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Leonardo DiCaprio & Channing Tatum: Summer of Sony in Mexico!

Leonardo DiCaprio & Channing Tatum: Summer of Sony in Mexico!

Leonardo DiCaprio meets up with Jamie Foxx at the party for their film Django Unchained at Summer of Sony 4 Spring Edition held at the Ritz Carlton Hotel on Saturday (April 14) in Cancun, Mexico.

Earlier that same day, Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill attended the 21 Jump Street photo call as part of the event. The duo dressed in full police garb as they signed autographs for fans and posed for pics!

“Forget 21 Jump Street. In Mexico it’s all about Comando Especial,” Jonah tweeted along with a movie poster for the flick, which read Comando Especial!

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Credit: Matt Dames; Photos: Getty
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  • vinha

    Leo looks tired.

  • Naomi

    The beard is a no-no. Thank God it’s just for the time of the filming.

  • Titanic

    He looks like a buddha LMFAOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

  • Wow

    Can’t wait till he can shave that beard off! Still leo looks good.

  • KAY blood

    Leo IS NOT aging well. He is losing his once good looks, it is quite puzzling as most actors keep their beauty but he isn’t..

  • Tittles

    Can’t get over how swiftly Leo is aging but he is still attractive.

  • Jes

    Oh please he’s almost 40. He can’t remain young e beautiful forever. Nobody could (exept with some help) He’s still better than most men at his age.

  • rochelle

    One big gay love-in ;-D !!!!!

  • FYI

    People on bz don`t like comments here. Is there anyone who cares? I don`t since their comments are ridiculous.
    Leo looks bad, old and tired. It can be because of the hideous beard but I have to agree he is not aging that well. Time to give up partying and the young bimbos maybe?

  • Dieter


  • annastasia

    His stiling Brad’s recogneyezaball fitxures!! Bastard…

  • Ca

    Hope Leo has dumped the boring Erin Heatherton…I don’t like her!

  • frisbee

    And now Channing is in the headlines along Leo. Has he had even a single bad day this year? Still keeping my fingers crossed for a perfect score.

  • Coco

    It’s not the beard. He looked great with a beard in Body of Lies. It’s the eyes. They look weary.

  • hateme

    What about Jaime Foxx?? He isn’t as cool as people may think

  • A

    @hateme: Yeah I’ve heard some really messed up stuff about Jamie…

  • hateme

    @A: wow! tell uzss

  • @FYI

    Aw geez . If you don’t – ahem – care about them or their comments, then why bring them up? You realise you were the only one to reference them here on this post. So much for not caring. LOL.

  • @Coco

    True about the eyes

  • Anon

    So cute

  • Creed

    SOoo Beautiful!!! Leo is perfect!!!!

  • ichi

    maybe he is tired, but common, if a men like this wake me up every morning I will be more than happy! even with the puffy eyes, I love you Leo!

  • LaChica

    Leo looks good!!! Damn I love when he looks all rugged :) Poor guy he has been working hard doing movies back to back for us fans love u baby!!!

  • LaChica

    @KAY blood: If you think ur so good looking why don’t u post ur pic I can bet ur ugly as hell…look in the mirror before u insult someone else!

  • benita

    @Jes: true that, and blondes age faster, especially in the sun. He changed a lot from boy to man, but the man is BETTER. I’d love it if he went full MOUNTAIN MAN for a change…just would like to see what it looks like. he has a really FULL ITALIAN beard from his dad but he mostly trims it down, goes all the way down his neck. MANLY not boy toy.

    What did you hear bout James?

    And yes I hope miss heatherton is gone. Not because she is so terrible but because she’s 22 and talentless/vapid. Showing your bum in panties for a living is NOT creative and does NOT require a lot of brains. I think if Mr. Leo ever found a beauty with both that was willing the game would change…..but myabe I am just too hopeful.

  • @18

    Bringing them up means caring? I don`t think so.
    The facial hair is not attractive whether it`s for the movie or not. He is working and traveling a lot. That makes him look tired. The lifestyle.

  • benita

    PS Sony lost billions this year.

