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Zac Efron: 'Lucky One' NYC Screening with Taylor Schilling!

Zac Efron: 'Lucky One' NYC Screening with Taylor Schilling!

Zac Efron and his co-star Taylor Schilling attend a screening of their film The Lucky One at NYC’s Crosby Street Hotel on Thursday (April 19).

The 24-year-old actor’s film will go head to head at the box office this weekend with the romantic comedy Think Like a Man. Box office experts are expecting both of the films to battle for number one with grosses in the high teens.

The Lucky One, which is about a Marine (Efron) who travels to North Carolina to search for the unknown woman (Schilling) he believes was his good luck charm during three tours of Iraq, opens TOMORROW (April 20)!

FYI: At the screening hosted by the Cinema Society and Men’s Health, Taylor wore a Calvin Klein Collection dress, shoes, and bag. She accessorized with Fred Leighton earrings and ring.

10+ pictures inside of Zac Efron and Taylor Schilling at the NYC screening…

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77 Responses to “Zac Efron: 'Lucky One' NYC Screening with Taylor Schilling!”

  1. 1
    lauren Says:

    is it just me or does taylor kinda look like katy perry alittle bit?

  2. 2
    mattie Says:

    @lauren: She does look like her kind of. Btw Zac looks great.

  3. 3
    lold Says:

    Are these people supposed to portray lovers? ‘Cause she looks like his older sister.

  4. 4
    harry Says:


    Zac looks like her son! He’s like 5’7″

  5. 5
    lauren Says:

    cool story bro
    tell me more?

  6. 6
    muze1800 Says:

    @lauren: please stop

  7. 7
    Tony Says:

    I wish that WB or someone had sprung for a stylist for poor Taylor. From the interviews I’ve seen, she comes across as a very nice lady, but the woman has no clue how to dress or fix her hair. She could have brought a lot of positive vibes to this movie as the beautiful co-star, and I can tell you most guys looking at her premier pix will not think her sexy or hot or a believable love interest in this movie. Why don’t studios think of these things? And Zac looks so good, he make her look even worse.

  8. 8
    UKMT1 Says:

    What a stunningly gorgeous man!

  9. 9
    sesly Says:

    Damn Zac is a shorty! And the girl looks like his mom!! Not a good for a ROMANCE movie. Turn off.

  10. 10
    Dominic Says:

    Lil Zac, LOL

  11. 11
    Nikki Says:

    she is 2 years older then him and she has a stylist.

  12. 12
    kami Says:

    isn’t taylor 5/8? looks like she has on 3 or 4 in heels so that would maker her 5/11 or 6 ft. so zac is either 5/8 or 5/9. about what we all guessed.

  13. 13
    kami Says:


    her b-day is july 27 and she will be 28 then so she is a little over 3 yrs older than zac. not a big age difference.

  14. 14
    amelia25 Says:

    Beautiful Zac!

  15. 15
    EMMA Says:

    ah look at LIP GLOSS all happy posing for the cams, does he do his own eyelashes alone? can someone answer please becouse i want tu use the same product that he uses.LOL

  16. 16
    ALLEX Says:


  17. 17
    adam Says:

    wow he is short, i like her she looks like katy perry

  18. 18
    naomi Says:

    again with this d lister.he wasnt even in one decent movie in all his acting career he is like richard grego after jump 21 street he started doing this kinde of movie and richard grego can act this twink cant , but i think he will have the same career path.and if you dont who grego is then i am to old for this site.LOL ps iam 28

  19. 19
    david Says:

    @naomi: you made my day hhhhhhhhhhhhh am 24 and i know richard grieco not grego.LOL that is very funny.grieco was the lamest dude on 21 jump street but had
    a lot of fans like zac efron but now he cant get a job.i can see zac efron having the same end .

  20. 20
    Jake Says:

    Be yourself Zac. You know your target audience is boys.

  21. 21
    Derpina Says:

    @naomi: Richard Grieco started on a TV series in 1989, staring in 2 forgettable movies that together don’t acumulate 30 million in box office, in 1993 he was no one else anymore

    Zac started in 2006 with High School Musical, since this, he star in 7 movies in 6 years that together made more than 1 billion, will release 3 movies yet and have some projects in delevopment

    Explain the comparison, please..

