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Leighton Meester & Aaron Himelstein: Kiss Kiss!

Leighton Meester & Aaron Himelstein: Kiss Kiss!

Leighton Meester kisses boyfriend Aaron Himelstein on Saturday (April 14) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The 26-year-old Gossip Girl actress, rocking a pink and red bikini, took a dip in the ocean with a shirtless Aaron.

Leighton and Aaron – who previously dated in 2007 after meeting on the set of Remember the Daze – have been enjoying some R&R in the South American country.

The couple visited the famous Christ the Redeemer statue and went shopping at the Hippie Fair.

25+ pictures inside of Leighton Meester and Aaron Himelstein getting cozy at the beach…

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leighton meester aaron himelstein kiss 01
leighton meester aaron himelstein kiss 02
leighton meester aaron himelstein kiss 03
leighton meester aaron himelstein kiss 04
leighton meester aaron himelstein kiss 05
leighton meester aaron himelstein kiss 06
leighton meester aaron himelstein kiss 07
leighton meester aaron himelstein kiss 08
leighton meester aaron himelstein kiss 09
leighton meester aaron himelstein kiss 10
leighton meester aaron himelstein kiss 11
leighton meester aaron himelstein kiss 12
leighton meester aaron himelstein kiss 13
leighton meester aaron himelstein kiss 14
leighton meester aaron himelstein kiss 15
leighton meester aaron himelstein kiss 16
leighton meester aaron himelstein kiss 17
leighton meester aaron himelstein kiss 18
leighton meester aaron himelstein kiss 19
leighton meester aaron himelstein kiss 20
leighton meester aaron himelstein kiss 21
leighton meester aaron himelstein kiss 22
leighton meester aaron himelstein kiss 23
leighton meester aaron himelstein kiss 24
leighton meester aaron himelstein kiss 25
leighton meester aaron himelstein kiss 26
leighton meester aaron himelstein kiss 27
leighton meester aaron himelstein kiss 28

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  • Shelly

    Too cute nothing forced

  • all together

    the truth is that these two are not equally attractive. Ususally i seems thatcouples often have a similar level of attractiveness. But she is above average pretty, and he is very average looking. I do’t know either of them to comment on their personality but I assume he has that going for him- maybe he is kind, smart. still- a surprising choice for her. who is he anyway? but I am happy if she is happy-! At least she is not chosing some mean guy. I mean I assume he is nice! he looks nice.-

  • James

    Nice. I love seeing Leighton in a bikini. She’s hot.

  • bahha black sheep

    needs to tone up and get implants!!!

  • Jessy Smith

    oh,nice topic. i have heard that a saying goes in China like this “Only one himself knows if the shoes match his feet or not “。If u really love her /him ,nothing matters, let alone the height . I met my BF through ~~–t’A'l’l'c’h'a’t ._C`○`Μ.~~ a nice place for tall women and big men, or big women and tall men, to interact with each other! , he is almost three inches than me ,but we think we did find the true love .BTW,Ever feel that you would best enjoy someone who is not in your height group? Free of the embarrassment and annoyance, go for what makes you really happy.If u are really interested in it, maybe u wanna check it out or tell your friends.

  • Babi

    Amazing body Leighton!
    Your body look brazilian girls!

  • Anne

    @bahha black sheep:

    You’re an idiot. She doesn’t need implants.

    Most people don’t want to look like porn stars.

  • bahha black sheep

    @Anne: well gossip girl is ending and she is getting mediocre parts in crappy films…she needs to impress producers or she is done

  • MaisyRL

    of the GG cast the person who actually possesses talent, not just a lot of hype, is Leighton. BUT it seems like Leighton or her PR folks called the paps to alert them she was vacationing there. this is kind of new b/c usually she stays under the radar. i’m not ready to throw her under the bus JUST YET…but if i see more of this ‘moments’ i’ll be disappointed that she’s stooped to these levels. it *could* be Leighton’s new BF who decided to get *caught* with Leighton, obviously the more known of the two of them, to get some face time in tabs/with paps to advance his career…in which case Leighton: he’s not a keeper.

