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Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt: Post-Engagement Vacation with the Kids!

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt: Post-Engagement Vacation with the Kids!

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt arrive at the Baltra Airport on the Galapagos Islands for some family vacation time with the kids earlier this week.

The newly engaged couple brought along the entire family for the tropical vacay. Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, Vivienne, and Knox joined mom and dad in the celebration of their post-engagement announcement vacation!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Angelina Jolie

Angelina‘s engagement ring was designed by Brad with jeweler Robert Procop. Check out the pic of her beautiful jewel in case you missed it!

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289 Responses to “Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt: Post-Engagement Vacation with the Kids!”

  1. 1
    who Says:

    Thanks Jared!

  2. 2
    QQQQ Says:

    Second! LOL!

  3. 3
    yolly Says:

    the much needed vacation of the Jolie-Pitt Family. Nice to see them again.God bless them.

  4. 4
    yolly Says:

    Waving to Nrlrh,Lara,Senior,Vicki and anoble.

  5. 5
    yolly Says:

    I meant Neleh. Hi, be back home next week. We are here in SC.

  6. 6
    anustin Says:

    whoever sent u these pix,jared.thanks to both of u.

  7. 7
    Passing Through Says:

    I’ve seen these pix at a number of other sites today so I guess that means the embargo has ended…

  8. 8
    Jade Says:

    Knox has grown up a lot!!! And Maddox has let his hair grow. Beautiful family. God blessed them. The kids names are so cool.

  9. 9
    anustin Says:

    lots of love and fun to the JPs.

  10. 10
    anustin Says:

    lots of love and fun to the JPs.

  11. 11
    anustin Says:

    maddox is so tall. how old is he?10

  12. 12
    Passing Through Says:

    # 746 umm @ 04/20/2012 at 10:59 am
    LMAO. I think it still bugs Hyena that Brad never succombed to her questionable charms. After he hooked up with Ticky she had to be thinking, “He turned ME down…and then hooks up with that fug tv girl with the big ass nose and Leno chen? Is he fvcking kiddin me?” LOL!

  13. 13
    theresa Says:

    when it comes down to it, this is just one very happy family enjoying their time together. Both Angelina and Brad are relaxed in each other’s company. and haters, see all of the children are with them.

  14. 14
    anustin Says:

    love seeing poppa pitt carrying his

  15. 15
    ANDU Says:

    SOO CUTE!!!

  16. 16
    anustin Says:

    hear that!!!!! Maniston give up her NYC apt. whoa!!! after grabbing the batman head Theroux.perfect job,Maniston.

  17. 17
    Passing Through Says:

    # 758 umm @ 04/20/2012 at 11:42 am
    LOL. Sounds like Hyena was having herself a little fun at Ticky’s expense. Ticky was deathly afraid Brad was going to dump her and run off with Hyena. And Hyena knew it, too. Brad’s a gentleman – he wouldn’t just tell Hyena to cut the shite out on camera – and she knew that, too. Brad probably got up because he knew he was going to catch hell from Ticky later.

  18. 18
    Stacie Says:

    Love them . Can’t wait until they get Married . Brad + Angie + Heart = Swooning . : )

  19. 19
    Darwin Says:

    This is so awesome, the kids are so lucky! I wish I could go to the Galapagos Islands too. Even parents who could afford to bring their kids there for a vacation may not want to find the time to do so.

  20. 20
    Cheery Says:

    Aww, the King and Queen of Hollywood with their little angels :). Everyone’s looking good; nice that they’re going on vacay.
    Best celeb family!

  21. 21
    Rose Says:

    Lurker I posted you a message on the last thread. We have been standing strong, we are going to continue brushing away the gnats. However, sometimes they make it so easy for the fans.

    @PT, we have been seeing these photos for days now, and in better quality, what took JJ so long to bring them over and in such bad quality.

  22. 22
    Kirsten Says:

    This is a great vacation for them. They do so much for the world so it”s great that they are taking time for themselves. I love this beautiful family.

  23. 23
    Anne Says:

    God bless this lovely family and all the families around the world!

  24. 24
    Jane Says:

    They’re taking a bus with other tourists?

  25. 25
    Dc Says:

    Beautiful family! Wish the pic quality was better.

    Love you Jolie-Pitts.