  22. 22
    TheHungerButch Says:

    Oops, his movie really got bad reviews. Only 23% critics love it on Rotten Tomatoes and it expected to be lower at the end of the week. He needs to be in good movie sometimes. New Years Eve 8% and TLO 23%, he needs to retired already.

  23. 23
    alessia Says:


  24. 24
    veronica Says:

    @EMMA: i heard that he does do his eyelashes ,that is so weird.he is very femenine.i just cant see my self atrackted to him,he reminds me of my gay BFF he is attracted to zac .gay guys finde him attractive.

  25. 25
    alex Says:

    @TheHungerButch: why did you have any doubts that zac efron will be in another bad movie

  26. 26
    TheHungerButch Says:

    @alex: because if he continue keep doing movies like that, he’s gonna be the next Ashton Kutcher. The only good movie that will be good for him this year gonna be “The Paperboy” but John Cusack and other actors will steal spotlight for him/

  27. 27
    alex Says:

    @TheHungerButch: i think its not just about the roles that he chose ,he is real bad at acting .i think he should consider a career changehe just doesn’t have the movie star glare or maybe going to tv,he would do fine in tv everyone can act in tv.

  28. 28
    Bunnylover Says:

    He must be doing something right though for all these people to take the time out of their busy days, ( yeah sure!) to research and comment on such an awful actor and film!!
    The thing with reviews is that they are the opinion of someone else. How can you truely know what you are talking about if you haven’t actually watched it yourself?

  29. 29
    LOL Says:

    He looks like her teenaged little brother. LOL. Review in my local paper gave it 1 1/2 stars, and said this:
    Seeing her and Efron fumble at each other is like watching a stick of butter and a bag of flour not turn into a cake.

    Now, THAT don’t sound like great chemistry to me. LMAO

  30. 30
    lauren Says:

    it’s funny how you guys talk crap on him and cant seem to spell any words right?

  31. 31
    Rachel Says:

    He looks great here!! And I think he’s 5’9. Didn’t he say so himself?

  32. 32
    Rachel Says:

    All the haters have so much time to read reviews of his movie and even quote the lines of reviews that aren’t good. Come on guys!
    And I agree, everyone has a different choice. If someone doesn’t like the movie doesn’t mean that everyone won’t like it. One should have his/her own opinion too.

  33. 33
    Revenge-Is-Sweet Says:

    @harry: If you would take a close look, you would see that she’s wearing platform shoes. Zac and Taylor have almost the same height, with shoes like hers, she’s taller then. Zac is 5’9″ and that’s it, if you like it, or not. People should always look and open their eyes before they say such **.

  34. 34
    Sheila Says:

    Who the heck is she, never heard of her. Maybe they hired her because she came with a cheap co-star pricetag. They look mistmatched, she looks much older than him and they just don’t go together as love interests for a movie. Odd casting.

  35. 35
    Alaina Says:

    I agree they look very mismatched. She looks like the older sister who should be giving him dating advice not bedding him. Hope it’s not that distracting in the movie. The whole thing looks very low budge.

  36. 36
    Lily Says:

    I agree, they don’t look good, she’s just 2 years older than him but she looks like his older sister. Zac is 24 about to turn 25 and he still could pass as a teenager lol They should’ve found a better girl for him.
    ps. What can you expect from a movie that is based on a Nicholas Sparks’ book? Not even The Notebook nor A Walk to Remember got a fresh rating despite the great chemistry between its leads.

  37. 37
    kami Says:

    wow, the ratings are now 18 fresh and 70 rotten, at 20%. i had planned to see it next week (already saw two movies this month and have to wait) but after reading these reviews, i’m not sure. i hope zac fans who see it will come on and tell what they really liked about the movie and what the best parts are and if it’s worth seeing. sometimes a lot of critics just don’t like romance stories.

  38. 38
    lauren Says:

    we get it u dont like zac,
    no go away.

  39. 39
    kami Says:


    you know what, you are a blooming idiot who can’t read. in your little girl brain you are so fricking scared that someone is going to say something bad about zac, it affects your thinking and reading. i do like zac, and i wish him success in his career, which i don’t think you do. it’s pretty obvious from your immature, silly comments(stfu and go away) that you are a little fan girl more interested in his personal life than his career.

