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LeAnn Rimes & Brandi Glanville Celebrate Son Jake's Birthday!

LeAnn Rimes & Brandi Glanville Celebrate Son Jake's Birthday!

LeAnn Rimes steps out of Chuck E. Cheese’s on Sunday (April 15) in Los Angeles.

The 29-year-old singer was joined by her husband Eddie Cibrian‘s ex, Brandi Glanville, as they celebrated son Jake‘s fifth birthday.

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The day before, LeAnn came out to support Eddie, 38, at the 36th Annual Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race and gave him a big kiss before the “People Pole Award” presentation in Long Beach.

10+ pictures inside of LeAnn Rimes and Brandi Glanville leaving Chuck E. Cheese’s…

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leann rimes brandi glanville celebrate son jakes birthday 05
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  • dobbi

    Geez, Leann is so fugly! Eddie must be blind.

  • JL

    It’s Brandi’s son. You make it sound like Leann and Brandi had Jake.

  • lizzie

    wtf is with Leann’s tits?/

  • Mich

    Thanks JJ. I knew you’d have a million photos of Leann famewhoring her way thru Brandi’s sons party. Poor Leann having to sit with beautiful Brandi and her hot friends, no wonder she’s so insecure.

  • Viv

    Leann is 5o shades of fug.

  • chanel


  • asfg

    Girls! Get off your highheels!

  • Jen

    Hey at least both of them are dressed appropriately. Leann usually dresses like a whore around Eddie’s kids.

  • cover it up

    @Jen: I guess if you consider a see-through dress with no bra worn to a 5-year-old’s party as appropriate.

  • kel

    Leann looks like a bodybuilder from an East European country.

  • betty

    Leann pays for these phony comments. Brandi was up all night with HER son with an ear infection and Miss Thing acts like she is the celebrant.Her whole phony life is show and tell.She tweets and paps everything in her pathetic life and Eddie tags along as a prop. She is on 2 other sites fame whoring the same subject..Brandi does not need Leann to celebrate HER son birthday.she start celebrating the day he was born.

  • dadad

    Leann’s face tells me there’s a disability somewhere there

  • Mimi

    @dobbi: I actually think Eddie is ugly. I really do. I don’t get the attraction.

  • jillyro

    LeAnn looks like a Who from Whoville, such a squinty-weird face she has, almost painful to look at.

    LeAnn will be wearing a variation of Brandi’s pants outfit in 3, 2, 1…

  • FormerFan

    Okay, I have finally had enough of this mess. Who on earth wears a see through dress with their nipples showing to a 5 year old’s birthday party? Seriously. You can completely see through her dress. Even here on Just Jared where she usually gets treated with kid gloves, the photos clearly show how see through the dress is. Could she be more inappropriate? Why is she staging a photo op at a child”s birthday? Sorry but it is obviously staged. No question about that one. The photos are almost all of LeAnn) LeAnn Rimes proves that she is attention starved by making the whole thing about her. Other celebs kids have birthdays without their step parents calling the paps.Why can’t she just let the kid have his day without tweeting non-stop and making sure a paparazzi caught it all? I am ashamed to say that I used to defend her (quite adamantly at times) but now I can see what others saw long ago. She really is a piece of work. I won’t even start on the shoes. They make her look out of proportion, not taller. I know the ex is almost 6 feet but still, teetering around on platforms makes LeAnn look like a kid playing dress up in her Mommy’s shoes. I feel like a fool for defending her now.

  • BloodbuzzOhio

    I feel sorry for the child to be surrounded by such hot messes and cheating parents!

  • laura

    Look everybody! Leann called out her paps again! Are you kidding me girl? You’re a joke. Even eddie refused to be photographed with you. Wise decision. Brandi is a colt and you’re a donkey.
    Obviously! Hahahahahaha.

