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Charlize Theron: Lakers Game with Mom!

Charlize Theron: Lakers Game with Mom!

Charlize Theron gets ready to cheer on the Lakers as she arrives at Staples Center on Tuesday (April 17) in Los Angeles.

The 36-year-old actress was accompanied by her mother Gerda as they watched the L.A. Lakers lose to the San Antonio Spurs with a score of 112-91.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Charlize Theron

In case you missed it, check out Charlize, Kristen Stewart, and Chris Hemsworth in the French poster for their upcoming film Snow White and the Huntsman.

10+ pictures inside of Charlize Theron and her mother at Staples Center…

FYI: Charlize is wearing Dana Rebecca Designs “Lauren Joy” Mini studs.

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Credit: Harry How; Photos: Getty, AKM-GSI
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  • truth

    baby jakson ? !!!!

  • Dating ?

    So she is Alexander skarsgard also she is dating keanu reeves

    What’s next ?

    18 April

    Charlize Theron and Keanu Reeves are dating, reports In Touch Weekly.

    Here’s what In Touch reports:

    A pal says the former co-stars have gotten closer since Charlize brought home Jackson and friends think a rekindled romance is inevitable. “They

    were friends with benefits in the past,” the friend says, “but now it’s something more.” 

    So is Keanu, 47, dad material? “He babysits and brings toys when he visits Charlize and Jackson,” the friend reports. “He even built the crib

    and changes diapers!” Sounds like a keeper!

    They starred in two films together: The Devil’s Advocate and Sweet November

    Also papped again

    New mom Charlize Theron was in no mood to deal with the persistent photogs yesterday. On Tuesday afternoon, the Snow White and the Huntsman star tried to shield her face from the paps as she headed into a local LA hair salon.

    I know that Charlize is a celeb that likes to lay-low, but with TWO major movies set to hit the silver screen this summer, she’s bound to be on everyone’s radar— including the paparazzi’s!

  • Where is skarsgard

    Where is her boyfriend Alex skarsgard ?

    Wernt they papped at the marmont Sunday?

  • Bryant

    Never have seen a mom with a new baby out and about as much as she has been. Thank goodness for nannies, I guess.

  • Colette

    Does this woman go anywhere without her mom?

  • lea

    Cmon, they make a great looking couple but she hardly strikes me as the laid back skars type. Can u even imagine her at coachella? Or putting up with the all the unemployed swedes that crash with him. I think they’re dating but probably not too serious. Keanu too! Lucky lady!

  • Shelly

    Well at least we know who’s babysitting while she’s always out. It’s Keanu Reeves!

  • hi

    she looks tired..why isn’t she home bonding with her little one? No wonder so many celeb kids grow up with a coke habit.

  • Icy

    i like her shoes…that’s everything! she is too icy

  • jillyro

    She certainly is going out alot for someone with a newborn at home. Another nanny-raised kid (not surprised as Chalize does not seem maternal). And does she ever smile, she always looks miserable and pissed off (even when out at a game, something fun?!!). Beautiful woman, but not really beautiful to me because she looks so icy and annoyed all the time. Hey Charlize, try living a REALLY HARD life, having a pap take a pic of you does not make for a hard life!!! Spoilt.

  • Sheila

    First time I see a pic of Charlize where she looks her age if not older is the one with her Mom (Mom must be smoker with those smoking mouth lines). I agree she needs to smile more and that she never looks happy.

  • Kai

    And why is she suddenly on jj everyday? I never remember seeing her on this site and now she’s featured like once a day. And the sex tape thing that wasn’t even funny. Just seems odd.

  • an opinion

    I guess she made a decision that her life would not change just because of a baby. :(

  • mary

    to Kai

    Charlize is not only only suddenly on JJ. She is every where because the paps are trying to get photos of the baby. unfortunately for them, Charlize is not cooperating.

  • Make my cherry POP

    Wait, wait, WAIT. Who said she was dating Alexander Skaarsgard? Damn, I missed something. I heard about her relationship with Keanu like two years ago or something? Wasn’t it like right after she broke with that hot ass guy she dated for over 10 years?! Can’t remember his name. Anyway, if she got both Reeves AND Skaarsgard, then she’s my new idol!

