trends, and never has. Bosworth recycles what others do first, and the first outfit she got photgraphed in help prove that, since Kate Moss did almost that exact look at Glastonbury festival.
    So obviously JJ follows their barf inducing twitter pages. Ugh, who the hell cares what he retweeted? His twitter exists for the sole purpose of helping pimp her out. As if she’s not good at doing that on her own. She’s had years of practice.

  • @Lola

    @Lola: No, she has a stylist, Cher, who picks out all her clothes, including all the outfits she is wearing this weekend. Don’t credit Kate, credit her stylist.

  • Sabrina

    He never smiles ?

  • Macy

    Oh goodie, it’s the double point. When single pointing won’t do, break out the double point. Ugh!

  • ladybug

    @@Lola: Or discredit her stylist, since Cher’s casual style (and therefore Kate’s ) pretty much sucks.

  • donnadew

    She is so tragically knock kneed. Among other things.

    And who says he looks “happy” to be with her. He always looks like he has electrodes wired to his genitals in these happy couple photos: stone faced and flinching.

  • LivingGirl

    What does Kate Bosworth actually do? Oh right, she “acts”… but poorly. I wonder why it’s only seems that JustJared has story after story about her? Is she paying someone who works for them to have her picture taken and a story wrote about her? I’m just curious, she’s not an A list celeb, so she doesn’t seem to feature anywhere else. She reminds me of a walking skeleton and someone should really make her eat something before she comes invisible.

  • kel

    didn’t she pimp alex around with her last yr at this event?

  • ladybug

    @Rachel (): No, not all. She just happened to be where the paps are. The people around them are probably wondering ‘who the heck are these two and why are they being photographed?”
    Most of the other actual celebs may be there for the actual festival experience, as opposed to being a walking billboard. Though I’ll mention again that JJ seems unusually silent in informing of us of exactly what JM item she’s wearing, and where I can spend several hundred dollars recreating such a look (In the body of the post, not those annoying ads he sometimes has hyperlinked to the pics).

  • eve

    if you were to ask me who kate bosworth is…the only answer I could give you is she reps coachella. ?????? wtf who cares…show us pics of the bands dammit.

  • ladybug

    @kel: And the year before that. But MP, though he’s not smiling much, is much more willing to engage in PDA with his life partner and famewhore with her.
    So she’s happy, even though though don’t seem to be as many paps around her as in years paps. JJ will come through. Since these are from yesterday, I’m sure he’s saving today’s fashion show for tomorrow.

  • Mari

    sorry, but this guy is pathetic and very very ugly. Before he seemed like a common man, not very attractive. But there are many creepy things like in his Twitter account he only follows Kate and put pictures of her with “artistic” phrases or better said lame. He does nothing more than follow her everywhere, as if the guy had nothing else to do. Furthermore, I do not know his age but looks like an ridiculous old man.

  • ladybug

    @eve: JJ’s got some band pics, have to look for them though:

  • curiousmlc

    I just get a very needy vibe from both parties. I mean the twitter stuff is ridiculous, they go on a social media site to tweet their love to each other. A few months into dating and they are wearing wedding bands a calling each other life partners? Red flags are up all over and they aren’t just for decoration.

    I just scratch my head and wonder how did Alex spend time with her.

    I watched Radiohead on youtube and they were awesome.

  • Annie

    Let me get this straigHT:
    Kate is called:
    - shallow… by people who is constantly talking about her hair, face, breast, derriere, legs…
    - s**tty… but she always has been in long term relationships (for a young person in hollywood)
    - famewhore… it’s a business! you have an oportunity, you take it.
    - and she should get a life… I see her doing stuff all the time, and JJ posts it and gets lots of responses… by people who can’t stand her but are OBSSESED with her, they’re like anti-fans, yeah ANTI-FANS.
    (pardon any engrish)

  • ladybug

    @Mari: Well, he’s 41, not exactly ready for retirement.
    Are their twitter feeds a little creepy? Yes. And if she didn’t like him taking pics of her and posting them, I’m pretty sure that she’d ask him to stop. She seems to want him to do this and doesn’t seem bothered by it at all.

  • Lola

    @Annie: so?

  • EmilyB

    his is one goofy chicken headed b*tch take the hobbit and go hide under a shell / last year she and AS look miserable as hell together now she found a hobbit to famewh*re with how lovely too bad the both look yucky all these damn post all of them with him acting like they so in love wearing rings on their hands the picture above show little the married or something she making sure the rings are shown she needs to stop taking pictures and hide them f*cking birdf legs they ae not sexy at all they both suck

  • Jeannie

    What will she do if this relationship fails too?

  • Lola

    @ladybug: assumed that he is not old so I said “looks” like an old ridiculous guy, are just the vibes he emit.

  • Melina

    Well, I think they are a perfect match, seems very much in love.

  • Lea

    @Melina: I’m not buying it.

  • Natalia

    he really is short, wow!

  • ComeOn

    @38- Come on tell us how you really feel ;)

  • Deana

    They make a nice couple

  • Risa

    JJ what is it with your website? You have more postings of has beens than anyone else. Add Ediot the mooch & psycho yodeler to the list too.

  • Annie

    @Lola: sup?

  • Tanter

    I wonder if Polish actually loves her, or if he’s in for the attention she brings him. Seriously. He loves it, you can tell.

  • @ Annie

    Just checking in to laugh at these posts.

    @Annie – Do yourself a favor and don’t try to reason with these
    clowns. They are “electronic bullies” and I like to think that
    if they spew their hate here they will behave themselves
    out in the real world.

    To the mean and nasty posters :Laughing AT YOU, not with you

  • Sigh…

    @@ Annie: I don’t understand the ‘haters’ crap. We share a difference of opinion, that’s all. Calling people ‘electronic bullies’ kind of makes you a bully too. It’s a gossip blog, people are allowed to have opinions, whether they like the person or not.

  • Annie

    @@ Annie:
    You are right.
    You can’t reason with this people? “e-bullies will be e-bullies”.