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Gerard Butler: Doctor's Office Dude

Gerard Butler: Doctor's Office Dude

Gerard Butler hops out of a car and heads inside a medical building on Wednesday (April 18) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 42-year-old Scottish actor was accompanied by a pal for his doctor’s office visit.

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It was recently announced that Gerard has possibly signed on for the upcoming thriller Manhunt! The film is about FBI agents searching the woods for a wanted criminal.

This past weekend, Gerard had fun in the sun at the 2012 Coachella Music Festival! He hit up numerous parties and concerts while at the outdoor extravaganza.

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Credit: BuzzPaps; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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336 Responses to “Gerard Butler: Doctor's Office Dude”

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  1. 126
    LAUGHING Says:

    CVS is a popular and discreet pharmacy all over LA and the US. They are famed for their discretion and speed with which they can fill a prescription because they are able to keep such huge huge stock of medications – never have to ‘send out’ for them.
    I so wonder what he was picking up…

  2. 127
    Manny Says:

    BTW GFW…. You socked as Beth=Manny one the end of one thread and then forgot to change your moniker and posted as Beth=Manny and signed it on the next…….

  3. 128
    Wow Says:



  4. 129
    British Cows Says:

    @Brit Cows:
    I second that.

    “He prefers tight and lean LA women with long long legs and washboard bellies and white teeth. ”


  5. 130
    Manny Says:

    The morning after pill???

  6. 131
    Jessica Says:

    I think I must have missed this. Anyone who has a link to this interview or whatever it was? Would love to read it. ;)

  7. 132
    Heads Up Says:

    Just Stop” is not “Sweet” in case you want to know that.

  8. 133
    ??? Says:

    “Was Gerard ‘seeing’ the fitness girl Alisa when he made those comments to the press about wanting a woman who he can throw around or something like that?? I forget the exact words but it was going back awhile and i remember we hashed it out on here. Any GALS or WO stalkers on here remember?”
    What interview it is from? when did he say that? Can you elaborate?

  9. 134
    just a thought Says:

    In a way I would rather he was picking up Valtrex at CVS. I hope he hasn’t talked a doctor into giving him more pain meds. If he’s off the wagon, he’s going to start making up injuries to get doctors to give him more opiates.

  10. 135
    GFW Says:

    Have a nice night.

  11. 136
    GFW Says:

    Think (for the hearing impaired and obtuse) I said that! Have a nice night. Please, find someone else to litter the forum with your “talk to me no matter what” B.S. okay? Have a nice night.
    who thinks you’re jealous a reader (a male by the way) is here to support me, huh? (beaming) *waves* to ACR :o) who, btw, really knows stuff (shhh… tell no one)

  12. 137
    GFW Says:

    No? Really? ;o) LOL (now, rubs chin… for what for?) [read: none of our business]

  13. 138
    mall Says:

    It seems that our dear Gerry has lost some fans. At least here on JJ. If this had been a year ago there would have been MUCH more posts by now. The damage has been done I guess. I think a lot of GB fans had a rude awakening this year. They’ve seen what the real Gerard Butler is like and things will never be quite the same again. To year after year hear rumours about his antics is one thing, to get them confirmed is another. The spell has been broken.

  14. 139
    GFW Says:

    And he couldn’t be happier I suspect? It’s a spell he cast for to grant so many their fantasy. Heartbreaks change us all, him too.
    A stretch of a question for a bitter fan I know, but do you ever think some of this is due to things beyond his control?
    Think this is why Ted, et al. are backing off. I do.
    I’m just glad he’s wise enough to stay connected to his soul and its own words, and those who’ve gotten close enough to know it.
    He can be as scared as the rest of us. Mortality. Work. Image. Pressure. Aging. Soul convictions.
    You mean the spell others placed upon him for to numb them from moving on with their lives? Oh, he figured that out years ago!
    He knows he became their shot of heroin for immense pleasure and numbing.Their emotional satisfaction takes place in the world of fantasy.
    ~K, fascinating who thinks his new book should be called “Diving Into The Wreck”

  15. 140
    cupccake Says:

    To gfw, it is our business if we want gerry to be well mentallyically. and physically.

  16. 141
    Manny Says:

    @Heads Up:
    Who is it then? GFW socking again?

  17. 142
    bystander Says:

    Unlike the pictures chosen by JJ the video of this visit didn’t to me show Gerry looking unsteady or vacant. I think he looks more well rested and fresh faced than usual.
    The fact that he’s accompanied by Alan and driven by another however means it wasn’t a run of the mill appointment. I hope this is a positive sign.

  18. 143
    Esther Says:

    @GFW: No one is forcing him to f/ck around like a rabbit! He was addicted to painkillers because without them he couldn’t f/ck. He could only do one position and he hated that. F/cking is his number one priority. It starts there and it ends there. If it’s anything he’s addicted to it’s sex. That’s where he should start. He wouldn’t even have had to deal with the pain med addiction if it wasn’t for his unnatural obsession with sex.

  19. 144
    May God Bless yoou all! Says:

    “In everything we have won more than a victory because of Christ who loves us.” Romans 8:37

  20. 145
    Waxy Moon Says:

    Nothing wrong with loving s/ex. It’s the absolute non monogamy that makes it sad. S/ex with a person u care about is a whole lot better.

  21. 146
    M - Uk Says:

    The worst thing he ever did was move to the u.s.

    You’ve corrupted one too many stars of ours.

  22. 147
    Whatshedonenow Says:

    If that Coachella rumour is true my estimation of Angelina  Jolie has just gone stratospheric.  Again if that bit of gossip is true, and only if it’s true, why are some men – and I stress some men – so disparaging and cruel about women who they have been intimate with, it’s disgusting. They should be grateful any women would allow them anywhere near their private bits and pieces, particularly men with that kind of pathetic attitude.

  23. 148
    TheUglyTruth Says:

    Ewww….Kola’s bragging about her starf/uuking again. If Butler actually told her she’s beautiful…I question his sanity. How COULD he have even gotten an e/rection for that BEAST of a woman? Seriously…..

  24. 149
    Esther Says:

    @Waxy Moon: I agree with what you say. What I meant was his promiscuous lifestyle, the sleeping around with different women, never having a real girlfriend and so on. It’s seems that it’s always about the g/enitals and never about the woman.

  25. 150
    gerry come back Says:

    god, he used to be so hot a few yrs ago

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