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Zac Efron: 'I've Never Had More Fun Preparing For a Role'

Zac Efron: 'I've Never Had More Fun Preparing For a Role'

Zac Efron rocks an all-denim outfit as he arrives at his hotel on Wednesday (April 18) in New York City.

The 24-year-old actor is in town to promote his new flick, The Lucky One, where he plays Marine Logan Thibault, a lost soul who finds a photo of a young woman amid the rubble of war-torn Iraq that ends up saving his life.

“We had to train with the dogs,” Zac told MTV News. “It was all very, very fun but a lot in-depth. The more training you do, the more it becomes second nature, and it was a great experience. I’ve never had more fun preparing for a role.”

FYI: Zac is wearing a Levi‘s trucker jacket and a Roark shirt.

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44 Responses to “Zac Efron: 'I've Never Had More Fun Preparing For a Role'”

  1. 1
    lauren Says:

    who ever does this site knows they can put anything he says in interviews and twist his own words.

    great job

  2. 2
    tdg Says:

    Zac as a marine, LOL. Should have prepped more!

  3. 3

    Zac, you should really check your suitcase for wire tap devices and cameras. Justina Bieber is following your every move, and stealing everything from your jeans look to your hair style to your ex girlfriend (almost).
    You need to take a restraining order out on her. Ever seen Single White Female?

  4. 4
    lauren Says:

    @wicked wench that made no sense
    try again

  5. 5
    R U sure Says:

    Looks great and on the way to Cannes!

  6. 6
    R U sure Says:

    OK haters say how bad this is now and remember your words later on!

  7. 7
    hellohanna Says:

    @R U sure
    seriously? zac efron in cannes will be a shame! the paperboy may will be a good movie but not because of him he will act boring and plays himself again! the great festival of cannes with zac erfon i cant stop laugh!

  8. 8
    barbos Says:

    when he goes to cannes in may i wonder what his publicist brings up next? we arleady had french kiss, strip club, ass and bra opener. I wonder what comes next!

  9. 9
    Hayley Says:


    Don’t forget condom drop.

  10. 10
    Rachel Says:

    Looking different, but nice, Zac :D

  11. 11
    amber Says:

    LOL@haters.. they’re so frustrated that The paperboy is selected for Cannes competition. How come Zac going to Cannes will be a shame? He’s going because his movie’s being screened there.

    The real shame is some famewh0res like Vanessa Hudgens, Paris Hilton, and Lindsay Lohan were there posing for photographers in 2009-2011 without their movies being invited. These pathetic haters are dying in jealousy. LOL

  12. 12
    abmbres Says:

    @amber: you forgot the biggest famewh0re zac himself….

  13. 13
    mattie Says:

    @amber: Well least his fans are happy that he going and let hope it goes well. Looking good Zac.

  14. 14
    Zzz Says:

    Sorry to get you’re panties in a bunch but the only reason the paperboy is going to cannes is Nicole Kidman that’s who they want to see not efron or Matthew who are basically the same person. I said before that movies only hope was Nicole and from what I’ve read she’s the one who had to carry both her co stars sorry asses. I mean efron getting his head beat in by the critics here again.

  15. 15
    tilnow Says:

    @Zzz: best comment ever mte!

  16. 16
    Rachel Says:

    Here is another reveiew:

    People, what is the problem that the paperboy is going to Cannes? Yes, it has an amazing cast, especially Nicole Kidman and seems like a nice movie. Its good for Zac that a movie that he has worked in and seems to have a pivotal role in is going to Cannes.

  17. 17
    Observer Says:

    @Zzz what exactly is your problem? He will still get jobs make money and leave a luxurious life critics or no critics and he still gets to go to cannes. So you can hate all you want, he will be what he will be. And you will just be a hater.

  18. 18
    Zzz Says:

    hold on let me check. No not there, no not there either, is that it, no that’s my iPod. Nope sorry I don’t have a problem thank you so much for asking though.

