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Katie Holmes: Suri Celebrates Sixth Birthday!

Katie Holmes: Suri Celebrates Sixth Birthday!

Katie Holmes holds Suri‘s hand while leaving their NYC residence on Wednesday (April 18).

The 33-year-old actress headed out on her daughter’s sixth birthday to catch a matinee performance of Broadway’s Newsies. Happy birthday, Suri!!!

Katie‘s Dawson’s Creek co-star, James Van Der Beek, was recently asked what she was like back when they filmed the hit series.

“She was really sweet – and ‘Ohmygosh, I can’t believe I’m here.’ She was straight out of Ohio,” he told The Daily Beast.

Earlier in the week, Katie and Suri arrived in Manhattan via helicopter.

10+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes and birthday girl Suri in NYC…

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Credit: Swarbrick, Watts; Photos: INFdaily
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  • Jamie

    In this BLIND SPOT POST – All posters agree this is Katie & Tom Cruise. No one bought this marriage with a child that Cruise and his publicity was trying to sell and the contract is nearing its end. From an economical point, Katie did not lose. I am sure she made more$$$ from this performance(of being married to Cruise) plus perks of seeing the worl, meeting influential producers, and career opportunities than if she had not married Tom Cruise. She is not a great actress nor a great designer. She is average or less than average. She got a shot at the big time and she came up short. Not too many people get several shots at the big time in Hollywood. She did.

  • Jamie

    The one that will suffer when they split up is Suri Cruise. Not just that she was a pawn in this but from a psychological perspective, when you see her expressions when she is being photographed or says “Guys, that’s enough.” She has thought about it enough when she is inside with her parents or handlers to discuss why these men are carrying cameras and trying to photograph them? Her? In her mind Suri must think she is something special, important, so great that people want people want her picture. So far, just like her mom Katie, Suri aside from sometimes being photogenic (not always) she has not demonstrated anything special or talent even from the limited exposure we get. We know she takes ballet, or maybe karate classes, art classes, etc. but she doesn’t have the best posture and we know she has an issue with feeling cold weather, not following autorities because Katie has said herself that when she is told to wear a coat she refuses, she still drinks out of a bottle, needs to be wrapped in blankets, is headstrong and can be tempermental. Yes, Suri is probably gonna be more like Katie. Mrs. Holmes has said on Good Morning America that Katie as a child was headstrong and tempermental. Katie was lucky to be on a hit show Dawson’s Creek but that is about it. She’s been on Broadway as a supporting actress, in movies, appeared in cameos on television singing and dancing but no great success. Suri will suffer when the paparrazi start chasing someone else.

  • jaspisgirl

    oh my god PLEASE!!!!!!!! PUT SOME GODDAM CLOTHES ON THAT KID!!!!!! where are the other kids????? she is six ,she should play and celebrate with other kids and not going out with mommy like a 30 old.and mommy is warm and kid is dressed like summer.the dress is to short.and what about school????? superintelligent or what?????? let her be together with other kids ,let her be a kid and not some ,,friend”for her mother!!!!!!! she only goes out with mommy and goes shopping with her.sorry for the little one ,but i hope she has at least a very strong character and knows what she wants!!!!!!

  • Jamie

    Tom Cruise and his handlers know this marriage charade did not work as planned. Time to figure out a way out of this. He has two movies coming out this year, I believe that is when they will split up. He will try to end it amicably but end it. I don’t think he’s in a hurry to end it now because there is no reason to just let it ride. For Katie, she looks so broken in spirit, so unfullfilled. The entertainment is where art and commerce meet. As much as you want to hire good actors, screenwriters, directors, etc., these pictures have to sell to make more pictures. Katie’s pictures do not sell. Nor do her clothing line. She is average at best. She doesn’t have the “it” quality a star needs. She is attractive but not a good actress. Those are the facts. She is out of her league.

  • Jamie

    Suri looks so awkward when she’s not holding onto something. All of this is not gonna be good for Suri.

  • @Jamie

    With Nicole, Tom was THE A lister couple. He probably can’t stand it that the Brange has taken number one! Not even sure TomKat is number 2. Tom has lost his mojo. Thank God.

  • Sheila & Joe

    #58 – Totally agree about Brad and Angelina and they are going to get bigger, be on all the covers when they get married. The paparrazi are gonna drag their marriage ceremony through the summer.

  • Sheila & Joe

    Also agree that Tom Cruise’s plan was to become an A List couple with Katie or whomever he would have married but it doesn’t look like its working out that way. Especially when you see Katie dressed like this. She looks depressed. If I were happily married to Tom Cruise and Suri was has child, I would have wanted the three of us to spend her birthday together. Instead Katie and Suri seem to have spent the day alone, went to the American Girl store to buy her a doll and then went to a Broadway show Newsies. They have done this before. This was a non eventful birthday for Suri. Katie should have stayed with Tom where he’s filming and had a little party there for Suri. Instead of exposing Suri to the paparrazi which was not a happy thing for Suri.

