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Justin Bieber: Finished Cutting 'Believe'!

Justin Bieber: Finished Cutting 'Believe'!

Selena Gomez drops off boyfriend Justin Bieber before heading over to Jimmy Kimmel Live on Wednesday (April 18) in Hollywood.

The day before, the cute couple each performed on different primetime shows before reuniting for some quality time at the L.A. Lakers vs. San Antonio Spurs game.

The pair were even shown on the kiss cam at one point during the game!

Justin recently announced that his upcoming album, Believe, will be out June 19.

“Just finished cutting one of the most important records of my life, ” Justin tweeted. “An amazing and strange feeling at the same time. #HONORED”

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  • Silvio

    “Cutting” is a term used in filmmaking, he probably means audio production editing… anyway, can’t wait to hear it flop! Let’s make REAL music shine and support the underdogs of the world. So much great talent out there!

  • R

    Good Lord! Hey Bieber! Pull your jeans up already!

  • ouch

    Omg, he looks like a train wreck

  • LindsayLohanFan

    This kid is a mess..

  • Trip

    Pull up your pants Kid!

    I hope he has run one day and trips on his pants. That was mean. Oh well.

  • alex

    i am so happy selena gomez was able to get closure about her sexuality.
    since she is dating a lesbian after all…

  • cappie

    These 2 tacky children AGAIN???!!!

  • C.M.

    Jesus Christ! What the hell are you wearing, Justin? You have money. Get a stylist!

  • C.M.


  • Dave Franco

    His pants keep falling down coz he’s too skinny… really skinny. The kid is trying hard to swag out but he looks like a douche. I saw the leaked Boyfriend video, decent song, very sexual video — trust me, it look so cheesy. The kid looks like he’s 14 and trying to be sexy for the ladies. I don’t get it…


    For Christ’s sake Justin, get your own style. If you were any farther up Zac Efron’s ass you’d disappear. If I were Zac, I’d take out a restraining order on you. It’s like Single White Female, the male edition.

  • camillus

    Hey ass_ole pull up your pants, but maybe your out looking for a butt f_ck is your girlfriend putting the strap on enough for you. Your past your 15 mins, your unrelevent go away please


    @Dave Franco: His handlers don’t understand his demographics, ie the only people who want to have sex with Justin are pedophiles. The police could probably take down a whole slew of them just by following Justin’s fans.

    Tweenies want to kiss and marry him.
    Lesbians want to be him (which means they identify with him rather than want him for themselves).
    Pedophiles want to do despicable things.

    Women over the age of 14 and gay men do not find him attractive at all. I’m the first to sign up for a pretty boy – Chace Crawford and Colton Haynes are as pretty as pretty comes – but Justin is not a pretty boy. He looks like a lesbian who happens to have one, and that’s an entirely different ball game.

  • ozzie

    What a bunch nasty bitter people you are … JustJared really needs to start modding the comment section and blocking the trolls. It’s always the same uneducated people that can’t form complete thoughts or sentences.

    To the person who said “cutting” is a movie term the fact is music used to be recorded to tape just like film so cutting a track is a correct term to use.

  • ksnm

    You hear these same trolls over and over. They have no life and are jealous as hell.

  • http://website,computer Dave From Canada

    Justin: Are you holding your pants up or are you checking to see if IT’S still there?

  • [~Fug Face Man!ston~]

    …whoever’s dressing this kid should be slapped around a little bit. he looks ridiculous.

  • Margo

    Well as most have mentioned….is it really necessary for the pants to be so low? Selena needs to get her life, I would NOT be caught with my man walking around with his butt stick out smh

  • garule

    Cutting in music referred to vinyl cutting when making records. Justin isn’t making any 45s so this is still dumb.

  • YOU

    oh sh-t what happen to his pants?

  • katey

    he doesnt even deserved to be called a singer.. i have seen a hundred more better singer.. he’s just a kid who’s trying so hard to be someone he’s not. he’s pathetic!

  • http://N/A Kelly

    Why doesn’t Justin just get a tailor to make him some pants that fit right? One of these days he’s going to trip over them and fall flat on his face.

  • Dee

    I find Justin and Selena cute, but that’s just it….cute! They both have made millions because of their appeal to very young fans (9-17) because they’re both petite, baby-faced, semi-talented singers. Now they’re trying to be all grown up and it’s not working for them.

    I find it creepy when people say Selena has a perfect body because she looks like a freshman in highschool – she’s very pretty but not womanly at all. Now she’s dyed her hair and she’s wearing more mature clothing but it ain’t helping much! And Justin seems like a nice guy but it puts me off how hard he tries to have “swag”. He comes across as being very uneducated and slightly up on himself.

  • Marie

    I wonder if it has ever crossed his mind that maybe if he wears pants that actually fit he wouldn’t look as small?

  • justinbieberfan

    you guys are all haters but what i want to no is if you guys don’t like him then why do you even pay attention to his pictures and stuff about him just go away live your life and let him live his he doesn’t harm you!! just STOP writing rude comments!!