  19. 19
    Alex Says:

    He kinda looks like Ryan gosling to me over here what do u guys think

  20. 20
    amber Says:

    What an ignorant comment. Kidman is the only reason The Paperboy is going to Cannes? The last time her movie was selected was back in 2003. Why her movies don’t get screened at Cannes every year?

    And Matthew has two movies chosen in competition this year: The Paperboy and Mud. Do your research before open your mouth.

  21. 21
    Derpina Says:

    @Zzz: Of course The Paperboy isn’t going to Cannes because of Zac lol

    In the same way “Lawless” is not selected because of Shia Labeouf, “On the Road” is not selected because of Kristen Stewart and “Cosmopolis” is not selected because of Robert Pattinson

    They’re just young actors fighting for a place in hollywood and should be glad with the opportunity, you can turn it into something bad or not so good at all, but require more than this is ridiculous

    Assign the selection for a single element is stupid too, everything should work together to the movie work

    Many people doubted the potential of Precious when Lee Daniels selected Mariah Carey, Mo’nique (nothing but a generic Queen Latifah, star of stupid comedies like Phat Girlz) and a unknown Gabourey Sidibe for Precious, and the film succeed very well.

  22. 22
    HH Says:

    @amber: maybe because her directors didnt apply for cannes? not every director wants to show his films at cannes, venice, berlin or sundance. james cameron for example has no interest in festivals. btw nicole was robbed 2003, her performance in dogville was brilliant

  23. 23
    lol Says:

    @HH: you think Nicole was not nominated because the directors “don’t wanted” to show their movies in Cannes? I believe there’s not happened because they don’t find a place for movies like The Golden Compass, Australia, Nine, Just Go With It, Bewitched and Trespass…

  24. 24
    Zzz Says:

    oh don’t get me started on Shia while efron runs a close second the biggest son b itch in the business is that douche. I don’t say this a lot but I’d reaaly like to fight that guy so I could kick his ass. The other two well the jury is still out

  25. 25
    HH Says:

    @lol: no place for that movies yes but for rabbit hole, birth or cold mountain(since 2003)! nicole did some awful movies i dont diny that but except for mr. efron (until now all of his movies are a total disaster) she has done some pearls

  26. 26
    kami Says:

    the really odd thing about the rotten tomato reviews (if you read the entire review) is that some of the bad reviews are not really bad, and some of the good reviews are not really good. not sure who categorizes them. anyway, here’s what roger ebert says about zac in his “bad review” of tlo:

    The Marine is Logan (Zac Efron), an engaging actor who is natural onscreen, without the insufferable self-confidence of a lot of leading men. If he wins the love of a woman, he has the grace to seem a little surprised.

  27. 27
    ash Says:

    so excited that paperboy is going to cannes!! according to the test screening zac did give a strong performance! just want to thank lee daniels gave him this role to prove all the haters WRONG.

  28. 28
    ash Says:


    these movies doesnt selected because of the young stars,I agree.but Shia and Zac are still part of “Lawless” and “Paperboy”,and according to the test screening they both did great job.their performance are still the part of the movies,and they did great.

  29. 29
    Derpina Says:

    @ash: I’m not complaining about this, I just say young actors like them can’t drag a movie to a festival like this alone, don’t matters if they are good, bad, popular, unpopular, douche or nice people..

    I was responding to @Zzz who tried to down Zac saying the film doesn’t go to the festival because of him, as if everything depended on him alone

  30. 30
    Tina Says:

    just jared it has been a big turn off to read yet another post about “the Lucky One” maybe if Efron and Shilling had not made it seem as if they had an affair off camera it would have been more appealing. All the scenes and traliers show the entire thing and has left nothing to the imagination. it seems as if they want to push them as a couple down our thoats and that’s ashame. If they would have kept the sex talk classy maybe they would have earned some more fans. No one buys them as a couple since he acts like a horny teenage boy that experience his first sexual encounter with his friend’s Mom since she looks that old.

