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Beyonce & Blue Ivy Carter: Central Park Pair

Beyonce & Blue Ivy Carter: Central Park Pair

Beyonce waves to photographers as she takes a stroll through Central Park with her adorable daughter Blue Ivy on Monday afternoon (April 16) in New York City.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Beyonce

Yesterday, the 30-year-old entertainer and husband Jay-Z were spotted leaving Madison Square Garden after watching the Miami Heat defeat the New York Knicks, 93-85. Beyonce was even seen caressing Jay‘s face as they sat courtside!

The happy couple later headed to Bar Pitti in the West Village for a quick meal. One of their favorite NYC restaurants!

More pics at X17!

FYI: Beyonce is wearing a Thakoon dress. She is also using a Baby Bjorn baby carrier.

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  • jaspisgirl

    stroll my a…. looks like a runway-show.can’t help myself,but i do not like her.

  • jaspisgirl

    and how will you know that this kid is adorable.ever seen her???????

  • Nothing But Love

    Love her

  • Beck

    @jaspisgirl: Why don’t you like her? She’s in sandals, a print dress & some sunglasses with her child on her chest…hardly very runway…

  • james

    lol. She’s so goofy.

  • xyz

    she is getting on my nerves just like rihanna.
    I think its weird that shes everywhere – usually shes really private. And especially with a kid i’d think she’d want her away from the paparazzi. if julia roberts can keep her kids out of magazines than so can beyonce.

  • jaspisgirl

    @beck nothing against the outfit.never happened to you??? you see a person and you are thinking :no thanks next please?????? can’t explain,it’s just my PoV. sorry for hurting feelings

  • Beck

    @jaspisgirl: Lol you didn’t hurt my feelings at all, but when it comes to musicians or actors I tend to base my perception of them off of how well I like their work. To each his/her own I guess…

  • Cha Cha Girl

    Why are there never pics with her husband carrying the child?

  • Beck

    Many of them are bad people based on my percepyion. I don’t even know why our socity gives these people so much attention. It’s uncalled for.

  • lola

    can someone please discuss her phone, is that the new blackberry? :O

  • Ruby

    well, she’s walking with full make-up on and perfectly coiffed hair, so yeah she looks like she’s doing a runaway show. Plus it’s a BS story that she was seen breastfeeding that baby of hers. She was photographed drinking beer at the game last night. Now, if you’re a mommy who breastfeeds, you know you can’t drink alcohol since the baby will take it as well. I never liked her and the story about her labor drama with the hospital just made me dislike her more.

  • i

    @xyz: first beyonce is not julia roberts and if she wants to take a walk in NYC with her daughter then she can shut up and relax

  • WhatATool

    JJ trying to start another leg-gate w/pic #3, there is nothing wrong with Beyonce’ leg and nothing running down it like CA

  • xyz

    @i: and if she doesnt want perverts takin pix of her daughter she should stop being a media wh*re – she was pretty low key before.

  • EnormousHeart87

    @jaspisgirl I always find people like you on a post about Beyonce saying don’t you don’t like her but yet you’re on a post related to her. I don’t get it and you said how do we know the baby is cute! A couple months ago Beyonce released her baby’s first photos to the world without accepting that 14 million that was offered to her. Here’s the picture of her baby since you said how do we know she’s cute!!

  • Ed

    how is Beyonce and JayZ who have been famous for over a decade moved around without paps never getting photos of them, but now since her daughter there isn’t a day she not paped ……. I guess her low record sells and Jay Z with that clown Kanye getting on the public nerves, they have to resort to being little media whor@s.

  • EnormousHeart87

    @Ed If you aren’t a fan of her then you don’t know anything. There’s always been pictures of Bey & Jay out and about and how is she using her baby for sells. She’s not even doing anything at the moment but enjoying her motherhood so how is she using her baby. There are thousands of pictures of Bey before she even had the baby and before she even got pregnant.

  • Journalistic

    Hair net? Why..?

  • giddian

    Yeah, what phone does she have? She looks like a woman who couldn’t get pregnant for years and now she has a baby and she’s on cloud 9! Leave her alone.

  • Amma

    I can’t believe she’s 30 – she looks like she could be 17! Gorgeous.