  40. 40
    Maria Says:

    All of you haters should just go away. Why do you feel so threatened by Zac? If you really didn’t like him, you wouldn’t spend so much time commenting on his threads and trying to make him look bad. Does it give you some sort of thrill to come here and be a bully? Do you get off on putting people down? Do you enjoy being mean?

    Zac is a really good actor, and the film is excellent. He looks much older in the film, and he and Taylor have great chemistry. The whole cast did a good dub, actually. I will go see it again for sure.

  41. 41
    Derpina Says:

    Is boring to watch a movie when you know the end, and this movie seems like you can predict the entire film before watching

  42. 42
    Tina Says:

    @lauren: She is not half as pretty as Katy P but I could see she could be her Mom or much older sister.

  43. 43
    TC Says:

    That Shilling must have it bad she can’t stop talking about the sex scenes and she can’t keep her hands off him A sure sign that she is way too comfortable when you touch a person so familar. Mismatched in looks but Efron loves the old gals.

  44. 44
    TC Says:

    If the movie does well there will be some hot sex tonight. LOL
    If it fails they we be done.

  45. 45
    Maria Says:

    “The whole cast did a good dub, actually. I will go see it again for sure.”

    Sorry….iPod chained my word. Should say that they did a good job.

  46. 46
    Deb Says:

    You are aware that they are not a “real life” couple, aren’t you?

  47. 47
    Bunnylover Says:

    @Derpina: so thrill us with your knowledge! how do you think it ends and i’ll tell you if you are right!!!! ( haven’t seen the movie yet but I’ve read the book several times!!)

  48. 48
    TC Says:

    All I know is these two can’t keep their hands off each other now. If nothing happened back when filming so be it, I will give a benefit of a doubt.. But as by their own admission they made a special connection and bond theat contiued after filming. If the promos have re- conected them then they are now able to be together . You know stuff happens and maybe the past relationship did run it’s coarse. That being said out of respect for the fans that he is aware of, he could have toned down the sexual references for that time period, to not make it seem as if they did have an affair, and that they took it to the next level. As for today if he is using this woman because it serves him at this moment I truly don’t care. If he using her or any other women it’s his business now. I will say this by them talking about how how “hot” it was then between them makes me not want to see them on screen in this film. As for his future films I will see them or not because after the break he really is free to do as he wants and see who he wants. I will never care again who he dates and if he’s happy or not. that is just my opinion. I have lost respect for him, he really used to be a great guy now he is very arrogant and egotistical. He does have false modesty and I can see the wheels turning every time he gives an interview to be what that person wants to see or hear. No one knows the real person but I can say this he is a very smart cookie. He know how to manipulate and work his audience and I will give him credit it works.

  49. 49
    florence2 Says:

    Really judging by their actions in interview and the way she is all over him on photo’s you’d take them for a couple efron loves it they have both given a lot away about just how well they did get to know each other while filming and while one of them was in a relactionship which he recently said he was in love withthe person now actions and words from him are giving out a different story.@Deb:

  50. 50
    florence2 Says:

    You can just imagine the comments that will come out of his mouth when he starts promoting the paperboy and he starts raving about his scenes with Nicole kidm an and him having his kit off yet again even though she is married with kids it does’nt seem to bother him or his PR team it seems as long as efron comes across as a stud and a ladies man who after this film is brilliant in the bedroom dept then they have got the view of him that people want to have.

    Maybe if he kept his kit on stopped bragging about how great he is as a stud and concentrated on actually the ac ting side then he would get taken more seriously as a leading man and not get used as a sex symbol to get people into the theatre to see him but he is happy regardless to what he says to have that label and play it for all it’s worth.

  51. 51
    Maria Says:

    What the hell are you talking about? And what the hell is a kit?

  52. 52
    Deb Says:

    That’s fine, you moron. Just keep on picking and choosing the things about him that you want to believe are true or false in order to “prove” your point.

  53. 53
    VanFan Says:

    Honestly, you people are just posting the stupidest things. It’s like you’ve never seen actors promoting a movie before. ALL actors rave about their costars and hug them and act cozy with them when they are out promoting. It’s part of their job. Do you really think they are gonna go out and say that they hate each other?