  • Kai

    Oh yeah, I forgot how much babies love basketball.

  • Amy

    @jillyro: I was thinking the same thing! A new Mother and you hardly ever see her with the baby. I understand she doesn’t want the baby to be pap but she is constantly being pap out and about. I have no respect for her as a new Mother.

  • psychic

    the more you show her the more I don’t like her..this happens with every overexposed celeb. Jared never heard of an idea called VARIETY.

  • Help!!!

    Since when were charlize and Alexander girlfriend boyfriend ? I thought they were seen at gym bar like over a month or two ago,with pals and no more further sightings have occurred then there was the Lucy griffiths dating thing
    Have charlize and alex been sighted or papped all couply holding hands things like that , very recently

  • Jbean

    jj has like t 5 shots of Chalize carrying the baby in a car seat. fyi. mothers are allowed to leave the house.

  • chelle

    @Help!!!: there’s some nanosecond video on YouTube of Skars in a car with some brunette that some are swearing is charlize’s production assistant or something and swear some blonde was ducking in backseat so the entire gossip site goes all nuclear thinking It’s her in the back… blah blah blah…. because you can really make out only him but then again I don’t care who it was and have no intention of analyzing it to death…. whew!! That’s a summary of course.

  • Rachel ()

    She’s at a game AT NIGHT. The game started at 7:30. Do you want her to keep her child up to play with him? I know new borns wake up in the night, but the game lasts at the very most 3hrs….and she has a nanny. Exactly how many consecutive hours/days would you guys like her to spend solely in her home, watching her child sleep?

  • No truth to it

    @Dating ?:

    Charlize Theron Wants Keanu Reeves To Be Her Adopted Son’s Dad?
    2:42 pm, April 18th, 2012

    In an In Touch piece titled, “Charlize & Keanu Heat Up,” the tab claims Charlize Theron, who recently adopted a son named Jackson, wants her former Sweet November co-star Keanu Reeves to be her little boy’s dad.

    A so-called “friend” of Theron is quoted as saying, “They were friends

    with benefits in the past, but now it’s something more.”

    And proving that he’s “dad material,” the tabloid notes that Reeves “babysits and brings toys” to Jackson, and even “built the crib and changes diapers.”

    So, are Reeves and Theron really heating up, and he’s now acting like her son’s dad?

    “No way,” a source who’s close to Theron tells Gossip Cop.

    Once again, In Touch is out of touch.
    In touch is so always out of touch with there facts.
    And there is also this article


    In Touch Weekly is reporting that Charlize Theron and Keanu Reeves are once again ‘friends with benefits.’  Naturally this makes a nice story – all that is missing is the evidence!  Charlize and Keanu have been linked in the past – but as we know nothing ever came of those rumors.
    In Touch found a ‘friend’ of Charlize’s who is allegedly spilling on her private doings with Keanu – with such good friends who needs enemies?  From In Touch we learn: A pal says the former co-stars have gotten closer since Charlize brought home Jackson and friends think a rekindled romance is inevitable. ‘They were friends with benefits in the past,” the friend says, “but now it’s something more.’
    Keanu is apparently an enthusiastic papa: ‘He babysits and brings toys when he visits Charlize and Jackson,’ the friend reports. ‘He even built the crib and changes diapers!’ How lucky can Charlize get?
    Back in 2010 we heard that the pair, who happened to play lovers in 2001 movie Sweet November and also starred together in The Devil’s Advocate, had begun a steamy romance … but that was fiction.
    Then again a year ago in 2011 a Star insider reported ‘whispers of a romance’ between the two and then went on to predict that Charlize and Keanu ‘will make their debut as a couple’ when they ‘relocate to Britain in the coming weeks so she can shoot the drama Prometheus while he films 47 Ronin.’
    What can we say – of course Charlize and Keanu might be a secret couple – but so might Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan.

