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Erin Heatherton: 'Love Is Heavenly' Fragrance Launch!

Erin Heatherton: 'Love Is Heavenly' Fragrance Launch!

Lindsay Ellingson, Erin Heatherton, and Toni Garrn blow kisses at the camera at the Love Is Heavenly fragrance launch on Tuesday (April 17) at Victoria’s Secret Soho in NYC.

Transformers director Michael Bay directed the VS Angels for the scent’s new commercial – check it out below!

“It seems like this was different than anything he’s done – not even one explosion,” Lindsay joked to People. “But he’s so talented and fun to work with. He can do it all. This is one of my favorite commercials I’ve worked on with him.”

“I loved the bohemian feel and the flower headbands,” Erin added. “Miami is one of my favorite places to shoot. We were barefoot and outside in a gorgeous

FYI: Lindsay is wearing a Rebecca Minkoff Ero long dress.

‘Love Is Heavenly’ Online Commercial

10+ pictures inside of Erin Heatherton, Lindsay Ellingson, and Toni Garrn launching Love is Heavenly

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erin heatherton vs angels love heavenly 01
erin heatherton vs angels love heavenly 02
erin heatherton vs angels love heavenly 03
erin heatherton vs angels love heavenly 04
erin heatherton vs angels love heavenly 05
erin heatherton vs angels love heavenly 06
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erin heatherton vs angels love heavenly 08
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Photos: WENN
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  • becca

    I miss the victoria secret days where the models were personalities and exotic. Now they are all just pin thin blondes!

  • Sasha

    Waving push-up bras and blowing kisses…. that’s what VS models are paid for.

  • Fan of models

    Three toothpicks wearing the same hairdo, same bleach and same insignificant faces. Where has the real models gone, for God’s Sake.

  • No way

    LOL,LOL, LOL… the one in the middle wears her push-up a little too high.

  • Marilyn

    These models are so… not average, because they are like giraffes, but if they were shorter they could be playmates

  • Dieter

    Erin Heatherton = cutest angel ever + best butt of all the angels ever !!!

  • Bar Fans Alert

    @#2 & #3 still wailing for their catalogue not good enough for VS heroine! Shame the 27 year old d-lister is not a ‘real model’ either.

  • solange

    I wonder how these chicks really feel about having to do these types of promotion for VS? I know it’s in their contract and they are ordered to respect it, but still. Promoting cheap perfume and acting like they love it….Real respectable and significant models don’t have to do this.

  • bebe

    They are all staring to look like clones….boring and average.

  • cryin

    VS antics are fine for the younger crowd. but the “older’ mom angels sticking their tongues out and flinging bras around their heads still….looks absolutely ridiculous! You never saw Stephanie Seymour or Karen Mulder looking like maniacs, always demure and sexay. (Dont know why I just compared those model icons to the insignificant VS models of today, sorry.)

  • vsreject

    Bar fans quit hating on Erin, doesnt Bar have a job for you to go stalk? oh wait lemme answer that for ya; NOOOOO.

  • ….

    did it ever occur to victoria’s secret that not every guy wants a skinny blond. jesus christ, those girls could be twins. i miss the days of helena christensan & laetitia casta

  • Agent

    Word is Erin is pregnant. Im a model agent and VS were informed 4 weeks ago that she at that time was 9 weeks pregnant. This new angel Toni was brought in as a replacement a new angel a brunette from canada was actually set to join in july but she was pushed aside for Erin pregnancy and VS were in a panic to find someone who looked like her. Thus Toni was brought in. The candian brunette was devasted. So Erin is 12/13 weeks gone I would expect a announcement soon. I heard it was delayed for the brangelina engagement so it a week or two and Erin and Leonardo will confirm her pregnancy. Congrats Erin.

  • @13

    Thanks for the fairy tale! I`m sure Leo will confirm that he is having a baby with his next interchangeable toy. That`s why he won`t even want to be seen with her not even on the streets. Keep waiting for that announcement! LOL! You are a `model agent` and you come to JJ to spread the word about her pregnancy! Of course I buy it! ( sarcasm )

  • smryna

    You are an agent and you have time to explain us this situation….funny!

  • Joanna

    my classmate’s step-aunt earned $17834 a month ago. she is getting paid on the laptop and got a $534500 condo. All she did was get blessed and work up the advice laid out on this link…….is(dot)gd/6kJUeB

  • Dieter


  • Journalistic

    Did Leo hand pick this crop of VS models? I mean, by how involved with them all he constantly is you’d think he was working with them. I’m not a fan, this is so generic. Maybe it’s because I’m American that I prefer all the Brazilian dark haired beauties but Lindsay Ellingson is just wonky.

  • @#13

    Tell us more, Agent. Please!

  • Yeah!

    Yeah, tell us more about the imaginary pregnancy! Leo is well know for getting his arm candies pregnant after ‘dating’ them only for a couple of weeks. And his team always confirms these rumors! Also a well known fact! There was a pregnancy rumor weeks ago even though she was seen smoking. Is it the same pregnancy or a new one? I can’t remember how many times Bar was pregnant or they were getting ready to marry. And the confirmation was always ‘coming’. I’m sure Leo was celebrating her pregnancy with all those models in Miami while leaving his pregnant girlfriend in Mexico with her friend. I bet all the models were so excited!
    Good to know that model agents started to use JJ to spill info like this.

