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Angelina Jolie Steps Out After Engagement Announcement

Angelina Jolie Steps Out After Engagement Announcement

Angelina Jolie heads into the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel on Monday (April 16) in Hollywood.

The 36-year-old actress (wearing a Michael Kors dress with Stella McCartney sunglasses) stepped out for the first time since confirming her engagement to longtime partner Brad Pitt.

Angelina debuted the engagement ring, which Brad designed, last week while visiting the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

Brad was always heavily involved, overseeing every aspect of the creative design evolution. The side diamonds are specialty cut to encircle her finger. Each diamond is of the highest gem quality,” a rep for jeweler Robert Procop told

An independent expert says the ring could weigh in at more than 10 carats total – with an estimated worth of $1 million, according to People.

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  • Rotflmao
  • trt

    Another movie role must have been in the offing for Angelina. She usually goes to LA hotels to talk business. Hopefully, she’s signing on for the Counselor or another star vehicle. Hope Cleopatra comes through.
    Love her outfit, her purse and the wedgies. Simple but elegant and sexy.

  • Rotflmao

    And this if for juju to see what normal people think of her and her weight

  • Rotflmao

    One more
    Read it and weep. Brad Pitt is the worst thing that happened to Angelina.

  • Premalee
  • Observer2

    I’d venture to guess the woman that wanted to be used and abused so badly, she pulled out her tampon so she could be fvcked for sport.

    That of course, is after she let a man siht on her literally and figuratively and took him back for more.

    Now, she’s got a wee lass, that dry humps her leg.

  • Rotflmao

    @Tamsin: And still she was healthy and sexy back then. She was drugged up PRE bbt and during brad she’s either drugged up or just not eating. I think she must be on drugs to get through conversations and kissing him. At least if what you say about dentures is true. How do you kiss a man that has a mouth full of dentures? Yikes.

  • vickifromtexas

    the creepy stalkers have been rocking in a corner since the day the engagement was announced. but but brad is just with angelina for the kids but but brad has one foot out the door to go back to x but but x is the only one he married. they are scrambling for new material. in the interim they will go back to the tired “she’s too thin” line. the jolie pitts continue on with a meaningful life with a beautiful family blissfully unaware of the one or two miserable people posting obsessively on this thread.


    jensastalkerofjps @ 04/16/2012 at 5:26 pm
    Angelina, beautiful and classy as always.
    Notice she isn’t doing everything to flash her engagement ring like someone did those– what did Jen and Justin call their matching rings and watches? High school gadgets?
    Hahahahaha….excellent point….how fcking stupid does premenopaus-iston look now with her dumb azz name ring. Bahahaha That’s right, 50 yr old Rachel green, wears her crackerjack name ring that looks like something a 17 yr old high school burnout would have made in metal shop in the 80s. Muahahahah.
    Oh, and to the fake azz’d concern troll gnawing her own arm off talking about Angelina’s slenderosity, do you really expect us to believe, that you believe Angelina was full figured and voluptuous in her canary yellow Cannes film fest gown in 2007 and has since wasted away…..Bahahaha, bish STOP yer lyin!!! Angie was the same exact size, then, as she is now…same size yr in and yr out for the last decade except when she’s birthing Brads babies and YOU KNOW IT!! So why are you and your jealous fat cow cat lady ilk ganging up n her now??? I’ll tell you why, you realize Maniston is approaching 50, childless, and alone, except for the bought and paid for middleaged no name serial killer lookalike inkristen Stewart skinny jeans. Haaahaa. It’s gotta sting like helll. You cows had such high hopes, you pictured maniston with a Clooney, or a Gerry butler, or a Bradley cooper – a movie star….someone who delusionally could rival Brad Pitt in your mind’s eye…but instead…all you got is a miniature Ted bundy in platforms whose dream woman, his actor pals say….IS ANGELINA JOLIE!!!!!
    Muahahahaha!! ….do we really have to wonder why these old sad hagulas waste their old lives and precious time in AJ’s threads attacking her?