  26. 26
    Passing Through Says:

    21 Rose @ 04/20/2012 at 12:27 pm
    @PT, we have been seeing these photos for days now, and in better quality, what took JJ so long to bring them over and in such bad quality.
    As I said – there was probably an embargo. Popsugar just got the pix today, too. All of the sites I saw them on earlier in the week were foreign sites and since the photo agency is foreign I think there was probably a US embargo on the pix. Embargos on hot photos is something photo agencies do that all the time with exclusive photos. It’s like how x17 is always selling J-P photo exclusives to Popsugar and people sit here whining why doesn’t Jared have the pix…even though there’s a big ass “EXCLUSIVE!” sign on Popsugar’s photos…that one always makes me scratch my head…

  27. 27
    Rose Says:

    @Passing Through: You are always so informative. Thanks.

  28. 28
    Lara Says:

    Better late than never, but thanks anyway Jared.
    What an amazing place to visit, only wish they would adopt me!
    Hi Yolly, enjoy yourself!

  29. 29
    ANDU Says:

  30. 30
    Love the JoliePitts Says:

    So nice to see the beautiful, happy family enjoying their time together.
    This is such a nice and fun way to educate the children. What great parents you are.
    God bless you JoliePitts. You do so many nice things for so many. You deserve all blessings.

  31. 31
    wow Says:

    I read somewhere the guy took pix from control tower. No wonder so blurry. Love this family.

  32. 32
    who Says:


    I read that too. The guy took the pics from the control tower and posted them.

  33. 33
    Tamsin Says:

    @Love the JoliePitts:

    How sad, these kids are growing up without a place they can call home because they live in hotel rooms and don’t have a stable place of residence and are isolated from other kids. Instead, they live secluded from the rest of the world, because their parents have no friends and they only take them out when they have something to promote. Is that what you can call good education?

  34. 34
    crispy Says:

    Brad looks like an abstract Colonel Sanders here.

  35. 35
    Love Them Says:

    Beautiful family

  36. 36
    Tamsin is a LOO-SAH Says:

    And her idol Anustain is THE LOSER. Grandma Cougar is shelling out big bucks for a midget size hotdog.
    How pathetic!

  37. 37
    cropped nannies Says:

    Skeletina’s gonna ride an old tortoise when the kids go to bed.

  38. 38
    Vannasa Says:

    I really hope brad and angelina can adopt me.

  39. 39
    Rose Says:

    There is a troll here buzzing around, every time is see it’s name/moniker I think about the Tasmanian devil, ill take a guess, they are one in the same.

  40. 40
    Please say yes.. Says:

    @cropped nannies:

    BRAD IS HOT AS HELL.. I BET YOU WISH YOU HAD THE CHANCE.. to ride him any which way but loose.. LOL at you stupidass

    BUT a good looking man like Brad by your side would only highlight your ugly. so stick to the men you find on the street. More suited to you.

  41. 41
    Tamsin Says:

    @Tamsin is a LOO-SAH:

    By that logic, I suppose I’m also fan of Julia Roberts. LOL.

    Look closely – Jennifer looks younger and healthier at 43 than your goddess at 36. There are things that Photoshop can’t disguise, and that St. Angie’s veiny claws and huge forehead vein. No wonder it’s so easy for her to shoot prescribed synthetic heroin.

  42. 42
    @tamsin Says:

    a) The Galapagos Islands are not third world and Equador was original designated a 3rd world country under the original definition which was not a trading partner with the US or USSR. Now it is on the cusp of becoming a second tier country.

    b) If you are an Aniston or Theroux fan, both of them have long histories of smoking weed. And Aniston using the white stuff. There are also rumors she cheated on Brad while married to him, but unconfirmed until most likely one of the males says something.

    c) The kids do have a home. One in LA, one in France and one in NOLA. They also have friends. And they are a family of 6. They certainly travel and live out of hotel rooms a lot less than Suri Cruise. Don’t notice you on the TomKat boards criticizing them. The kids do go to school and they have tutors. Private schools which are much more open to educational travel. And for all you know this is a spring break.

    d) and brad does not have a rep as a pot head or a narcissitic personality. He is extremely well liked and respected in the industry and by private citizens. The Make it Right folks and the people that got the homes love him. He is well respected by the architecture community for his passion and learning of the topic. No one in the industry including Jen has ever said anything horrible about him. Jen has taken jabs, but has defended their marriage and their relationship. All of Brad’s ex’s have spoken highly of him.

    Suggestion–you want to spew and criticize–go ahead, but at least do your homework so you look like you possess a few brain cells. Your ignorance just shows that you are prejudiced, mean and bitter.

