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Katie Holmes: Suri Celebrates Sixth Birthday!

Katie Holmes: Suri Celebrates Sixth Birthday!

Katie Holmes holds Suri‘s hand while leaving their NYC residence on Wednesday (April 18).

The 33-year-old actress headed out on her daughter’s sixth birthday to catch a matinee performance of Broadway’s Newsies. Happy birthday, Suri!!!

Katie‘s Dawson’s Creek co-star, James Van Der Beek, was recently asked what she was like back when they filmed the hit series.

“She was really sweet – and ‘Ohmygosh, I can’t believe I’m here.’ She was straight out of Ohio,” he told The Daily Beast.

Earlier in the week, Katie and Suri arrived in Manhattan via helicopter.

10+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes and birthday girl Suri in NYC…

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72 Responses to “Katie Holmes: Suri Celebrates Sixth Birthday!”

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  1. 26
    reeves Says:

    Hi, I live in NYC and today is 61 degrees. I wore a knee-length skirt and long sleeve shirt to work and had to go back for a trench coat because it was uncomfortably cool out. There’s something wrong with this child, like she can’t feel temperature change.

  2. 27
    psychic Says:

    I have a feeling Suri is going to grow up to become a serial killer. I get a weird vibe from this child.

  3. 28
    Kylie Says:

    Katie moves and acts like a scared animal that has been beaten down. She seems like a child, not up to the task of raising a child herself. Anyone who has heard her talk has to know that she is just not smart in any way.

  4. 29
    Mikado Says:

    Kate’s dress is too long and Suri’s dress is too short. And the kid needs at least a jumper. She carries her stuffed animal in a blanket but isn’t kept warm herself. Lowsy mother she has.

  5. 30
    Jamie Says:

    Suri’s baby doll can FEEL the cold weather but Suri can’t. What wrong with this picture. Everyone is covered EXCEPT Suri. And there is NO ONE in Suri’s inner circle including her mother to tell her otherwise.

  6. 31
    Miley Says:

    Aww poor Suri can’t even enjoy her birthday without these crazy paps following her around! Gosh, you can see the discompfort all on her face. I can’t imagine being photographed damn there every day! Happy birthday, Suri. Don’t let the annoying camera men ruin your special day.

  7. 32
    Hamlet Says:


    Blame the paparazzi, not her parents, #10. They have the right to walk around in public in broad daylight.

    Mind your own kids and her parents don’t need a child that does nothing for attention, #12.

    You’re disgusting, #16.

    What apartment of his, #19?

    Her daughter is home schooled, #22. Mind your own kids.

    She never minded the cold it seems, #27. Worry about yourself.

    You’re an idiot, #28.

  8. 33
    tsquared Says:

    Oh boy. X17 has a picture of Katie carrying a blanket wrapped Suri. Six years old and still being carried. Can’t wait until her tenth birthday when we see Katie staggering around with a heavy, tall blanket wrapped Suri who is clutching her bag of toys as a pacifier and bottle falls out.

  9. 34
    Answer Says:

    Kate and Tommy were heard singing, “She’s a cutie, cutie patootie…”

  10. 35
    pigs in a blanket Says:

  11. 36

    Hope your Mom gets cleaned up!

  12. 37
    Stop calling the paps Says:

    Gawd! Kaka looks so old!!

  13. 38
    Joel Says:

    Katie is wearing curtains from the 70′s. Suri is wearing clothes two sizes too small. They look so homely.

  14. 39
    PG Says:

    OMG!!Cover that poor kid up,I guess that’s what the blanket is for…

  15. 40
    Izzy Says:

    This family is all about publicity. How can Tom get in and out of wherever he is at and not get nabbed by the paparazzi when obviously he is the biggest star in this family? Instead we see a lot of pictures of his wife and kid everywhere they go. That’s definitely PR strategy. Tom is using his wife and Suri to stay visible in the public eye.

  16. 41
    Suri Says:

    I do not like this kid but it is not her fault…it is her parents fault..and her mother is a nut case…and Tommy boy well he is just a ass hole on all grounds..

  17. 42
    Babycakes Says:

    Was Tom really not in town for his daughter’s birthday that just sad I mean if he had to work you would think Katie would have been in New Orleans so Suri can be with her father on her birthday. Unless he flying in or something.

    Makes you wonder if somthing up with their relationship.

  18. 43
    Frozoid Says:

    @sammy: It was only in the 50s today in New York. Why doesn’t Katie act like a good mother and make sure her daughter is clothed properly?

  19. 44
    s Says:

    Maybe the end of their marriage contract is near….let’s hope so before Katie totally has a breakdown. These 7 years together have really taken a toll on her, plus carrying the secret about Suri not being Tom’s bio child has got to weigh her down. Their marriage has done nothing for their careers. It’s better all around if they split.

    Just like the circumstances around Tom and Nicole’s divorce and her supposed miscarriage, we’ll never know the truth about the Katie/Tom/Suri DNA link.

  20. 45

    Suri acts like a brat! I don’t feel sorry for her at all. They always act like the paparazzi is hunting them down. The truth is that Katie is the one shoving her kid out in front of everyone! It seems like I see a picture of Suri everyday!

  21. 46
    Anon Says:


    She is bothered by the cold that why she all ways has a blanket wrap around her.

  22. 47
    Posie Says:

    ugh…this brat is 6 years old and ready for first grade…yet,,,,she is still carried wrapped in a blanket not to mention the bottle at the ready inside the car.

    creepy and pathetic

  23. 48
    Kat_momof3 Says:

    Okay, I’m all for letting kids be individuals and pick their own clothes and sometimes saying to heck with if they pick stuff that matches or that sort of thing, but COME ON… that dress/tunic/shirt she’s wearing is NOT appropriate. She needs pants, shorts, leggings, SOMETHING under it or to wear something else.

    The last time I saw someone in skirts that short was Kelly Bundy in Married with Children

  24. 49
    Megg Says:

    They will either split up after the Rock of Ages or she will sell herself for a little longer and until after his movie is released around the holidays and split in the new year.

  25. 50
    Susie#1 Says:

    I’ve finally figured out Katie’s “style” today. She’s trying to do boho chic or hippie chick and thinks her dirty boots tie her outfit together and make a statement. Or, she’s doing the madonna look: beatific smile even when her daughter is uncomfortable. As for Suri, she’s undernourished and underweight. Her knee and ankle bones are getting larger. (The camera adds about five pounds visually. Think about it.)

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