  • MJ

    @Rotflmao: Poor COW! You’ve been saying that for how many years. Accept the fact that you cannot be in the same size as Angie. That’s hard if you are over 200 lbs and be like Angie’s size. I know it’s painful on your side, you’ve been trying to lose weight busting your butt in the gym, starving yourself, go to the doctor to take out those extra fat skin in your tummy that hanging almost touching the ground and yet you lost only 10 lbs. the most. And here is Angie who can eat a lot and still slim, it’s really unfair right? And what are you complaining about on her weight when you and other fat women who adore BARBIE DOLLS or BRATZ DOLLS for their kids but you did not think that these dolls are the same figure as Angie, same body type, long skinny legs, long skinny arms, coca-cola body, rounded eyes. You don’t see a lot of parents who’s buying those cabbage dolls for their kids right? And you don’t see a cow BARBIE DOLLS or A MUSCULAR BARBIE DOLLS, they are all nice and slim because that is the standard of sexiness. Don’t blame Angie on your problem for being FAT because some people are just born that way no matter how you change your diet as long as you are healthy, that’s what count. Be happy with your size COW!

  • A Lurker

    Just see the pictures of Angie leaving Roosevelt hotel, the ring looks splendid and HUGE, it is definitely worth of $1 million.

  • plez

    It’s funny that these trolls think they are doing something new by making negative comments. Six years and counting we have had to deal with the same bs. The only diff is we get to thumb down you mess these days. Yet still Jolie Pitt threads are the top in comments. Brad and Angelina are still commanding top dollar, getting great scripts and being cheered and nominated for their work. So yes troll you are an annoyance but you too will pass just like the others.

  • Rotflmao

    @MJ: I think I’m at the right size for my height. I’ve actually been told that I need to gain weight, lmao. I’ll quote Regina for you Regia @ 04/16/2012 at 8:41 pm
    Hidden due to a low comment rating Click here to see.
    I think Angelina is very ill. It has to be treated. This thinness is horrible and stupid. She has to think of their children. And she is an example and inspiration to many women. But his appearance is not healthy. This is discussed in the world. Only this site I see so many people defending AJ. After the Oscars, the vast majority of comments were negative. The appearance and the attitude. Please fans of AJ. Fall in reality.
    Go to TMZ and read the comments.


    Hahahaha…Charlize, please….that bish couldn’t get arrested, all her movies lay like eggs, she cant open a film to save her life….no way would a studio make a movie of that magnitude, that needs huge financing with an actress the world doesn’t care about…sandy bullock would make more sense, or j-law… only reason theron’s getting ink now is because she’s attached herself to a Twilight kid, and is soaking up the excess. Otherwise no one cares. There’s not an actress around that the studio would finance to be in a film that huge, but Jolie. Wake up. Lololol

  • yap

    @A Lurker:
    I think Angie loves the ring, she is proudly showing off the ring.

  • Rotflmao

    The ninja turtle to lesbian broke up his own marriage because he was becoming a joke with the acting he displayed in Troy. An affair with Angelina saved his career. Fact.

  • new thread

    ————— New Angie Thread—————–

  • MJ

    To all the trolls, thank you for coming here on Angie’s thread at least we can bury Ticky’s thread in the dirt again with a different topic. We love you trolls. See, in Angie’s thread never been boring but Ticky’s thread, it’s like a graveyard. Don’t worry trolls, you are all welcome here just don’t expect that we will not fight on your opinions if you have one, ha! Keep going trolls.

  • alice

    Which one of these trolls is not pitt? Why the need to change names? Wish it were old times when Jared would flip some names.

  • Olivia and Popeyes

    Her head is HUGE.

  • Liverwurst

    Well we all know this isn’t the first engagement ring he’s designed …

  • Medina

    You would think that after 6 kids an engagement is moving backward, not forwards. Secondly the only reason the would announce such a thing would be for the press. I guess that’s what bugs me so much about these two: there’s just absolutely nothing they won’t sell to the press, nothing sacred:/


    Yawn. Here we go. Fine ugly bish, you don’t believe Angie….okay. You don’t believe Brad…okay. But how come you don’t believe that ugly tootsie looking tv hacktress Maniston or her friends when they say no one cheated on that ugly big nosed beady eyed low forehead havin’ cow-iston?! It’s beyond weird that you’d take up the cause for some ugly tv rich bish that wouldn’t spit on you if you were on fire, and rally round the ol’ hag despite her admitting nothing went down. It just makes you look like some creepy over obsessed stalker, clinging to tabloid soap operas for the sole purpose of hating on the beautiful girl. Ugly bishes need a reason to hate on their betters. Traniston could present you with a signed contract inked with the black hair paint of her bald paid middleaged dwarf, and STILL you’d balk, scream and runaway…because where would your ugly pathetic lame resentful bitter azz be without the beautiful girl to attack with your vitriol. YOU NEED A REASON COW. You and that baboons azz Chelsea manbags, and all other jealous fugs. Your transparent as a pisss Popsicle and twice as rancid and smelly. Your life sucks fug. Tats why your here. We get it dummy. Hahahahahahaaa!