  • cappie

    She got a better body & structure than that shortie Bilson who who also mediawhored just last week.

  • keshaluv

    she needs to stay away from that jew!

  • r.


    Actually a Brazilian reporter posted information on her whereabouts. She wasn’t papped when she was shooting a campaign in SP. Leighton, who has nothing to promote at the moment just wanted to visit Rio with her unknown boyfriend who wouldn’t be able to do anything for her career. If you didn’t see the other posts, hundreds of fans have been following her around and if they can find her, so can the paparazzi, which isn’t rare in Rio. These pictures are also making their rounds on the internet and not sold to a tabloid exclusively either. There’s no way they were tipped off.

  • Anne

    @bahha black sheep:

    What is your definition of “impressing” producers? Sleeping with them?

    Leighton doesn’t need to do that because she’s talented.

  • Sara

    her BF looks like Penn Badgely (present style) from the back
    kinda makes me wonder if she has a crush on Penn in real life ??????

  • bahha black sheep

    @Anne: whatever it takes….playing second fiddle in Selena Gomez and Minka Kelly movies must be embarrassing for her fans

  • anon

    amazing how rarely you see hot men with less attractive women who have great personalities yet you see hot women with less attractive men all the time. Especially in hollywood.. so he probably is a nice man who treats her well and for us women those things are more important to us for the long haul. So even though I say .. what is she thinking?? the answer is she is probably thinking with her heart and not with her eyes :) good for you girl.

  • Melanie

    Leighton looks amazing!! She has a great body and has curves in all the right places!

  • Cami

    i smell a photo op to raise her profile and people hate on blake? leighton is just as fame hungry

  • MaisyRL

    @r.: good to know. i want to give Meester the benefit of the doubt bc she usually isn’t pap’d in her personal life. i read her article in Marie Clare and i was surprised at what she had to say. the girl’s got her priorities straight—which is why i’m inclined to believe this really is a coincidence. her movie The Oranges—one that i’ve been really looking forward to w/ an amazing cast, will come out Fall 2012 and its the kind of movie that will get awards buzz.

  • feliz

    beautiful body

  • Nora

    Whats wrong with you guys? her boyfriend looks totally fine to me – not hollywood-handsome but still nice and down-to-earth…and whats most important: leighton looks really happy with him!

  • Mindy

    big degradation from sebastian stan to aaron himelstein

  • dodo

    1. She does NOT need fake boobs/implants.
    2. She is NOT doing this for PR. Barely anyone knows who he is, and she is on vacation. Do you see her dating a-listers to climb the status level instead of showing her talent? No.
    3. If she were doing something for PR, she would get “caught” going out with Ed or someone to get attention, which she doesn’t. Back off now.

  • siennagold

    Very pretty even without makeup and a nice body!

  • Emalie


    Exactly. Brazilian paparazzi is very invasive and they are not stupid of course they check Twitter where the Brazilians fans stalking Leighton constantly report where she is.

  • Sue

    Aaron Himelstein? Visiting Christ the Redeemer statue?
    That’s really funny…

  • tam


    “mediawhored” dude u cracked me uppp :D:D:D:D:D

  • Ashley

    They look happy. Seems to be genuinely enjoying eachother’s company.

    Leighton looks really pretty with no makeup on.

  • شات الحب

    Thank you for your wonderful entry was very

  • Ellen

    if this was blake with ryan in brazil, all the leighton stans would be here calling her a famewhore and an ugly loser. leighton stans are so pathetic. they actually think leighton is at the level of talent where she doesn’t have to do cheap pr like this.

  • huytttersong

    WHAT ?! Im her age and would totally do him!
    he is freakin HOT

  • Agreed

    I like both Blake and Leighton, as a fan not a stan so I like to think I’m rarional. But Ms Meester’s stans are as unhinged as Adriana Lima’s. Mercifully Gossip Girl is ending soon, Leighton & Blake will go their seperate ways and their respective fans can worship each apart and hopefully leave the other alone not to be connected in life again.

