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Leonardo DiCaprio & Channing Tatum: Summer of Sony in Mexico!

Leonardo DiCaprio & Channing Tatum: Summer of Sony in Mexico!

Leonardo DiCaprio meets up with Jamie Foxx at the party for their film Django Unchained at Summer of Sony 4 Spring Edition held at the Ritz Carlton Hotel on Saturday (April 14) in Cancun, Mexico.

Earlier that same day, Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill attended the 21 Jump Street photo call as part of the event. The duo dressed in full police garb as they signed autographs for fans and posed for pics!

“Forget 21 Jump Street. In Mexico it’s all about Comando Especial,” Jonah tweeted along with a movie poster for the flick, which read Comando Especial!

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Credit: Matt Dames; Photos: Getty
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# 1

Leo looks tired.

# 2

The beard is a no-no. Thank God it’s just for the time of the filming.

# 3

He looks like a buddha LMFAOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

# 4

Can’t wait till he can shave that beard off! Still leo looks good.

# 5
KAY blood @ 04/15/2012 at 3:14 pm

Leo IS NOT aging well. He is losing his once good looks, it is quite puzzling as most actors keep their beauty but he isn’t..

# 6

Can’t get over how swiftly Leo is aging but he is still attractive.

# 7

Oh please he’s almost 40. He can’t remain young e beautiful forever. Nobody could (exept with some help) He’s still better than most men at his age.

# 8

One big gay love-in ;-D !!!!!

# 9

People on bz don`t like comments here. Is there anyone who cares? I don`t since their comments are ridiculous.
Leo looks bad, old and tired. It can be because of the hideous beard but I have to agree he is not aging that well. Time to give up partying and the young bimbos maybe?


annastasia @ 04/15/2012 at 3:50 pm

His stiling Brad’s recogneyezaball fitxures!! *******

Hope Leo has dumped the boring Erin Heatherton…I don’t like her!

And now Channing is in the headlines along Leo. Has he had even a single bad day this year? Still keeping my fingers crossed for a perfect score.

It’s not the beard. He looked great with a beard in Body of Lies. It’s the eyes. They look weary.

What about Jaime Foxx?? He isn’t as cool as people may think

@hateme: Yeah I’ve heard some really messed up stuff about Jamie…

@A: wow! tell uzss

Aw geez . If you don’t – ahem – care about them or their comments, then why bring them up? You realise you were the only one to reference them here on this post. So much for not caring. LOL.

True about the eyes

SOoo Beautiful!!! Leo is perfect!!!!

maybe he is tired, but common, if a men like this wake me up every morning I will be more than happy! even with the puffy eyes, I love you Leo!

Leo looks good!!! Damn I love when he looks all rugged :) Poor guy he has been working hard doing movies back to back for us fans love u baby!!!

@KAY blood: If you think ur so good looking why don’t u post ur pic I can bet ur ugly as hell…look in the mirror before u insult someone else!

@Jes: true that, and blondes age faster, especially in the sun. He changed a lot from boy to man, but the man is BETTER. I’d love it if he went full MOUNTAIN MAN for a change…just would like to see what it looks like. he has a really FULL ITALIAN beard from his dad but he mostly trims it down, goes all the way down his neck. MANLY not boy toy.

What did you hear bout James?

And yes I hope miss heatherton is gone. Not because she is so terrible but because she’s 22 and talentless/vapid. Showing your bum in panties for a living is NOT creative and does NOT require a lot of brains. I think if Mr. Leo ever found a beauty with both that was willing the game would change…..but myabe I am just too hopeful.

Bringing them up means caring? I don`t think so.
The facial hair is not attractive whether it`s for the movie or not. He is working and traveling a lot. That makes him look tired. The lifestyle.

PS Sony lost billions this year.

I just watched Titanic and I have to say Leo looks sh*t compared to how he once looked. But as someone said, he can’t look young & beautiful forever and he’s still not bad for his age. Ahhhhh he’ll always be Jack to me. Where’s my Jack?!?

Leo looks like his dad with that beard.

Platonic love of my adolescence, will always love him for that.

@Amanda: yes you can see George in him…but george was pretty hot himself in his 20s. I mean it…he was attractive in a hippy, healthy, burly all natural kind of way.

To me Leo in Titanic looks like he is collecting for his paper route, grown up Leo much better. The one in Titanicc literally looks like he doesnt shave. I like L. with chest hair…he doesnt have much but what he does looks good. Grown as s Leo = much better!

hate the dark hair though. not his fault, for role.

i checked out the tweet-the mexican girl is a self appointed fashionista who subscribes to fashion/gossip accounts…I think she may be assuming. But who knows. obvio vino means “obviously” in
spanish—so she’s saying “and obviously Erin Heatherton” kind of like she doesnt know for sure. She tweeted Erin herself. but if she is more power to her, enjoy it while it lasts. He should be with KERRY WASHINGTON who’s much prettier than Erin anyway and a good actress-or Quentin would not work with her.

Let Erin enjoy her Leo junket. It wont last forever and she doesnt look
overjoyed these days anyway. Rich men’s toys KNOW what they are and I dont think she was raised to see herself that way. I know I wasnt-we’re both middle class american white girls…we dont like that crap. Raised to be wives, not totsies.

@Dieter: take a valium, please. I used to think you were Erin herself but you post nonsense on the bar threads too…are you getting paid to “stir it up?”

also, NO ONE else wants to see them married…I bet not even them. I think she’s a little on the fence about all this…she knows she’s getting used, but also, at the same time she’s getting over. Its a mixed bag at best for her.

@benita: Erin is jewish…

BarAdrianafan @ 04/15/2012 at 7:56 pm

ugly boring no talent

benitinkerbell @ 04/15/2012 at 7:57 pm

GET OVER IT! He’s with Erin/Bar till the next blonde. Deal with reality.
Leo is not going to Kerry Washington, Zoe Saldana, Maya Angelou e.t.c. No matter how many threads you wish/inflict it on Tinkerhell.

He is everything but attractive on these pictures. Sorry, but he has become very ordinary looking. The facial hair is awful.

AsianPersuasion @ 04/15/2012 at 8:11 pm

@benitinkerbell: To be fair, the only people bringing those people up are white girls who aren’t blond.

I don’t know any black girls who cares about Leo. It’s mostly white girls who want him to date a brunette or any other color besides blond and/or jewish/foreign/none American so they can live through her.

