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Charlize Theron & Kristen Stewart: 'Snow White' French Poster!

Charlize Theron & Kristen Stewart: 'Snow White' French Poster!

Check out Kristen Stewart, Charlize Theron, and Chris Hemsworth in the French poster for their upcoming film Snow White and the Huntsman!

MTV recently chatted with the film’s special-effects supervisor, Michael Dawson, who raved about Kristen‘s performance in one particular scene.

“She was amazing. This was a cold bog that we dug and filled it with this goopy brown stuff that was really nasty,” he shared. “She was in it, and she was acting in it. She never moaned. She never complained.”

Michael also revealed how they created one of the trailer’s most buzzed about scenes – where Charlize‘s Evil Queen character emerges from her milk bath.

“We eventually found a thickening agent that they use for cosmetics and toothpaste and a whitening agent that is used in makeup. We got it down to the right consistency, and then we had a company make 30,000 liters of it in a sealed environment so it was sterile,” he dished.

Snow White and the Huntsman hits theaters June 1!

Bigger pic inside

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kristen stewart snow white french poster

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  • Lilla

    I can’t wait to see this!

  • becca


  • Swath rules

    Sam isn’t the main three. Movies seem to like just promoting three people. Fours a crowd. Its refreshing that theres 2 females and one male this time and the females are not just eye candy. They are the main good guy and main bad guy. So refreshing.

  • Yoki

    I’m watching that and not because of Kirsten!

  • becca

    @Swath rules: Yeah I get that. I just ♥ Sam lol. Can’t wait for this movie!!!

  • jaymes

    Can’t really wait for this epic movie! i love kristen and charlize! and well.. obviously chris ! kristen is grow up s much in this years.. is a very talented acrtress and of a rare beauty ! WOW<3

  • salute

    Wish Kristen Stewart wasn’t in this. What a miscast.

  • bo

    Box office predictions from

    Opening weekend $50 million
    Overall run $160 million

  • Candy

    This movie is trying way too hard to be like Alice in Wonderland and Lord of the Rings.

  • Jolie

    @salute: A lot of people on rotten tomatoes and facebook are upset with Snow White’s casting. Interesting how this goes.

  • Natalie

    They’re hyping this movie too much and too early so it’s probably crap like the Twilight movies. It even has Twilight’s Kristen Stewart in it. She’s an awful actress. I would’ve seen it for Charlize and Chris, but no thanks.

  • soni

    I totally agree. The movie is being hyped up like it’s the next Alice in Wonderland or Lord of the Rings. Also it has Kristen who I have to say is a mighty overrated “actress”. I think she should go into modeling (with her mouth closed obviously). She’d be better at that.

  • Butter_Fly

    This actually looks good. I’m curious to see how well Kristen acts in this. We’re going to give it a shot.

  • lol

    @soni: She is! She’s doing fashion gigs now, didn’t you know?

  • dora

    Movie looks great but very disappointed in Stewart’s casting. They should have hired a young actress who can act like Jennifer Lawrence and Soiarse Ronson

  • tutz

    I don’t know about Snow White. I just can’t see Kristen as Snow White or anyone else because she’s just too… Kristen to me. I know her more through the publicity and dating Rob Pattinson then her as an actress. I’ve seen her awkward on stage fidgeting, rolling her eyes, and uncomfortable. That’s why I have a hard time seeing her in movies. It’s great she’s taking a year off. Maybe it will refresh people’s mind.

  • Yea Kris!

    So excited for Kristen. She’s doing so well without the Twilight franchise. Already starring in her first Summer blockbuster all on her own. It’s so rare to see a female action hero not since Angelina Jolie in Tomb Raider. And she’s not showing breast or legs.

  • @yeahkris

    @Yea Kris!: Umm Jennifer Lawrence is the highest action heroine right now with a $152 million opening and $531 million worldwide as of now. CNN delcared her the biggest female action star and so did box office mojo. Angelina defintiely started the action trend though.

  • Jolie

    “It’s so rare to see a female action hero not since Angelina Jolie in Tomb Raider” Where have you been? Jennifer Lawrence is currently the biggest female action star right now and that garnered her a spot on the time 100 list for 2012 most influential people.

