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Gerard Butler: Doctor's Office Dude

Gerard Butler: Doctor's Office Dude

Gerard Butler hops out of a car and heads inside a medical building on Wednesday (April 18) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 42-year-old Scottish actor was accompanied by a pal for his doctor’s office visit.

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It was recently announced that Gerard has possibly signed on for the upcoming thriller Manhunt! The film is about FBI agents searching the woods for a wanted criminal.

This past weekend, Gerard had fun in the sun at the 2012 Coachella Music Festival! He hit up numerous parties and concerts while at the outdoor extravaganza.

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Credit: BuzzPaps; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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336 Responses to “Gerard Butler: Doctor's Office Dude”

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  1. 26
    He's dating someone Says:

    @i think:
    Yeah maybe he pulled a muscle and he is in pain. That could be why someone else is driving him. He usually drives himself when he is running errands in LA.

  2. 27
    Daphne Says:

    LoL…Look at his right arm…He grabbed, probably by accident,. the seatbelt and it looks so funny. I did it one time in the past and I fell down, right after this… LoL…

  3. 28
    Reviews Says:

    Is this Gerry with his famous brunette? Her outfit looks a little familiar, but I just can’t remember which one she is from this past weekend.
    I hope this is not true, even if he doesn’t drink. Really, he doesn’t need to spend time in a bar, especially when he is in his hometown. I can understand if he hangs out in the neighborhood bar when on location, as he is trying to get to know some of the locals, but in LA, why?!/whoabeee/status/192766427080556544

  4. 29
    WhatTheF Says:

    @He’s dating someone: YOU, insulting someone else’s choice of moniker is very funny. You picked yours for the SOLE purpose baiting people. All you post about is what chicks Butler’s seen with. Newsflash….Butler gets around. We KNOW that. Let us know when he gets an exclusive GF or engaged/married. Anything else isn’t news….and clearly posted simply to get the nutters jealous. You seem to get off on it. Why?

  5. 30
    XYZ Says:

    STD check, Gerry?

  6. 31
    GoodGrief Says:

    @Reviews: Is that pic also from Coachella? (Looks like it) Or from within the last couple days?

  7. 32
    He's dating someone Says:

    “clearly posted simply to get the nutters jealous. You seem to get off on it. Why?”
    Not really. But I do enjoy talking about his dating shenanigans more than other things regarding him because I know some of his friends, or people that know them. Last night I posted something regarding one of his friends and someone flagged it. I don’t know why? Seem some people don’t like it if you say anything positive about Gerry or his buddies. I have notices that many people posting here like only negative things about him.

  8. 33
    He's dating someone Says:

    At least Ted Casablanca was being fair. I don’t think we have any proof he is doing anyhting he shouldn’t be.

  9. 34
    Reviews Says:

    That’s Coachella
    It’s from here
    roll down, you’ll see it.

  10. 35
    WhatTheF Says:

    @He’s dating someone: Well, now that we’re on the subject, there IS something I’ve noticed. No woman Butler’s with can win. If she’s pretty, she’ll get ripped apart for any number of reasons. If she’s average, she’s not good enough and he “can do better”…..
    And, it’s mainly on JJ this happens. No other site is quite as insulting to his dates. Any chick who’s with him better not visit here…..or….she’d better have nerves of steel….

  11. 36
    Reviews Says:

    @He’s dating someone:
    I hope so. I really do.
    The DR stop must be for insurance purposes. It’s possible that because of the drug allegations Alan had to go to guarantee everything is alright. Alan is half the business so it’s his neck on the line too.

  12. 37
    TheUglyTruth Says:

    Glad to see Ted C. gave my question top billing……. :)
    But I’m not sure I buy his politically correct answer……

  13. 38
    He's dating someone Says:

    I totally agree. You hit the nail right on the head.
    lol maybe that’s why I like discussing it. It’s fun. Just as long as people don’t take it too seriously.

  14. 39
    caligal Says:

    Amy does not have short hair, she seems to have been growing it longer over the past year or so, not short by my standards, maybe by every woman seems to have a weave standards in LA August 2011

    I know I have seen a photo of her since then and it was even longer but its location and time frame escapes me, maybe OMAM set?

  15. 40
    Reviews Says:

    Well said. I have made the same evaluation about what’s going on here regarding the women he dates or is seen with.

  16. 41
    shamroc Says:

    The woman driving the car is not Amy C.

  17. 42
    Ted Says:

    @He’s dating someone: Ted is just regurgitating what’s on every other gossip site. He doesn’t know anything.

  18. 43
    Ocean view Says:

    So great to see him back in LA …he looks beautiful…looking forward to seeing PTF and OMAM!!!!

  19. 44
    He's dating someone Says:

    Of course he doesn’t know anything, and I wasn’t implying he was. All I meant was he was at least not his usual snarky way with Gerry this time around when so many others are being shameful about the whisky and potty allegations. He sure sounds more rational than Prez Hilton, don’t you think?

  20. 45
    Ocean view Says:

    Gerry s project schedule just announced ..First off it s Olympus Has Fallen , then Motorcity , then Brilliant.

  21. 46
    TheUglyTruth Says:

    @Ocean view: Awesome! Where did you find this info??????

  22. 47
    Ocean view Says:

    @TheUglyTruth: It s on the GBGals website but I got the link from WO

  23. 48
    TheUglyTruth Says:

    @Ocean view: The first film doesn’t start filming until September. It would be nice to see him back at work before then…..

  24. 49
    justine Says:

    I’m not surprised to read he emerged from the car slowly. Gerry looks totally out of it in these photos. Check out his face and eyes in the thumbnails at the bottom. He looks very groggy. If you’ll notice, he’s even stepping out of the car with the seat beat still wrapped around his arm. No wonder Alan is having to open the car door for him, he’s not all there.

  25. 50
    A Fan Says:

    Olympus Has Fallen was brought forward to June to compete with the other White House terrorist flick. There were articles out a week or so ago.

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