The tweet is interesting since it was tweeted to JJ. But it seems like she is there. There was an article posted on his bz thread that claims he arrived to Cancun with her. Also he declined to participate in any kind of conversation about the movie because he is `in character` even though everyone else participated ( Tarantino, J. Foxx ). A different article claims he left some party without meeting fans waiting for him ( back entrance exit ) meanwhile other cast members did meet them. Seems like he is above everyone he is working with. He is too big of a star to do stuff like that. No wonder he is dating someone who attends a charity event but won`t talk to anyone at her table only to her publicist and leaves the table halfway through the dinner. Match made in ego-heaven!

@benitinkerbell: why does this upset you so, dingaling? I was just saying I wish, not I BET. But he would hit it with her on the side, we know that as well…he’s equal opportunity on the down low…

why does it bother you so I wish he got over the blonde thing…a lot of people do. Washington is the type of woman he SHOULD be with…but if he spends his life with blond dinks its on him ! he’ll never have a family because he doesnt date women even he can take seriously–DEAL WITH THAT TOO!

Also Erin and Bar are not the same thing. Bar was way more insulting and pretentious…do you see erin coming on here and saying she’s DROP DEAD GORGEOUS ISRAELI PURE PERFECTION DOESNT GET BETTER THAN THIS —I mean you really know how to offend people and make them laugh.

If just for once that camp admitted, “Yeah, Leo buoyed her career and helped her get established, now she’s working hard to keep it going” we all would have so much more sympathy if she/you/it/them were REAL.

and he’s not “WITH” Bar although I’ve seen numerous embarrassing attempts here to make it seem like he is….the whole Tobey in Israel thing for one…its really pathetic.

Leo is not with Bar, and never will be again, DEAL WITH THAT. Even if there is another mindless poo poo blonde after Erin, so what. Just as long as it isnt the most offensive one.

To Benita @ 04/15/2012 at 8:19 pm

Are you referring to this article that this gossip columinist wrote?
Of all the tweets posted, no one mentioned she was there at the party or walking on the beach with Leo?
Is he that ashamed of her that he asked her not to be seen anywhere in public? LOL

AsianPersuasion @ 04/15/2012 at 8:19 pm

@benita: You said you were a white middle class girl like Erin :S

Enough with the Bar talk already! Bore someone else with this stuff, please! Just get over it already!

@AsianPersuasion: Go to lipstickalley for the black girls who wouldnt mind smashing that…and the black women who already DID.

And dont you dare saying that stupid crap about “your sick bar obsession etc….YOU brought her up. You bring her up and then if i or anyone else says what they think about her we’re “obsessed.” When I dont post you go after other people who think the same way as if they were me and make an a s s of yourself.

@AsianPersuasion: I am and you may be right… ;)
but black girls do like him and black girls DO GET HIM…even this year. its fcuked up that they cant be the “main” girl because that is what you are when you are a dicaprio “girlfriend” – the main public but not the only. That was Bar Refaeli from the beginning…he was NEVER monogamous with her, right from the beginning.

No, it`s you who makes an a s s of herrself with the continuous Bar talk. Don`t you realize that people just don`t wanna read about her anymore? At least not on the Leo threads. And it`s you who always bring her up. Over and over again. It`s your opinion and nobody wants to force you to change your mind. But why do you have to bring it here all the time? Of course his ex girlfriends are mentioned but that doesn`t mean a long conversation about the exact same thing should start. Especially not a year after the breakup. It`s not about Gisele or Lively. Always Bar, Bar, Bar. Why is it so necessary to keep talking about her?

@@benita: bummer ! we’ll find out in time, like, tomorrow morning or something. But its not forever, nor does it even matter that much in the scheme of things.

I read this as maybe chafing under the pressure a bit. the picture of him on gulliver show him actually chucking the bird at the paps and he’s never done that before. Maybe they are just getting to him finally.

as for erin at ball,she strikes me as a rather simple small town girl who has bitten off more than she can chew..the backlash against her has been pretty nasty and it might be more than she knows how to handle. Maybe she signed some contract with Leo and is afraid to open her mouth now…I wouldnt be, those contracts are silly and not enforceable…because of first amendment rights and also because unless she sold her story to the tabs she wouldnt be seen as really doing anything wrong by a judge or anyone.

I honestly think she doesnt know what to do with herself…as for him..
maybe because of the role he is playing (evil plantation slave owner) he doesnt want to answer questions about that. sometimes you gotta chill and just be yourself.

how does a BRAZILIAN journo know anything about this?

and anyone who brings up Bar you say is “obsessed” or “boring” -this is part of the new hardcore strategy to stifle people who dont like bar…you know what, I’LL SAY ANYTHING I WANT.

attica! attica! attica!

You need help as well. If it bothers you so much then dont read it! I think Benita talks about Bar prob because her fans still come on Leo posts and yes Erin posts to talk crap! For example now see post #35


You can go read Moby ****, Les Miserables, Anna Karinina, or Vanity Fair…nice chunky classics, keep ya busy if you dont like reading this. I already did and loved them all except for Anna K which is just anti woman and depressing. ENJOY !

Try reading Les Mis in French…its only 1400 pages. You can skip the BAttle of Waterloo ish.

Who are you to tell me what not to do? This is a Leo thread so why is it such a big deal that I wanna read about him and his present life not his past that`s over and not relevant? Why don`t you or benita ignore those fans so they might just stop coming here to talk crap?
@benita: Why are you so worked up that people call you obsessed? Why is it a shocker? That you just won`t stop talking about someone you hate and someone who is not relevant in Leo`s life anymore? And that you are boring? You are posting the same thing over and over again. That is boring.
Also who told you that you can`t say whatever you want? Unlike #49 I`m not telling you what to or not to do. I`m just trying to make you see my point. That maybe, just maybe people wanna move on from the Bar stuff already and not read the same thing again and again. At least not on the Leo threads. You have the right to think and post whatever you want. But why here?

Oh, just because people are tired of you cr*p they should leave. How about you going and continue reading instead of posting the same stuff again and again? Keep your advice to yourself about what should I do. I didn`t ask for it. It is a forum where not everyone agrees with you. If you can`t handle it maybe you should leave. Just an idea!

@ToBenita #43 @ 04/15/2012 at 8:48 pm

So a Brasilian gossip columnist is more aware about Leo’s whereabouts in Cancun than a Mexican reporter? I wonder who is that girl’s source….

@@@benita: its often Bar herself—there are obvious similarities sometimes between some posts and her inane twitter and inane tumblr account…the one she was in denial about having…and the official one.