  • Marie

    I usually steer clear of this sordid mess and refrain on making any comments on LR’s personal appearance or life choices because frankly I could give a rat’s azz about her or Eddie. LOL But I just had to say that whatever is or isn’t going on I give props to BG for being smart enough to play the role of the “agreeable” wronged ex and not playing into anymore of the back and forth that went on with this group initially. Not that I’m a fan of BG’s either. LOL What I am a fan of is letting water seek its own level (LR/EC) and giving them enough rope to hang themselves on their own. From a PR standpoint BG is definitely coming across as the bigger “adult” allowing LR to be so publically “involved” with the rearing of her children with Eddie. Whether it’s genuinely in the best interest of the children or a clever PR move it works in BGs favor while it obviously had done nothing to recapture the respect of many people who previously liked LR and supported her in good times and bad. EC is a beautiful man but he’s a ho-ho and always has been so he was never a prize for either woman. LOL

  • Lia

    How low of them (Leann and Eddie) to use his son’s birthday for publicity……

  • lani

    That’s Leann? I thought it was the party clown!

  • Cam S

    I would HATE to have Brandi as my husband’s ex-wife. I don’t care for her that much, but the woman’s body is INSANE after having two kids. She has the longest legs I’ve ever seen

  • Just somepoints

    Eddie married the same woman twice as in that Brandi and leAnn need to eat some meals. gain just 15 lbs would go from boney thing, to fine, shapely.
    Sorry, but true.
    Brandi, good for making amends to have a dual party for the boys. Just my opinion, birithdays, holidays, you paln on your own time as in it is not a set date involving other people. Brandi could ahve one party with Jakes’ s school friends, her family. Eddie and leAnn could have one with her friends, their kids, Eddie’s folks.
    maybe not two grand parties.
    Not two Chuck E Cheeses’, but two. Why make this situation difficult on the adults, Ed, Le, Brand, and making phony nice-nice. I would think it would more easier for adults and fam/friends, realxing, if the three adults parties don’t mix.
    School functions cannot be changed . They involve others and are set on a set date and time.

    Just my opinion.

  • Life of Brian

    @FormerFan: Yes- yes that’s it deary… we have seduced you over to the dark side… welcome welcome. Welcome to the wonderful world of Lean Rimes as a non stop fameho, sociopath/stalker. It’s an eye opening experience to watch this trainwreck mess of a woman- no?

  • betty

    @Justsomepoints Kids birthday parties are for the kids and it shouldn’t matter who shows up. They can have one big party and invite all . It’s not like the parents live that faraway from each other. Kids are the priority so why should the grown ups even matter. That’s whats wrong with kids nowadays that grow up with that feeling of entitlement I’m sure the kids would prefer BOTH their parents being present on their birthday. When they get older their friends will take priority.So keep grownups ego out of the kids day.

  • Tabitha

    Brandi’s ANOREXIC looking!!! She hires paps and they focus on Le. CLASSIC fame slap!

  • Yasmine

    B’s so famous Michael Broussard can’t get her on Chelsea’s show. How FUNNY is that???!!!!

  • Reba

    Seriously Just Jared? Are you still falling for LeAnn’s shenanigans? LeAnn seems unstable, insecure, and desperate for attention, which is why she is always calling the paparazzi to take her photos and creating these photo ops. Please, please, stop rushing to take her photos just because she called. She is not interesting; she is just sad and pathetic, and it’s getting really, really old.

  • Jane

    Leann did this for one reason only—Eddie screwed up at the car race— coming in last and crashing. He received a decent amount of publicity from the crash. Of course Leann couldn’t handle any attention not being focused on her so she contacted the paps for the birthday party. She then lavishes gifts on the kid and of course she tweets non-stop about it. Of course Eddie has his tail between his legs and looks as if he is hiding. She wants people to forget what a mess Eddie made a few days ago. Stay tuned, everyone. She is up for another health crisis soon. Two episodes of mouth pain, flu, kidney stone,and a hurt ankle on her honeymoon.

  • for real

    @Just somepoints: Brandi has had to endure bullying and stalking by LR and her fan/friends on twitter for 3 years now. LR has barged into kids’ days at school, back when they were just dating, joined her kids’ PTA, just when they were dating, and has come to numerous soccer games throwing herself all over Eddie in front of BG, just after they were separated. I think it’s also been documented that LR texted photos of BG’s kids, right after the separation, showing pics of them at her house and saying how much BG’s kids loved LR. I mean, the woman has been throwing salt in the wound for YEARS now. BG is the bigger person here, and I think after all she’s had to deal with this crazy fameho her ex married….being at Chuck E. Cheese for a couple of hours to celebrate her son’s birthday is probably a walk in the park at this point…..It’s called “putting your kids first” and ignoring the “crazy woman over there posing for the paps.” :)