  • Avenger 2


  • Me

    I’m so disappointed the female demo is not supporting her in this. This means a lot to female led franchises in the future. Wishing it bomb hurts the future roles for women and the perception of women in films. Do we want another female actress as the girlfriend or love interest to the male superhero (batman, spiderman, Harry Potter)? If this does well it could mean similar films being made with maybe your first choice actress as lead (jennifer lawrence, saiorse ronan).

  • oh god

    Why is Chris Hemsworth always swinging a hammer/axe around?

  • Beegee

    ^which makes him so much more believable as the Huntsman. I can’t imagine him in a business suit. He will always play a working class charcter lol.

  • chris

    I studied design, and the head of Kristen seems more little compared to her body, but the poster is pretty awesome!

  • Pitt

    It’s great they got a good and a-list actress to do the role justice. Another little red riding hood may mean no more fairy tales for adults. Just for little kids like mirror mirror. Alice in wonderland left a lasting positive impression.

  • JessieB

    For those of you that hate Kristen, why click on this article and make nasty comments about her? Kristen is a well-respected, talented actress. If you don’t like her, fine. Quit reading articles with her in them and keep your nasty comments to yourself.

  • JessieB

    @dora: Well most of us fans of The Hunger Games books were insulted and dissappointed in them casting Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss.

  • JessieB

    @Me: @Pitt: The females that trash Kristen and SWATH are the same ones who hate her, because she is with the object of their obsession Rob Pattinson.

  • Gia

    Kristen is awesome! Can not wait to see this movie!! I can not think of anybody better suited to the role! Kristen is badass and this is a badass Snow White…not some preppy princess!

  • Helena

    I love all the cast in this movie! Really looking forward to seeing it in June!

  • Max

    Kristen looks so hot!

  • Christina

    That is a really cool poster!!!!! Think this movie is going to awesome!!

  • BB

    This is the perfect role for Kristen after playing Bella for so long! In this movie she’ll get the opportunity to really shine and show those haters what she can do!!!

  • Lisa

    This is the type of movie that I love! Can not wait.

  • Paula

    Love the cast. Love the direction.

  • Valerie

    Looks fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Meg

    Kristen is going to make a brilliant Snow White in this movie! Everyone who worked with her on it has been singing her praises!

  • Shawna

    They couldn’t have chosen an actress who is actually attractive for the role of Snow White?

  • nay

    Kristen Stewart IS attractive. She may not act girly or into fashion, but that’s what acting is for. ANYWAYS this Snow White is a tomboy who fights for her kingdom. IT is a realistic depiction of war. Do we see any women in the army who is supposed to be attractive like Charlize?

  • tim

    @Yea Kris!:

    All on her own? are you kidding me ?? you mean all on Charlize Theron promotion( trailers) and acting skills, and just as this french international poster where charlize is the bigger one. A lot of people had been annoyed with Stewart casting, most of the ppl are going to watch because of Charlize and Chris.

  • Frida

    Charlize Theron aka the A list Oscar Winner star of this film is the only reason i’ll check it

    All hail The Queen Theron !

  • mary

    Charlize looks so powerful in this poster!! Can’t wait to see her such a talented verstatile actress!!!!

  • charlotte

    Charlize je t’adoooooooooooooooore ! tu es la plus belle et la plus talentueuse actrice au monde simplement magnifique !

  • Rachel ()

    @JessieB: Really? I work in a book store. I’ve basically talked to every Hunger Games fan in the city I live in. Everyone I’ve met was psyched that JLawrence was cast. She is the perfect Katniss.

  • Rachel ()

    I can’t wait for this! Charlize will be perfect in it, and I like Chris H! I don’t hate Kristen being cast in it either.

  • u

    @Rachel (): People aren’t going to tell you what they really think to your face LoL.

  • hilee

    SWATH is Kristen’s first big movie coming out of Twilight. If you go then you are supporting her.
    Young adult didn’t perform well at the box office. Can’t say Charlize will make much of an impact. Twilight fans are in the same demographic as SWATH (women). Most will be due to Twilight fans (all over the world).

  • Nonis

    For the excuse of going to watch for Charlize: If you can get through the wretched british accent. she’ll get poor reviews for how much she butchers it. Anne Hathaway may be better from the SWATH trailers alone.

  • Sarah.

    how awesome does charlize theron look on that poster!

  • Rachel ()

    @u: Um…why not? I’m not JL. Why would I care?