Why does it bother them so much that I would like to see him with a beautiful woman of color—just something different because all four of the “public” girls were exactly the same, blond, under 25 lingerie models, except for Blake, who also models. The first three (Gisele, Bar, Blake) even had the same surgeries (nose, breasts, lightened hair, collagen for bar for a while) JUST SOMEONE DIFFERENT.

I mean we know Bar’s family and mother is racist, with the “I cant wait to see the blonde baby” crap and the “GO STRAIGHTEN YOUR NAPPY HEAD” comments they used to leave me. I’m white, by the way. Why does it upset this poster (ha) that we dont think that BLONDE AND BLUE EYED is the BEST? I mean Bar’s not even naturally blonde, she’s a brunette)

show us that something else matters leo, is all Im saying. Maybe he’ll never have a woman of color as the PUBLIC girlfriend, but as someone on LSA said “he’ll hit on a pretty sister.”

Someone on LSA even said the Refaeli camp was upset that he was dating a black girl in NYC last year…that that would jeopardize her standing as a “supermodel.” (She isnt) which is really a leap of logic—since blacks are “inferior” him preferring one or sleeping with one would make her look less professionally qualified. ARE YOU SH***TTING ME?

Really dont like that, do you honeys, hmmm?






Who said not to say whatever you want? You get so offended when people try to tell you that the Bar topic is just annoying and boring on the Leo thread. And you just keep pushing it no matter what then you get all upset that people call you names and stuff like that. It`s like you intentionally want to annoy people and ruin these threads. And it`s all about taking `whatever you wanna say` about Bar to her threads and not here.
Keep going on and ruin yet another thread if that`s what makes you feel better. And be offended when you are called obsessed and all those other names.

it says at the bottom the brazilian was sent to cover the sony junket….so maybe she does know. Leo needs his glasses, he’s squinting, looks good otherwise, and I like Kerry’s dress—looks like Pucci. he has his arm around her so it looks like he doesnt mind touching the merchandise! Although she probably knows him by rep and has a functional relationship with a husband or boyfriend somewhere…the truly smart women wont touch him, sigh.






Then don`t read it. I said just keep pushing the Bar talk because apparently that`s the only thing that keeps you happy and brings some meaning to your life. Otherwise why would you focus on her so much?
And the funny part is that you call my comment `blah blah blah`. That`s priceless from someone who is stuck in the past and posts like a broken record! LOL!

Oh, of course. I forgot. If someone doesn`t like your comments and your obsession with Bar that`s part of her `team` and that person cannot be anyone else other than Bar, her mom or Adi. How could I forget that? It`s not like you haven`t posted that like a 100 times already! It`s completely new and not boring at all! LOL!

@Asian Persuasion-38 @ 04/15/2012 at 9:06 pm

I think you’re absolutely spot on.
It’s also strange this tin.., sorry benita claims she’s a ‘white blonde’ but never stops obsessing about anon bloggers on ‘non-blonde’ websites, trashing Leo’s blondes and claiming Leo is sleeping with ‘non blondes’ to make herself and her ilk feel better. Craaazy

Desperate Much? @ 04/15/2012 at 9:09 pm

OMG OMG. Leo put his arm around Kerry in a press junket. He must be lusting after her, he wants her, feel the desire!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Le scandal

okey doke… I read his Bellazon, and there is no article posted on bellazon that they arrived together or were seen on the beach-a poster joked she was seen on the beach with him, he was seen on the beach with CHANNING TATUM.

Anyway. I still have hope it’s over, but it really isnt that big a deal. And they might have left already as the event was Saturday. He stayed at Velas–I stayed at Velas in Puerto Vallarta….very nice. So I dunno.

Have to go now!

@@Asian Persuasion-38: why do you love blondes so much? I have to ask again.


AsianPersuasion @ 04/15/2012 at 9:21 pm

He should be with an Asian girl like most successful white men! I’m only half kidding ;)

Correct me if I`m wrong but the second paragraph claims he arrived with Erin. And what do you know it`s from his bz thread… Page 995 posted by by_princess. :)

`DiCaprio claims to be “in character” and not participate in interviews about the new Tarantino movie

In Cancun, Mexico, to promote “Django Unchained,” Quentin Tarantino’s new film, Summer of Sony in the event, held by the studio, actor Leonardo DiCaprio declined to participate in any conversations with the press held on Sunday (15), which included the presence of the filmmaker, the actors Jamie Foxx and Christoph Waltz and actress Kerry Washington.

DiCaprio arrived in Cancun on Saturday (14), with his girlfriend (the model Erin Heatherton, 22), and attended the party held that evening, but according to a spokesperson for Sony, claimed he did not want to talk to journalists because it is “in character. ”
Tarantino’s new production takes place in 19th century America, two years before the Civil War. Jamie Foxx is Django, a slave whose brutal history with its former owners leads him to know the German bounty hunter Dr. King Schultz (Waltz). Schultz is on track and Brittle Brothers criminals Django can only take him to his reward. Schultz bought Django with the promise to release him after the capture of the Brittle Brothers – dead or alive. The success of the enterprise leads to release Django Schultz, but the two go together and go on his journey in search of the most wanted criminals in the southern United States. With a nose for hunting, Django remains focused on one goal: to find and rescue, Broomhilda (Washington), his wife, who was separated long ago by slave traders. The search for Django and Schultz eventually leads them to Calvin Candie (DiCaprio), the owner of “Candyland”, a plantation where slaves are trained by Ace Woody (Kurt Russell) to fight each other for sport. By exploring the site under false pretenses, Django and Schultz arouse the suspicions of Stephen (Samuel L. Jackson), the loyal domestic slave Candie. His movements are being monitored and a treacherous organization closes the siege about them.`

Jessy Smith @ 04/15/2012 at 9:30 pm

It offers the matchmaking service for charming and mature women as well as attractive and younger men. There has been thousands of singles members with hot and sexy figure online are waiting for you. T-A-L-L-C-H-A-T-(C/-O/-M —

I’m so excited about Django Unchained. I was wondering why Leo had that beard when he went to Mexico, now I know why.

Why are all male celebrities suddenly growing beards?

@AsianPersuasion: i know but those guys want a servant-asian women are supposed to be good “rules followers” and cook and clean for them….if that is what they want they can have it. I know an MD with a chinese fetish—he has a main one but messes around with others. so you all can have him if you like!

@from bz: i really didnt see this…and I dont know what the source is. BUt whatever, suppose she is there…big deal. One day she wont be.