  • Hehehe

    I just watched Titanic and I have to say Leo looks sh*t compared to how he once looked. But as someone said, he can’t look young & beautiful forever and he’s still not bad for his age. Ahhhhh he’ll always be Jack to me. Where’s my Jack?!?

  • Amanda

    Leo looks like his dad with that beard.

  • Mary

    Platonic love of my adolescence, will always love him for that.

  • benita

    @Amanda: yes you can see George in him…but george was pretty hot himself in his 20s. I mean it…he was attractive in a hippy, healthy, burly all natural kind of way.

    To me Leo in Titanic looks like he is collecting for his paper route, grown up Leo much better. The one in Titanicc literally looks like he doesnt shave. I like L. with chest hair…he doesnt have much but what he does looks good. Grown as s Leo = much better!

    hate the dark hair though. not his fault, for role.

    i checked out the tweet-the mexican girl is a self appointed fashionista who subscribes to fashion/gossip accounts…I think she may be assuming. But who knows. obvio vino means “obviously” in
    spanish—so she’s saying “and obviously Erin Heatherton” kind of like she doesnt know for sure. She tweeted Erin herself. but if she is more power to her, enjoy it while it lasts. He should be with KERRY WASHINGTON who’s much prettier than Erin anyway and a good actress-or Quentin would not work with her.

    Let Erin enjoy her Leo junket. It wont last forever and she doesnt look
    overjoyed these days anyway. Rich men’s toys KNOW what they are and I dont think she was raised to see herself that way. I know I wasnt-we’re both middle class american white girls…we dont like that crap. Raised to be wives, not totsies.

  • benita

    @Dieter: take a valium, please. I used to think you were Erin herself but you post nonsense on the bar threads too…are you getting paid to “stir it up?”

  • benita

    also, NO ONE else wants to see them married…I bet not even them. I think she’s a little on the fence about all this…she knows she’s getting used, but also, at the same time she’s getting over. Its a mixed bag at best for her.

  • A

    @benita: Erin is jewish…

  • BarAdrianafan

    ugly boring no talent

  • benitinkerbell

    GET OVER IT! He’s with Erin/Bar till the next blonde. Deal with reality.
    Leo is not going to Kerry Washington, Zoe Saldana, Maya Angelou e.t.c. No matter how many threads you wish/inflict it on Tinkerhell.

  • Lorelei

    He is everything but attractive on these pictures. Sorry, but he has become very ordinary looking. The facial hair is awful.

  • AsianPersuasion

    @benitinkerbell: To be fair, the only people bringing those people up are white girls who aren’t blond.

    I don’t know any black girls who cares about Leo. It’s mostly white girls who want him to date a brunette or any other color besides blond and/or jewish/foreign/none American so they can live through her.

  • @benita

    The tweet is interesting since it was tweeted to JJ. But it seems like she is there. There was an article posted on his bz thread that claims he arrived to Cancun with her. Also he declined to participate in any kind of conversation about the movie because he is `in character` even though everyone else participated ( Tarantino, J. Foxx ). A different article claims he left some party without meeting fans waiting for him ( back entrance exit ) meanwhile other cast members did meet them. Seems like he is above everyone he is working with. He is too big of a star to do stuff like that. No wonder he is dating someone who attends a charity event but won`t talk to anyone at her table only to her publicist and leaves the table halfway through the dinner. Match made in ego-heaven!

  • benita

    @benitinkerbell: why does this upset you so, dingaling? I was just saying I wish, not I BET. But he would hit it with her on the side, we know that as well…he’s equal opportunity on the down low…

    why does it bother you so I wish he got over the blonde thing…a lot of people do. Washington is the type of woman he SHOULD be with…but if he spends his life with blond dinks its on him ! he’ll never have a family because he doesnt date women even he can take seriously–DEAL WITH THAT TOO!

    Also Erin and Bar are not the same thing. Bar was way more insulting and pretentious…do you see erin coming on here and saying she’s DROP DEAD GORGEOUS ISRAELI PURE PERFECTION DOESNT GET BETTER THAN THIS —I mean you really know how to offend people and make them laugh.

