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Gerard Butler: Coachella Day Three!

Gerard Butler: Coachella Day Three!

Gerard Butler walks through the concert grounds during day three of the 2012 Coachella Music Festival on Sunday (April 15) in Indio, Calif.

The 42-year-old Scottish actor (wearing an Alternative Apparel v neck) checked out the annual outdoor music event all weekend long.

On Friday, Gerry watched The Black Keys‘ perform before attending the GenArt Muse party, which benefited The Art of Elysium.

The following night, he attended the Radiohead concert and later hit the Neon Carnival, which celebs such as Kellan Lutz, Emile Hirsch, Dylan McDermott, and Chris Masterson also came out for.

FYI: Gerard has a Rogue shirt tied around his waist.

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  • coachella

    @The Goat: Why are you calling me names? I’m curious. I’m posting links, I’m posting what I know of their history …. why the name calling? It amazes me how the crowd who pretends to be above it all are the first people to throw personal insults around as soon as they disagree with someone’s opinion. I stand by what I wrote. The woman is Zooey Deschanel. It’s too bad you weren’t able to disagree with me like an adult.

  • Whatshedonenow


    Cause it’s gossip and ents site. Not a fan site.

  • The Goat

    @angelsrock: And the other ten percent is exaggerated!

  • Whatshedonenow

    I guess I am one of the sad billions who like ents news. And you’re one the rare few who are above all that.

  • GFW

    Honestly, if it were… they’d stated so. They would. So not Zo, ‘k?

  • angelsrock

    @The Goat:

    You’re probably right, Goat! It bothers people that no one here or those writing these accounts know Gerry at all. It’s all speculation, good and bad. I just can not bash someone without knowing the facts first hand. I have always given others the benefit of the doubt and it hasn’t failed me yet.

    Have a nice evening everyone. Have to go watch Smash.

  • The Goat

    Have you ever felt compelled to answer someone’s stupid rant here and wrote out a long drawn out explanation of your counter view then realized you’ve bested no one when you’ve bested a fool and just hit the delete? I just did that! Good night all!

  • Anastasia Beaverhausen

    I don’t necessarily believe all that is being put out there. But I think what is worrying a lot of his fans, is what looks like constant partying ever since he left rehab. No one thinks he should be couped up in his house. The places he is hanging out at however, are putting up red flags. I really don’t care who he sleeps with (if the porta-potty story were to be true, would I be I be grossed out? Yes.). But I think we can all agree that we would like to see the stars that we like, healthy and happy. I have noticed that a lot of the people who posted here when I started checking this place out, do not post anymore. Not sure if that is because of Gerard or because of the ridiculous fighting and fanatics.

    He might want to consider a bit of damage control. He is in the press these days more for his supposed antics, than his craft. If I wanted to be known for my work first and foremost? I would put away my urge to be the life of the party, stay in for a while and concentrate on work. But that’s me.

  • ella

    Are the media reports accurate – did he really spend ALL three days at this festival? Live music is the best and I guess if you’re watching different bands each day then it’s possible. I don’t think it’s so much about being at an event that perhaps caters to a younger crowd but it’s more about how you handle yourself when you’re there – which brings me to GB and the reports of his weekend women (IF any of this is true). Just took a look at the pic posted at #58 – is that woman giving GB a piece of her mind? Poor GB. It sure looks like it – and she seems really passionate too. She must have found out she is one of many. But then looking at the other pics they seem to be very friendly since she was close enough to whisper something in his ear and in another pic he leaned in to touch her wrist/shoulder. Hmm, well maybe he got a piece of something else later on lol, but at that moment it seemed more like an intense conversation.

  • Whatshedonenow

    Just read the dlisted and celebitchy articles.

    Wow, they’re really slamming him big big time.  It’s definitely time to call in a new professional  no nonsense PR team to give him a complete overhaul  before it’s too late. His image is now officially where he  reportedly had his latest intimate encounter – in the cra**er.

  • GFW

    Where are his friends? I mean real friends who say hey we’re not going to stand by while you put yourself in harms way. They should look at a party and stop him the way they would stop him from jumping in front of a moving train.

  • Just to clarify

    Zooey D is not porta-potty girl. The one the tabs are saying went to the potty with him is the one dancing with his knee in her cooch. I’m sure Zooey has too much class for him.