One day soon hopefully! Just right now its hard to find a replacement–he’s been through all the other panty models, or they are married,

“One fine day…..” :) :) :)

it just makes me smh when the barfies get upset when someone suggests that Leo might like or occasionally sleep with someone who is not aryan….what’s in their heads that they cant cope with that? and it is the barfies…I know who I’m talking to.

IMO I think it would be perfectly fine if Leo married a Beautiful, Sexy, Young, Girl who was like 22 years younger than him, IF SHE HAD HALF A BRAIN IN HER HEAD.

Can We Please Get Back To The ACTUAL Post rather then this nonsense of HIS PERSONAL LIFE!!! Underline HIS personal life! Bar/Erin whatever who actually cares??
On the post
I think he looks great, yes not really attractive but I doubt his character is suppose to be attractive
I’m sooooo excited for this movie. Leo is a villainous role,never seen it before
I can’t w8 till the release :D

First of all i’m a big fan of Leo, i have seen all his movies at the time even before Titanic.
But damn Leo you have everything, money, fame and now the body you have just reflect your style of life and look at your face it seems you are drinking a lot of alcohol, and you seem to get that unattractive little soft around the edges like an old man neglecting, when you are actually young.
It would be so more healthy for you to be in good shape and athletic instead of being neglecting. Because you have everything you have nothing to complain about. You look like a lazy guy outside your work. I mean that sad.

BTW that beard is not at all for the character, we can see pics of the shooting.

to # 43 – the article Brazil translated in english here-In Cancun, Mexico, to promote “Django Unchained,” Quentin Tarantino’s new film, Summer of Sony in the event, held by the studio, actor Leonardo DiCaprio declined to participate in any conversations with the press held on Sunday (15), which included the presence of the filmmaker, the actors Jamie Foxx and Christoph Waltz and actress Kerry Washington.

DiCaprio arrived in Cancun on Saturday (14), with his girlfriend (the model Erin Heatherton, 22), and attended the party held that evening, but according to a spokesperson for Sony, claimed he did not want to talk to journalists because it is “in character. “The filming of “Django”, which is due out in January 2013, are being held in New Orleans, USA, and the cast came directly from the set to attend the event. Leo participated only in the shoot and leaves the Mexican city on Sunday. – and as you can see there IS false info in their reports . there is NO evidence to substantiate any thing about various implications , just like tricky photos of someone in a black hoody with face covered and short middle finger -NOT LEO- here`s more to chew on -Django Unchained | In Theaters Dec 25 | Official Site
Django Unchained, a film by Quentin Tarantino – In Theaters Dec 25, 2012

I can’t wait to see this movie, I love you Leo!!!!

he actually look slimmer? in the full body shots, his body looks a lot skinnier than before. His face stays bloated looking for some weird reason lol it’s probably all the cigars and alcohol. I don’t think he minds though, he’s always wanted to get rid of the pretty boy image, so the uglier he gets, the happier he probably is lol

Why is his face so puffy? He’s not fat enough to have a face that bloated.

If she can’t control him at 4, just think how will be when he is a teen.

WICKED WENCH @ 04/16/2012 at 6:35 pm

@FrG: Yeah, he’s pretty much given up on himself. Ryan Reynolds, Ryan Phillippe, and Mark Walberg show what healthy malse can look like at 40, and Leo is nowhere near any of them in terms of looks.
Give me Ryan, Ryan and Mark…

PS: Face puff = long term alcohol abuse.

I think that Leo is genetically predisposed to having fuller cheeks. If you look at his parents, he’s the spitting image of them and their faces are a little fuller. Irmelin less so lately because she’s lost some weight and looks slim and gorgeous. I agree with @Jes: and think that Leo looks great for his age and a lot better than other guys his age.

??? the article was actually posted ” 3 ” times under this thread….. the question is how a Brasilian reporter is more aware about Leo arriving with his 22 year-old model girlfriend and no reliable Mexican journalists have spotted her a the party nor at the event…., no sighting of her, no photo…??? Weird, isn’t it?

@WICKED WENCH: ew mark wahlberg? really? he looks like he’s on steroids. Ryan Reynolds is such a ken doll. Leo looks like **** now but at least he doesn’t look like a gym rat like those guys. I can’t stand guys who look like they spend half their day in the gym.

I guess I’m in the minority. I think the beard is sexy and very masculine. I for one hope that the look comes back for (short) while. As for the hair color, I dig that too. It makes him look more Irish with the contrasting blue eyes, pale skin and dark hair.

Whats the link to his bz thread?

I agree Coco. Good observation.
-Looks like we have Bars #1 fan in post 10? Dropping a hint? Yep, I do believe something is up, especially with the following hints:
- bar rep presence has not abided in the last year on dicaprio threads
- strategically placed messages suggesting they still have a strong bond
- Leo’s friends taking pics with her the last 6 months
- Tobey and Jennifer trips with the little Sweetheart, in logical order
Don’t be fooled. A Bar and LEO reunion may be hot on its way?!!! Marriage. conversion, and babies already being calendared?
Erin, ASIDE, who here wants to see LEO with a different GIRL completely? NO EXes?

God, what is everyone going on about? He still is handsome. He has yet to lose to weight he gained for his role in J. Edgar Hoover. (which he wanted to do himself, gain weight for that part because he is a serious committed actor, and doesn’t only care about his looks!) and his extremely dark hair/eyebrows/beard which he has for this role makes him look less soft/older. He has looked like this before, except in Revolutionary Road, because he went back to his own weight and shaved and was pretty much blonde again. He looked amazing there, both him and Kate didn’t look much different from their Titanic days. So stop the complaining, also if you are a fan you should be concerned about his acting more than about his looks. And yes he is aging, aren’t we all? At least he is human, that’s a good thing to me!

And to answer the question above: I think he would be amazing with Kate Winslet. The way he looks at her still, and holds her and even bought her this beautiful ring, i never see him act that way with his girlfriends. He respects her so much, it’s obvious.

No sighting or photo of her in Mexico. And other than this Sony event there was no photo or sighting of Leo either as far as I know.

EH was in NY all weekend long. A friend of mine say her shopping Saturday, she was with her little dog.

She could have flown to Mexico later on Saturday…

It takes long hours to get to Mexico from New York but it is possible. Who knows?

I really doubt that she has been in Mexico. We would have seen at least one picture of her at the Sonny party, lurking behind like in the Mobli party.

No she wasn’t in Mexico….and she is still in NY, and guess what she’s doing for her living at the moment? Waving push-up bras, blowing kissses in a tight dress and high heels flanked between two other VS Barbies…LOL!

