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Zac Efron: 'Lucky One' L.A. Premiere with Taylor Schilling!

Zac Efron: 'Lucky One' L.A. Premiere with Taylor Schilling!

Zac Efron suits up for the premiere of his new movie, The Lucky One, held at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre on Monday (April 16) in Hollywood, Calif.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Zac Efron

The 24-year-old actor donned Calvin Klein Collectioon and was accompanied by his co-star Taylor Schilling, who wore the finale Resort 2012 dress, bag, and shoes from Calvin Klein Collection. She also sparkled in Lynn Ban jewelry.

Who came out to support Zac? His High School Musical co-star, Ashley Tisdale!

25+ pictures inside of Zac Efron and Taylor Schilling premiering The Lucky One

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Credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez; Photos: Getty
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109 Responses to “Zac Efron: 'Lucky One' L.A. Premiere with Taylor Schilling!”

  1. 1
    LUI Says:


  2. 2
    R U sure Says:

    Lots of fun

  3. 3
    sam Says:

    lol What is ashley tisdale doing there?? she is always fame whoring herself with Zac or Vanessa… god…

    zac looks weird and Taylor needs a stylist, she looks so much older than him… he looks just like a boy and she looks like his mom…

  4. 4
    tc Says:

    Zac looks fine the girls not so much.

  5. 5
    Vivian C. Says:

    On some of the photos Taylor reminds me of Katy Perry…or maybe it’s just me haha

  6. 6
    Tony Says:

    Taylor’s face looks a bit like Jenny McCartney in these pix.

  7. 7
    kami Says:

    so, ashley tisdale is in this movie, too? i don’t get why she’s in the post with zac and taylor?

  8. 8
    Derpina Says:

    @Vivian C.: Taylor reminds me of Katy Perry too

  9. 9
    Leah Says:

    Zac ‘s so short and that shiny tight suit, he looks gross… but whatever wish him good luck =)

  10. 10
    Journalistic Says:

    Upper rib cage tattoos are the new tramp stamp

  11. 11
    kami Says:

    looks like zac’s teeth are easing apart and his gap is coming back. that happened to my brother about 3 yrs after he got his braces off, and he had to wear a very tight night guard over his upper teeth. it hurt like heck the first week or so.

  12. 12
    A Says:

    His costar needs a boob job so bad it’s not even funny. I better get some Zashley pics by the end of the night.

    @sam how is going to your friend’s premieres to support them fame whoring? That’s so stupid there are always other stars at the premieres and Zac has been to all of Ashley’s premieres too, so is he also a fame *****??

    @kami nope, she’s just his best friend and was there to support. :)

  13. 13
    Predictor of the future Says:

    The Zac obsessed haters are lurking, waiting for the Rotten Tomatoes massacre, when they will look each review and select those that say the worse things about Zac to posting them here… ahahahaha

  14. 14
    mattie Says:

    Zac looks great and so does Taylor.

  15. 15
    My 2 Cents Says:

    Just Jared first you neglected to make a post about Zac visiting Camp Pendelton yesterday and the way he met and signed so many autographs for the troops and their families. Then you are so far off saying he accompanied Taylor Shilling to the premiere. He did not they arrived separately. Seems like you like to start trouble lately with your posts of misinformation.

  16. 16
    My 2 Cents Says:

    BTW, Zac looks gorgeous I love the old Hollywood look , it suits him and he looks so classy.

  17. 17
    eat me Says:

    taylor looks so stunning here love the dress on her…. zac is hansome here, he looks so classy with his hair….. And how nice to see ashley supporting zac she’s agood friend…

  18. 18
    wow Says:

    it’s Dagney Taggart

    THAT was one awful movie

  19. 19
    A Says:

    @arri Uhm, who cares if he’s a bad actor. Nicolas Sparks sucks anyway. The point for going to see the movie is because he’s so yummy!

  20. 20
    arri Says:

    man he does have the most superficial fans ever.i fell sorry for him.not even his fans takes him seriously as an actor.WOW.