  54. 54
    ? Says:

    but what zac always does is go above and beyond what is necessary. He makes it seem something went on between them. Which is fine to a point I guess but don’t expect everyone to like it.

  55. 55
    VanFan Says:

    No, he doesn’t make it seem like that, unless you are reading that into it. I don’t get that at all from him. Guess it’s a matter of perception….or if you want to make him look bad.

  56. 56
    ? Says:

    I’m not trying to make anyone look bad. You see it as you see it then. And I’ll see it as I see it

  57. 57

    I actually LOVE this look on Taylor. And the hair – that’s a do!
    Zac, of course, looks flawless. He’s always on point these days – polished and dapper.

  58. 58
    kami Says:

    i do think zac is a fine actor, but he needs someone to help him pick good scripts. right now i’m thinking he needs to shake up his management and pr team. i really don’t think they are serving him well. his management needs to bring good scripts (surely zac didn’t pick this one) and his pr needs to come up with stellar ways for this gifted young man to promote his movies.

  59. 59
    Whatever Says:

    @kami: I agree with you, and I have been saying that for a long time. He has made bad choices, and is nowhere near where he should have been by now. Bad choices, bad management, bad PR. But I disagree that he is a “fine” And gifted actor. He needs a lot of work. Pretty boy looks and hot sex scenes can not take away the fact that he is stiff and unnatural onscreen. It’s all just smoke and mirrors that cover his inadequacies. And he has many.

  60. 60
    Maria Says:

    I think that you will be surprised after you seen The Lucky One. His acting is very good, and he looks quite comfortable on the screen.

  61. 61
    kami Says:

    many of the top critics who hated the movie did say positive things about zac’s acting. but sooooo many of them bashed it for being what they considered “another stupid sparks’ movie” with no substance. i don’t thin zac is stupid, so did someone hog tie him and make him sign on for this? or did he take it in order to get something else down the road?

  62. 62
    Whatever Says:

    @Maria: Sorry, I think your fangirl status clouds your judgement and ability to give an unbiased opinion. I do not see his acting that way at all. Nor do most of the reviews I’ve seen. Pretty? yes. His acting? No.

  63. 63
    florence2 Says:

    @Maria: It was meant to say clothes becuase all this movie is being sold on is the sex scene between him and taylor and there.s me thinking that it was supposed to prove what a great leading man he is when all it does is push his sex symbol image that he apparently hates so much.

    Giving your costar a compliment is one thing and even giving them a hug when you see them again but these two have done nothing but be all over each other and rave about the sex part so they are to blame if people get the wrong idea but I guess they both live by the saying that no publicity is bad publicity but instead of making himself sound like a man he is making him self sound like a horny teenager.

    Everyone built him up as the next big thing in hollywood after HSM and that’s just not happening he had to much hype surrounding him to quick purely based on his look,s and he and his pr team have done nothing to get passed that having good look’s are one thing but unless he improves his acting then that’s all he’s going to be known as and will forever be doing sappy love movies.

  64. 64
    Bunnylover Says:

    As I’ve said before, people who pass comment on his acting should watch all his films not just the current one being promoted. In Me and Orson Welles his performance is great and apparently he is brilliant in Liberal Arts. The thing is, make your own choice, go see the film before passing on what are basically someone elses views. Don’t take reviews as gospel, this is someone doing their job, they don’t see films cos they want to. Have your own opinion, not just someone elses :)

  65. 65
    R U sure Says:

    @Florence2 and all the haters . Zac or his team doesn’t talk about his good looks, thats the interviewers and the fans.Almost every actor in Hollywood try to look thier best at a premiere. They talk about the sex scenes in my opinion a little to much, but they are asked the question about them. I’m so sorry you are upset that they don’t say they hate them. If the said anything other than what they are saying you all would be on here calling them liars. It doesn’t mean they had an affair or went to far. If they did what harm is it to you and why do you care? Zac doesn’t put his nose in your business and LORD GOD in Heaven knows you are all perfect. So go right ahead and cast stones.I’m sorry your miserable lives is so bad that all day everyday you all have to hate on him.. If you don’t like , why don’t you follow some one you do like? Now to you Zac lovers he is not perfect , No one is but it is also your right to defend him and give him the credit , I think he also deserves. I loved the movie BTW the “sex” scenes are way over blown in my opinion and that was filmed in one day.

