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Halle Berry: Motherhood Is 'My Greatest Sense of Purpose'

Halle Berry: Motherhood Is 'My Greatest Sense of Purpose'

Halle Berry attends her 4th Annual Celebrity Golf Classic held at the Wilshire Country Club on Monday (April 16) in Los Angeles.

Over the weekend, the 45-year-old actress and fiance Olivier Martinez attended the Jenesse Silver Rose Awards.

“Who knew? I swore it off, right? Never say never, people!” Halle told Extra at the event about her engagement.

The gala benefited victims of domestic violence, a cause close to Halle‘s heart.

“Being a mother is probably my greatest sense of purpose,” Halle shared, “but this gives me another sense of purpose outside my own family.”

FYI: Halle is wearing the “Lili” tee by JandCompany.

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Credit: Daniel Tanner; Photos: WENN
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  • Mimi

    Good then go away and mother!

  • Thanks Halle

    I think I will barf now.

  • lani

    Along with torturing her kid’s daddy.

  • ali

    really ? but why dont you let your own kid have a loving
    father ?? especially knowing that you grew up with a crummy
    father yourself who was a bad male role model – that
    you ended up marrying the Wrong men who treated you like
    ***** . so why can’t you be nice and let your cute adorable kid
    have a father ?

    do you want her to end up like you ??

  • tsquared

    She may as well prepare for another divorce. Isn’t Oliver known to be a serial cheater?

  • NAYAH82

    Demented a$$ chick…

  • ORLY

    I thought it was hiring nasty lawyers.

  • Bran

    Don’t you bitter women trashing Halle have children and significant
    others that love you? Though so. Misery loves company.

  • Halle is One Big Nutjob

    She can’t imagine that her daughter might mean that much to Gabriel too? She is one selfish b-itch!
    She is really making sure her daughter has the same screwed up childhood as she had and that the father will not be present if she has anything to do with it. Child custody should take that kid away from this nutjob.

  • Mark

    Halle just wanted to meet Salli Richardson-Whitfield to compare herself, as you can see if you go on you will see Salli looks more like Pam Grier and Halle looks sick, with a long head.

  • anne

    Being a mother is probably my greatest sense of purpose,” Halle shared, “but tormenting the living hell out of my childs’ father and making it as difficult as possible for her to see him is my destiny in life.”

  • Sarena

    look here fugly people…Halle Berry is the only mother Nehila has and will always be closer to her than anyone else on this planet earth. GO EFFING HANG YOURSELVES YOU ARE THE ONES DEMENTED WISHING SOMEONE EVIL BECAUSE YOU ARE OBSESSED WITH HER PERSONAL LIFE.

  • msirene


    Please learn how to at least spell the child’s name correctly. It’s N-A-H-L-A, Nahla!

    Education is the key!

  • Sarena

    @msirene: Look here fugly her child ‘s name is from African language, which I spelled correctly (the way it sounds). You can talk about education maybe on a news website but not on Halle hate comments section.

  • http://website,computer Dave From Canada

    Let’s hope that Halle’s second greatest purpose is to act in a good movie for once in a long time.

  • Halle’s FOS as usual

    More of Halle’s BS. Just because she and OM have acknowledged the engagement doesn’t mean it will ever happen.

    Not the first time she’s lied or changed her mind and probably won’t be the last time. It will interesting to see when the judge says no to the move, how she will react and if OM will still marry her then.

    He may not be on her payroll much longer????

  • Sharon

    The ring looks cheap like her lies and why are still looking at this person?

  • olderwoman

    It appears to me that no one on this blog really knows the woman and is actually standing outside looking in. Women are our own worse critics. Some of it can be chaled up to envy wherther we acknoowledge it or not, the rest to pur stupidity. It takes two people to have a battle, and I bet the truth of the matter lies somewhere in between both arguments. As to the fiance, this man is like 90% of all other men, he has a past with a lot of women. So what? Give them a chance, stranger relationships have beat the odds. And even more importantly, get a life. I hope her marriage works; enough divorce to go around!