  21. 21
    yum2333 Says:

    he looks super hot glad ashley came out to support him I like the fact that their friendship is real, thats the only negative thing about zac and vanessa i know they broke up but weren’t they friends first i think thats what i miss most about zanessa that geniune friendship between the two

  22. 22
    TheHungerButch Says:

    Seriously, why people want to watch this movie anyway? The trailers looks really, i always picture Chris Pine and Elizabeth Banks as the lead, not Zac and Taylor whatshername. If you want to watch great romantic film, just wait for next week for The 5 Year Engagement starring Emily Blunt and Jason Segel (that is a great cast) or just wait for The Vow on DVD to come out. and i wanna say when the last time Nicholas Sparks movie is certified fresh on Rotten Tomatoes, NEVER!! The highest one is The Notebook which is at 55%. Dear John at 33% and The Last Song below 20% like that. The Lucky One is already bad movie from the trailer already. Just go watch The Hunger Games, Titanic 3D or The Cabin In The Woods (that’s scary movie)

  23. 23
    arri Says:

    @A: cant expect much from zac efron fans even if they are 100 % sure that the movie suck wouldn’t admit it.and if you still think this short waxy looking little guy is attractive than you really have a problem with your eyes you need to get them checked.i will be nice to you ,i wish you recovery from your eye problems :)

  24. 24
    R U sure Says:

    @arri So how many millions run to see your movies? i think you have the eye problem he is gorgeous. If his mivie was bad I’d say so, but i really loved it.

  25. 25
    Ckhrisnadia Says:

    Taylor Looks amazing!!! Zac dapper as always. But i cant get over how good taylor looks. that dress!!

  26. 26
    Moira Says:

    @arri you are trying way too hard to make zac look bad and unfortunately you are not hitting the right notes.

  27. 27
    Bunnylover Says:

    @TheHungerButch: If I want to watch a scary movie or a tween movie or a film I’ve already seen 50 times before I will, But I want to see a film with Zac Efron and Taylor Schilling in it!! Have you seen TLO yet? If not, wait till you have before reviewing it!!!

  28. 28
    Rachel Says:

    Zac looks so suave :D
    Love him :D
    Ashley looks a little weird but nice that she came to support Zac’s movie :D

  29. 29
    TheHungerButch Says:

    @Bunnylover: TLO is just another cheesy romantic sappy movie, It’s just like The Notebook but with a twist. i’m really getting tired of hollywood keep making this movie. If Zac want to take serious as an actor, he need to stop making this movie and challenge himself like gain 70 pounds of fat like Matt Damon did in the Informant or losing 70 pounds like Christian Bale did in The Fighter. I’m not seeing this movie, maybe if this on HBO, i will watch. For now, the movie that i’m really excited to see is The Dark Knight Rises, The Great Gatsby, SnowWhiteandtheHuntsman, The Frozen Ground and the Avengers. I’d rather watch Battleship than this

  30. 30
    Observer Says:

    @TheHungerButch, nobody is forcing you to see this movie, so you can stop whining. I don’t like sparks movies except for a walk to remember, i probably wont see this, but am not condemning any actor,actress or even the movie. Try to understand the difference its a no brainer. Wonder why people act like they know it all.

  31. 31
    Xo Says:

    I love Taylor’s dress. She looks stunning. Not the biggest fan of Zac’s suit but he looks good. Tisdale needs to work on her own career so she doesn’t always have to go to other people’s premieres.

  32. 32
    Taylor Says:

    I love Taylor Schilling!
    And Tisdale is looking good for Tisdale.

  33. 33
    lauren Says:

    lets be honest here, some of you haters are gonna see this movie then come back on here and trash it.

  34. 34
    Marj Says:

    I cannot wait to see Zac in the movie Paperboy. That is suppose to be a great movie.

  35. 35
    Rachel Says:

    Another review:
    Complete review here :

    Says Zac’s work is good :D

  36. 36
    Yeah, right Says:

    @Rachel: And lots of others say not…..I’m with them. Other than a pretty face, I get NOTHING from his acting. Zippo.

  37. 37
    Bunnylover Says:

    @TheHungerButch: So technically all you are saying is that you do not like this genre of film. Therefore whoever is in it does not matter, so having a go at Zac for being in it is a little harsh. We all have different tastes. I’m looking forward to seeing this, we have waited long enough! But it won’t be to the taste of everyone, but that doesn’t make it bad.