  • azalea

    Ella – I looked at all of the pictures at that site of GB and that girl to get some context. I think arguing may be a tad strong. It could be an animated conversation.

  • opinion

    Someone on WO (I think) mentioned that music festivals are very loud and the woman maybe had to raise her voice and be very animated so Gerry could hear her. I don’t think they were fighting. I also don’t think she’s Zooey (Perez Hilton didn’t recognize her and he knows everybody), but I do think G knows the woman (just from the way he was touching her in one of the photos).
    I think, at the very least, Gerry’s Coachella visit was very bad PR. It’s fresh on the heels of partying at SXSW and partying in NYC. Whether he’s using or not, for someone fresh from rehab, this looks really bad and the world is noticing. Why can’t he see that?
    The new Radar exclusive is very damning. I don’t know if it’s true, but at the very least it’s awful PR for Gerry and he should have known this would happen. Going to this highly publicized fete, dirty dancing in front of cameras, partying until dawn where the booze and drugs flow freely, is really lousy PR for him.
    If you read the comments sections where Gerry’s fans aren’t posting, the general public seems thoroughly disgusted by him these days. I understand that the entertainment rags spin stories in directions that aren’t true, but Gerry is giving them a lot of red meat these days.
    I think some partying in private would be a good idea for awhile but I know he won’t do it. He chooses the most public ways he possibly can to party. He even chooses friends who tweet gossip bloggers about his partying ways. I think Gerry has an addiction to the spotlight and to the drama. He gets a thrill out of all this attention good and bad. It’s very self-destructive. I think he’s a very troubled man and nothing in his behavior leads me to believe he’s going to sort himself out any time soon.

  • @opinion

    I agree, not sure why you are thumbed.Stupid place. I also agree with GFW, he needs better friends and more discretion.

  • Jane

    Who cares what Dlisted, Celebitchy or even Radar say? They are the very worst gossip sites and report stories from the Enquirer, Star Mag. and all the worst rags out there. Gerry is no saint, but all of this is ridiculous! These bad characterizations of him aren’t being reported in People or in the mainstream press. Also, he looks grungy right now since he still hasn’t cut his hair – so people naturally assume the worst about him because of his looks. I can’t believe how people believe all this garbage and are falling for it hook, line and sinker!

  • Kaiser

    Ew. I get the impression it is easier for women to be friends with him than to be with him. Don;t you? Like watching a guy be a train wreck then to actially have to care??

  • Postwatcher

    I believe Gerry is going to be found od’d on a toilet or drowned in a tub like all the other druggie celebrities with careers on a downward spiral.

  • bystander

    GFW I like your posts 53 and 112. ITAWY.

    As for why we don’t have pictures of the sort of things honed in upon by radar (haven’t read the other two), I suppose you can either take the viewpoint that these articles are just scandal mongering and didn’t happen, or there is no smoke without fire and so at least some speculation is likely to be true, given the constant billowing of dense , dark smoke . I wonder if his PR team are better than we think, and actually manage to prevent the really incriminating photos reaching the public?

    Unless something dramatic happens we’ll never know which, but surely the constant stream for years and years of such stories must ring alarm bells with even the most positive of fans, on the sheer numerical probability that even some is true?

    It’s very sad that even if the official version of rehab is correct, that Gerry is right back to the sort of temptation to try to keep up with a younger crowd and punish his body with round the clock playing. Or it could be the worst scenarios that radar, celebitchy and suchlike have been reporting.
    Neither looks good from a PR, career or personal wellbeing perspective.

  • Reviews

    Gerard Butler Flirts With Coachella Girls
    Well, it’s good they say girls and not girl, and I have to say that this report is pretty fair and accurate. They say he was dancing, flirting, and hitting on a variety of girls, and I think that’s pretty much accurate. I don’t think he hit on one girl in particular or brought a date with him. Also the report was fair by saying he stuck to water only,as there is no proof he had hard liquor. And I do believe as his publicist states, he hang out with his buddies a lot as well. We saw him with Ariel and others, and he was also at the VIP section as reported by Perez Hilton.
    I think Gerry had the time of his life at Coachells. Just looking at those pictures you can tell how happy he was. It’s like he had a spring in his step. Here is one of those pictures that shows he was in a very, very good mood. And for a moody guy, that’s quite significant.

