Gerard Butler: Coachella Day Three!

Gerard Butler: Coachella Day Three!

Gerard Butler walks through the concert grounds during day three of the 2012 Coachella Music Festival on Sunday (April 15) in Indio, Calif.

The 42-year-old Scottish actor (wearing an Alternative Apparel v neck) checked out the annual outdoor music event all weekend long.

On Friday, Gerry watched The Black Keys‘ perform before attending the GenArt Muse party, which benefited The Art of Elysium.

The following night, he attended the Radiohead concert and later hit the Neon Carnival, which celebs such as Kellan Lutz, Emile Hirsch, Dylan McDermott, and Chris Masterson also came out for.

FYI: Gerard has a Rogue shirt tied around his waist.

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  1. 51
    GFW Says:

    What do they see (in Gerry)? Well past one big organ he uses well, if any are lucky enough (somehow when his guard is down for a bit) get a glimpse of his biggest organ, that. See that, and you’re besotted. Trouble is they think feeding the other big organ is gateway to the other. Not so.

  2. 52
    GFW Says:

    No, I’m not upset or mad or angry or defensive, because (Iike him) we are both self-aware. I know he is totally aware that someone in his position knows (like, as in totally) that partying isn’t the best idea for recovering addicts. Too much temptation.
    No, he is no longer here. I do think it moderated though. But as everyone knows, him included, this must come from the top: him. No amount of scolding, bitching, nagging, whining, crying, cringing, wringing hands, making excuses will do anything unless he feels it is a problem.
    My biggest concern is his lack of will-power to stay post-Rehab (where he felt great leaving) for his career. I realize this does not “fire him up” like it once did and I’m kind of in on that. He has (trust me) other talents! Yet it begs the question, what does? Answer. Love. But he’s too scared for that too, which is why he’s in the mess anyways. Disappointments and rejection. He’d rather hurt himself then let any woman do that.
    So the lack of will power (for his career) IF this holds his interests now or going back down places it in jeopardy.
    What’s he afraid of success? Maintaining it? He’s worked very hard to get where he is. Why stop with 300? What does he want as his legacy? The usual burned out Hollywood “hunk” who was enabled and taken out by drugs and the fast life?? I never, ever, had him pegged for that. AND still don’t.
    who thinks he should take year off, go to Italy, enroll in cooking school and fall in love with a hot-blooded ‘type’ who would help bring out the man he is dying to become, and father too

  3. 53
    GFW Says:

    PS, I say that because he’s pretty much given up on everyone else.

  4. 54
    Reviews Says:

    I agree!
    I also posted a bunch of other links on the last thread, most of it is unbelievably sensational and highly inaccurate. I believe only 10% out of everything reported. In this case, all I believe is that he went to Coachella. Everything else is in the “jury is still out” category. lol

  5. 55
    nyob Says:

    God he is gross. I used to think he was a man *****, but still hot. I do not know now if I would even shake his hand for fear of where it has been. And the girl, well, just sad. How desperate and needy do you have to be to f*&k a movie star in a port-a-potty? I hope she was just horny and in it for fun, because the last girl that any man is going to take seriously is the one who f&^ks him in the port-a-potty.

  6. 56
    GFW Says:

    A honest look of, not the size of, Gerry’s heart…and what it’s made of…
    who thinks maybe if Ari, Freddy, Mom, Alex, Alan, David, sis, bro, nieces, Lolita all showed up and said… “Enough is enough.” and actually meant it, this glass heart could get its 1,001th chance but the way things are going this won’t happen but in a hand-written, tailor-made, emotionally open, well-constructed beautiful giving thoughtful well-deserved story because this isn’t about self-esteem any longer… it’s about self-respect

  7. 57
    coachella Says:

    I know who this woman is. Her name is Zooey Deschanel. Gerard and Zooey were seen together in LA about a year ago. I don’t know if they were FWB’s or not, but she’s not a stranger or a fan as some people assumed. Gerard and Zooey do know each other.

  8. 58
    lolita Says:

    @wtf?: HI, WTF, I’m ok, thanks. Wouldn’t it be a suprise if Gerry actually had to use the porta potty because he had to pee and he was alone when he did it. I can’t believe the outlandish stories they make up about him. All the pics they got of him at this festival and not one of him and her entering and leaving the potty. I know he does some really goofy stuff but why is it they all seem on a quest to write such horse hockey about him. Someone here a long time ago said no video no pics it didn’t happen. What d-listed writes about everyone is usually past nasty. He lives his life the way he wants to.
    All the other people at that festival were having just as much fun as he was but since it is GERRY he is stoned for it.
    @Angelsrock, we are becoming the few and far between who really like Gerry and don’t tear him apart when he is being him.

