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Katie Holmes: NYC for Suri's Birthday!

Katie Holmes: NYC for Suri's Birthday!

Katie Holmes gets off a helicopter on Monday (April 16) in New York City.

The 33-year-old arrived in town with daughter Suri, who ate an ice cream cone before heading to their Manhattan residence.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Katie Holmes

Katie recently lined up her next project. She’s set to star in the modern retelling of Anton Chekhov‘s classic play, The Seagull.

Allison Janney, William Hurt, Juliet Rylance, Mark Rylance, and Jean Reno have also been cast in the movie.

FYI: Suri will be turning 6 this Wednesday (April 18) – we wonder how the Cruises will be celebrating her birthday!

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Credit: Jae Donnelly; Photos: INFdaily
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  • ck

    “Suri will be turning 6 this Wednesday (April 18) – we wonder how the Cruises will be celebrating her birthday!”

    By carrying her around NYC while Suri sucks on her bottle in her pajamas?

  • http://justjared POLO

    who gives a sh*t bout them? i’m outta here.

  • Nathan

    Yes!!! Katie’s Back in New York :) which means we’ll get new Katie pics. Katie’s so cute.

  • ck

    Sorry…don’t mean to beat a dead horse, but look at these pics of Michelle Williams and her daughter (who is 6) going around NYC. Her child is walking like a normal kid while also playing on a scooter. It’s only when you look at pictures like this do you realize how Tom & Katie screwed up their kid.

  • Kate

    That kid always seems to be eating some type of sugary item. I’m all for ocassional treats, but it seems she eats a steady diet of sugar.

  • MT

    @ck: If I was 6, I’d ask for my pacifier and to be held, too, if I had sleazy photogs chasing me.

  • sandy

    @MT – right on!! I’m glad to see SOMEONE on this site has a brain!!!!

    As a parent of young children myself, I am appalled (and grossed out actually) at the behaviour of these perverts who stalk and harass this little girl. I’ve heard that many of these “paps” are registered s*x offenders and while I can’t check the veracity of that, the Cruises are justified in taking whatever means necessary to protect their child from this unrelenting harassment — bodyguard, assistants, drivers, etc.

    Tom is the superstar — follow him and hound him, but leave a helpless child alone.

  • Kay

    You do realize it’s her birthday though right……….
    I don’t understand why they get so much hate,at least they spend time with their daughter unlike other celebrities who hire nannies

  • John

    6 yr old? she look like 7 for me.

  • Lavern

    Is Tom still in New Orleans?

    If he is then one would think they would be in New Orleans to celebrate it with with him.

    On the up side I guess since their in NY then that means no photo op birthday like they do every year in LA were paparazzi in helicopters ” just happen ” to fly over and take pictuer of Suri Birthday parties but never at any other time.

  • doll

    Every child/ person is different, suri seems to be very girlie is all. Having ice cream is very normal. Im sure they don’t have it for their main course for dinner. Goodness. Some like to wear dresses some don’t. Some like scooters some don’t. Relax.

  • @Sandy


    Explain to those of us without a brain–how did Jackie Kennedy, Princess Diana and now the Jolie Pitts, Garner-Afflecks, Kidman-Urbans, and
    Stefani-Rossdales manage to raise kids that are able to deal with the paps, protect them from the paps and manage to go about their business with the kids without creating pap opportunities like Katie does when she is NYC. And the Kennedy kids, Diana’s kids and the JP kids are just as, if not more, A plus listers and pap bait as Suri is. You generally see the JP kids going from one place to another. Occasionally we get views of the kids in a store. Rarely in a restaurant or indoor playground/gym/dance studio. Yet for some reason Suri manages to get snapped all the time in NYC. You do know don’t you that there are tons of ways to navigate around NYC to avoid the paps? Most stars manage to do it. There are underground tunnels, above ground exits into the buildings next to whatever they are in, there are SUV’s and vans that they could get into and duck until they are out of sight of the paps. For some reason Katie manages to step right into pap central every time she goes out in NYC. Ask yourself how they manage to avoid the paps in LA? Do you think Suri stays in and Katie too? There are all sorts of industry rumors about the state of their marriage. Some feel Katie is trying to show the world that she is the primary parent so when the divorce comes she’ll be awarded custody. And like another poster said–isn’t Tommy in NOLA? Would one not think he’d be in NYC to celebrate her birthday? Or better yet they go to NOLA? The folks in NOLA tend to respect your privacy. Ask the JP’s and Sandra Bullock–both have residences there and manage to navigate around for the most part w/o the paps in their faces.
    If I were you, instead of cirticizing those that are criticizing the Cruises for allowing the paps what seems like constant access to their daughter–I’d use your brain to start thinking about how they DON’T protect her.