  • Dasha

    She has a hot body with curves

  • Jen

    Brazilian paparazzi in Rio are EVERYWHERE! no, you have no idea.. EVERYWHERE!!
    There are lots of brazilian celebritys in Rio, international ones are just another job in a paparazzi day

  • Jake

    She works with all those handsome men. Blake Lively dates Ryan Reynolds. This boyfriend must be really nice, because I mean…..really.

  • Alice_R

    pretty pretty pretty <3<3<3

  • fitzlombard

    What can actually fucccking say to all those haters?
    Ahhhhahahahaha! i’M so GLAd and relieved!!
    Leighton and her friend just made my day.twiceShe’s healthy and gracefully all over the hollywood’s norm of casual!
    Aaaaall the way with the Leight’ and Aron’s way ya all!!!

  • GoldenBlitch

    @Ellen: Maybe it’s because Blake is a famewh0re who relies on who she’s dating and NOT her acting abilities to get attention. Check yourself.

  • lua j

    after sebastian stan, she dated luke bracey (who is very hawt and i’m sure to your liking) soooo you can’t’ call it a degradation after stan.
    about the paparazzi stuff, yeah i heard from brazilian fans (on twitter and forums) that she’s visiting very touristy places there, so i’m sure if fans can spot her so could the paps. and seeing how she’s not wearing any make-up or fancy clothes, it’s obvious she’s not even aware she’s going to be papped.
    about her bf, i agree with everybody who said that happiness is the most important thing in a relationship. yes leighton is gorgeous and could date a lot of hot guy in hollywood but it looks obvious to me than she’s not interested in a relationship which the media would follow. + she know him for a long time and he’s probably a cool, nice, relaxed guy with whom she feels good and happy, so what’s the big deal? they’re not going to make the cover of any magazine as the hottest couple of the year, but it isn’t what she want anyway.
    that she’s dating a guy like him means that she’s not a shallow person either, so kudos to her!

  • @#32

    But Leighton stans won’t ever quit. Look how often they have to mention Blake in a post that should focus only on Leighton. Says it all.

  • Ellen


    that doesnt make any sense because she’s been photographed with ryan very very few times even though they have been dating since october. if she was dating guys for attention, dont you think she would be seen with ryan a lot more of why would she have dated penn for so long?

    typical crazy leighton stan who thanks blake is evil. stop being so insecure.

  • GoldenBlitch

    @Ellen: Are you kidding me. Typical dumba** Blake stand who come to a LEIGHTON post, to talk about Blake. Blake is only known for dating her costars who are more famous than her, for publicity, and also the rumor of messing with a married man. Get your head out of Blake’s a**. Leighton doesn’t go around famewh0ring. Points blank. You can go back to a Blake post now.

  • @Ellen

    You can never stop their insecurity. That’s why they HAVE to mention and rip at Blake in a Leighton post. No one feels the need to cuss at Leighton or mention her name in a Blake post. Says it all
    Just leave them to it seriously.

  • Ellen


    delusional leighton fan who is petty and insecure and who thinks everything blake does is evil and fake but if leighton does the same things, it’s totally just a coincidence and normal. stop being delusional and mad because blake is more famous than leighton will ever be. it’s so sad that leightons fans will make up anything and believe anything about blake just so they can feel like leighton is classier and better. how insecure can you get LOL. there are rumors of leighton dating her costars all the time (ed westwick, penn, the guy in montecarlo, garrett hegelund).

  • Dieter

    I just came on her ass !!!

  • lalala

    love Leighton pictures

  • lyla

    @Melanie: +1

  • dodo

    I’m pretty sure Ellen is the one who came in this LEIGHTON post talking about Blake. Hypocrite Blake stans can get out with the pathetic name calling. You don’t even know them, and you’re calling him or her insecure? What are they “insecure” about? YOU don’t know Blake or Leighton. GROW UP.

  • stac

    Himelstein is only Jewish on his father’s side. Why don’t you go around talking about Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Logan Lerman, and Paul Rudd being Jewish instead, since they’re all 100% Jewish?