  38. 38
    Weber from Brazil Says:

    Zac looks hot!
    Honestly I kinda like Ashley Tisdale
    but this outfit looks so dated…
    plus she’s becoming a professional red carpet walker… I wish she had a real career…her friends r working hard on movies, but Ashley seems lost and kissing around, with a ‘I don’t wanna grow up’ attitude…
    c’mon girl, u can do so much better than that!

  39. 39
    Revenge-Is-Sweet Says:

    @TheHungerButch: You want to see something scary, why don’t you apply for the army and go to Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria or Libya? Maybe that would teach you a lesson like some other haters and jerks here. Why none of you goes there to see what’s going in a war and funny it is not to know if you survive the next day.

    I’m so pissed off of the all the jerks and haters here, it makes me sick. All the crap here brings me to puke.

    Ashley was there because she wanted to. She didn’t attend one single premiere of his movies. HSM 3 was the last one where he was in the movie. And there were way more people who attended the premiere. Selena Gomez was also set a celebrity guest.

    It would time that you all listen to yourself what you’re talking here. Zac is the one and only victim here, he can’ and isn’t even allowed to defend himself. I would really like to know what he thinks about the people here who do nothing but to insult him.

  40. 40
    FrG Says:

    Zac’s hair is horrible like that…!!!! He doesn’t look good.

  41. 41
    mattie Says:

    @Revenge-Is-Sweet: I thought Ashley attend one of his premieres before this one,but I could be thinking of someone else.

  42. 42
    eat me Says:

    @Revenge is Sweet, i read his interview in a news paper here in manila cuz his the new endorser of penshoppe philippines,he said he doesn’t read all the gossip about him and he said you only live once so live your life to the fullest…and the interviewer ask him if his with some one right now he said he’s single…After reading that i was smiling cuz i know his not affected with all of this criticism and gossip about him so good luck to all the haters.. You can say what you want cuz i know now that his not reading all of this so i’m ok…iwas hoping i’m still here in mnila when he comes cuz i’m excited to see him but no date yet when is he coming so i’m still crossing my fingers cuz i’m going back to korea….

  43. 43
    eat me Says:

    to all who doubting my comment pls go to you tube and search ”zac efron startalk interview” i think some i read in the paper is from this interview cuz that interviewer is the writer also…

  44. 44
    amelia25 Says:

    Beautiful Zac!

  45. 45
    tina Says:

    This movie will do just fine. It has the formular to be a #1 movie at the box office. Only thing that saddens me is that he is now introducing Vanessa back into his interviews. I think he should just leave the past in the past. Of course Ashley showed up, she’s still hoping to replace Vanessa as his gf. (Remember her going to his house after her break up and coming out looking disappointed?)

  46. 46
    kaskaskas Says:

    @TheHungerButch: LOL for putting “The Frozen Ground” in your list, there’s no poster, trailers, release date yet, no one cares for this film, unless you are a fan of Vanessa Hudgens

  47. 47
    ? Says:

    actually Ashley brought a date to the premiere. Her semmingly to be back on again boyfriend Scott. They’ve been spending a lot of time together Ashley been dropping hints they’re back together and there’s a pic of them leaving this event together. And he had to address it at some point I know he’s not saying much but still.

  48. 48
    eat me Says:

    @tina i bet he wont say her name unless his not being ask about her so i don’t think he wants to talk about the past cuz as you said past is past….

  49. 49
    A Says:

    Y’all are ridiculous. You try to make Ashley look like the one without a career when she’s actually making good long term decisions while as Vanessa is making good short term decisions. Ashley has started filming her show for a major network not to mention she does have some movies in the working. But Vanessa has made some terrible movies like sucker punch and beastly, movies that nobody is going to remember in 5 years, and movies that few people would want to see if they weren’t already a Vanessa fan. Ashley could be a regular little Jen A with her comedy and doing rom coms, and Vanessa can keep doing one star “darker” films. And for the record, I don’t hate Vanessa. I like her, I just can’t stand her fans who are always berating Tisdale.

    Zac and Ashley are best friends. They’ve been best friends for years, before they even knew Vanessa. Ashley didn’t go to his house after his break up and “come back looking disappointed.” He was in Japan and had her take care of it for him, just like Vanessa used to do when she was his gf. Again, celebrities are always red carpet walkers, publicity is a big part of a career. Ashley has the most fans, and that’s most important, if you ask me.