  9. 59
    discuss Says:

    Sad account of the whole mess on Radar.

  10. 60
    AM Says:

    Thank you…… seems that we never read all these disgusting stories about Gerry until Brandigate. Now it seems that the flood gates are opened and everything is interpreted in such a negative way. Maybe his pretty companion needed to use the porta potty and he accompanied her there and waited. You would really have to be crazy to attempt anything that risky with all the celebs and cameras around!

  11. 61
    PsychoB Says:

    @calirehabber: @The Goat: We can judge what Gerry’s doing. Atleast you can if you have even the slightest knowledge of rehab and addiction.

  12. 62
    PsychoB Says:

    looks like part of my post was deleted

    If Gerry did go in the porta potty with this girl he is most definately not sober. There are only two reasons for a guy to go into a porta a potty with a girl at the same time. To get some blow or to get some blow. And either blow that hes getting makes it obvious that the guy is loaded.
    I logically can’t see him doing this but there again if he’s not sober he isn’t thinking logically

  13. 63
    lolita Says:

    @AM: @AM: ITAWY, because he has done some things in the past that were rather risque, they think everything he does is like that. No one even knows if they left together or were just dancing and talking and enjoying the music. You know he was being watched like a hawk because some of the articles were saying he was not drinking. He was being watched just to try and catch him in some kind of scenario to spread these kinds of rumors. Some of his negative press he gets he brings on himself but not all this stuff is true and some never happened.

  14. 64
    Toronto Says:

    MAN. As an addict myself (now clean, thank-you…) this is nothing short of sorrowful. I feel horrible for Gerry right now. No way is he clean/sober. I could cry…..

  15. 65
    lolita Says:

    There is a blog called the Blemish who is saying Gerry bang]]ed a brunette in a potty but they are showing the pictures of the woman who some other blog said he was arguing with and they didn’t show the picture of the woman he was dancing with who is supposed to be potty girl. So how do you think the woman he was talking to would feel like if she was portrayed as potty girl. Let’s run with this story because it is Gerry Butler and everyone will believe it even if it isn’t true.

  16. 66
    Question Says:

    “Sad account of the whole mess on Radar.”
    can you link the article?

  17. 67
    ugh Says:

  18. 68
    The Goat Says:

    There’s no point even addressing the ones who believe some of the ridiculous accusations made by tabloid press. It’s like trying to get through to a Chatty Cathy doll! Just let them continue to feed off of the bottom and regurgitate their warped facts here. It’s like pulling the string and a preprogrammed response comes out and they all come out the same.

    I don’t believe his fan base is shrinking at all or the paps and tabs would not be out in such full force right now. He’s getting more famous and this is the price of fame. There will always be those who try to tear you down and make money doing it. They are the underbelly of humanity.

  19. 69
    Whatshedonenow Says:

    Because they are. He’s losing fans hand over fist.  More and more are becoming disgusted or bored  by his behaviour and treatment of women. 

    To the passing film goer, he’s  just the guy who was in 300, who makes crap films and parties a lot.  

    His co- star Fassbender is probably more famous than him now. 

  20. 70
    Question Says:

    What does this Zooey Deschanel do? she doesn’t look like a model or anything like that. She also looks much older and shorter than his usual type. Is she an aspiring actress or singer? Who is she, how do you know her or about her?

  21. 71
    lolita Says:

    Who are these unknown sources who always just happen to be there when Gerry is out and about. Radar’s source says he was drinking and other sources said he wasn’t. What a bunch of horse hockey. We all saw him dance Fred Astaire he isn’t. He probably was doing his Rock and Rolla two step.

  22. 72
    The Goat Says:

    @Question: That is NOT Zooey Deschanel. I think that’s another festival goer who recognized him and he stopped to talk to her. Of course, they put up the one photo that looks like she’s upset. I’ve see all of the photos from the time they met until he walks off. The link is at WO for anyone interested.

  23. 73
    Toronto Says:

    @Question: Zooey is a tv actress. But I don’t think this is her. The bloggers would have figured that out. She’s also only 32. The woman Gerry’s pictured with here looks over 40….

  24. 74
    azalea Says:

    What I don’t understand is how, with all the paps andphones around, Butler pulled off this porta potty incident without a single picture. I’ll add to my lack of understanding the conflicting reports on his drinking also without a picture. If someone could explain, I’ll be thankful.

  25. 75
    coachella Says:

    Zooey is an actress, musician and singer-songwriter. She’s 32 years old.
    This is her imdb page:

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