    Take it with a grain of salt charlize and reeves have been really good friends for years, they may have been more , but that was 2 years back.

    And I have no idea what the status of her relationship is with Alexander skarsgard might FWB it might be nothing more, , but who knows.

  • just a point

    @22- I know you want to go over the top because she is possibly AS girlfriend etc but when you are a mom there is never any limit on watching a newborn sleep. Sure she allowed to go out but maybe you could have pick a better example.

  • ace11

    How about a husband??

    Why deprive her son of a male role model?

  • Strange

    @No truth to it: I read Keanu bio {Wikipedia} it states that he lives at the same hotel that Alex was seen leaving Chateau Marmont . Plus it has Keanu latest films that he filming now and later films some under Universal same as Alex Battlship movie . Could that have been a meeting? Maybe Charlize went to see Keanu . that is interesting that Keanu lives there when he has a home and all . interesting bio he has .

  • Ok then

    So now beautiful charlize is classed as a

    because she is featured on JJ and paps are following her Because she has two movies in the works and promoting

    Bad mother -
    because she is having an evening out enjoying her social and relaxation time without baby Jackson and not spending 24/7 at home with him

    High maintenance -
    because she spends $$$$$$ on childcare to help her out while she promotes and films her movies.

    Childish -
    because fans are upset , so a third world war has just broken out
    because she might have been ducking down in a backseat of a car leaving CM and she might be dating there boyfriend ALEXANDER

    Have i missed anything out because as far as I can see charlize is not aloud no social life, no friends, no boyfriend or dates no s*x life, basically nothing she has to devote everything to Jackson.
    oooook then.

  • really

    “He was a long-term resident of the Chateau Marmont. Reeves bought his first house in the Hollywood Hills of Los Angeles around 2003. He also has an apartment on Central Park West in New York City.” via Wikipedia
    Keanu already doesn’t live in the Chateau Marmont.

  • Strange

    @really: That doesn`t mean he was not there okay . He does love that hotel . I misread that part was. Sorry about that but i do still like the pairing of him and Charlize better . I love his work as well. Maybe Charlize really likes him not bad, both good catches .

  • not charlize

    i think it’s not CT that makes AS smile the way he did in the last pictures and vids we saw of him. he seems really happy at the moment which is what we all want, right??!! but i think it’s a different girl/woman in his life.

  • LG fan

    @not charlize:

    Which women? I think in some ways Alex is happy with his single life for now? he can pick and choose who to date, I am sure he has a very long list of women in his phone book for a good time.

    Personally I hope it’s his tb co star Lucy griffiths ( Nora ) that makes him smile and becomes his GF:)she is beautiful to look @. :) 26 ,brunette, lovely eyes 5ft6 (hardly short,) slim build,( nice figure) and seems very pleasant and sweet and harmless and doesn’t look like a media attention seeker.HELLO( k bosworth )
    And a pretty good actress.

  • ohnoes

    eww askars fans, I love you Charlize, but look at the crowd you brought here :(

  • hellio

    @not charlize: Girl/woman or Keith

  • Rachel ()

    @just a point: I like AS, but I loved Charlize WAY before they were connected. And I don’t really buy the relationship…or care much about it.
    Watching babies sleep is great and all, but that’s not my point. My point is, if she’s going to go out, NIGHT is the best time. She can bond w/ the child more when he’s actually awake!

  • yep

    Enjoy the game, Charlize! You are beautiful, caring, giving and talented! People love to judge! Keep enjoying your life and raising your son!

  • NoTime

    @34- no time is the best time, it’s when you have a chance to make time.

  • Rachel ()

    @NoTime: What do you mean? She had a chance to make time. While the child was asleep. With a nanny to watch him. I can’t be any clearer than this. The child was UNCONSCIOUS and being cared for. Babies SLEEP at night. When a baby is ASLEEP he is NOT bonding w/ his mother. I should not still be typing…

  • chelle

    @Rachel (): you are so wasting your energy. I’m like you while I adore Skars, I’ve always like CT too…. seriously people need to chill… it’s their lives anyway and has no effect on any of us regardless. It’s almost like damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

  • NoTime

    @37- I was agreeing with you calm down and don’t be so defensive. She found time and went out and it happened to be at the Lakers game.