Yep its possible
I think she was in Mexico, I dont know it as a fact. But you know Leo’s hysterical fangirls any twitter sighting or magazine clip of them is a LIE. Because Leo hates her, she is his puppy and they are not together yada yada yada. Anything to make themselves feel better lol
And today, yes she has being doing her job as a VS Angel. The b***h Sarcasm off

Who said that Leo hates her? Seems like you need to make things up all the time to make yourself feel better!

A. Strategically placed Barfie comments? Yes, by her rep. To make people think they are still together and take advantage of a former connection that is no longer there. Embarrassing actually. In his last interview statement on relationships, leo said he doesnt like girls that are opportunistic and vindictive…who is this if not Bar?

B. There was another tweet from a Mexican girl who said she saw Erin. I could go either way on this. I dont really know or care. There was no picture.

We did have a spectacular breakup last year on Cannes weekend which is coming up—but this time she’s not so easily replaceable with a lookalike, he’s been through all the blonde youngish models. He might want to keep her on call for a while. ya never know! He’sbeen through all the VSers or they are married with kids. I bet Erin does go to the Met ball-but by herself, of course. Or she’ll be imported to Cannes but made to stay somewhere behind the scenes.

Yes, Bar has been trying to keep whatever tenuous media connection she has alive for $$$$ she wants to make money, this is how she’s always done it too. That poster is getting paid up there. They are NOT getting back together, even barfie doesnt believe that HERSELF.

@benita: Bar, Bar, Bar, obsessed much!! LOL


I find it funny that you post something to get attention to Bar, then when you dont get what you want the person who disagrees with you is “obsessed” or “mentally ill”– you’ve been trying that for years. No one agrees with you. And then you will say I’m boring and repetitive–go ahead LALALALLALALLAL I CANT HEAR YOU

Or the Erin Heatherton pregnancy rumors a supposed “model agent” is spreading on her new thread about the perfume. The question is, why? Maybe for personal amusement? Or is Erin taking a page from Bar’s trashy novel?


Hey Adi, did bitchface sell any underme’s yet? No?
Didnt think so.

She looks really squat in the tennis ad.

To Benita/Tink @ 04/18/2012 at 5:37 am

You are one crazy b*tch but I would prefer to have you on my side than a Barf or a Ecky Heatherton freak. At least you want to see Leo with a different kinda woman…a woman with brains for once. lol Sometimes you’re annoying but sometimes I like you. You’re like a bulldog. I hope you take those bulldog skills to your workplace and stick it to the man. Cant stand when you talk so much about Bar, no one cares, she’s the past, Leo isnt getting back together with her. Maybe people mention her so much still to rile you up ?!? Why waste your energy?? My advice to you to make these threads more entertaining is to save your energy for the current bimbo. I don’t care that she hasnt said anything stupid in public YET….and bimbo is a bimbo is a bimbo…

@To Benita/Tink: Please dont encourage this crazy woman, she will never get over her obsession with *** and it wouldn’t surprise me if she starts on Erin next! I remember when he was seeing Blake, Tink was pro her, then, when it looked as if the relationship was real, the nasty remarks came, same with Erin, she is an over obsessed fan who way back used to comment on bellazon! and on numerous occasions she has accused me of being part of bar’s team or bar herself,she is a paranoid nut case, although seems to be of high intelligence, which makes her even more insiduous in my book .

@To Benita/Tink:
You are as crazy as your heroine obviously. Erin, as you say, has said/done nothing wrong yet you and your bitchy co-horts want to unload on her beacuse Leo has not picked who YOU want him to. Ergo its the womans fault. You’re probably Tink or Leda’s relative. Leo’s obsessed nutjob fangirls pretty much like the Macbeth witches.

To Benita/Tink @ 04/18/2012 at 8:23 am

@Why?: who cares that Leo hasnt picked me….he’s going to drop her in a HOT MINUTE and that’s ALL that matters. She might not have said anything YET but she has already acted like a fool and shows lack of self worth by following Leo like a sick puppy while he follows her NOWHERE!! Nowhere at all!! Gee before she knows what hits her the Leo train will be gone onto the next conquest! Doesnt matter what I say anyway cause Tink will do whatever she wants! hahahahaha lol

why does it alway turn into a warzone here lol. bar fans- we get it. lol. he’s not with her. hes sort of with erin. hope he moves on to a real woman with substance one day.

Fan of Leo @ 04/18/2012 at 9:24 pm

According to a girl’s tweet who lives in Cancun, Leo was spotted having dinner at Harry’s last night. I didn’t know he was still in Mexico. Glad to know he is enjoying the good life.
(I wonder how many models are surrounding him….)


here, here ! I agree. But you can call me crazy if you want I just dont care. You may not like what I have to say but often I am proved right. And you can call me sick or whatever all I do is type on a blog. I never posted on BZ in my life I’m not a member because I am not in love with any celebrity and dont fawn on any of them, and you have to on Bellazon.

I’ll say whatever I want here. And if you are new to the site I suggest you read some old Bar/Leo threads to get some background on whom does come to the site and who adira ronen – is. She’s posted and signed her name her before. So has Bar, her brother, her mother, and her friend Emily. So before you call me crazy go back a bit. I know they are all still here, just gone underground.

@Fan of Leo (113) @ 04/18/2012 at 9:31 pm

Cool to know he’s still in Mexico. JARED, bring us some new photos of Leo from Mexico! I’d love to see him with a great tan.

anywho, Cannes is still coming up and I’m hopeful…but Erin doesnt seem as godawful annoying as some. Remember last year they broke up and Bar had like eight posts in a row to shout over that and Leo showed up with Blake? She really pulled out the stops all these pix taken by herown agent showing her walking down the street and other relevant things like that. She really did try to take off on her own ! Too bad all her traffic here died.

I dont think she’s as annoying as Bar, or as opportunistic (his words not mine) or as Blake who wanted to publicize Green Hornet at the time, so she might be behind the scenes for a while…she doesnt give him real good reasons to break up with her and doesnt seem as whiny. But she might want more someday, just like anybody else.

She’s a good “backup bit*ch” so she might last a bit but I just dont see any great passion.

@@Fan of Leo (113): he left three days ago, where ya been?

Benita. Not calling you crazy. Just the ongoing bashing (not saying by you) but just in general lol. What is your theory then? I’ve been off/on this board.

