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Rihanna, Duchess Kate & Adele Make 'Time' 100 List

Rihanna, Duchess Kate & Adele Make 'Time' 100 List

Time has revealed its 9th annual Time 100 list of the most influential people in the world!

Celebs making the cut include Adele, Jessica Chastain, Claire Danes, Viola Davis, Chelsea Handler, Rihanna, Tilda Swinton, and Kristen Wiig.

The mag also highlighted Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, her younger sister, Pippa Middleton, President Barack Obama and athletes Novak Djokovic, Tim Tebow, and Jeremy Lin.

Angelina Jolie was one of the celebrity writers, penning a piece honoring Oscar-winning filmmaker Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy.

For the full Time 100 list, check out!

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  • Female

    FGS, why is that they always have to have ONE ridiculous inclusion? Last year it was Blake Lively, this year it’s Rihanna. F_cking pathetic.

  • Phool

    Thats my Girl Angelina

  • aimee

    rihanna? really…?

  • BEAN

    I’m not sure about most influential. Most famous, yeah.

  • kiki

    they put Rihanna but not Meryl Streep. what has the world come to?

  • Hey

    Where’s Michael Fassbender, huh?
    That guy is everywhere and earned his spot on the list this year.
    Pippa, Chelsea and Rihanna SERIOUSLY?! >>> Facepalm

  • Butter_Fly

    My definition and Time’s definition of “influential people” differ slightly. Rihanna? Handler? Seriously?

  • Hey

    That list should be called “The 100 most attention wh*res in the world” instead. Who are they kidding? LOL

  • dd

    Time Magazine is a joke. Some of the people on their list is hilarious, how can Handler, Pippa be influential? Really? Time Magazine should rename itself to Slime Magazine.

  • echo

    This list has to be a joke *-* I mean really?
    I bet Time would not even make the top 100 most influential magazines in the world. Why not just totally throw away any pretense of credibility and name Snooki and the Kardashians too?

  • zzz

    This list is AWFUL

  • Let me guess Snooki is #1

    “The 100 most forced down the throat of Americans by the media people.” DUH

  • #_#

    Why on the earth Kristen Wiig, Claire Danes, Octavia Spencer are considered the most influential people in the world when we only heard about them this year?? Chelsea Handler? Are u kidding me?! This list is a total JOKE

  • #_#

    And they may be the most influential in the USA, but NOT in the world!!

  • where’s the real one?

    I didn’t make the list but Pippa did? Celebs and athletes rule over the world, Time people need eyewash and a brain.
    * It’s a late April fools joke. Read the small print. Good one guys. *

  • Paulie

    Where is Hillary Clinton?

  • jessie

    Pippa Middleton?
    Chelsea Handler?
    Blake Lively?
    And they leave out actual influential people like Imran Khan (Influential politician, Michael Fassbender (6 blockbusters in a row), Jennifer Lawrence (Highest Grossing action heroine), Angelina Jolie (UN ambassador-In the Land of Blood and Honey), and Michelle Obama?


  • who are this people


  • who are this people

    Jessica Chastain???haven’t heard of her.In what way she is influential??She is not even famous yet.I ask my co workers if they know her, no one has an idea.I think Rhianna is famous , everybody knows her , and she influenced some girls.She has the right to be there.

  • Jolie

    @jessie: I really think they should have included Imran Khan who really is influential in the world, Angleina Jolie for bringing awareness to the Bosnian war and the rapes and assualts women suffered that time. Jennifer Lawrence should be there too since she’s the highest grossing female action star in the world right now and Michelle Obama is a given.

  • who are this people

    Adelle deserved it.She is on fire this year, but the others , i never heard of them.They might have a great publicist.

  • celine

    I can’t understand why some of this people are influential.They are not even famous.How can they be influential.

  • Paulie

    I highly doubt anyone outside the US cares about Tim Tebow.

  • BloodbuzzOhio

    @#_#: You’d only heard of Kristen Wiig and Claire Danes this year? You’re an idiot.

  • Delphic

    @celine: I can’t even begin to comprehend how ridiculous this comment is. “They are not even famous”.

    I just want to clarify here, this isn’t the most influential CELEBRITIES in the world (not that there are many, anyway. While the ‘famous inclusions’ of the list almost always suck, the rest of the list is actually, well, not bad. But, you know, they’re not famous, thus not making them important according to you. Moron.

  • willanka

    @#_#: You only heard about Claire Danes this year? I think she’s well known for some time, like since 1996(Romeo and Juliet) or even since 1994(Golden Globe for My so-called life).

  • ?

    I can’t believe this, when I saw the contenders I actually had hope for the list. one person who was considered was a bollywood actress, Vidya Balan. She’s beautiful, talented flawless actress,intelligent actress who can answer questions instead of acting all ditzy and cute.
    The media and the industry basically cut her out because the apparently had bad fashion taste and was to “fat” which is ridiculous the women has healthy curves,shes gorgeous. But this year she overcame that, she did a raunchy biopic where she played a sex symbol, flawless performance and it was a milestone cuz Bollywood obviously doesn’t do “sexy” movies and it was female centered movie, she won best actress everywhere. the chick is a box office hit, its tough to make your own stand in a male dominated industry like bollywood. this woman has no family connection, she struggled from tv to movies. Overcame the weight taunts media did on her. Ugh That is Influential what has Kate Middleton done influential besides getting lucky and marry a Prince and wearing stylish clothes. -_- Vidya should have been on the list now I’m pissed. They had bollywood actress Aishwarya Rai once who was just beautiful, she can’t act, she does no charity and she talks like a bimbo,she made the list like ’04 she was and is nothing but looks thats not influential thats lucky. ugh Time sucks now I’m pissed

  • Sonia

    Tim Tebow actually does a lot of charity for children so I’m not disappointed hes on the list. The media always talk about his look and how hes a nice guy.They should talk about that
    Pippa and Kate I don’t understand why the are on the list and Rihanna I think has a lot of sympathy from her past, but this year she has done nothing inspirational in my opinion.
    And #29 I agree with you, I looovee Vidya Balan, shes one of the few bollywood actresses I adore. She should have been on the list I would trade her for Rihanna and the Middleton sisters. She has bad a huge difference not only in the Indian Industry but in India. I myself am a bit insecure about my weight she honestly made me feel comfortable with it.It doesn’t hurt to be curvy and performances are always outstanding, I don’t understand why shes not in this?

  • testington

    I’m sorry but how is Jessica Chastain influential to anybody anywhere? I’m not saying she isn’t talented but people barely know who she is.