    @234 tamsin
    No the real punch line in Hollywood is Jen, she has not earned RESPECT!!
    the 47yoa hasbeen only has 1 name changing LUNATIC on every blog, funny thing is, you will be here 24/7- bye bye crazy!!

  • LLM

    Cliniqua, I miss your comments.

  • aeon

    Shut fukc up you are self deluded. Admit your agenda here is to search and destroy like the good little hired gutter snake that you are. Your arguments are full of half-truths and tabloid trash quotes to be anything else but a well oiled and manufactured campaign machine. You are too invested in this, you are either trying to convert the fans or dare I say it, attempting to destroy Angie’s fanbase. You are such an amateur. Nice try but the fans have all already told you, we have been at this for years and driven away bigger and better spawn than you. Give it up little girl or bitter hen. It is clear to everyone you either work for one of the other bloggers or just retaliating on order like the working whore you are from your boss on high. The fans have either hurt your boss or one of the other bloggers feeling. Who could it possibly be I wonder…Lamey, Janice Mean…ICU..Peeps…US Weekly…

    You are a sad little worm selling herself to the highest john..sweet dreams little one.

  • just saying

    She is so skinny. So sad.

  • citi

    @ tamsin or whatever NAMES you keep changing

    Haha….I just finished ADDING thumb down WITHOUT even reading what they were.

    Must be a very lonely and long crusade for you…..

  • Natalia

    @fyi: you’re not only terribly rude and aggressive, but obviously dumb or simply can not read. Go back to my post before answering nonsense. Ugh! it is useless trying to reason with people without any education.
    Better, forget about me and my posts and continues to feed your pathetic hate.
    I prefer be happy for Brad, finally made ​​official the family he always dreamed of. So much love :)

  • Simple and Beautiful

    I love how she keeps her outfits simple only wearing solid colors and classic styles. It accentuates her natural beauty.

  • lafamepoma

    Seriously it’s not a joke, if doesn’t eat she will die or having big problems with her healthy, what kind of role model is for their kids? a mother who looks like a skeleton.If i was in the street at night and i saw her i would scary, it’s not normal a woman in her late 30ts has that kins of problems? what she wants to show?

  • hello

    it would not come to anyones surprise that she is a lesbian and brad is gaay, and theirs is a fake relationship, only surprise is people kee pguessing those other celebs of closet bearded behaviour, and not this oh so obvious couple, hey people all the gossip in cloaks are about these two, and here again a attention seeking marriage and both stands lots of losses if their real true lives of the gaay persuasion comes to everyones attention, they are faking it real hard and believable, oscars to both hey pronto

  • lyla

    @Tamsin: AMEM to this and ALL you comments ;D

  • diane

    OMFG, I think JJ MUST LOVE to post about Brangelina and Jennifer Aniston, because it ALWAYS becomes this freak show.
    Seriously, are you Brangelina lunatics THAT blind that you can even admit that this woman is dangerously skinny? It won’t make you any less of an Angelina Jolie fan to recognize this. She is scary skinny and that is a FACT no matter how much you worship her and if anything that is quite sad.

    On regards to the whole Jen/Brangelina triangle which BTW seems like an unforgettable thing to these crazy brangelina fans [pretty sure some of you will still be b******* about it 40 years from now], I think @Tamsin really said it all, but taken from someone who is not from the USA such as myself, I can only be sad when I think of what kind of society have the US become to turn a woman who was cheated on and humilliated in a villain and a couple of cheaters and liars in something to worship.

  • yolly

    The ring is stunning. Simple yet elegant. God bless Brad & Angie plus 6.

  • chachita

    MOre congrats to Brad and Angie as Angie has just been appointed as a new UN Special Envoy!!!!