@why: Bar’s folks are still here, I know it, they know it. I dont care as much as they think, but you notice the “reunion” rumors on this very thread. It’s really nauseating. Also Leo picks girls that are not very bright and have no talent except in their hineys, and it riles people. Its not just me in that case, and a lot of his “beauties” are overrated anyway. They conform to a stereotype of what is attractive, but there are a lot prettier women out there. Saw two cute brunettes prettier and hotter than EH today on the street in NYC today. People are tired of it.

Why Justjared is so important to some people I just dont know…real celebs are begged by Vanity Fair, GQ, People, EW, etc to work with them….this is just a blog site most folks dont even know exists.

There is nothing going on in Leo land today, no Twitter, no Awful Truth, no Lipstick Alley. Rest in peace, boy!

I would feel better if he was done with this one, but the whoring around on yachts is almost worse. BTW, found out Vladimir Doronin was a patient where I work…not saying where but supposedly he was “really, really hot” in person. And it was a middle aged black lady saying it. Then again Naomi is a middle aged black lady so I guess that is not suprising. I didnt think he was that great myself from pictures.

well i’m definitely in agreement. i’m over EH. Dont get them. Didnt get him with BL and really didn’t get the back/forth with BR. The man is not gay but I would really like to see him with a real woman one day. Not sure if he will or not but it’d be nice to see him be a father. The pics with him and his goddaughter were adorable

Fan of Leo @ 04/18/2012 at 10:50 pm

@benita- According to this girl from Cancun, Leo was still in Mexico last night because she tweeted he was having dinner at Harry’s.!/piesdecierva
He’s enjoying himself (I hope with some company) LOL!

inception fan @ 04/18/2012 at 11:16 pm

I think everything you say – is interesting and deserves attention! I’m a big fan of Inception, and try to read the news about Leo on/of since summer 2010 and I hope you are Tink, because I always thought that Tink is only Leos fan who has a realistic view on him without all this bullsh-t from his pr-camp
I want to ask you, what do you think, why Leo does not dating with the actresses, only with models?
(my native language is Russian, I’m sorry for mistakes)


You are hellishly annoying with your analysis of the void.
Sorry for my English

‘Never said all actors are cattle; what I said was all actors should be treated like cattle’
Alfred Hitchcock

Maybe that is why DiCaprio is dating models and has fans like benita and poster #5.

This thread is for DiCaprio analysis, not for something meaningful, did u notice it?

inception fan @ 04/19/2012 at 12:26 am

if actors should be treated like cattle, models should be treated like substanceless exhibitionists!

inception fan @ 04/19/2012 at 12:33 am

#131 I mean, say what you think about the object of conversation, but just dissing another commenters

@inception fan:

Object of conversation?Alfred Hitchcock said it better than I could say.

Quentin is full of sense.
It is significantly that here is no – Quentin discussion. Probably Benita has some kind words about Quentin.

@benita: You surely are nuts girl, why in the world would any sane person want to go over old Leo/Bar threads? They are over, Kaput, finito. If ‘her people’ do visit here, and comment, so what, you dont have to read them… Rise above it all, let your anger go, it’s not worth it.

@FanofLeo @ 04/19/2012 at 9:44 am

He is no longer in Mexico. He left Wednesday.

@inception fan: Most grown up actresses in HW have partners–or they wouldnt touch leo by reputations. Actresses are actually a step up from models—they can “act” that is something one can be good at, and to be really good at requires real talent. Take Viola Davis for one thing-that’s real talent, for example. But even the “there because they’re pretty” like Scarlet Johanssen would bother. THey know what’s up with him and how these girls get treated—LEo is a YOUNG woman’s game—before you know too much about men.

@???: I’ve just been on here longer and have a long memory. They certainly are through, but her team keeps trying to use him….”reunion” rumors and such.

That nutcase you’re referring to is not Tinkerbell its Leda. She’s even worse than Tink cause she visited EVERY blog and website scouring for the Leo/Blake/Erin news to repeat her hysterics and cusses. She was banned from some forums and yes she is insane.
@benita- its funny you’re conversing with Fan of Leo, who is actually a pro Bar freak

Here you are again. With claims that are not true ( banned from several forums…etc. ) and talking about the past that has nothing to do with the present or the recent threads. Update yourself, honey. You know… back to the present already! You are a broken record and it`s getting boring. If you know that I was at every forum that means you are there as well but of course that`s OK because you are so much better than anyone else. Get over yourself. You don`t have anything better to post other than irrelevant stuff so why do you even bother? Does it make you feel better about yourself?

Not trying to be contrary or argumentative but were you not the person in the other thread who told ‘benita applebaum’ to add IMO or ‘I think’ to her remarks as she had no inside info? You @131 have just made a blanket statement there without those caveats which you earlier accused benita/Tink of. What gives?

Hey there LMAO. First I am genuinely amused that some other poster is on to you to that extent. Second yes, I visit some of those forums for fun, however unlike you I did not go into unbridled rage like a psycho obsessed stan haranguing the posters with your tired remarks which I wont bother to rewrite here hmmm/huh/anonym/showmance crazy.

Of course it`s `some other poster` and of course you went to `some of those forums` yet you have a lot of claims and lies to post here. And of course you still can`t prove them. You must be bored out of your head to come here and pick on me for no apparent reason. And of course I have `tired remarks` even though it`s you who keeps bringing up the same thing over and over again. Old screen names, old claims ( still unproven ) and nothing relevant. Like a broken record. Nothing to add to the Leo thread, nothing new. Same old all the time, attacking without reason. You are so much better indeed! LMAO!

Thats right LilyMorgan.
Keep telling yourself that me, Message, ???, are the same . I mean how else can a loon rationalise that others don’t find them insane?

What do you know? All you`ve got ( STILL ) is old screen names! What a shocker! I never said anything about Message or ???. It`s again one of your lies. Another shocker! What`s your issue this time anyway? What did I say that made you start picking on me again?
Let me guess in your next comment you will bring up old screen names again and you will talk about things that are not valid anymore. I can`t wait! LOL!

Nope, not into the facial hair either!

I did not mention you for fun. ??? was describing the infamouse Leo psycho board terrorist to a T in post 109. I only corrected her/him when s/he said it was Tink rather then you Livica 2.0, but I think s/he knows that now. mission accomplished.

Oh, of course I forgot about the rest of the broken record. The Livica cr*p! Now we have the whole repertoire and it was so hard to predict what’s coming! LOL! Correcting her and she knows it by now! Give me a break! The only mission you accomplished is that by now it’s obvious that you are boring and post lies.
You are just like tinkerbell. You keep talking about someone you hate and things that are the past but you just won’t give it up!