    So sorry for you. Must s-u-c-k to be you.

  43. 43
    Tamsin Says:


    Oh darling, thanks, and I think of the Outcast song when I read your name.

    “Roses really smell like poo-poo-poo”

    Still fixated on these people who have no intention of ever getting know you? Does it hurt to know that you have to settle for seeing everything from an outsider’s perspective? Isn’t that called voyeurism?

  44. 44
    Passing Through Says:

    I’m working on a little tabloid report for later today or tomorrow…just thought I’d throw this out there…
    PEEPS 8 pages + the index page
    notOK 4 pages + the index page
    L & S 4 pages
    Us 6 pages + the index page
    IT 1 page
    STAR 2 pages – one of the pages is a huge photo
    NE 2 1/2 pages
    Yep, that’s right, OuttaTouch, who’ve dedicated the last 7 years to weekly 4-8 pages villifications and demonization of Angie, could only spare 1 page for the 7 years in the making story of their engagment. And…it wasn’t even a full page. It was less than 2″ of space and 150-200 words at the bottom of a huge ass photo. I wouldn’t even call it a “story”. It was more like a really long photo caption. LOL. Ya gotta love it. The engagement shut OuttaTouch up like nothing else ever has. They’re just laying low though and waiting for the initial mass euphoria to wear off. Next week they’ll be back with their usual fake ass breaking up, they’re miserable, Angie’s cheating, Brad’s a pothead, the kids are miserable, Brad’s talking to Ticky, etc., bullshite.

  45. 45
    Pixilated Ang is pixelated Says:

    puts a few pounds on her

  46. 46
    Tamsin is a LOO-SAH Says:

    Your Anustain ( full of s h i t ) looks like an aging transvestite horse with a spoon-like jaw.
    Since you’re talking about logic, the way you address the celebrities involved gave you away.
    Don’t talk about logic. You’re an idiot!

  47. 47
    Awesome Says:

    Great Vacay Pics!
    Nice to see Paddox and Shilox

  48. 48
    theresa Says:

    and here we go again. what ever did we do to deserve the likes of tamsin and his or her alter egos? i can’t tell other posters what to do but i’ve just thumbed him or her down without even reading the comments. i’m also not going to comment on tamsin’s posts either. it just isn’t worth the effort any more.

  49. 49
    LMAO Says:

    @anustin: In your comment, change the p to a z and it’s poppa zitt.

  50. 50
    Rose Says:

    @Theresa, don’t read the post, just seeing the name/moniker I go straight to red. Lurking on CB awhile ago, sugar mama just sold her apartment she bought last year at $500,000 loss. SS is wheeling and dealing, lol.

  51. 51
    Wonderbust Says:

    manny can NEVER make up her mind..she buys a house, then sells it all the time..also I heard a while ago on another board that Julia Roberts was trying to get with Brad on the Mexican so i do agree with PT..also remember to ignore the troll who said on dlisted that it came to stir things up so dont REPLY to it at all and it will go away

  52. 52
    Rose Says:

    @#54, you forget to mentioned that SS has said she will love Brad as long as she live, and have kept all his voice mails to left for her, this said after the divorce/separation. Another thing, Brad went to HW not knowing anyone, with only a few hundred dollars in his pocket. Now, he is one of the most successful man in HW with hundreds of millions of dollars in his name. Fans, let’s set the trolls straight, we the fans tells the truth, because we know facts cannot be change, facts are facts. Sucks to be a hater.

  53. 53
    MJ Says:

    @Tamsin: Don’t worry honey, we did in fact looked really close and we found out that Ticky looks like a 90 yrs old desperate woman. Without photoshopped, it shows how bad Ticky’s skin, a lot of age spots, too many wrinkles, big pores in her skin specially her face, no wonder why Ticky’s camp tried to sue photographers who published the pre photoshopped pictures of her because she got embarrassed by the reality that she is F*CKING UGLY. And don’t be so sure about Ticky being healthy because of her not being skinny. Ticky’s size right now is the least she can get no matter how she try to lose weight, she can gain weight easily though if she won’t watch out her diet. Ticky has big gigantic bones, it is impossible for her to be like Angie’s size or else she will be dead but on Angie, she’s normally skinny because her bones are thin, the most she can get if she gain weight is, when right after the twins were born but you can see it was not her normal weight because it slowed her down, she didn’t have lots of energy. So don’t assume that a person is healthy because of her size. And for who is the drug addict? Well, it showed that Angie is not because she gave birth to a perfect beautiful babies on the other hand Ticky, until now don’t have any kids because obviously the drugs that she has been taken ruined her uterus. So, who’s the real drug addict now? Use your logic if you have before accusing someone who is not. Okay, honey?

