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Angelina Jolie's New UNHCR Role: Special Envoy!

Angelina Jolie's New UNHCR Role: Special Envoy!

Angelina Jolie has been appointed Special Envoy of UNHCR High Commissioner Antonio Guterres, the organization announced Tuesday (April 17).

In her new role, the 36-year-old actress “is expected to focus on large-scale crises resulting in the mass displacement of people, to undertake advocacy and represent UNHCR and Guterres at the diplomatic level, engaging with relevant interlocutors on global displacement issues,” UNHCR spokesman Adrian Edwards told reporters in Geneva.

“High Commissioner Guterres is grateful to Ms. Jolie for accepting this role at a critical time in global displacement. Her new status as Special Envoy is effective immediately,” Adrian added.

Angelina has been a UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador for a decade, conducting more than 40 field visits around the world where she’s been an advocate on behalf of refugees.

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  • jane


  • GP

    Angie, easy on the Botox. When u look at pictures when she was with Billy Bob. Her forehead moved, not now.

  • Lurker

    CONGRATULATIONS Angie, continue the good work. Love everything you are doing to bring awareness to those countries. You are the best and Brad and all your fans know it.

  • awwww

    flawless humanbeing

  • yay

    congratulations! u r amazing <3

  • Lurker

    Trolls are such idiots, she is standing still why would you expect her forehead to move. Trolls are in pain.

  • A

    Congratulations!! Go get them Angie!
    I really admire this woman, she inspires me :)

  • angelina

    she is my role model
    so perfect everything

  • believe

    Angelina using her celebrity to bring attention to human suffering around the world is amazing and inspiring. She brings light onto issues that wouldn’t get any attention from the press if not for her. Anyone who uses this post for their own selfish agenda is worthless and hateful. Good job, Angelina.

  • Lily

    Whatever she does, she’s always great. But she needs to take care of herself.. she’s too skinny. To help others we first need to help ourselves. I wish all the best to her and her humanitary and lovely work!

  • woman spanish

    Congratulations Angelina! A beautiful person, but especially of good heart

  • theresa

    this is wonderful news. as usual, Angelina will do the job beautifully. she will be both gracious and elegant. what more could the UN ask for. now all we here have to do is wait for the trolls to come out.

  • Riki

    Well done, Angie! God Bless you! Keep up the good work! You inspire ordinary people to help each other.

  • Courtney

    She is so amazing! Congrats on the engagement Ang and it’s so awesome you help others in need so much! She rocks!!!

  • Clöe

    She’s an amazing great woman. But she had healthier days. She used to have curves and a kick-ass body, making all women jealous. I just miss it.

  • Lara

    Congratulations, and so well deserved after her many years of tireless endeavours, on behalf of refugess and others in need.
    Happy for Angie!

  • goopiness

    What a fantastic young woman. It never ceases to amaze me what she gets up to when we think we are looking.

  • Joss

    Did you realize that no one likes when someone says she’s skinny? But she truly is, for God’s sake. She’s an amazing actor, lovely person and mother but she’s is really skinny. Why the dislikes about it? Is visible. It’s something to think about. She a role model? Ok, but I hope she’s not a pounds role model. She’s a tall 46 years old women and has a clidren’s weight. I like her since Girl, Interrupted and I probably take her as an example since many and many years. But I’m concerned with her height. I hope she gets healthier soon.

  • Dakota

    Congratulations Angie on your new appointment of Special Envoy to the UNHCR. We, your fans, are so proud of your many accomplishments in helping people in need. As we have said for many years…you are as beautiful inside as you are outside!

  • JLunatic

    Hello Mrs. Brad Pitt……..yeah, i know, let the troll meltdown begins…..

  • tamsin

    So, she gets the UN to sponsor her promotional tour for her new relationship status and ring. You have to hand it to her, she really knows how to play the famewhoring game.

  • dark angel

    More blessings, Angie! Congratulations! The trolls are dying. LOL.

  • tamsin


    Her only endeavour has been to make money and fame off of naive sheep like you.


    Mr PITT’s fiancee can’t stop rising in every one of her professions. She plays with the big guns.
    You go girl ! Congrats !

  • Dakota

    You all know she’s just human, right? One day her and you and everybody’s gonna die. Stop thinking she’s some kind od godness, and start living your own lives! Make good too with your possibilities! Its more useful and divine than idealize a Hollywood star.

  • anustin

    good God, anjie.u are such an amazing mother,future wife of brad pitt.bless ur lovely heart.

  • theresa


    ok, you obviously have serious issues here. what ever you wanted your multiple posts you didn’t get. so what exactly is your problem?

  • Emma

    Dislike it if you also think she’s too skinny in the last times.

  • anustin

    someone in agony.

  • Beautiful people

    Congratulations Angie!


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  • teri

    Bill and Jane must be so happy knowing Brad is finally where he wants to be. May God always bless them and protect them.

  • Wonderbust

    Can we please just thumb down n not respond to Jl n tamsin I was on dlisted n it just admitted that it has been on jj stirring things up for 3 days. The only way it will stop is if u all would stop taking the bait n responding. Thumb down n move on. It likes attention


    @ 28 Emma;
    Her body is only a concern for the people who like their 40+ years old bimbo to flaunt it nekkid in GQ magazines not for those who are aware of what her new fonction needs : BRAINS…i mean what else can you be proud of when you have an idole who barely knows how to speak her mothertongue, who plays bimbos and co stars to celebrities stars such as Heidi Montag ?
    I mean, you people are the likes who devour ‘Playboy’ and think that having a great body through drastic diet, nicotine, hours of exercise is the greatest accomplishment for a middle age woman.
    That’s your prerogative but don’t pollute that thread with your playboyesque concern and go to one of Maniston, Kardashian Booteygirl or nekkid women sites. That’s more in par with your daily concern

  • A

    To all of you saying she is so skinny….She is a hard working woman, a mother of SIX children.
    I remember reading a long time ago about how she was somewhere in Africa and having watched those babies starve she lost her appetite. Food wasn’t/isn’t as important to her now, as in she doesn’t eat just to eat, she eats to survive. And I understand her. Seeing starving kids, the last thing on your mind is eating! You just want to help! Giver her a break, she is a busy mother, a wife and an ambassador.

  • tamsin


    If she’s so selfless, why spending so much money on a freaking ring? Didn’t she say that she didn’t need to be married anyway? Use that money for charity and get a tax discount while at it.

  • tamsin

    Who’s going to take care of the kids while she’s away parading that ring? No hands-on mother would ever let someone look after her children, especially when she has so many below the age of 5.

  • NWO Angie

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  • anustin

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  • tamsin


    The crazies here do not think so. They don’t see the troubled, attention starved person that she really is. They think she is a goddess and they are close to start sacrificing goats and chickens in her honor.

  • tamsin


    He’s probably lighting up a joint in the basement while the eldest kids are in school and the bodyguards are playing parents to the young ones. Yep, that’s where he wants to be.

  • Angiesstinkyclam

    I need a good scrubbing with bleach.

  • Julia

    I understand it. But stop eating will not help the african babies. I used to help starving people too, in humanitarian works, and I know that we have to eat and be healthy, so we could be strong enough to go and do something to those who need.

  • “special”- as in ‘tarded

    Her job is to work up a bit of calculated emotion; the boohoo eyes, the false concern ed face etc., just before the photo is snapped, then she slips her million dollar jewelry back on and tells all the worthless gawkers to get lost. Her payoff is elevated carreer status in HW for playing ball.

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  • Angiesstinkyclam

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    She was once this pretty. Sigh the old days when Angie was actually hot.