I’m just like Tinkerbell LOL LOL LOL LOL Look whos talking crazy
Your typical hysterical responses Leda have only proven me right . So much for posting ‘lies’. Please carry on – ??? has to read this.

Yeah, you are just like tinkerbell. You keep talking about past things and about someone you can’t stand. That might be crazy for you but it’s true. And just like her you just won’t stop even though I stopped posting my old opinion. Laugh as much as you want. The further you push it the more it proves it.
Seems like its a boring day over on the bellazon thread. Usually that’s when you show up here bringing up your boring and irrelevant cr*p and posting your ‘hysterical’ claims that you NEVER prove.

Prove what Leda? The fact that others are now onto you means the burden of proof is not on me at all. There’s no need EVERYONE only has to look at Leo posts from May last year and see through your multiple pseudonyms as has already been done by Gee/Message,
But keep screaming and ranting it only consolidates my theory.

@@145: Could we talk about something interesting now, when the thread is nothing but posters going at each other, its bORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRINGGGGG


Fair enough. But I’ve been hoping for poster ??? to come back and read all this and laugh with me and also I think s/he has inside info.
I stress JMO

Prove that all you can talk about is the past. #109 talked about what tinkerbell/benita has been talking about and all you could add is something that happened in the past. So the longer you keep playing your pathetic broken record the more you prove it that just are just like tinkerbell. You both blab about things that are irrelevant NOW. It`s right there in your comment. You referred to a comment in LAST MAY! Get back to the present already! Unlike tinkerbell I thought about those comments made by others and I stopped. But that`s the part you conveniently ignore. The more you ask tinkerbell to post her thoughts somewhere else the more she does it here. Still!
Of course `others` are onto me. `Others` who happen to write in your style and happen to say the exact same things that you do all the time.
Screaming and ranting? What are you talking about? I`m not screaming and ranting I`m just pointing out obvious things whether you like it or not.
As I said it before get back to the present, sweetie. It`s getting pathetic that all you can do is is listing OLD screen names, referring to OLD posts and comments. Anything NEW?

@@147: She does. ??? is Bar’s flack. Dont you pay attention? :) She has “inside” info about Bar only, and makes up the rest like any flack does to sell her client and cheap underwear. Tries to recreate buzz for her by mentioning Leo.

I know nothing of Leda except Zeus visited her as a swan and impregnated her. I am going to continue to say what I think, sooooo sorry!

You are indeed nuts as it was pointed out before. `Zeus visited her as a swan…` Are you for real? But what else can we expect from you?
Thank God people know all about you and all the craziness going on in your head and of course you are going to continue to say it regardless how sick people are reading your comments. Just ignore it just like Miss Bellazon ignores things that has been told to her. You two make a good pair!

@@150: It’s a greek myth, dumbass. The greek god zeus took the form of a swan and impregnated a woman named Leda.

Duh, that is where the name “Leda”came from. I forget how stupid/culturally illiterate people are. In her mind Dicaprio is Zeus.

You can expect that I am going to keep on saying whatever I feel like.

I had forgotten how anti-intellectual the ultra right wing “bar-flies” are, of course they wouldn’t know the reference. They are all about money and how having blond hair makes you special.

Leo was sighted in Audubon park in New Orleans today.

Just letting you know I’m a do me. You can take a long walk off a short I-beam.

Is @150 for real? She doesnt get it?

What a pampous a** you are. I know Greek myth and I happen to know that you are supposed to write Greek with a capital G, you arrogant idi*t. And no, that`s not the only source of the word Leda FYI. Just because people hate your comments and find it weird that you post stuff like that doesn`t make `people stupid/culturally illiterate`. It makes you a pampous a** and an arrogant b*tch. Also what the heck do you know what`s going on in my mind? Wait, you think you know everything about everyone. Yet you are unable to realize what a pathetic and obsess nutcase you are.
Who told you not to post whatever you have to say? You were asked to post it where it belongs. But clearly you are too dumb to get that!

tinkerhell @ 04/19/2012 at 9:36 pm

How many screen names can you create in 5 minutes? LMAO! Oh, the intelligence and creepy obsession!



my new name will be “imadome” or “lalalala I cant HEAR you!”


Hello, its POMPOUS. I love being a pompous and arrogant *****—I hate stupid people especially dumb pieces of ass like Bar Refaeli et al. What’s going on in YOUR MIND? You don’t have one sweetheart.


ima-do-me @ 04/19/2012 at 9:45 pm

That would be “obsessed” nutcase. You just proved my point!

ima-do-me @ 04/19/2012 at 9:46 pm


ima-do-me @ 04/19/2012 at 9:46 pm


ima-do-me @ 04/19/2012 at 9:47 pm



ima-do-me @ 04/19/2012 at 9:48 pm


I cant heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar you!

tinkerhell @ 04/19/2012 at 9:50 pm

Have fun talking to yourself and yapping about Bar around the clock. Apparently that`s the only thing that makes you happy. Impressive! LMAO!
You make mistakes not just me and you say I don`t have a mind? Priceless coming from tinkerhell! LMAO!

ima-do-me @ 04/19/2012 at 9:54 pm

@tinkerhell: I dont make mistakes sweetheart, you do being on the wrong side of this.


tinkerhell @ 04/19/2012 at 10:00 pm

Wrong side? And you, the nutcase would be the `right side`? Whatever you say, tinkerhell. I guess the thread is officially ruined. Go on to the next one. I bet you will find the way to bring up Bar on the Leo/Scorsese thread. I almost wish Leo would reunite with Bar. That would send you to the looney bin for sure!

how about we see how long we can go without fighting in here over things that are irrelevant to Leo now. List of other things we can talk about

A) New sightings
B) Back to back projects (BUSY GUY)
C) What are Leo’s favorite musical artists, etc

@how about:

A. In New Orleans today outside Chipotle restaurant and in Audubon Park
B. Wolf of Wall Street
C. Nas, hip hop, Q-Tip, Maroon 5, Stevie Wonder

@tinkerhell: Why thank you ! Guess I will then. As for the reunion, the Beatles will reunite sooner, including John and George back from the dead.

@how about: also at the paris parker spa on prytania street in NOLA today.


Where are ur fb/mobli page?Or u are just too hellishly shy to show your beautiful face in collaboration with your beautiful thoughts?

Look, it is not scary to show your face and thoughts to the world.
Can we find your page in Wikipedia like we can find this page for example?

If not, why?


Say it to Uma Thurman, Mira Sorvino or Sharon Stone.