  • Lizzy


  • camillus

    You all are fools thinking she looks 17 how about 71, she’s just a big fat A_s fame who_e who want’s to keep being in the media, what a F_cking looser she is, Hag

  • alexandra

    @Amma: Lol!!! Lets not be so dramatic..maybe not 17…she could pass for 25. :D

  • Love

    @jaspisgirl: pretty much …yes….pictures were released earlier February….u clearly are odd for not liking someone u don’t know and taking it that far. Did u have this reaction to Lucia keys out of wedlock baby she had from someone’s husband? We don’t see her kids face much either…I mean is it that serious?

  • ppl just stupid

    @Ruby: u weren’t even there to know what happened! In any event Beyonce herself did not have any control over what ever was outside the ROOM- not the whole hospital floor as u dumb ppl believe! ppl are too judgmental especially off rumors!

  • cha

    Yes Amazin mom <3

  • Blow

    Heck, I’m confused, did Beyonce name her accessory, OOPS, I mean
    baby after her nail polish, or does she just wear it (the nails) for attention?
    You know, Beyonce always strikes me as a fully committal, go the whole
    Hog kinda gal. Maybe she should dye herself blue and name the baby

  • a fan

    haha. Bee killing the trolls softly. Love the Carters!!!

  • lala

    Yeah pretty sure she’s carrying the limited luxury edition (or prototype) of Blackberry’s 9900.

  • me

    why is that baby wearing no socks at all??????? is it summer already?

  • Redfoxxx

    Love her!! Gorgeous as usual

  • Redfoxxx

    People sound jealous and envious get lives ppl pls.


    SERIOUSLY GUYS??? IF YOU REALLY HATE BEY & HER INNOCENT CHILD, THEN WHY YOU OPEN THIS POST ANYWAY?? Get a life, morons. She just become a mother, what’s wrong with walking down the street with her kid? Should she rent the whole NYC whenever she goes out so there wont be any paps around her? AND, f she doesnt breastfeed the child, SO WHAT? Will that affect your life or something?? Go mind your own life, people. -_-

  • Annie

    In fact you can drink alcohol when you are breastfeeding! They’ve done a lot of studies on that, you just shouldn’t drink beacuse you have a baby to take care of but one beer is totally OK!

  • Luiza

    Beyoncé does breastfeed her child! She did that last week in NYC at a furniture store! Just like an average mama

  • Claudi

    @lola: Yes, I think it’s the new BlackBerry from Porsche Design. I like!

  • Christian

    She’s looking good and seems happy. That baby has a full head of hair! (:

  • ceeli

    ohh you mean they didn’t buy out the park and close it off so that bey and the anointed one didn’t have to walk among mere mortals?

  • Antwanya Friday

    I love you Beyonce, I don’t care what you look like. Give baby blue a kiss for me. God bless you!

  • Alia san

    damn it
    i always want that phone but it is so so expensive
    i can get it only in my dreams

  • isatu

    @xyz: You can say what ever if she is getting on your nerves why then do u have to check for her she will stroll with her baby however he wanted it to be a happy mum is not easy.

  • nicole

    why do we keep on talking about them?…can you please look at yourselves first?…judging and sayin unnecessary words….

  • Tori

    WOW! I’m amazed at the level of hate expressed on some of the comments here for a woman, her HUSBAND and THEIR baby that none of you even know! Sad, indeed! Trust me when I say, GREEN (as in green with envy) isn’t ANYONE’S color!

    I met Beyonce when she was 13 (her and the rest of the original Destiny’s Child…before they were Destiny’s Child). They were staying with a friend of mine who worked in the music industry. Beyonce and Kelly were two of the sweetest girls. So, stop with presumptions about a person you have no real credible knowledge of. She doesn’t look dressed for a runway. She looks like a young woman and mother who cares about her appearance, taking a stroll with her baby. Had she come out looking disheveled and careless, you negative Nancy’s would’ve griped about that, too! smh

  • Bad Bitch

    I know about people like you an “in the closet Beyonce fan” you cant get enough of her thats why your on this site. lol your pathetic

  • Bad Bitch

    @jaspisgirl: lol u aint seen her … u mad lol

  • Bad Bitch


  • Sammmie

    @lola: YESSS!!! im still tryna figure out wth is that!! i like the way it looks.

  • mike

    @lola its the new porsche design blackberry its $1800 and has a touchscreen

  • Julia F

    She looks great with her child, hope she is happy.