  • lila

    Suri’s put on weight or maybe it’s the skirt.

  • SJC

    She’s one spoilt kid.

  • jilly

    A 6 year old still on the baby bottle.

  • jilly

    And being carried like an infant, wrapped in an infant blanket.

  • denise

    That is one genuine brat. She will be make Paris Hilton look tame, when she grows up.


    This is just FIVE WEEKS AGO! There’s her newborn baby bottle with a lid on it right there on the tray ready for her when she get’s in the car. Does she eat real food when they go out or just wait for the bottle? Is this what happens every time we see her hop in a car after a photo op?

  • Katie Disses Uganda

    “Katie Holmes Sneaks in and Out of Uganda”

    We hate rubbing our celebrity status in your faces but there is no shame in telling you that we were among the very few who had a glimpse of Hollywood star Katie Holmes on her trip to Uganda last week.

    Unfortunately, she gave us a media black-out, she refused to do an interview and even refused to have her pictures taken by any Ugandan, including those who hosted her.

    Tom Cruise’s wife was here on the UN Millennium village charity mission and she stayed in Kampala Serena Hotel for over four days but very few Ugandans at the hotel could even tell she was the one. The UN-Millennium villages staff told us that Ms Holmes and fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger had both canceled their trip to Uganda suggested a later date for the visit.

    But it turned out that Holmes had come with her daughter Suri and they were moving around the country in a four-car convoy.

    Tomkat had the youtube video of her being rude in Uganda at a party in her honor.

  • Joel

    Katiebot will never leave Tom. She loves the high life. She’s satisfied to spend her time with Suri….as long as she has the $$$$ to spend. Her favorite thing.

  • Hamlet

    How is she walking or looking in any way abnormal, #4?

    You can’t judge a child’s diet based on a few paparazzi photos, #5.

    There are sometimes weeks to months-long dry spells where none of the Cruise kids are found, #12. So it isn’t ALL THE TIME. It isn’t her birthday yet and they can fly down to New Orleans in a flash.

    How can you tell she’s a brat or how she’ll grow up, #17?

  • http://website,computer Dave From Canada

    I just recently saw the classic play, “The Seagull.” Now they are making a movie out of it and there really seems to be no big name stars in it, other then William Hurt who is kind of a star of yesteryear. I assume that Katie Holmes’ part will be chirping like a seagull in the background every now and then, like in the play. (in other words, heard but not seen…………)

  • stream

    I have yet to see Suri eating a sandwich.. Actually eating anything else than an ice cream/drinking a hot chocolate

  • Louisa

    You’re right @Sandy. Suri is deliberately subjected to pap photography by her parents. Plenty of celebs just as famous as Cruise and Holmes live happily in NYC and LA without being papped all the time and they keep their kids out of the limelight to the point that I would not know what they look like. It’s all too obvious that the Cruises seek it out. And @stream, photographs of Suri eating inevitably show her with ice-cream, cake, doughnuts or other sugary items. I have seen Suri photographed once with an apple in her hand. Once. In six years. Considering how frequently she is photographed eating, that tells a significant story.

  • tsquared

    Is Katie actually able to go anywhere without a cup of coffee? She either has her hands gripped around a cup or else she is holding her cell phone.

  • @Louisa

    i agree. considering that tom and katie each own a jet that costs over $10 million, i’m sure there could get an apartment with a garage entrance. Also, they could stop calling the paps.

  • angelbaby

    suri is a total brat. her parents treat her like she is three, she is six years old. i dont know why her parents treat her like that, maybe she has developmental problems.

  • tsquared


    For some reason Tom likes the Feld building. He has owned a condo there since Kidman. He now owns five or six I believe. Most of this is public record and can be found by doing some research.

    You know they call or want the paps and their pictures since every where they go they get snapped and often professional pictures from a pap and not just a cell phone. For instance they always go to the same gymnastics place w/Suri – I’m sure the owner would arrange a private time for Suri w/o cameras etc. They go to restaurants where they know there will be paps. And Katie is just asking for the paps to snap pictures when she brings Suri out late at night. The paps are out cruising for other stars and she must know a picture of Suri clutching something like gummy little boy parts is worth much more $$$ than Sarah Jessica Parker walking her twins to school. I would like to think that Katie is attempting to give Suri a “normal” life, but there are just too many coincidences with the paps being around in places that they don’t normally suddenly show up at or Katie taking Suri to known pap hang outs.
    Tom revels in the pap attention and the idolatry of his fans. Unfortunately he is so far gone on the fame thing — he thinks it is normal. So Suri is the one that will ultimately suffer. A small Paris Hilton or Lindsay Lohan in the making–parents putting themselves ahead of the child’s welfare.

  • j

    Riding a scooter in NY looks like it’s Dangerous