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Ian Somerhalder & Nina Dobrev: 'Glamour' Book Party!

Ian Somerhalder & Nina Dobrev: 'Glamour' Book Party!

Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder attend a party for Glamour‘s new book on Monday (April 16) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The couple – along with celeb stylist Rachel Zoe and Glamour‘s Editor-in-Chief, Cindi Leive – celebrated the release of “30 Things Every Woman Should Have and Should Know by the Time She’s 30.”

Over the weekend, Nina and Ian got cozy at the 2012 Coachella Music Festival, where they also hit up a pool party and BBQ.

“Venice. Ahhhh. Home sweet home. Good night world!” Ian tweeted after returning from Indio, Calif.

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Credit: Donato Sardella; Photos: Wire Image
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  • emm

    woah everyone needs to calm down :)
    I don’t think we’ll ever know what they’re actually like unless we randomly become their friend or neighbor somehow. Yes they seem nice, yes its also possible they’re not so nice. But I don’t think we can ever truly know for sure their personalities because we don’t know what they’re like off camera and in private. Same with all celebrities really.
    But the cast seems to get on well together and the show is great, so I’m not complaining :)

  • Okaaay

    In my opinion, the “Nina-being-greedy-for-fame” thing is quickly concluded. I don’t disagree. Neither do I agree. If we think that Nina takes luxurious vacations and shows off… And on the other side, doesn’t show up in TVD fan conventions (or maybe most/some of them. Seriously? I need to check.), well, she must have had her reasons. TVD shoots could be tiring, you know. If she has to take vacations and at least REST, well, I don’t think we should have a problem with that. There are a lot of possibilities. We don’t know the truth yet. So I think it’s best to just sit down, observe, and watch out for things to happen the way they should. You’re opinions are important. So is mine. But, keep things in a peaceful way. Don’t hate. :)

  • Irena

    @Nimes @Dan I didn’t mention Nimes BUT it’s the con I was talking about! I WAS THERE and Nina, I can honestly tell you, was NOT nice!

    The was a meet and greet (breakfast) on Sunday morning with the stars and Nina was the only one who didn’t say ONE word! She was totally uncomfortable, moody and acted like she don’t wanted to be there at all! She was rude to the stuff members and called French Fans…”annoying”

    Ian is very sweet, he talked to us a lot, was always nice, funny and most important: He is so down to earth! Great guy!

    I’m not hating on Nina but what I said is the truth! *Sorry for my bad english*

  • Irena

    Another note…the ISF event “Let’s get dirty” is today! Nina is not helping cleaning up the beach BUT she’ll be at the Influence affair and after partys etc.

    Once again she let others do the “dirty” work and just enjoy the spotlight in the evening! :(

  • Jane B

    Well Irena there’s another way to look at the fact that she’s not on the beach today. She probably does not want to take the spotlight away from Ian and the foundation and the event by turning it all into a paparazzi fest with people trying to catch them together or something. Or, possibly she has other things to do. Yesterday there was a tweet from a hairstylist that he was having “an amazing shoot with one of my fave beauties @ninadobrev”. So even though she doesn’t tell you and me everything she’s doing every minute she has things to do in her own right. Also, I’m not sure what is more “not nice”, a young woman who maybe had a bad day (we all have those on occassion) OR a woman like yourself who makes it a point of going online even a whole year later to disparage that young woman every time there’s a news story or pictures posted of her. If you don’t like her, don’t look at her pictures or read stories about her.

  • Irena

    @@Jane B: Nina attented 1 convention last year…only ONE! All she needed to do is to pretend she cares about the fans! It’s not that hard!

    Of course she has all rights to do her own things! Good for her….but I don’t get why shes attending the Influence Affair then! “Its intended to connect business leaders, change making strategists and visionaries in an opportunity to begin the co-creation of tangible strategies that will propel our world into a better, kinder and greener future.”

    Doesn’t sound like an event for her!

  • sarah

    @Irena: I notice she goes when there in places like paris. As for her tweeting, she only tweets for fans to vote for her, name a designer so she gets it free and when she and Ian are together oh there’s the “quote of the day” tweets. lol . Ian seems like a really down to earth nice guy. She’s stuck up. I’m hoping both Ian and Paul move on to other things than the vampire diaries. They’re great.

  • Verite

    FYI people…. Nina Dobrev WAS at the “Let’s Get Dirty” event along with Ian’s mother and sister. She kept a low profile, participating and letting it be about Ian and his event. People always want to see the worst in others. In the end its none of our business.