  54. 54
    fyi1 Says:

    Some entertainment news clips about the engagement of the century imo.. from LynnJPS. Thank you Lynn!

  55. 55
    Tamsin SHUT UP. Says:


  56. 56
    Tamsin Says:


    Calling it an emerging economy still doesn’t qualify it anything above third world, sweetie. Please don’t talk out of your ass, it’s you who needs to do research, but let’s not go OT, I was simply pointing out that they’re looking for a place where they can bribe local authorities to smuggle out another kid without much hassle. Why haven’t they tried to adopt in the US yet?

    Not a Jen fan, but as I always said, you loons keep bringing her up, af if she had done something personal to you, so I’m like “bring it on”. You guys hate her because she reminds you that your dear heavenly Brad is less than perfect. He’ll always be considered a lying cheating scumbag, what is the difference between him and Jessie James? They both hooked up with unrepentant tattooed vixens. The only difference is that Boobshit Mcgee did not adopt an orphan to get good PR.

    Whatever halfassed excuses your dear demigod has given, still he can’t justify the crap he put JA through.

    The houses are in constant renovation and they don’t ever spend than two months there, is that what you call a permanent place of residence? Read any bio/interview from from other celebrities’ children and most of them speak of the isolation they were in and how unhappy they felt about traveling. There is no denying that is really damaging to them as they are growing up isolated from the rest of the world. I don’t criticise TomKat simply because he doesn’t have deluded fans who think he’s a saint.

    Brad is respected by the architect community? Or so his PR team would like you to believe. Good move on his part because he didn’t have anything else going on and he was being overshadowed by Angie’s charity work, so he needed something to step out of her shadow. Just because he bought his way into a architecture magazine cover are we supposed to regard him as an architect? Please, he’s just another celebrity speaking about his vanity projects. That can hardly be considered an achievement. Lots of people read about architecture only that they don’t get featured in magazines.

  57. 57
    fyi1 Says:

    One more video from Lynn JPS about the engagement! Thanks again!

  58. 58
    Just Saying Says:


    LOL! You’re wasting your time!

  59. 59
    RotflmaoO Says:

    He’s showing his real hairline. Guess they didn’t know the papz were there. Knox wants out of the strangerz arms.

  60. 60
    RotflmaoO Says:
    From mutant ninja turtle.

  61. 61
    RotflmaoO Says:
    To Ellen degenerous’ lesbian older sister.

  62. 62
    Yoco Says:

    @Passing Through: I know PT is going to a tab report but I just looked thru the tabs . Brad proposed Xmas(Lies and Style), before Easter(In Touch Weekly), last week alone- kids @ school(People), in front of the kids , Jon Voight and James( Star mag), On a Spring day with the kids present(Us weekly) LOL. I can’t imagine how many different stories they will make up regarding wedding day. Oh yeah one of the tabs claim Maddox will be best man. On another topic I was watching ET and they said Doug was Brad’s best man when he married JA and Doug dropped the ring.- maybe that was a sign/warning.

  63. 63
    RotflmaoO Says:

    Let’s see. False teeth, false youth, false acting, false, hair. Brad Pitt was all a myth cause the truth is revealing itself.

  64. 64
    RotflmaoO Says:

    He’s showing his real hairline. Guess they didn’t know the papz were there. Knox wants out of the strangerz arms….

  65. 65
    RotflmaoO Says:

    for the fresh page.
    From mutant ninja turtle.

  66. 66
    RotflmaoO Says:

    To Ellen degenerous’ lesbian older sister.

  67. 67
    nan Says:

    J-P family deserves their privacy …Anyone have the scoop on Angies’ next BM?

  68. 68
    um Says:

    they really take the time out for each other and family. I guess the enxt big vacation will be the honeymoon.

  69. 69
    susannn12 Says:

    god isn’t going to bless, people that committed adultery

  70. 70
    Correction Says:

    This is their pre post-engagement vacation. Post-engagement vacation is next week .