    If just for once that camp admitted, “Yeah, Leo buoyed her career and helped her get established, now she’s working hard to keep it going” we all would have so much more sympathy if she/you/it/them were REAL.

  • benita

    and he’s not “WITH” Bar although I’ve seen numerous embarrassing attempts here to make it seem like he is….the whole Tobey in Israel thing for one…its really pathetic.

    Leo is not with Bar, and never will be again, DEAL WITH THAT. Even if there is another mindless poo poo blonde after Erin, so what. Just as long as it isnt the most offensive one.

  • To Benita

    Are you referring to this article that this gossip columinist wrote?
    Of all the tweets posted, no one mentioned she was there at the party or walking on the beach with Leo?
    Is he that ashamed of her that he asked her not to be seen anywhere in public? LOL

  • AsianPersuasion

    @benita: You said you were a white middle class girl like Erin :S

  • @benita

    Enough with the Bar talk already! Bore someone else with this stuff, please! Just get over it already!

  • benita

    @AsianPersuasion: Go to lipstickalley for the black girls who wouldnt mind smashing that…and the black women who already DID.

    And dont you dare saying that stupid crap about “your sick bar obsession etc….YOU brought her up. You bring her up and then if i or anyone else says what they think about her we’re “obsessed.” When I dont post you go after other people who think the same way as if they were me and make an a s s of yourself.

  • benita

    @AsianPersuasion: I am and you may be right… ;)
    but black girls do like him and black girls DO GET HIM…even this year. its fcuked up that they cant be the “main” girl because that is what you are when you are a dicaprio “girlfriend” – the main public but not the only. That was Bar Refaeli from the beginning…he was NEVER monogamous with her, right from the beginning.

  • @benita

    No, it`s you who makes an a s s of herrself with the continuous Bar talk. Don`t you realize that people just don`t wanna read about her anymore? At least not on the Leo threads. And it`s you who always bring her up. Over and over again. It`s your opinion and nobody wants to force you to change your mind. But why do you have to bring it here all the time? Of course his ex girlfriends are mentioned but that doesn`t mean a long conversation about the exact same thing should start. Especially not a year after the breakup. It`s not about Gisele or Lively. Always Bar, Bar, Bar. Why is it so necessary to keep talking about her?

  • benita

    @@benita: bummer ! we’ll find out in time, like, tomorrow morning or something. But its not forever, nor does it even matter that much in the scheme of things.

    I read this as maybe chafing under the pressure a bit. the picture of him on gulliver show him actually chucking the bird at the paps and he’s never done that before. Maybe they are just getting to him finally.

    as for erin at ball,she strikes me as a rather simple small town girl who has bitten off more than she can chew..the backlash against her has been pretty nasty and it might be more than she knows how to handle. Maybe she signed some contract with Leo and is afraid to open her mouth now…I wouldnt be, those contracts are silly and not enforceable…because of first amendment rights and also because unless she sold her story to the tabs she wouldnt be seen as really doing anything wrong by a judge or anyone.

    I honestly think she doesnt know what to do with herself…as for him..
    maybe because of the role he is playing (evil plantation slave owner) he doesnt want to answer questions about that. sometimes you gotta chill and just be yourself.

    how does a BRAZILIAN journo know anything about this?

    and anyone who brings up Bar you say is “obsessed” or “boring” -this is part of the new hardcore strategy to stifle people who dont like bar…you know what, I’LL SAY ANYTHING I WANT.

    attica! attica! attica!

  • @@benita

    You need help as well. If it bothers you so much then dont read it! I think Benita talks about Bar prob because her fans still come on Leo posts and yes Erin posts to talk crap! For example now see post #35

  • benita


    You can go read Moby Dick, Les Miserables, Anna Karinina, or Vanity Fair…nice chunky classics, keep ya busy if you dont like reading this. I already did and loved them all except for Anna K which is just anti woman and depressing. ENJOY !

    Try reading Les Mis in French…its only 1400 pages. You can skip the BAttle of Waterloo ish.