    Cut down on the caps Thanks.

  • Rachel ()

    @NoTime: Sorry! I was genuinely confused by what you were saying…and exasperated by other ppl missing my point. It’s just irritating that ppl are being kind of irrational about this. Anyways, I shouldn’t care. She definitely doesn’t!

  • Ugonna Wosu
  • Ugonna Wosu

    I do think Char looks tired in this photo. If you want proof she’s been looking after a baby, THAT is IT.

  • kingkayski

    Charlize is taking over Reece Whiterspoon spot on jj.Not a day that her picture is not on jj or other sites.I guessed when they reach that age famewhoring is the way to go!

  • Vivien

    They are probably fu*k….this is her nature. She is very pretty and talented but…she can’t live without a man, she is never been single and a virgo is a safe fu*k (keanu or alex)…it’s like guy ritchie and madonna or jlo and marc anthony…it’s a safe easy relationship for leo, now she has a baby and need a safe virgo man, when she is tired she go away like madonna and jlo

  • Celebitchy article

    Will Charlize Theron have to choose between Alex skarsgard, Keanu reeves

    Charlize Theron is a new mother. You’d think that because she’s a single mom now (“Sisters are doing it for themselves,” as Jon Hamm would say), she would go The Sandra Bullock Route and allow her image to be remade into a family-friendly vision of motherly love. But Charlize is not Sandra Bullock. Charlize likes boys, and boys like Charlize. So while we’re hearing a little bit about Charlize’s son Jackson, we’re hearing even more about Charlize’s potential boyfriends. Personally, I think Charlize would LOVE a ride on the Fassbender train – but I don’t think he’s into it. He doesn’t go for tall blondes. Fortunately, there’s one Viking who does like lithe blondes, and that’s Alexander Skarsgard. Alex and Charlize had a much-rumored rendezvous back in early March – they were said to be cuddled up and “together” at a bar. Now Us Weekly claims that they went on a “second date”:

    Charlize Theron, who adopted son Jackson in March, went on a second date with Alexander Skarsgard on April 6 at West Hollywood’s Soho House. Though the duo – who hung out March 3 at the area’s Gym Sports bar – were with a group, “she rested her head on his shoulder and they looked very couple-y,” says an onlooker. Explains a Theron source, “It isn’t serious. And no, he has not met the baby!”

    [From Us Weekly, print edition]

    All I heard there was “casual sex”. Is that what this is – something casual, something not at all serious because Alex doesn’t want to get serious with a single mother and Charlize doesn’t want to get serious with a Viking? If it’s just physical… sure. I find their brother-sister appearances creepy though.

    But that’s not the only man Charlize might have coming around. In Touch Weekly (yeah) claims that Charlize and Keanu Reeves have been spending more time together too. Inevitably, the tabloids really want Sad Keanu and Charlize to happen – there were lots of rumors about them right after Charlize and Stuart Townsend broke up.

    First comes love and marriage, then the baby carriage? Not for Charlize Theron. Now that she’s a single mom to adopted son Jackson, Charlize is looking for a baby daddy. And the 36-year-old actress has her sights set on her longtime friend — and rumored former beau — Keanu Reeves!

    A pal says the Sweet November co-stars have gotten closer since Charlize brought home Jackson and friends think a rekindled romance is inevitable. “They were friends with benefits in the past,” the friend says, “but now it’s something more.”

    So is Keanu, 47, dad material? “He babysits and brings toys when he visits Charlize and Jackson,” the friend reports. “He even built the crib and changes diapers!” Sounds like a keeper!

    [From In Touch Weekly]

    “He babysits and brings toys when he visits Charlize and Jackson…” I just don’t buy it. I don’t buy this dynamic with them at all. If Charlize and Keanu are hanging out, I think they’re just drinking beers and watching the game, you know?

  • Starsh

    Yep, its farrrr better that her kid grows up in the foster care system with no parents! Fool.