    He reminds me a lot of my ex., not just looks wise, but also the way his facial expressions look when he is happy and excited. And this picture in particular reminds me of him so much. It’s funny, I heard from him over the weekend. Interesting coincidence!
    In any case, I can’t understand the reason behind all the bashing he is getting here. There is no proof he was doing anything not advisable health wise. All he did was flirt with a plethora of females having the time of his life, and letting loose before he goes back to work. Why all the criticizing and harsh judgment?

  • Reviews

    For whoever has time to view some of the sights and sounds of Coachella. Some of these pictures are amazing, others boarder on the weird. But either way, they are incredible photos. No doubt a person should experience this place at least once in a lifetime, and if you live in CA I can’t see why you wouldn’t go every year if you had time, especially if you are a VIP and had a special invitation. Going to Coachella doesn’t mean you have to do drugs, have illicit sexual encounters, or get drunk out of your mind. You can have a great time without all of these terrible things and come back home intact.

  • so……….

    spring chic, reviews,noise in the wall, angelsrock, lolita, wtf?, stacie, GFW are still pretty hard core fans

    few trolls that are more anti manny, anti phannies, anti gfw so… not sure where to put them,

    everyone else jaded or jumped ship,
    not lookin good for butler,………. it?

    hey PR team butler, word of advice find him a girl, get him married, pop out a kid or 2 and salvage his career and reputation before its too late.

    even if it is a big fuuckin lie, he needs to change his image ASAP!!!!!

  • so……….

    @so……….: my survey only contained posters i have seen over and over again over the last year, think we all know spring chic is a sock of you know who

    @Reviews: honestly, i think it is now the overused ladies man/ party boy that is turning into a self fulfilling prophecy of sorts by the very media that covets it. his pr team needs to realize that, its done, find some other image or like one said go awol for awhile.

    either that or butler really just doesn’t give a fuuck and lives his life on his own terms

    in that case …why care? the chips will fall where they may, good or bad time will tell, he will reap what he sows, we all might as well shut up and take up knitting.

  • justme

    @Reviews: I agree. He might be dumb sometimes but not stupid. He probably just walked the girl to the bathroom and back If he were doing all that you tube would blow up by now!

  • Reviews

    “few trolls that are more anti manny, anti phannies, anti gfw so… not sure where to put them,
    everyone else jaded or jumped ship,’
    and don’t forget anti older women. There is a troll like that too.
    BTW, I can’t characterize myself as hard core. I criticize him sometimes too, except I can’t criticize him for going to Coachella and having a great time since I don’t see the harm in it.
    Here is an old interview from 2009 that’s very good. They say he commends “an estimated $15-20 million per film.” I don’t believe that this is an accurate estimation but who knows, maybe? I think he definitely gets about 5 mill per picture. Will see when his other projects come out if he finally has a new hit on his hand.
    In any case, for all of these people that think he is not worth anything, this is what he is about:

    “What we are missing in cinema at the moment is real men,’ 300’s director, Zack Snyder, says. ‘In how he looks, and in how he is, Gerry has a manliness that is incredibly appealing.’ ……Butler embodies Hollywood’s favourite archetype, the hard man with the soft centre. It is certainly not an act – in life, as in film, Butler is part chest-beater, part soul-searcher. ‘He’s tough, and crazy, but he also has this boy-man quality that makes you want to take care of him,’ Snyder says. ‘I have always had this deep sense of loneliness,’ Butler reveals at one point. ‘Ever since I was a child, I have loved being the centre of attention but similarly I can’t remember a time in my life that I haven’t battled with all sorts of quandaries, fears and weaknesses.’

  • bystander


    ‘All he did was flirt with a plethora of females having the time of his life, and letting loose before he goes back to work. Why all the criticizing and harsh judgment?’

    Perhaps because they are often 20yrs younger, and there are a plethora of them?
    Yes he’s a single guy enjoying himself, but he’s also a single middle aged guy enjoying himself with girls half his age, and by his own admission has lived this self pleasure seeking lifestyle for about 24yrs, since before many of them were born.
    Whether you think it harmless flirting or something more hedonistic, it looks shallow and age inappropriate after so many years. Gerrys reputation is now solidified with the press, reputable, gossip and gutter. I doubt this would have happened without considerable evidential support.

