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James Franco: Book Signing at MOCA!

James Franco: Book Signing at MOCA!

James Franco signs copies of his new book, “The Dangerous Book Four Boys,” on Saturday (April 14) at MOCA Grand Avenue in Los Angeles.

“One of the biggest things happening in the art world is this idea of expansion. No one embodies this aspect of what art is becoming better than James Franco,” MOCA Director Jeffrey Deitsch told the crowd about the 33-year-old actor.

James‘ book is a companion to the 2010 New York exhibition of the same name, which featured a collection of interviews, photographs and multimedia artwork.

“I feel like a lot of artists have been doing that for a long time. Just look at Paul McCarthy and Mike Kelley – sculpture, performance, painting, they had a band. Andy Warhol – painting, film, sculpture, music. The big difference is I came from the film world and went into the art world,” James told the L.A. Times at the event.

FYI: James is wearing a Levi‘s workshirt.

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Credit: Stefanie Keenan; Photos: Wire Image
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  • Sara

    He looks bored.

  • Hot

    @Sara: How does he look bored, his smiling in the second pic and a semi smile in the other two.

    I really like this strange but still normal guy. Anyone, who can provide me with so much positive laugh on his facebook and twitter with the additional WTF moments has me as a fan for life. Looking forward to buying this book. He had a very strong turnout for both events of signing.

    Plus, his a awesome actor/director too, still can’t get enough of The Broken Tower. Not to everyone’s taste for sure repeat viewing but I think he’s just as misunderstood as Hart Crane was during his days and ahead of his time in some strange ways.

  • Frozoid

    Losin’ his hair; pale, pallid, looks 45.

  • Jake

    In the effort to be everything, one can be nothing. Where was this zany performance artist at The Academy Awards? The book title relates to everything male. Is this contempt for males or closeted desire — or just another way to be above it all cool – focus on the “shock value” of bodily functions? You’re trying to copy or emulate past icons in the mediocre 2012 world. You could make a very good living sticking to the handsome Franco, Gucci ads, and c–k tease movie roles. I like you a lot, but it seems you’re looking for a 1960′s slant, exploiting gays, and trying too find the profound where it isn’t. Be an actor — make the greatest gay love story ever told. Shock value has its’ limits when there’s no electricity. You’re cute, but it’s sad to watch the public tantrum.

  • measala

    @Frozoid: Nice try jealous much, nothin wrong wit him & if he looks 45, sure looks gr8 4 45 yrs but he’s actually turnin 34 this Thursday.

    Don’t know any other livin actor who looks like so many people, from James Dean, Jeff Buckley, Tim Buckley etc. He sure does have somethin unique about him, that I just want to find out more.

  • Jake

    He’s not ahead of his time at all. The crowd was to look at him.

  • mmmmmmmmm

    Many things can be achieved, if you have confidence to believe and at least try. Thus, haters will only hate but never achieve their main aim to destroy you, as they will be constantly chasing their own tail and FAIL.

    Regarding the Oscars (the only excuse critics like to use on this man), he received unnecessary hate but moved forward. Since then Billy Crystal has hosted this event, that’s right time did move on and he too got mixed reception with critics and fans (some even tweeted for James) but what impressed me the most was that James Franco was one of the first to speak out in his defence. He didn’t wait 6-8 months later before saying something, he came out straight away and supported Billy.

    Next year’s host, I’m sure will also get a mix bag from the critics etc.

    I enjoyed Jame’s alternative presentation of the show, that’s why I became a fan even more of him and the Oscars. They asked for a Franco and got a Franco.

    People forget he was nominated for the brilliant performance of 127 Hours (should have won, 85% by himself in that movie come on) and yes, two of them hosting but I was looking at him because I didn’t know what he would do next. I kind of like surprises to the normal singing and dancing crap.