  66. 66
    Whatever Says:

    @Bunnylover: I HAVE seen all his movies, just so you know. I don’t see his performances as you do at all. Me and Orson Welles, to me, was not great at all. It was just OK. He never seems to connect with his characters, and always looks like he’s in costume, reading lines. I have no sense of real emotion in his face, at all. Staring off into space is NOT emotion. The ONLY role he seemed to fit well was Troy Bolton. You felt that’s exactly who he was. I don’t see that with any other roles he’s done. The way he delivers his lines is also a problem with me. Don’t know how to explain that, but he’s stiff and again, always sounds like he’s just reciting or reading them. But you are a fan, so anything he does is wonderful. Non-fans are more unbiased.

    And I am NOT seeing this movie. I HATE sappy movies, the trailers are terrible, and there is nothing that would draw me to this movie.

  67. 67
    Rachel Says:

    Yes, the reviews haven’t been good.But I’ve read many that say its not bad for a one time watch at all. Almost all the ones I read said that he did a good job. And I’ll say it again, one should have an opinion of there own!! Not based on critic reviews always!! And his fans would see it. So haters, if u don’t wanna see it, its okay! You don’t need to come here and announce to other that I am not seeing it!

  68. 68
    Rachel Says:

    *tell others that I’m not seeing it.

  69. 69
    florence2 Says:

    But then people who have gone to see the movie and have give it a bad review still get called names by some of his fan’s because their not drooling over his body or how great his acting is.

  70. 70
    Maria Says:

    I guess your hater status clouds YOUR judgement and ability to give an unbiased opinion. Guess it works both ways. You wouldn’t say his acting was good even if he won an Oscar. I can see a lot of growth in him since CSC.

  71. 71
    Maria Says:

    Also, even when his films may be getting panned by the critics, almost always, they say that he was good. There are lots of films that aren’t very good, but the actors are good. Although i enjoyed CSC, I hated what the screenwriters did to it compared to the book. But I thought Zac did a good job. As far as TLO, I thought that the screenwriting was good, compared to the book. The critics are giving bad reviews on the basis of it being a sappy love story. Well, duh!! That’s what it is. It’s a Nick Sparks book! What the heck did they expect? If you don’t like sappy love stories, then you won’t like TLO. But that doesn’t mean it is a bad film.

  72. 72
    Maria Says:

    So, you meant to say “clothes” but you wrote “kit” instead? How does that even make sense? As far as the Kidman comment, again, you are confusing movies with real life. The fact that she is married and has kids has nothing to do with what she does in a movie. Movies are not real. Most people understand that. You seem to struggle with it all the time.

  73. 73
    Lily Says:

    @Whatever: I agree, Zac is a fine actor, but he needs to make good movies, work with a respected director, can you imagine the final product? Me and Orson Wells was a very good choice and also The Paperboy, sure he has a supporting role in those movies but at least it’s quality work.
    @Maria also agree, although the movies are bad, his performances are usually well received .
    Zac needs to ditch this romantics movies and do more mature things, he’s all grown up now. I think that maybe his looks have something to do with it, I mean he looks like a boy not a man most of the times, maybe he needs to looks way more mature to be offered other kind of roles and maybe the way he looks right now, the pretty boy image, attracts the kind of roles he’s been playing recently? anyway he has the talent, good scripts eventually come along.

  74. 74
    Whatever Says:

    Funny, I read ALL the top critics reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, and I was hard pressed to find good things written about Zac’s acting. They all think he’s pretty, and that’s about it. Quite a few think the chemistry was non-existent as well. I’m certainly not the only one who finds his acting “wooden”. All I can say, is he needs to pass on roles like this.

  75. 75
    florence2 Says:

    the point was that Zac does’nt seem to care if his costars are married women he still goes over the top when talking about them and gushing about the scenes they do together he just likes to make himself sound like a ladies man.@Maria:

  76. 76
    Dani Says:


    Haha so true, remember Zac has a thing for older women, he looks at Michelle Pfieffer like she fell from heaven & he even mentioned his ultimate NYE kiss would be Sofia as in Vagera from Moderm Family but he has great taste at

  77. 77
    Dani Says:

    LMAO I get a thumbs down cause I speak the truth….

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