  • Reviews

    “Perhaps because they are often 20yrs younger, and there are a plethora of them?
    Yes he’s a single guy enjoying himself, but he’s also a single middle aged guy enjoying himself with girls half his age, and by his own admission has lived this self pleasure seeking lifestyle for about 24yrs, since before many of them were born. Whether you think it harmless flirting or something more hedonistic, it looks shallow and age inappropriate after so many years.”
    OK, so? Why do you care?
    How does it affect you that he is flirting with much younger women than himself?
    Does it impede your love life in anyway?
    Why are you in his bedroom worrying about how much sex he has, and with whom? The type that turns him on?
    A bit of a busybody, are you?
    Your issues with him simply lack merit.
    Think about it. If you had a nosy neighbor that expressed to you issues along the same lines about you, you’d tell them to mind their own business, not to mention you’d be ouitraged how dare this person tell you how you should behave with the opposite sex – who yoiu should date, their age, looks, and type of relationsgips you should have with them…..C’mon it’s outrageous!!!

    I can’t think this criticims has anything more to do than with jealosuy and envey. Certain women are envious he is dating younger women. Just like the younger women on this board get upset when they see him with older women. At the end of the day, the point is, who he dates – her looks, age, ethnicity, or profession – is no one’s business but his. Stay out of his bedroom. You have no business to be outraged by who he dates. Your argument about his dating lacks merit.

  • I agree

    with the manly man thing. Gerry is certainly a manly man. But I too, would like to see him with something other than 20 year old models. I liked Bianca and Laurie, and I can’t help wondering if he shouldn’t of settled down by now.

    @ so……. I knit, and laughed at your comment. Sometimes I think knitting is easier than trying to figure this guy out! :)

  • Reviews

    LOL! The first picture is hilarious. Talk about in your face.
    I think Ariel was with him on Friday night too. He is probably his wing man in LA. I like Ariel, I think he is a very good friend to him.

  • Reviews

    @I agree:
    Oh, I agree about him settling down. I have always said that the best thing for him is to date a quality girl and get married. I think being a husband and father will help him mature and grow as a person. However, if he married a 20-year old, or a 30-year old, it’s his choice and what does it for him as a man. Sexuality cannot be dictated. It’s a very personal thing. I am more worried about the famehos he hooked up with recently, than 20-something women looking for a good time from a major HW heartthrob.

  • Reviews

    “Gerard and his new love interest decided against dancing in the middle of the busy bash, with the actor instead taking the lady outside so they could sway together on the pavement.

    The pair spent the rest of the evening with each other and were seen having fun inside the party later on.”

  • Reviews
  • Reviews

    More Coachella sights and sounds – famous people
    All of GB’s pictures from Coachella

  • Reviews

    “Gerard Butler Banged a Brunette in a Porta-Potty at Coachella”
    LOL! it’s so ridiculous.

  • ALM

    Nicely Put!!!!

  • Whatshedonenow


    You are totally missing the point. 

    What you are forgetting is that in Hollywood you are gloried freelancer. And like all freelancers you are only as good as your repuation and your last job.

    GB now has a reputation of  being at best, a middle aged party boy,  player, fresh out of rehab, who’s a mediocre actor. And at worst,  an amoral, man….e, drug addict, with emotional issues, who’s lucky to make bad movies.

    As an actor he needs people to have a POSTIVE interest in his business, be it public or private, to make MONEY.   All movie stars do. Even the stars who are very private – Daniel Craig for example, everybody knows he seems to have a happy private life.

    That’s why it’s a very, very, very bad idea for GB’s image to be seen gallivanting around parties, clubs and festivals chatting up girls young enough to be his daughter,  or associating celebrities who have very poor reputations, straight out of rehab. Even before he went into rehab it was bad, now it’s a PR disaster.

    Why?Because if he continues to behave like that,  eventually the bad publicity, will lead to a bad image,  which leads to less fans, which leads to bad movies offers, which leads to bad movies, which leads to bad work, which leads to less or no work,  which leads to less or no more money. 

    GB has chosen profession, which involves almost constant public scrutiny. Therefore it’s essential for him to have a image that is postive or at least authentic.

    No one with any sense is saying the man shouldn’t go out and enjoy himself. But as with all ages it’s a matter of with whom, when and where. 

    Get it now.

  • angelsrock

    I thought we’d heard the last of this, but it looks like it’s a possibility again.

    Happy Tuesday, JJ’ers!!!