  71. 71
    susannn12 Says:

    also angie new position at the UHC is a celebrity post, doing field trips for 1o years doesn’t make you an expert

  72. 72
    RotflmaoO Says:

    Squiggly tight pants ain’t ashamed of his hairline like ninja turtle turned lesbian. He left the wiglet glue at home.
    Must be hard to be engaged to someone stuck up his own butt and always standing in the mirror applying makeup and wig glue to his front hair piece.

  73. 73
    Tamsin Says:

    @Tamsin is a LOO-SAH:

    Sweetie it doesn’t offend me. You’re just saying that because you’re jealous. I simply point out what is obvious to everyone but you loons, JA has a great body and looks better with age, whereas St. Angie has a bony ass and is pale, famished and haggard. Obviously the loon glasses you have won’t let you see any flaws in her, but if you took them off, you’d be scared.

    You have to be in really bad shape if Victoria Beckham looks healthier than you.

  74. 74
    RotflmaoO Says:

    @Tamsin: Brad has an anorexic fetish.

  75. 75
    lol Says:

    The media has gone nuts over the wedding of the century. LOL

  76. 76
    RotflmaoO Says:

    @Tamsin: Thoughts on brads hairline and Knox trying to escape his armz? 2 painful?

  77. 77
    viv Says:

    where in the hell is i today?

  78. 78
    bdj Says:

    Interesting Radio program at site

    20 Apr 2012
    Actress/director Angelina Jolie expands her role as an advocate for refugees
    Listen / Download

    Angelina Jolie listens to Sikh children playing religious music in New Delhi

    In the movies, the actress and director Angelina Jolie has played characters ranging from a tomb raiding archaeologist (‘Lara Croft: Tomb Raider’) to a tough-as-nails CIA agent (‘Salt’). She was even the voice of an animated tiger in the popular ‘Kung Fu Panda’ movies loved by children all over the world. But effective this week, Ms. Jolie has been appointed a Special Envoy on behalf of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Antonio Guterres, to facilitate lasting solutions for people displaced by conflict.

    UN refugee agency helps Somaliland rape victims build new lives

    Camp for displaced people

    Every year, countless women world-wide leave their homelands for new opportunities in foreign countries, whether to find work, to get training, or to join family members already living abroad. Heba, a young woman from Ethiopia, left home to try her luck in neighbouring Somaliland, only to experience rape, stigma and ridicule. The UN refugee agency (UNHCR) is assisting Heba and and other victims of rape in Somaliland, to rebuild their lives.

  79. 79
    facts please no tabloid Says:

    post 69 the troll wrote “Whatever halfassed excuses your dear demigod has given, still he can’t justify the crap he put JA through.”

    Typical comment a jenhags makes even though she is pretending not to be
    Also real facts – Brad is in a partnership with award winning architecture firm GRAFT for more than 10 years. This is why he was able to put together a number of major firms to help with MIR
    Lastly Brad and Angelina love seeing the world. Not being snobs not just go to Mexico and Hawaii. The kids aren’t isolated. They have friends all over the world. I’ve read celebs kids complaining that were rarely with their parents or sent to boarding schools.

  80. 80
    bdj Says:

    Career Watch: Considering 14 Careers Heading Into Cannes

    Cannes can have a huge impact on a star’s career–from the dazzling experience of walking up the Palais red carpet, to facing a gauntlet of international press. With the Cannes lineup revealed, let’s dig into what this year’s Croisette stars have to win or lose.


    Brad Pitt: While he may have lost the “Moneyball” Oscar he deserved to “The Artist”‘s Jean Dujardin, 2011 was Pitt’s best year ever; last year at Cannes “The Tree of Life” won the Palme d’Or. This year, Pitt has been rewarded with a Cannes Competition slot for loyally rejoining Aussie Andrew Dominik (who directed him in underappreciated cult fave “The Assassination of Jesse James) on the gangster pic “Killing Them Softly.” With Harvey Weinstein behind him, a Cannes launch could set Pitt up for another Oscar nomination.

    2012 and 2013 are looking strong for Pitt. He also stars in Marc Forster’s zombie epic “World War Z” (June 2013) and the currently-filming third feature from Steve McQueen (“Twelve Years a Slave,” opposite Michael Fassbender). As befits a star at the apex of the Hollywood food chain, he has several more projects in the works (as producer and/or actor) — not to mention his official engagement to partner Angelina Jolie. Pitt is hot as ever with the best of his career still ahead.