  • Suri. Lilbt

    Suri should know she can hide from paps plus she will never be a normal child cause of,her parents. She is not learning anything in home school class all she learns is how to act like a rich sob. Suri stop hiding from the paps they,will leave you alone if give them what they,want

  • Suri. Lilbt

    Suri should able to hang out with other kids and go to normal school

  • pr person

    Can’t stand her or her crazy loon of a husband. Why fly to New York to be papped all over the city for your childs birthday? Who does that?! How pathetic!!!!

  • Sheila & Joe

    I think we all (or most of us agree) that most of these outings with Katie and Suri are planned and their people probably leaked the details to the paparrazi to let them get ready to photograph them. And sometimes the paparrazi really take great photographs of Suri where she appears photogenic. See link.

    But on this 6th birthday outing I don’t think it was a successful outing. Suri looked miserable coming and going out of the buildings they were headed & since we can basically figure out how Suri spent most of her birthday this year because the press was on their tail, it makes you wonder WHY would Katie bring Suri to New York and not spend it with Tom Cruise? Going to the American Girl store or a Broadway show was not something big or special. They have been seen going to Broadway shows before. I thought spending birthdays with your loved ones and special friends was on top of the list and then of course a birthday present with a cake but subjecting Suri to the paparrazi this way when Katie knows Suri gets upset makes no sense unless it was Tom Cruise who needed his space.

  • Suri’s Simming
  • Question

    According to Variety, Katie is cast as Masha in the new film version of The Seagull. As with the play, Masha in the 1968 film version had 10th billing. Why is Masha/Mrs. Tom Cruise getting top billing in the new version?:
    What’s up with that?

  • @question

    Well, top billing guarantees it will bomb!

  • Sheila & Joe

    #65 – As far as top billing is concerned for the upcoming The SeaGull, me thinks if Katie is getting top billing that must mean she or Cruise or one of their companies are one of the financiers of the movie and the financing comes with a clause of giving Katie top billing which is a big mistake. Aside from William Hurt who currently is NOT in demand, he the only other mainstream actor I recognize in the project. Katie’s last movies have not been successful, even the ones with heavy hitters actors like Al Pacino, Adam Sandler (Jack n Jill) or the currently popular Tatum Channing (Son of no one). I think Katie is running out of projects. If you look at her wiki or filmography you can see she was involved in many projects in 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011 is winding down because none of her projects her very successful and she’s tried Broadway, television, public television, film, fashion design, modeling for Ann Taylor and Mu Mu, etc., was on the cover of several magazines during this time but non of that has been able to launch her to A list actress. And she’s had many opportunities and exposure. Tom Cruise was able to TURN HIS CAREER AROUND with Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol but Katie has not.

  • Sheila & Joe

    Katie & Suri should have stayed put wherever Tom Cruise is at. Look at the link below, the video and then scroll down and you will Suri walking with her new doll and looking kinda sad. Katie has taken Suri to the American Girl store before and to see a Broadway show. Katie know that material things are nice and momentarily nice but its LOVE and FAMILY that count that are what truly makes us happy. She should have stayed with Cruise and their gypsy set whereever that is. Suri looks miserable, not even a new doll could make her happy.

  • Sheila & Joe

    I think the one that ENJOYS these paparrazi encounters is Katie trying to send a message to financiers of films, “people are interested in me, look at the attention I draw.” What Katie doesn’t realize is that these producers are also aware that her last films, television projects, appearance on Broadway were not all successful. Her last films in particular did not do well. The one that doesn’t get it is Katie. The one that is suffering through this is Suri. Suri needs to be with children her age more regularly, not just for photo opportunites. Suri needs to be in school like Jennifer Gardners kids. What a contrast.

  • Hmmm

    Notice how when Katie and Suri arrived they were photographed at the helioport arriving via private heliocopter, literally be helped out of the copter. Yet after this birthday outing didn’t produce any real photogenic “money shots” of Suri really they seemed to have disappeared off the radar. What stands out about this trip is that Suri looks kinda of upset that she is being photographed and Katie is still carrying the now 6 year old Suri. Even a new doll couldn’t put a smile and Suri’s face. They should have never made this trip to New York and just stayed wherever Tom Cruise is at. This trip was a dud. Too bad it was at the expense of Suri’s birthday.

  • Hmmm

    We never even saw them return to their New York apartment or head back to the helioport. They KNOW how to disappear when they want and parade themselves full force in front of the papparrazi for needed celebrity blog photographs. They are too much because we are dealing with a small child who clearly feels uncomfortable and isn’t being considered.

  • @hmmmm

    Agree totally with you. Our resident TomKat stalker, Romeo now Hamlet, always insists they can’t hide. Hahahaha. Well they certainly can when they want to which means most of Katie’s visits to NYC are photo ops.

  • jane hickman

    It’s getting hard to see pics of katy and suri…there seems to be something Very wrong. She is six….always carried around like a baby, with her blanket and stuffed animals….VERY F__ked up. How many six year olds want their moms to carry them around like that….boy she will sure feel entitled when she has to live in the real world without MaMa…