  • FormerFan

    @Life of Brian: Thankfully I never attacked anyone personally or said anything bad about the ex. I just said that I thought she was immature and had been emotionally stunted by the whole child star who got married too early thing and that people should cut her some slack, Rather than joining the dark side I think I finally figured out that the repeatedly and undeniably narcissistic behavior isn’t showing any signs of stopping and that is obviously her real personality showing and not some strange, short lived aberration caused by situational trauma. The weird staged photos, obvious copying of the ex and overstepping the step-parental boundaries are disturbing to say the least. There is no way to Pollyanna LeAnn Rimes anymore. She has left way too much evidence of the kind of person she really is and it isn’t pretty.

  • sowhat

    I don’t get why people are so mad at her for saving Ed from a bad marriage? You can’t STEAL a husband. But you can drive one away.

  • Jennifer J.

    @sowhat: Eddie Cibrian was not “saved” from a bad marriage by Leann. She stalked him and his wife threw him out. He had no where else to go. Leann was also married at the time. If their marriages were so bad, they should have left them first. There is nothing wrong with leaving if you are not getting what you need from your marriage. Screwing around with a man who has is married with children isn’t saving them from anything. She is providing him with a much more luxurious lifestyle than he had before and I am sure that the fact she is saving him from having to work is appealing to a man like Eddie. Most people are more disgusted by the after behavior of this whole mess than anything else. The staged photo ops, the non-stop tweeting, the harassing of the ex by Leann and her “friends” on Twitter have all left people thinking that she isn’t a very good person. People are disgusted by her, not mad at her. She has and is continuing to bring the backlash onto herself. If she has behaved differently in the aftermath she would have seen a very different reaction from the public.

  • sowhat

    But, your argument makes no sense. Didn’t he have an affair prior to Leann? Clearly, not a happy marriage.
    I have read some other of the gossip sites and it seems like Leann is the one being harassed, especially on this site. Where is his ex being harassed? I don’t know about twitter, I don’t follow others twitters but don’t they both do it incessantly? I can only go by what I read on these gossip sites which I take with a grain of salt but damn, people are pretty harsh on a person that seems to be happy and in a happy marriage. Not to mention, she is a celebrity so of course they take pics of them and put them on gossip sites.
    She also seems like a really good step parent. I really don’t get all the nastiness, how can you blame her for what her fans do? Does the ex have “fans” and if she does, do they harass Leann? Like on this site?
    It just seems a tad strange when most of the celebs have done the same behavior or worse.



    you are such an idiot.

  • sowhat

    Very eloquent, sorude.

  • Jennifer J.

    @sowhat:All of this negativity started with Leann Rimes own behavior. Her fans aren’t the only ones harassing, she has had her friends do it on her behalf (there has been a proven trail of fake twitter accounts all linked back to her) and then has had those friends around the step children. That is completely unacceptable. Brandi may be Eddie’s ex-wife but she will ALWAYS be the Mother of those two boys. A good step-parent would not have people who have and are harassing the children’s Mother around them. That should be a no brainer Using the kids party for a paid for photo op is also not the greatest idea. Leann and Eddie have been married for one short year. Whether they are happy or will remain married remains to be seen.I hope they stay married. Stability is good for children. However, men who cheat don’t stop just because they marry the person they cheated with. As the saying goes when you marry your mistress you create a job vacancy. Leann RImes is no longer a huge star. Actually she is far from it. Her infamy has overshadowed her fame at this point and she pays to be on this site. It is a GOSSIP site with a comments section. People are going to say what they are going to say. Especially when she wears nipple showing dresses to a 5 year old’s party. This isn’t a fan site for her. She can pay for the press but she can’t pay for a good response to her PR attempts. It isn’t about the cheating anymore, it is about the after behavior that has continued to be in poor taste and show bad judgement. What exactly can’t you grasp about that? Her being happy has nothing to do with it. If you behave like a sociopath, people aren’t going to revel in your happiness as it usually comes at the expense of others.