    A little heads up, whilst some corners would like to still concentrate on hating on him for Oscars (realistically not many people actually cared to watch the show in the past anyway and take it that seriously, there are people being killed every day in our streets that’s more important) or anything else.

    If you google Twitter looks to recruit from TV, it actually mentions
    “glimpse into the future” and how James Franco filming and then tweeting on-stage footage from the Oscar ceremony was an innovative way to build real-time twitter traction around a live broadcast (the first guy to do so for the Oscars). So hey, he did something right and looked major hot, some liked him and some didn’t but at least he tired.

    @ Jake, if you don’t like him don’t get the book, it’s that simple but you seem invested in him to know so much but very bitter. To me, James is an awesome actor, gucci icon who makes fun of it, he takes on roles whilst other actors shy away from or just do it once to pick up awards. In short, one of the best actors of our generation and will be remembered in the future for the positives and rightly so. Hence, he receives so much hate but that’s what happens when you are on the right track.

  • jinda

    I like this man, don’t care what anyone says. Been around for decade and still going strong. Seems to have many lovers and many haters but can’t be ignored that easily.

    The makes him an A-list star for sure that will last. His facebook is pretty crazy but I wouldn’t expect nothing less. Those Franco boys are magic.

  • jinda

    @jinda: should read That makes him an A-lister and so on…

    @ # 8 mmmmmmmmm – very long read but nicely stated. People still going on about Oscars, I thought Billy Crystal took over and did an ok job on the night but nothing I would remember in 5 years time like the rest of shows. People, only remember the winners on the night not the hosts.

  • no problems with JF

    JF is cool that’s all you need to know.

  • Jake

    Anyone who uses the term “haters” in 2012 is just too stupid to explain their point. James brother is funny and brave in his comedy. James is a bit desperate. He should use those looks before he is old and really irrelevant. His style is now a bit manic. Maybe might play one.

  • Jake

    No “hate” #8. I know James Franco is beautiful. Sounds like you’re kissing his ass, piss,,,and the whole book. Glad he’s got suckers out there like you that don’t get the joke, His defense against gays are the sixth grade fart gigglers. Now there’s an audience. It’s hard to just be known for your gay depictions. K-Fed is so much less work.

  • Sam

    @Jake: It seems 100% clear to me, if you cannot understand the simple logic that jinda made. The internet will show lots of people are still using the word haters in 2012.

    You come across as a track 3 kind of person just relax. Did James Franco promise you a date and not turn up? At least we can agree his beautiful, I would say inside and out. I think Riff Raff would have a word with you, he’s playing me in Spring Breakers not K-Fed. I’m not going back and forth with you but you made me at least laugh Jake. The arguments that Franco always causes is amazing what true talent.

  • Susan

    Yikes, getting back to the book, I think I might buy it after all it’s James Franco.

  • WOW

    Tristan and Isolde, Sonny, City By The Sea, James Dean, Spider-Man Series, Milk, Pineapple Express, Howl, 127 Hours, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Your Highness, Date Night, The Green Hornet and The Broken Tower I loved. A versatile actor and did Amazon just tell me the book is sold out or just a mistake but not surprised he sells. Will look elsewhere to purchase.

  • Silvio

    FYI: he does not gave a twitter account. It’s a fake. And facebook is where he post pictures when he is mostly stoned. Plus , One of the few actors who doesn’t give a shit what people say… YOLO!

  • Rachel

    @Silvio: He does have a registered twitter and facebook page. You can check the register mark on his twitter. You don’t know when and if he stoned, might be just the way he looks but stil hot.

    James has stated many times that he doesn’t take drugs but because of all his various projects, he can at times look like one.

    Agree, he doesn’t give a f*** what people say because he answers back honestly but harsh, which some celebrities would stay quiet, that’s why I like him.

  • Jake

    I hope you do. There’s only one born every minute. I’m waiting for him too tackle ballet.

  • Jake

    Wonder what you would have done with Johnny Depps management?
    Bipolar is not a career choice.