    Just because Ashley is supporting her best friend doesn’t mean she’s trying to replace his gf. Zac has gone to every one of Ashley’s events and she hasn’t even been to all of his, and yet no one accuses him of trying to edge his way in.

    But for the record, those two very well likely will get together sometime, and when they do that will be ahmazing. :)

  50. 50
    kaskaskas Says:

    @A: They do it not just with Ashley Tisdale, they love to mentions all the critical and commercial failures of Zac, omitting that Vanessa is in the same situation, they love to act like she was the only one to succeed in hollywood, as if her movies are huge in box office and with 99% in Rotten Tomatoes, no critic mentions she is a mediocre actress… they live in other world, ignore because you can’t argue with people so delusional and arrogant

  51. 51
    LMAO Says:

    @A: Hunny, keep dreaming. It ain’t gonna happen, ever. They’d eat each other alive. They have completely different philosophies……she wants to be seen, he doesn’t. She’s a type A, so is he. Bad, bad. Would never work.

  52. 52
    tina Says:

    Of course she’s back with Scott, she only dump him because she thought she had a chance with Zac. I KNOW HE WILL HAVE A LONG CAREER. Believe me, Ashley is auditoning for movies, just not getting them. Producing is the catch all for stars who can’t get the jobs they want. Zac even said he’s producing because all he gets offered are the same type of movies. He is consider only for romantic role while he wants to do adventure or other things. Ashley is in long term lol you’re joking right.

  53. 53
    tina Says:

    @A: I agree with uou on one point she can be another Jennifer A producing and staring in movies no one goes to see.

  54. 54
    A Says:

    @tina hahahahahah, everyone goes to see jennifer a’s movies, including me. You’re so delusional. She holds the number 3 spot for highest paid actress in hollywood, but nice try. Producing is a good thing. And again, that’s where you obviously know nothing. You could say it’s a vanity title, but the point is it puts more money in their pocket, and plenty of big stars do it.

    And Ashley again, has the most fans, like Jen A which is important. More people will flock to the box office for America’s sweetheart’s latest feel good romantic comedy than they will to go see some dark weird flick that’s intended to be more artistic. (And it’s especially embarrassing when a movie is intended to do that, and then flops majorly. Again, enter Sucker Punch. Then again that was a movie based off of a video game so what would you expect.)

    And lmao, why can’t type A’s date. Are you saying that Vanessa is a type B? Because type B’s are lazy pushovers. And what do you mean he doesn’t want to be seen? Are you kidding me? Those balcony pictures, that was a major publicity stunt. Those two would be perfect for each other. They laugh and have a good time together and have a solid friendship to base a relationship on. Besides, hating on Ashley and throwing a fit every time her and Zac are seen together is never going to bring your precious Zanessa back. Get over it.

  55. 55
    tina Says:

    @A: You really need to check the box office on Jen’s movies. She is part owner of Plan B because she and Brad started it. ONLY HER FANS SEE HER MOVIES. They lose more money than they make. Tell me ONE (1) box office hit she has had in the last 3 years.

  56. 56
    tina Says:

    @A Didn’t Ashley’s last movie go straight to video and wasn’t her last TV series cancelled ?

  57. 57
    Alex Says:

    You should really go back and reread some of the comments; you are the one who starts the argument regarding people not liking their friendship. No one says anything about their friendship and when someone just makes general comments whether they don’t like her outfit or why she’s there and you automatically come back with it being the Vanessa fans that don’t like the friendship. Please stop with that. Defend their friendship if someone brings it, but don’t start it. You did the same thing on another post.

  58. 58
    A Says:

    Uhm, Horrible Bosses, Just Go With It, He’s just not that into you, and Marley and me all did really well in the box office, and made a lot more money than budget. So…

    Ashley did the Sharpay film, it was intended the entire time to be released to dvd. Do you think she’s stupid, she knew she’d make a lot of sales off of it and she did.

    And yes, Hellcats did get cancelled, it happens all the time on television. She’s already filming a new show, this time created by one of the seinfeld writers and it’s going to be on CBS which is a major network. That’s a major project, a lot better than some Beastly film and a sequel to a family film (journey something) when she wasn’t even in the first movie.

    the points you are making are laughable. You clearly just fabricate things and exaggerate to back up your own opinions. but whatever.