    @Jennifer J.: THIS^^^ thank you for being eloquent on my behalf! :)

  • betty

    @Sowhat Women that are secure and happy do not cling or change their appearance to please their man when a man loves you he will accept you as you are. Leann was not anorexic looking when Eddie met her,now she morphed herself into the woman he left . That’s a signal right there showing his shallowness and that’s why Leann knows he can’t be trusted.They have a 80-20 Marriage/Eddie gets 80%Leanne 20%. When you have to prove love it must lacking.Leann has tatted her body, changed her appearance, and Eddie gets all kind of perks for his love and yet he stays unemployed and does not even support his family and he’s the one with the kids. If he was unhappy with Brandi at least he worked and supported her and gave her the luxuries he could afford instead of vice versa.With Brandi he gave with Leann he’s taking and I’m sure that rubs Leann the wrong way.But she know she has to pay for that love.That’s what happens when you try to step into another woman shoes because they don’t usually fit.

  • Jennifer J.

    @sowhat: How are people harassing LeAnn on this site? This is a gossip website filled with lots of celebs and lots of differing comments about those celebs, both positive and negative. She does not own this site nor is it dedicated to her in any official way. This is not her homepage or Twitter account. The people LeAnn hangs around with are attacking Brandi Glanville on her personal Twitter account and have been doing so for years. They are making up fake accounts to do so. Are you not capable of seeing the difference between stalking and abusing someone on their personal Twitter account and commenting on a gossip website that someone pays to be on. LeAnn herself made up fake Twitter accounts to attack Brandi Glanville. That is not something that a healthy, decent person does. That is where the “nastiness” is coming from. Falling from public favor is the price she is paying for her own “nastiness”. She is reaping what she has sown. She was never so “in your face” before Eddie. She needs to tone it down big time if she wants to salvage what little goodwill she has left with the public.

  • Jennifer J.

    @SORUDE: I can’t understand how anyone with functioning brain cells could even possibly still see LR as a victim in any of this mess. I have some swamp land in Florida I’d like to sell them.

  • dadad

    @Jennifer J. She is a complete sociopath, if I were Brandi I’d be concerned having my kids in the presence of one so mentally deranged.

  • Jane

    @Jennifer J.:I totally applaud you for your comment. It is utterly perfect! At the same rate, Leann fails to grasp the concept that her actions are not approved by all. She seriously wants approval. Being an only child made her extremely self-centered. I still recall her “clown act” on the Ellen show. The audience was totally-dead-quiet when she spoke and hardly applauded. She said that her affair was “really fun”. (I’m serious–she actually said that) If you go to You Tube, she is on there with a full interview. So she cannot grasp the concept that she HURT people in the process. She was so haughty about it and beyond conceited. This woman is totally out of control.

  • Just somepoints

    I see what for real and Betty is saying. Brenadi is abigger, stronger, better person than most.
    I guess that few hours is awalk in the park and with lots good freinds with her before and those friends after , and a few drinks, snacks, and laughs, yeah.

    yes, to so what, Eddie did have affairs. Thing with LeAnn is that Branid knew her and kind of liked her, befriended her and Brandi adn Dean had no idea they were bein g played for fools. leAnn filed a lawsuit against Brandi. leAnn has put Brandi down as their mother. Some gem she posted of how these boys were meant to be, be in her life…

    I posted before, LeAnn really lost here. She is supporting Eddie, his ons, and Brandi. Eddie is jobless and broke even though he did et some come upings off of leAnn.

  • for real

    @sowhat: Most of the people that are really vocal about sticking up for Brandi Glanville on twitter started out not really knowing much about Brandi, but saw the harassment that Brandi was enduring from Leann, her employees, her friends and her twitter fan/friends, (pretty much from the moment the affair became public) and joined twitter specifically to call Leann out on her behavior. I think the general consensus was that LR was waging a hate campaign both privately and publicly about Brandi, I suppose in a strategy to denigrate Brandi as a wife and mother, so that LR could use that as an excuse for her own behavior, and paint this picture that LR “saved” that family/husband. It’s pretty documented out there all the harassment. I guess what she didn’t bank on was that people would A) stand up for this woman who was the true victim, not LR, just because it was the right thing to do and B) she brought more attention to Brandi, people got to know Brandi, both thru twitter and the reality show, and Brandi would become very popular, well-liked, and a fan favorite. Meanwhile, public hatred of LR as a person and a celebrity continues to grow, it seems.