  • olderwoman

    @Halle’s FOS as usual: I did a check on Olivier Martinez and he has a net worth of 20 million dollars and she has a net worth of 70 million. Unline some others she has married in the past, it doesn’t look like she will need him to help pay his bills. Oh by the way, read a piece by one of the young man Aubry’s firneds and she says that she sort of understands why Ms. Berry believes that she is paying the freight here. Turns out he has stopped working very much so he can be around to keep the little girl when her mother is away working. Bet you don’t have a probem with that, though.

  • olderwoman

    @MELISSA: I agree. Is that the one addicted to sex that she had to come back from the Bond premiere to work on. And these jerks want to know why this woman deserves a break in the men’s department. Must not have any mothers, sisters, or daughters! And I was married to a man about like David Justice, 39 years after we first married, he was still after me about things that happened in the first year. As I recall, that/s why Kim Basinger and alec Baldwin split. He suffers from the same kind of bullshit! Now after hearing all of this, who thinks she still doesn’t derserve a bit of happiness?

  • So????

    @olderwomano Can’t believe all the he said she said about what’s really going on between Halle, model boy and Ollie Boy. More of she said, he said etc.Several articles make your claim as well those claiming Aubry has kept his schedule open for every time Halle’s dragged him into court. He’s still a LV and True Religion spokesman plus his other gigs.Who’s knows what’s true, certainly we don’t .

    There’s also a lot of misinformation especially on those celebrity net worth sites including Aubry’s date of birth is Sept. 30th not Jan.4th-is listed on Nahla’s birth certificate.

    Funny OM is worth $20M when he hardly works. He sure didn’t make that on Dark Tide since that was their entire budget. Probably wise investments. Those figures have been up since 2010 or 2011. Eric’s is $28 M, David’s is $40M/$&M annual salary and St.Gabe $4.5M if at all true.

    Halle did renew her Revlon contract in 2010 or 2011 for $50M-$10m over 5 years of which she’s got 3-4 years. Plus her deal with Coty, her shoe deal, other endorsements/appearances, movie salary. Halle last made big bucks in the movies in 2007 with $10M in Perfect Stranger and got considerably less with TWLTF ($16M budget0, F& A($15-$20M budget) and DT ($25M budget) . Who knows what she got for one wk of work on NYE, CA etc.

    Her main income is passive income from Revlon, Coty, her shoes etc.

  • #13 & #21 she chose them

    WTF are talking about? Eric was never a sex addict, just a cheater because of his low esteem with Halle always working etc. He chose to stay at home like Aubry, if true. Also, there are rumors Halle did the casting couch most of her career including Warren Beatty while dating/engaged to Eric. She hooked up with Eric while still married to David. Michael Ealy while still married to David. Still was doing the on again off again thing with Ealy when she met Gabe. David foot the bill for most of the marriage. including her racking up his credit cards buying his friends i.e. Eric Davis and others gifts. Or Halle starting fights in public, have witnesses. The guys may be jerks–remember Halle chose them all for what ever reason.

  • confused?

    It’s said how mainstream and tabloid media acknowledged Halle’s engaged which we’ve known for awhile and has been wearing that hideous ring for a few months now instead of focusing more on the fundraiser?

    No pix of Halle with Mary J, who was supposed to be the entertainment? Sure she posed with the Exec Director and others from the Center and a few at the Golf Outing.

    Am I missing something?

  • maybe????

    @Halle’s FOS as usual: You could be right about her changing her mind and what the future may or may not bring. Still wish them well, regardless of how this baby mama-baby daddy drama is being played out in the tabloid/other media. Things may have been low key at the event because of such?

  • Who cares???

    @So????: Why is it so important to you, @olderwoman etal on what everyone may or may not be making or the full story of what is or isn’t really going on? More she said, he said , they said on the Internet.

  • Yes she did, well….

    @#13 & #21 she chose them: Yes she did choose them just as she Mr. Martinez. Old news about that gossip. Only time will, karma and a Judge will discern yay or nay regardless of what others may or may not think of their respective characters through this process.

  • ?????

    @confused?: Don’t know????? Maybe low key as someone else mentioned on another post. Would’ve liked to seen more pix of both events and the agency myself instead of it being all about Halle.

  • not moving to France?

    Yes Halle you really are a cunt. So what bs are you cooking up before your fake engagement is off?