  59. 59
    A Says:

    @Alex No I didn’t. I started by responding to these:

    “lol What is ashley tisdale doing there?? she is always fame whoring herself with Zac or Vanessa… god…
    zac looks weird and Taylor needs a stylist, she looks so much older than him… he looks just like a boy and she looks like his mom…”

    “so, ashley tisdale is in this movie, too? i don’t get why she’s in the post with zac and taylor?”

    And I responded with this: @sam how is going to your friend’s premieres to support them fame whoring? That’s so stupid there are always other stars at the premieres and Zac has been to all of Ashley’s premieres too, so is he also a fame *****??
    @kami nope, she’s just his best friend and was there to support. :)

    So, I’m not sure how that’s me starting anything. And I’m not sure what post you’re talking about.. I only ever look at Tisdale’s posts and I can only think of one I’ve commented on this year on this site..

  60. 60
    tina Says:

    So which of these gems were number one at the box office? Most of Jen movies open with about 6 million. You need to check that out Really “He”s just not into YOU” the worst part of that movie the part you fast forward thru had jen in it. And I said the last THREE YEARS. Beastly made more than twice its budget (you can check that out if you want) Sharpay was a sequel that no one wanted to see. J2 at over 300 million world wide, enough said.

  61. 61
    Tony Says:

    I though this was a post about Zac’s movie premiere, but guess not. Anyway, about the movie. I saw a different trailer on TV last night that I’d never seen before with Logan and the ex husband sheriff, and it look kind of good. Still not convinced enough to shell out hard earned cash to see it. Will wait to see a few reviews before I decide. And why wasn’t that beautiful German Shepard dog at this premiere?

  62. 62
    me Says:


    I really like Jennifer and she have done some good work and does a lot of good work but I don’t see why you are comparing Ashley to her, Ashley isn’t even in the same league as Jennifer and only time will tell if she ever will be but I’m not going to say anything else, Ashley seems happy with her life, I mean who wouldn’t be when you can spend everyday going to the gym, than drinking some coffee and then going shopping and than drinking some more coffee, it’s got to be a good life to live. And yeah Vanessa’s movies may not have been everyone’s tastes but at least she is trying and she is working hard and she is getting a lot of recognition for it and many directors does have an eye on her, I mean Catharine Hardwick (I think that’s her name) wanted her in ‘Twilight’, and Sam Raimi wanted her in the new Spiderman movie had he been involved with it and all the director she have worked with have all praised her not to mention the praise she is getting from her co-stars and she is slowly but surely making a name for herself using her talent and her personality, it’s really sad that you try and make Ashley look good by condemning Vanessa’s work, why don’t you try and just look at what Ashley have accomplished and leave it at that. And btw, what’s wrong with someone mentioning ‘The Frozen Ground’, it’s a movie that a lot of people are looking forward to for many reasons other than just Vanessa being in it, it has a great cast sure but it’s also based on a real event, something terrible that happened in Alaska years ago that I’m sure is still fresh in peoples minds and a lot of people know about the killings that happened and have read about it will want to see the movie it’s based on.
    BTT, I’m not a big fan of Zac’s hair but other then that he looks good. TLO is not my kind of film so I won’t be seeing it, and even less since it will be out around the same time as ‘The Avenger’ but hopefully some will go and see it and hopefully it will bring in some money.

  63. 63
    Megan Says:

    This review is from the Hollywood and Fine review by Marshall Fine.

    Is “The Lucky One” a great movie, or even a very good one? I wouldn’t go that far. But it’s emotionally honest and no more gushily romantic than one would expect from the genre. And it features outstanding work by Zac Efron, who deserves to be taken seriously as an actor.

    Full review here.

  64. 64
    hehehe Says:


  65. 65
    teaching mathematics Says:

    @tina: I check your information, Beastly production budget is 17 million and the movie made 28 million internationally 17 x 2 = 34

    34 – 28 = lacks 6 million to double the budget

  66. 66
    teaching mathematics Says:

    @tina: You think Journey 2 made more than 320 million because of Vanessa? lol

  67. 67
    tina Says:

    Go on and tell me how any girl could have acted in her place. Maybe even you. But you weren’t chosen by the director or producter to act in it were you. She auditioned for the part if someone else could have done it better they would have hired them.