  81. 81
    bdj Says:

    Make It Right Branches to Kansas City

    Chad Smith
    Make It Right, the foundation Brad Pitt created to help New Orleans recover from Hurricane Katrina, is now backing a project to turn an abandoned public school in Kansas City, Missouri, into affordable apartments and a community center.

    It takes something for a foundation like this to have staying power and back real developments, and it takes much more for it to expand to other parts of the country. It’s also commendable that Pitt, a celebrity, is using his influence to revive urban areas where he has roots. Imagine the 50 top Hollywood stars doing this in the 50 parts of the country they are from: a whole new economy would emerge whereby Hollywood funds urban renewal.

    The fact that Make It Right has been consistently making progress in the Lower Ninth Ward of New Orleans and is now expanding to Kansas City only attests to its staying power. It also makes it Character Approved.

  82. 82
    bdj Says:

    Saul Mayo Saul Mayo ‏ @smayo08
    Angelina Jolie is not only a magnificent actress but an incredible director as well, watch In the Land of Blood and Honey, such a good movie

  83. 83
    facts please no tabloid Says:

    Thanks bdj. Real Facts rather than this bs the trolls keep posting.

  84. 84
    knox Says:

    the skinny lady promised dat we stay in the same hemisphere all next month yaaay

  85. 85
    Tamsin Says:


    Sweetie, I know you little loons thrive off of defending your goddess against evil, ugly SS/X/Ticky even though you know there is no conflict between them and they’re not paying to do so.

    JA looks like a star, whereas Skeletina is an embarrassment to her family and her so-called fans. She looks sick and unhealthy, how dare she accept that position for UN to bring attention to people in need when she looked like a starved refugee herself?

    You can tell she wore an extra heavy layer of make up at the Oscars, because she didn’t have the natural paleness that not even Dita von Teese would want.

    Why don’t you just admit that though she’s never been that athletic, at least she look 10x better back when she was with Billy Bob? Does it to hurt to realize that her best years have gone by and she spent them with somebody else other than your beloved Brad?

    But hey, don’t take it personal. I’m just pointing out the facts.

  86. 86
    bdj Says:

    Baby Jane’s paid hen still barking at the wind. Trying to deflect, deflect, deflect. Things must not be good in Baby Jane Land. Expect an interview on TMZ or People mag”Jen and Justin what went wrong issue”.

  87. 87
    who Says:

    Their life seems exhausting!

  88. 88
    Saffron Says:

    These are the luckiest kids ever ~ If I could visit 1/4 of the places they’ve been to in their short lifetimes, I could die a happy person! Love this family!

  89. 89
    bdj Says:

    Australian directors get Cannes invites

    Two Australian directors with American films will feature in a competition line-up full of leading art-house names at the Cannes Film Festival this year.

    Andrew Dominik, who emerged in this country with Chopper before shooting The Assassination of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford in the US, has been selected with the American mobster story Killing Them Softly, which stars Brad Pitt , Ray Liotta and Ben Mendelsohn.

    The drama, set in New Orleans, follows a professional enforcer (Pitt) who investigates a heist during a mob-protected poker game. The impressive cast also includes Sam Rockwell, Richard Jenkins, Sam Shepard and Australian Bella Heathcote.

  90. 90
    Tamsin Says:

    @Just Saying:

    Not at all, I’m highly productive!

    Isn’t it strange that every woman who has been with Brad Pitt looks better after they break up with him? It’s almost as if they took off a leech that was bleeding them dry.

  91. 91
    Passing Through Says:

    # 38 ANDU @ 04/20/2012 at 1:06 pm
    ROTFLMAO at x17 and their “exclusive” saying that the family was taking a bus to a ferry to go to the Galapagos. Unless they moved the islands…they’re about 500-600 miles of the coast of Ecuador. I highly doubt they took a ferry 500-600 miles…with 6 kids, the nannies and bodyguards. A yacht, yes…a ferry, no. Besides…I thought these pix were them deplaning on the island of Baltra not in Guayaquil, Ecuador. There’s even a big ass plane in the photos…CLUE!

  92. 92
    Carly Says:

    bdj @ 04/20/2012 at 3:25 pm

    Thumb up Thumb down +9

    Career Watch: Considering 14 Careers Heading Into Cannes

    Cannes can have a huge impact on a star’s career–from the dazzling experience of walking up the Palais red carpet, to facing a gauntlet of international press. With the Cannes lineup revealed, let’s dig into what this year’s Croisette stars have to win or lose.