  • Carly

    I don’t think Gerard is “manly” at all. He acts too much like a child. He’s about as manly as a 12 year-old boy.

  • lolita

    thank you for bringing that youtube story here. If they can’t find dirt on him they will make it up. To see him dancing, singing and flirting was not enough, they had to embellish his time there to make it look like he was a strung out wacko.
    Have a good day everyone, off to work.

  • Hollywood Gossiper

    @Whatshedonenow: #137 and Opinion, #115, well said, both of you.

    I for one am tired of the endless party. Really waiting for someone to get back to work and to get a real PR team behind him not “friends” who send videos and photos to media outlets. It all screams AMATEUR HOUR and it all begs the question how much potential blackmail material does this lot have on the poor guy as “insurance”. I worry that if this guy is in real trouble he has no one who really cares, they are all on the party/gravy train and he doesn’t seem to mind, even thrives on it. I hope I am very wrong but right now I can only shake my head.

    I’ll be back where there is something substantial to comment on. The only thing that I am excited about is the release of Of Men and Mavericks so that’ll be in the fall. I have never seen so much confusion as what his next role will be.

    Have fun going round and round on the Butler carousel.

  • Can’tGetEnough

    Good Morning JJer’s. Interesting tidbit here about GB’s partying this past weekend and a comment from someone at Betty Ford:
    DESERT DISH: A busy BZ spy out at the Coachella Music Festival in Indio, Calif., reports people close to Gerard Butler expressed concerns the actor exposed himself to too many temptations — given Butler recently completed a stint in rehab.
    “Whether you are working on sobriety from prescription drugs [Butler’s alleged addiction], alcohol or hard drugs, it’s not a good idea to be in an environment where people are using [drugs] or drinking heavily,” said a veteran staffer at the Betty Ford Clinic in nearby Rancho Mirage.

    For the record, Butler was seen carefully maintaining his sobriety at Coachella and happily enjoying the music along with a number of other celebs. One was “Harry Potter” star Emma Watson, spotted being very cozy with boyfriend Will Adamowicz, whom she met while studying at Oxford.

  • malibumillie

    @coachella: It is not Zooey, that woman looks older and thinner and Zooey was partying with Paul McCartney in WeHo not at Coachella. She posted a photo on her twitter.

    As noted if Zooey were at Coachella it would be reported news since she has been a fixture there in years past and she’s really just as big a name as Butler. If it is or was Zooey cool and only shows how makeup artists and hair stylists are a girl’s best friend. Clearly it is someone he knows and they were not arguing thats the ye old let’s run with the photo that makes it look like Butler is arguing with some chick Looks like two friends catching up to me. Nothing to argue about otherwise.

    Just to comment, just because there isn’t a photo doesn’t mean something did not happen or a lot of actual news would be questionable on that criteria. And of course just because you have a photo doesn’t mean what happened is as reported. See above.

    We don’t have a lot of photos of Butler with women in general given his reputation or compared to other known Lotharios but we presume he spends time with a lot of women we never see. Photographers even tabloid types and drunken festival goers can’t be everywhere and some people have some decency left. All kinds of people see celebrities getting up to this and that and don’t take photos and post them publicly or tweet about it, in fact the majority of people don’t. We just laugh and file it in the story bank.

  • article

    Celebitchy has posted a very interesting article about Gerry and Coachella. They’re discussing the Radar story and they also got a tip from a friend of the family that Margaret is very worried about Gerry.

  • Anastasia Beaverhausen

    Well I see that this is basically turning into people just recycling what has already been posted and now agreeing with the fanatics. I’m out.

  • article

    @Anastasia Beaverhausen:
    The Celebitchy article I just posted is a NEW one. It’s not the one from yesterday.

  • Emma

    My eyes hurt, people!

    Yeah, yeah, I know… gossip – um… sociological analysis website. :-))

    I know it’s probably not what you wanna see, but I don’t like GB very much today. We’ll see what happens tomorrow.

    Hugs and have a great day, y’all!


  • Anastasia Beaverhausen


    I didn’t mean your article hun. I meant people basically typing the same thing in each post. Or re-posting what has already been said. And honestly, the folks I’ve always adored on here, don’t really post much anymore. So time to move I think…..

  • Aha….