  • linda

    I think Toni Garnn is one of the most classically beautiful women!!

  • Jose

    These women are PERFECTION!

  • @13

    I think that a REAL “model agent” would never breathe a word about that kind of secret.
    I also think that they would have better grammar.

  • reba

    @becca: agreed

  • Regarding Agent

    Let’s spread the news!!! Who wants to write to Ted Casablanca? To People’s, US Weekly, ET and why not CNN and FOX? Let’s get going, guys! So Leo is going to be a dad with his just turned 23 year-old model girlfriend he’s been dating for 4 months. How ’bout that?

  • benita

    I think you guys know the answer to this one.

    IF this was TRUE, she’d be offered a free trip to the clinic or a pay-off. Probably both.

    She doesnt LOOK pregnant. Nice try but why are you trying? Want Leo to run, tell him your knocked.

    She doesnt seem stupid either, and we know he isnt or there would be tons of little blonde leos and leonas everywhere. I kind of like that idea, but not this way, she’s not knocked up. But people like to try to create buzz- bar did all the time. He must wear an iron condom.

  • benita

    bar is claiming she got groped by a lesbian TSA agent at the airport —anything to get attention I guess, TMZ is reporting on it.

  • and…

    … who cares? Besides you, the Bar obsessed one?

  • IKE


    Rafeli is such an obvious fame whore- she probably enjoyed it that someone was giving her attention because Leo sure isnt and no one else is either. What a piece of shit!

  • benita

    @and…: She makes me laugh! I enjoy her like some people enjoy Octomom or the Gosselins…it just gets funnier and funnier. Kind of like Tila Tequila.

  • Moda

    @benita: Erin does her VS ad so Bar has to make something up too!

  • Marco

    I saw her ad for the underwear–does she really think that is going to sell? I mean even people in Israel dont like her.

  • df

    blahhh so boring! I’ve seen more stunning girls on America’s Next Top Model than these three, especially Erin who’s extremely generic looking and not pretty at all. And no I’m not hating because I don’t care for Leo, and never have. I’m just being frank here. It’s clear that VS doesn’t recruit models based on looks and talent anymore but rather based on connections.

  • smith n wesson

    what i really want to know is who is starting the preggers rumor and why? its just rumor but erin and vs dont need this kind of publicity.

  • To: BS Agent


    The announcement was delayed because of Brad and Angelina’s engagement you say? Leo DiCaprio wants to make sure he gets maximum press for knocking up a 22 year old panty model he’s been dating a couple months? You’ve got to be joking.

    Two of the VS models are pregnant, but not Erin. They got Toni for that reason, and because she’s 19 and they need to groom another supermodel. Miranda and Candace aren’t going to be around forever, and Erin doesn’t have supermodel potential.

  • To: BS Agent

    @smith n wesson:

    More hits for JJ’s site means more features for Erin.

  • BS Agent


    “I’m sure Leo was celebrating her pregnancy with all those models in Miami while leaving his pregnant girlfriend in Mexico with her friend.”

    Tut tut that was Leo’s bachelor party! Erin was asking her friend to be their manny!

  • BS Agent

    Tobey went to Israel to break the pregnancy news to Bar in person!

  • BS Agent

    Erin still smokes to prepare the baby’s lungs for living with its chain smoking mum and dad!

  • Bar

    Erin will buy her baby’s onesies from meee!

  • Leo

    I’ll have someone to share a bottle with!

  • Erin

    I’ve found a job where I can eat!

  • Creed

    lol everyone on this thread is hilarious!

  • Cassie

    Pregnant women have big boobs quickly in the first 3 months. She has to use push up but she still plain LOL

  • hooba

    actually i am happy to see more blondes for vs.

    i don´t agree with the posters that say that “exotic” looking girls–like all the brazilian chicks are hotter–or more special.

    i think blonde women are more fascinating–and it is really rare to see a real hot blonde.
    the brazilian chicks..look all the same.
    at least to me.

  • @hooba

    There is a difference between blond women. They can be fascinating and hot but honestly look at these three generic ones. They all look alike, they have no curves or nice boobs. Sorry but they all seems pretty dumb and boring. I look at that photo of them blowing kisses and it`s just boring. Erin seems like a robot. Far from sexy, fascinating or hot.
    The girls are generic and they look alike. Nothing interesting or appealing about them at all. It seems like if you are tall and blonde you can work for VS. It doesn`t look like anything else is needed for them. Unlike a couple of years ago…

  • smryna

    @hooba i totally agree with you! Blond women can be hot like Candice Swanepoel…but none of the above have that criteria

  • smith n wesson

    I just wonder if the carpet matches the drapes–prob not. At least they make themselves a few shades blonder like most porn stars. Erin is pretty but not a great beauty…the other two are ok but not stunning. Ithink the brazilians are all better- and they dont look alike, Adriana, Gisele, Alessandra, Vendela, Amber Valletta, all very different tome.

  • erin leo?!?!?!

    eeeeeewwwwwwwwww, UGLY!

  • jenny

    Lindsay looks the best here but why so many blondes?! There’s Doutzen, lindsay, candice, erin, and rosie. No wonder it suck now.