  68. 68
    xo Says:

    @me: THIS! and lol at A’s comment about Ashley having more fans. Her posts barely get any comments unless Zac/Vanessa or any other celeb who’s more relevant than her are involved.

  69. 69
    Lolzita Says:

    @tina: I agree, for sure she was accepted in the test to mount giant bees and run away from monsters is an unquestionable evidence that she is a great actress, Jennifer Lawrence, Rooney Mara and Carey Mulligan were fighting for this awesome character!!!

  70. 70
    kami Says:


    that’s why jj post the pic of ashley with zac and taylor. if it was her alone, there would be barely any comments.

  71. 71
    A Says:

    @tina okay, Beastly grossed 28 million worldwide. He’s just not that into you grossed 178 mil, horrible bosses 209 mil, and Just go with 214 mil. LOL you seriously do need to do math. And all of those got much more than 6 mil on opening weekend but anywayy.

    Sharpay was a sequel that no VANESSA FANS wanted to see. My God you have tunnel vision.

    @me Okay, no, Ashley is not at Jennifer Aniston’s level right now. I wasn’t trying to compare her current career to hers I was trying to compare her direction to Jen, since she’s doing a sit com for a major network with some really successful writers behind it, and based off of the type of movies and characters Ashley seems to go for. If everything went ideally, then when she’s 40 like Jen hopefully she’ll have a similar career. (And Jennifer started Friends at age 26 too!)

    And I honestly have no idea how this turned into an argument over Jennifer Aniston, I made one comment about her and here we are.

    I never mentioned Frozen Ground because I have no idea what that is. And I know zip about Alaskan tragedies either.

    I wouldn’t brag about the Twilight director looking at her, as those were terrible films featuring even more terrible actors, with the exception of a few supporting cast members.

    But either way, I’m sorry, I’m not trying to entirely berate Vanessa. She’s pretty and she has some level of talent. I’m just trying to make the point that she makes commercial moves too, she has done some bad films, y’all are all knocking Ashley, but my point is Vanessa and her are pretty much in the same boat right now and just hoping to take different directions in the future.

    Hopefully neither one of them will make any more albums any time soon though. I’m glad to see they’ve both decided to focus more on an acting career.

    @teaching mathematics and yeah, that movie did not make so much money because of vanessa. It’s because it was a family film which means that parents everywhere will take their kids regardless of who wants to see it, not to mention it’s in 3d so those movies automatically make more money, since the price of tickets is outlandish.

  72. 72
    A Says:

    @lolzita LMFAO all great actresses mount giant bees. She’s a sure oscar pic for that, no doubt.

  73. 73
    A Says:

    and @kami Uhm, shouldn’t you be making some sort of comment about how Vanessa fans have to always go leave comments on posts that don’t even mention her at ALL?? I bet Ashley fans never do that on Vanessa’s posts. Y’all hate her so much simply because she IS friends with Zac Efron. But whatever.

  74. 74
    xo Says:

    @A: You can talk as much crap as you want about V’s films but at least she’s doing something. She worked more than half of last year while Ashley got her hair done and went shopping. She’s in the news just as much for her work as she is for her personal life and she doesnt tweet every detail of her personal life to get attention.
    ‘I bet Ashley fans never do that on Vanessa’s posts’. You would lose that bet. They are in there quite a bit actually.

  75. 75
    maria Says:

    How did one cluless Ashley fan turn this into a career contest between Ash and Vanessa? They are friends, and are taking different paths in their careers. There is room for both of them. So knock it off, A. And say what you want about Sucker Punch, but it did make back it’s money; it just didn’t turn into a blockbuster. I loved the movie, cause it was original, artsy, emotional, visually cool, and just different than anything I’ve ever seen. It was a great experience for Vanessa. Why are you knocking it? It’s success or failure had nothing to do with her, and I’m still happy she chose to do it. I could say a lot about Ashley’s choices but I won’t. This isn’t about them. So give it up.