  31. 31
    kami Says:

    ouch!!!! rolling stone gave tlo a 1 star out of 4, and bashed the movie, but here’s what peter travers says about zac, which makes me wonder why zac took this role:

    He’s proved himself a solid actor in Me and Orson Welles and the Sundance entry, Liberal Arts. But Efron is stymied here by the inertia of the script…

  32. 32
    Megan Says:


    I was kinda on the fence whether or not I was going to see this movie, and I gotta agree with you, that turned me off. If he’d been a free man at the time, I wouldn’t have cared. Lots of single actors do that. And these two did pretty much admit they were getting it on while filming. Even if they didn’t and are saying these things to promote the movie, that’s yucky PR. And Zac did say, they knew each other “in every way” while filming. You gotta assume that include the “Biblical” way too.

  33. 33
    mindheisttime Says:

    Can‘t wait for The Paper Boy. The Lucky One tomorrow…i just cant wait..

  34. 34
    sjk Says:

    Oh, good grief. Zac and Taylor have not indicated that they are anything other than fellow actors. They have both talked about becoming friends while working on the movie which turned what all actors say about love scenes into something they could do relatively comfortably. They even talked about laughing at themselves to sort of break the tension between actors caused by scenes like. Zac and Vanessa both were working on films at the same time, both had co-stars. Give them a little credit. It’s a movie, that doesn’t mean you are dating or fooling around with them. You can just be friends. Besides, becoming friends helps that connection come across on camera.
    I saw the movie at a screening this week. You should check it out. It is really good! Zac does a great job and shows just how he has grown as an actor. And trust me, if you have seen the trailers you have NOT seen the whole movie.
    Zac gets better and better with each movie. Can’t wait for Cannes!!

  35. 35
    kami Says:

    i suspect zac’s pr team might be behind the wording zac is using in some of his recent interviews. they have to be reading reviews and comments like this, thinking they have to make ppl think “something was going on during filming” and still is.

    from the kansas city star by ann lewinson

    For all the passionate grappling in outdoor showers or under mosquito nets, there’s no heat between Efron and the bland Schilling — having matching impossibly blue eyes is not enough.

  36. 36
    lauren Says:

    @kami and @tina
    people like you and half the other people on here dont know crap, do you guys believe everything you read and hear? ive said this before no one knows what happen people need to just shut up already.

  37. 37
    Bunnylover Says:

    @Megan: So you are gonna base whether going to see this film on things that have nothing to do with the actual movie? So did you refuse to see Journey2 cos Josh admitted to dating V while making the movie?

  38. 38
    Tina Says:

    @lauren: It’s from Efron’s and Shillings own mouths . Are you calling then liars?

  39. 39
    Tina Says:

    @Bunnylover: Doesn’t matter if they did date since Journey was still filming after the break . He did not say they knew each other in every which way and they did not have a steamy sex scene like Efron and Shilling where they insinuate it didn’t end at the filming. Doesn’t matter it’s still a turn off to watch them so you go ahead and buy an extra ticket. It’s my opinion and he doesn’t need my 11 bucks.

  40. 40
    lauren Says:

    do you believe everything you read and hear?
    seriously i see on here is your hate towards someone who you never met.
    i dont get why u hate him ?

  41. 41
    kami Says:

    omg, rotten tomatoes now has tlo at 40 rotten and 16 fresh for 29%. it’s following in the footsteps of csc. poor zac, hope he knows this was a bad script and doesn’t read the reviews and just looks ahead.

  42. 42
    sjk Says:


    Could tell me where they said they had something going other than working on a film together? I’ve watched almost every interview and not once have they said anything like that . I must have missed something so please direct me. I have to see/hear for myself. Thanks.

  43. 43
    Whatever Says:

    @lauren: You’re a moron, sorry. People constantly say why they don’t like him. Can’t you read?? In this case, his gushing about doing the sex scenes, saying they knew each other in every which way, is just disgustingly unprofessional. If he would just stop being so damn arrogant and cocky, no one would have a problem. And NO, I don’t have to know him or meet him either. He just opens his stupid mouth and makes enemies.

  44. 44
    amelia25 Says:

    Beautiful Zac!

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