    @Anastasia Beaverhausen: Think about it tomorrow, Anastasia. “After all… tomorrow is another day!” :))))

  • http://gerard-butler-oachella-day-three/comment-page-6 CHOLITA

    buenos dias ,wow….wow….la cosa aqui esta que quema,bueno les dejo a LA LEY con MENTIRAS,hermosa letra y Beto Cueva tan guapo y con esa voz tan sensual ,que yo me derrito cada vez que la escucho….je,je,je….espero que mi alma gemela tenga una linda voz,porque yo la tengo……risas….risas……te amo mi corazon estes donde estes …..te extraño mucho…..besitos….besitos…..oops!….buen dia señor Butler no haga caso de la gente de feo corazon,ellos siempre estan enredados en el mismo juego vicioso de la negatividad y la mentira,la personas piensa que usted perdio la brujula de su vida,pero los cambios en la vida de usted siempre son profundos,pero beneficiosos,yo apuesto por usted,,,,,,,,,,,suerte…..dargabriel querida amiga espiritual,espero que tengas una linda semana,lo que dijiste tiene mucha verdad,no te preocupes que todo esta bien,todo debe estar en el orden cosmico de la creacion ,y a pesar que no se ve ,se siente el cambio,fluye.fluye como el viento todo llegara a buen puerto……muchos besitos y un gran abrazo del oso koala……es tan lindo ……pequeña y coqueta….vibraciones positivas… fe…fuerza……adios…………………………..Lie my life
    what is given and not looking.
    lie cast
    evaporated with honey than my skin.
    lie prohibited
    weakness that dominates me.
    lie my life
    I do not lie but love
    only found
    price of becoming a fool
    lie sold
    polarity intoxicates me.
    lies sunken
    scourge that my heart does not forget.
    destructive temptations lie.
    as lie
    I do not lie but love
    I lost only
    return to give back.
    my heart
    beats for you
    in me.
    my heart
    never stopped
    your heart
    lie served
    in wine and daily bread.
    bold lie
    bolero of my heart.
    bitter saliva
    taste of guilt and agony.
    divine falsehood
    I do not lie but love,
    only found
    the price fool to see me again.
    Love only found
    the price fool you again.
    my heart
    beats for you
    in my
    and always seek the truth.
    my heart
    never stopped
    your heart.
    my heart
    beats for you
    in my
    and always seek the truth.
    my heart never left.

  • Manny

    @Can’tGetEnough: & @article:
    Finally someone is posting something decent and not the fan-rationale that everything he is doing is harmless…
    If peeps really care about Butler they should be p!ssed as hell at him. If he was ever sober, why by all that’s holy is he doing what he is doing? I think anyone that has believed in his “sobriety” since his rehab and his rehab should reevaluate.
    Those of us with some sort of medical/substance abuse backgrounds know he is f*cked up and is on an unhealthy path. Watching GFW and her like trying to rationalize “his strength” to go into the pit of temptation is not only ludicris but enabling. I wonder if his “friends” are singing the same song and dance. It’s like watching a clever snake toy with a mouse IMO. Gerry just doesn’t know he is the mouse.
    I have questioned his friends for years. They are getting a nice free ride on the highway of Butler’s celebrity and his insecurity to do anything without a wingman. Mind you his friends are not responsible for his choices but with enabling his bad choices. I LMAO with GFW was all “Ariel is there and that is a good thing” REALLY??? Ariel has sailed with Gerry on this course of self-destruction for years. Ariel may be a decent sort but obviously not the best of mates when it comes to telling a friend he is imploding.
    And don’t think that Margaret can ride to the rescue either. I think it is more than evident that even though Butler loves his mum, she has about as much control over him as you or I do. He’ll just charm her like he always does… what a sweet boy…
    I’m just p!ssed. We lost a patient during the night who was an abuser. Been in rehab twice and found on the bathroom floor of a club last night again. We saw him just months ago. IF what is being said about Butler’s cocaine use being a long-standing problem, well, I can tell you how a similar situation played out last night. Clothes stripped, foaming at the mouth, peeps beating on a chest, body jumping from shocks, body defecating continually, blown pupils, etc. But the worst sight of the evening, telling a pregnant wife that the father of her child was gone. That is the face of drug abuse more often than not.
    So all those brushing this under the carpet, shame on you. I admit Butler is my favorite boy to take a pot shot at, but I wouldn’t wish on him what I witnessed last night, what I see too often.
    Okay I blew off that steam… Have a good morning peeps…