  76. 76
    A Says:

    @xo well I wouldn’t know because I wouldn’t look at Vanessa’s posts. Uhm, what’s wrong with Ashley being active on twitter? It shows she cares about her fans enough to update them on what she’s doing. And if Vanessa had close to as many followers as Ashley does, maybe she would to. (One hundred thousand vs 6.6. mil, come on.) Ashley is working and she was working last year too. It wasn’t her fault her show got canceled.

  77. 77
    A Says:

    @maria this isn’t about who? This IS about Zac and Ashley and it’s NOT about Vanessa.

    As for Sucker Punch. On its wiki page:

    “The film was generally not very well received by audiences and received several negative reviews from critics who considered it poorly written and acted despite the visual flair; the film significantly underperformed at the box office.”

    And I don’t understand why you’re trying to turn things around on me as if I’m trying to start arguments. I’m not. I’m just repeatedly defending to the rest of your comments. It’s not my fault I’m outnumbered by obnoxious paranoid Vanessa Hudgens fans.

    And you are ALWAYS on Ashley’s posts. My God. Give it a rest and go read Vanessa’s instead!

  78. 78
    tina Says:

    I’m not seeing this film because I can’t stand the way this woman and Zac act like when all they can talk about is the loves scenes. How they went for it , how it was so pleasurable and they had to be told to stop , wanted to continue when the director called cut. They have just about said they had an affair back then and I’m sorry that is all I can see when I watch the trailer. The fact that he cheated on his then ex makes me sick. I don’t care about what he does now but all I know is they are acting like junior high school kids giggling and acting like
    she is trying to impress the popular guy. I’m sure it will be a hit film because he is a sex symbol it’s just too bad he is so arrogant and knows it. Her she will fade into obivion. I’m sure they are picking up where they left off. Don’t believe me just go listen ad watch all the interviews from this promo.

  79. 79
    xo Says:

    @A: Vanessa has her own website where she posts things for her fans, such as news about her upcoming and current projects, pics from the set, pics of her with her friends and family at her premieres,charities, etc.There’s a difference between that and Ashley posting pics of herself, in bed, in her underwear, partying, etc.

    As far as having the followers, Vanessa just got a twitter last year, has never tweeted, and makes it no secret that she never plans to tweet, so following her account is pointless.

  80. 80
    tc Says:

    Why is this post about Ashley Tisdale? Like her or not she is a friend of both Zac and Vanessa. As far as this post goes. Zac looks great that Taylor Shilling looks good for a change but still looks like a well kept 40 year old.

  81. 81
    maria Says:

    @A: Hate to break it to ya, but I never go to Ashley’s posts. No reason for me to. I just don’t follow her. Maria is a pretty common name…..I’m NOT the one who posts there. Yes, there are a few pics of Ashley, but this post is really about TLO, and you made it into an Ashley vs. Vanessa post. Totally unnecessary.

  82. 82
    A Says:

    @xo whatever. If Vanessa does that, that’s great. Really, I don’t dislike her and I wish her well. Ashley posts picture of friends and family too, and she’s only posted like 2 pics that are what you’re describing, one was a photoshoot, and the other was just silly pics where she was wearing a t-shirt and was saying goodnight. Who cares if she was in bed?

    @tc because Ashley was in the original article and her and zac were together at the premiere…

  83. 83
    A Says:

    @maria that is so untrue! I know maria is a common name, but I’ve definitely seen you posting on other articles that mention Ashley and Zac together, and I’m pretty sure by the way you talk and the things you say that you’re the same reader. but whatever, deny it if you must.

  84. 84
    mindheisttime Says:

    Zac reminds me of Jared Leto at times. I always say they could be father and son. I wouldn‘t be surprised if they are father and son for real. Btw he looks beautiful and both of Ashley and Taylor look wonderful..aa

  85. 85
    mindheisttime Says:

    @A: you should tell me who you are so I dont watch a 3rd season of Pretty Little Lairs..

  86. 86
    A Says:

    @mindheisttime hahahah.

  87. 87
    maria Says:

    @A: Maria and maria are two different people. I can’t convince you, but that is NOT me. I only post on Vanessa and/ or if she’s being trashed on Zac’s. I don’t care about Ashley, sorry, and I just don’t feel the need to say anything about her.

  88. 88
    A Says:

    @maria okay then, whatever.