  • Egoiste

    FYI people…. Nina Dobrev WASN’t at the “Let’s Get Dirty”
    There was a girl who looked like Nina from far away. Fans just wanted so badly to see her there that they once again assumed that it is her.
    Nina spend the day shopping with Kyla, ppl saw them in North Hollywood,so i agree with others. Fans wants to see what they want,but ppl who saw them in real life not when they are at work saw absolutly different picture in Dobrevs case

  • ynys

    Wow, that Delena kiss truly ruffle some feathers. A small group of fans resort to send death threats to Julie Plec (she must be quite accustomed by now), and I see some others favor the “trolling in the deep” option. Because hating on the actors when things don’t go our way is the mature response, obviously.

    I’ve laughed so hard at the comments: “I knew Nina for almost two minutes and, mark my words, she is the worst, really”. “The uncle of my neighbor, who happens to conveniently live near the set, saw Nina and Ian this one time and he said their relationship is obviously staged”. LOL.

  • kitty

    NIAN no NIAN. Whatever. How about the fact he blew off all of us at Chicago Con so he could play at Coachella. That wasn’t a “professional commitment” that he had to go to, he went to party. then weakly tweeted about the Go Green Power meetings. BULL. He ducked a Con he had signed up for, people had made plans to see him, the con had sold tickets, etc. And he bagged out so he could party. that’s weak. that’s lying to your fans.

  • kikki

    @Nimes: Don’t worry Nimes, more and more people are coming out with stores/experiences like yours. Its all part of keeping themselves in the media spotlight and anyone who has seen Nina “off duty” and away from staging and cameras knows the truth. I hope Ian gets a different show and can blow this whole charade off.

  • e

    Yes most is true about what has been mentioned about Nina. But Ian is no innocent party in the relationship. Wanna know why he’s really dating her? He’s using her to further his ambitions with his character and the show and more – getting more attention, screentime, press, fans, et al. And to a degree – it has WORKED.

    Also, Ian is a VERY competitive, moody, jealous person. He is jealous of some of his male co-stars and has dated some of his previous female co-stars (and Nikki Hilton) to increase his ‘star’ power.

    They are both smokers and very jealous, moody people. Paul, Joseph, and Michael are all much more laid back, kind, caring of their fans and fellow cast and crew.

    Ian and NIna are actually quite suited to each other. Match made in Hollywood heaven (or hell) depending on how you see it. Though he does have his foundation (partly for vanity/legacy reasons mind you) – but Ian at least cares about other pursuits. And Ian is also obnoxious and arrogant. Nina is arrogant too, but usually she is more quiet about it, so it can be more tolerable at times. She is not as bad as some people say. I have seen her shown kindness, etc. But both Nina and Ian aren’t anywhere near as good as most people think, either. Ian has a lot in common with his Damon character – and not in a good way! Too bad Nina doesn’t have much in common with Elena – she has virtually no virtues, grace, classiness, gentleness, etc. But of the two – Nina is a better person. If it weren’t for Ian’s fatal flaw of arrogance and jealousy – he would be. But it is what it is.


  • Sasha Chinnaya

    @Irena: Well i don’t know what you’re talking about nina looking ordinary…she’s gorgeous!!! a lot prettier and talented than most celebrities that are more famous than her and maybe you’re not jealous but you’re being totally unreasonable. You keep comparing nina to ian and you’re painting an image of nina based soley on things you’ve heard. Have you actually ever met nina? Just because you’ve heard rumors or negative comments about her doesn’t mean she is at all what you’re making her sound like. Have you even researched her? Do you know how talented she is in so many different things? Oh and as for why ian would want to be with her …isn’t that his business? Honestly I’m happy because he’s happy.

  • bluesky

    Wow, I got here almost by accident and I’m reading some interesting things…

    I don’t know what to think, I just believed their relationship was real and all, I suppose that I wanted to believe that there was something real between them like there is between Damon and Elena in the show.

    I’ve read lately some bad comments about Nina that have really surprised me; it’s true that most of the time things are not what they seem; it kinda makes me sad, because Nina seems to be sweet and all.

    About Ian I am also surprised, I don’t know, he seems like a down to earth guy and so nice to fans.

    Then I ask myself some questions, like why they put so much effort in showing the fans a fake relationship? All because of their fame? I’m very confused about all this, so I don’t know what to think.

    @e all you said is at first hand?