As good a pair as you and all your other crazy screen names Leda.
LOL at your ignorance not even knowing thye origin of your name. But as you have many alises it stands to reason. And of course its anly 2 people who think your pshyco beeyotch. Keep telling yourself that. Its not diff posters its just one under multiple names as is your speciality And you started your ramblings in May 2011 but you NEVER QUIT. You went on and on, and even started again on other sites when Leo’s old interview showed up on girlfirends and sent you on another psychotic rage. Till your next episode whatever name a f*****r like you adopts next.

tinkerhell=leda @ 04/20/2012 at 5:25 am

lol. post #165 just confirmed it. i guess it is true that 4 nuts under different names talk between themselves on leo threads.

@@147: I’m here. I’m laughing!! :-D

@???: @150… For the zillionth time, I have no affiliation whatsoever with Bar Refeali, I am an English woman living in Western Australia, now get over this paranoid obsession that every one who disagrees with you is team Bar. I dont care about Bar, I dont care about Blake I dont care about Erin…I admire Leo for his acting, nothing more.

You idi*t. I know the origin of my name and I’m sick and tired of your same old gibberish. You have nothing valid to pick on and since you are bored out of your mind on bellazon you come here with your lies. Very original! Get over yourself already! I can’t take you or your cr* p seriously!

Yeah, I posted under the name tinkerhell. Now what?

For any one whos interested take a look at posts 161 to 166, mental case or what LOL

Never quit? Right, according to you. Because of course you are talking for so many people who are never here to support you. I did quite but it`s easier for you to ignore that so you can come here with your gibberish and post your nonsense. Go back to bellazon to track every step Leo takes and create some more Erin avis. That`s what you do best. Other than that you are tinkerbell 2.0 pushing the same old story over and over again.

Oh Leda/Livica, I’m not from Bellazon. And I aint going nowhere. ‘They are never here to support me’? LOL Everyone calls you out but yep its just me, keep telling yourself and your other names that beeyotch

@LOL: Sorry omit 165 from the mental list :)

Sure you are not from bellazon. It never happens that you make up things as post them as facts. Like ‘everone’ is calling me out even though it’s only you and your tiring old and never changing claims that are posted here. Of course you are not going anywhere. You will keep posting your old cr*p over and over again just like tinkerbell. What’s new? Nothing new about you as usual. Well I’m not going anywhere either so deal with it.
Also my name is not Leda or Livica ( whoever that is ) but just keep pushing it ‘beeyotch’. :)

I know Leda’s not your name Becky DD. Even an idiot like you would have known where it originated from if it was atually ur name. Oh there’s a new popsugar post on Leo Liliy Morgan go check it out and have one of your meltdowns as you did often in August 2011 f****ace.

Wow, you sound like a very intelligent person with an amazing vocabulary. Calling me names is going to change anything?
Again stop fixating on the past and try to find your way back to the present! It’s getting really pathetic and beyond boring to read about OKD screen names and references to OLD comments from a year ago! Anything NEW for a change? No because you keep ignoring the fact that I don’t use those old screen names anymore or post comments like the old ones. I guess ignoring that makes it easier to come here and pick on me. Nobody gave you reason to start this rant either. You talked me into that comment even though I haven’t posted for a while. Pathetic!

how about @ 04/20/2012 at 7:57 pm

how do you get that sighting info lol

ima-do-me @ 04/20/2012 at 8:43 pm

@how about: From twitter. Just go any day of the week and search

saw dicaprio
dicaprio at
with dicaprio
dicaprio today—usually you;ll get some kind of sighting. And no I am far from the only person who does this. People do that here all the time. He’s so famous, so iconic, you can actually track him pretty well from tweets.

As for the rest of this bull shizz, I am not Leda with the swan and I am not Livia Bistceanu, you can think what you want I just dont care.

For that one try dicaprio parker

ima-do-me @ 04/20/2012 at 9:06 pm

@God Fan: Facebook bores the hell out me, I dont even know what Mobli is supposed to be, or care. You wont find me on the internet, so dont worry about it.

ima-do-me @ 04/20/2012 at 9:34 pm

slow day in leo land I guess still in NO check the tweets later for outings.

Its not all OLD comments. The Intouch weekly story posted on c***b***y this year that Leo was calling Blake or some nonsense started you on yet another psychotic frenzy under the names ‘Yeah’ ‘huh’, and heaven knows which else.
Leo needs protection over a single lonely friendless freak that obsesses over his love life to the deranged extent a stupid b***h like you does. And yep I will call you out on it Ewwwww.

Yes, you are yapping about old posts. Just like tinkerbell you are obsessed over the past. I don`t give any credit to InTouch for a very long time so I didn`t started a frenzy. Try to use your energy on something other than fixating on the past. Keep posting OLD screen names and show us your intelligence and sophisticated vocabulary but I can`t take you seriously at all. Put on a new record already because the old one is really tiring. Have a wonderful day! :)

This is my last comment to you because I`m tired of this stupid and embarrassing `conversation` with you. I`m gonna continue to comment ( partly just to annoy you ) no matter what. I`m done reading your same old comment over and over again about the past. You or your opinion don`t bother me the least since I know that you tend to make things up and fixate on the past ( boring ). So keep calling me names, list old screen names and talk about the past. I`m out ( of this conversation ) and maybe the thread can go back to the original topic. It`s time for that!
See you around! :)

Its not an annoyance. I do appreciate as I have said ???, Message, Gee etc being onto you here and Turtle Dove on ce***b**y. That I DO like. Its also funny how you insist it does not bother you as thats bull. If it did not you would not keep giving atypical hysterical responses.
You have a good day too. Till next time.

… back to the original topic of the thread and back to present ( and reality ) any news or info on Leo? It`s been pretty quiet around him these days.

first older woman lol

Goes to Mexico a lot! Yeah he looks a bit tired, maybe from all the travelling and work.

forever21 @ 04/24/2012 at 1:27 pm

Leonardo is still going strong as an actor. I just want Leo to keep making movies, he is the king of hollywood. I hope that he retains his health and physical appearance, thru wise choices. I don’t see him changing his dating styles, due the extraneous situations he is around, it is part of his life styles. Leo is very free spirited and i don’t think anyone can chain him down.

Lots of Love,
Maria Royse

Real King @ 04/24/2012 at 5:41 pm

King?For whom?For Maria Royse?Maria,unfortunately he isn’t even a noble Jack. Delusional world is awesome but we all know who is the King in reality.

@ Real King…. who you believe is King in reality? – Who’s reality???

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