  89. 89
    Tony Says:


    That’s why a lot of ppl who followed Zac and Vanessa and their relationship will not see this movie. That’s exactly what they will think while watching even the trailers for TLO. They will remember all the stories going around at that time and conclude that these too did the deed off set. And their interviews pretty much validate that. That’s why it’s best not to know anything about an actor’s private life in order to enjoy his movies.

  90. 90
    A Says:

    @Tony I don’t know why Zac would cheat on Vanessa with THIS girl. She looks like 40, not to mention a total skeletor. Vanessa’s definitely much more attractive. You don’t know that he did that..

  91. 91
    Bunnylover Says:

    Why has vanessa been brought up at all on this post? It is absolutely NOTHING to do with her!! Can we get back to discussing what it is supposed to be about? Zac’s movie Premiered. She was not there so there is nothing to say about her.

  92. 92
    R U sure Says:

    @Tony Zac and Vanessa had issues starting about a year before the breakup. Like millions of people everywhere they grew apart . No one had more or less blame than the other. This was just between the two of them.

  93. 93
    Yeah right Says:

    @R U sure: How do YOU know that? I don’t buy it. They seemed VERY close in Vancouver, and throughout ALL that year before the split.

  94. 94
    A Says:

    I don’t think Zanessa split up because he cheated on her. I think they just wanted different things out of life.

  95. 95
    A Says:

    And pretty sure they were broken up by the time he started filming the lucky one..

  96. 96
    Tony Says:

    Can you imagine what a hit TLO would be if Rachel McAdams had played the role of Beth?

  97. 97
    Yeah right Says:

    @A: Um, no. She visited him in NO while filming.

  98. 98
    A Says:

    Zanessa break up was confirmed in thanksgiving of 2010 so unless he started filming that long ago before that..

  99. 99
    Mel Says:

    Not that it really matters at this point, but the break up wasn’t announced till December of 2010; at Thanksgiving he was actually in Hawaii visiting her. I’m not 100% positive, but I believe they both began filming their respective movies somewhere around September or October; don’t quote me on that though.

  100. 100
    tina Says:

    @A: where do you get your misinformation, they were together at Thanksgiving. Breakup was in December.

  101. 101
    Rise Above Hate Says:

    you people fight a lot and say the most rude and vicious things about zac, vanessa and ashley. Shame on you

  102. 102
    A Says:

    Okay, I’m sorry I was a COUPLE of weeks off. You Vanessa fans are zealous freaks, seriously.

  103. 103
    TheHungerButch Says:

    @Revenge-Is-Sweet: i’m not a haters, i enjoyed 17 again and charlie st. cloud? let me say, i turn off after the first 20 minutes. I love romantic movies but TLO doesn’t really sell me. I like The Vow and One day (those are incredible romantic movie) and for you to say if i want something scary go and join the army? you out of context mister, because we talk about movie in here. The Cabin In the woods is amazing (it got 93% on rotten tomatoes) TLO i will watch when it comes on HBO

  104. 104
    TheHungerButch Says:

    @kaskaskas: I put The Frozen Ground because it based on true story about serial killer Robert Hansen, I’m gonna watch the movie because John Cusack in there.

  105. 105
    Bunnylover Says:

    So I take it when the next vanessa Hudgens film comes out it will be perfectly alright for me to go on her threads and talk about Zac, yes??

  106. 106
    creep Says:

    @Bunnylover: well, zac fans are in vanessa’s posts as much as vanessa’s are in his, so i bet you will be there as well lol

  107. 107
    Deb Says:

    You people need to stop. TLO was filmed between October and December 2010. Zanessa ended in December 2010. There is no evidence/proof that Zac cheated on Vanessa, just as there is none that Vanessa cheated on Zac. None of you know ANYTHING about why they broke up, and you will never know unless Z or V make a statement, which is highly unlikely. So just stop already. You are making yourselves look like real idiots.

  108. 108
    Maria Says:

    “The fact that he cheated on his then ex”
    Where are you getting your information? It is NOT a fact that Zac cheated. And if she was his “ex” then it wouldn’t be cheating, you idiot.

  109. 109
    Whatever Says:

    Based on what he said about having such great chemistry with her in every which way, that pretty much is an admission of cheating. So let’s stop accusing the ex, when she just had fun with Hutcherson. Zac is admitting to much more.

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