    Brad Pitt: While he may have lost the “Moneyball” Oscar he deserved to “The Artist”‘s Jean Dujardin, 2011 was Pitt’s best year ever; last year at Cannes “The Tree of Life” won the Palme d’Or. This year, Pitt has been rewarded with a Cannes Competition slot for loyally rejoining Aussie Andrew Dominik (who directed him in underappreciated cult fave “The Assassination of Jesse James) on the gangster pic “Killing Them Softly.” With Harvey Weinstein behind him, a Cannes launch could set Pitt up for another Oscar nomination.

    2012 and 2013 are looking strong for Pitt. He also stars in Marc Forster’s zombie epic “World War Z” (June 2013) and the currently-filming third feature from Steve McQueen (“Twelve Years a Slave,” opposite Michael Fassbender). As befits a star at the apex of the Hollywood food chain, he has several more projects in the works (as producer and/or actor) — not to mention his official engagement to partner Angelina Jolie. Pitt is hot as ever with the best of his career still ahead.
    So true.

  93. 93
    who Says:

    Post 102 is NOT me! Get your own name, loser!

  94. 94
    busted Says:


    Robert Procop doesn’t do knockoffs.. they are talking about another jeweler.. not him

  95. 95
    Whamo Says:

    Tamsin @ 04/20/2012 at 3:40 pm
    You are SO right. She looked the best with everyone OTHER than Brad. There is just no comparison AT ALL. Her days of sexiness are DONE aren’t they!!

  96. 96
    fyi Says:

    Benjamin Button is trending again.

  97. 97
    Passing Through Says:

    # 68 Beautiful!! @ 04/20/2012 at 2:53 pm
    ROTFLMAO. Procop doesn’t deal in mass produced Zales shite or knockoffs. He’s a high-end jeweler who sees clients by appointment only. You coul get into Zales at midnight if you wanted…

  98. 98
    fake angelina jolie Says:

    Angelina Jolie is FAKE, . SHE IS FAKE, SHE DOES NOT LOVE Bradd Pitt. Some body near from her toll me that. and end of the days she is going to teach us it.

    Even with her mom she does not like her , the only thing the she take care of her is because she feel guilty about make the love with the man the Angelinas mom love.

  99. 99
    RotflmaoO Says:

    @fyi: Not worldwide.

  100. 100
    Whamo Says:

    Beautiful!! @ 04/20/2012 at 3:21 pm
    One of the things you learn about LOONS is that rationality and the TRUTH are two things completely foreign to them. If you’re hacking on Jennifer then they totally understand you and there is nothing wrong with you at all BUT say the SAME THINGS about THE LEG that they say about Jen and all of a sudden you’re insane, a loser, sick in the head, obsessive bla bla bla bla. Just keep on telling them the truth, they HATE the truth LOL!!!!

  101. 101
    RotflmaoO Says:

    @Whamo: thoughts on brads hairline and the golden son trying to escape your idols armz? 2 painful?

  102. 102
    bdj Says:

    Yep McShorty Skinny Jeans lying golddigger ass must be in the dog house. Poor Baby Jane, with two whiny paid hens, bad rom com career advise and a black hair polish paid escort, ole girl must be screaming at the ocean. BP and AJ keep trunkin along, doing good works, raising an adorable family and lovin. It is all good.

  103. 103
    Tamsin Says:


    Easy! Noticed how Mr. Vain usually shares the same hue of hair dye with St. Angie? Well, he is starving her to death because he’s waiting for her hair to fall off naturally so he can use it as plugs.

  104. 104
    RotflmaoO Says:

    Thought bubble over brads head: fck!!! I forgot my Wiglet glue.

  105. 105
    RotflmaoO Says:

    @Tamsin: I’ll have to use that one later. He is killing her softly by starving her.

  106. 106
    bdj Says:

    Hollywood star Angelina Jolie has been appointed as Special Envoy of the United Nations refugee agency.
    IN PICS: Angelina Jolie is UNHCR’s special envoy

    Angelina, who was the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees’s Goodwill Ambassador, has been promoted as the Special Envoy of High Commissioner Antonio Guterres.

  107. 107
    A Lurker Says:

    Jared is so behind news. If the original report is correct, they will be leave there tomorrow. I think they will stay in France until Cannes. I am so stoked about their first red carpet after engagement. The red carpet is going to crazier than ever for the king and queen of Cannes.

  108. 108
    bdj Says:

    Indignant hen alert.

  109. 109
    Roxy Says:

    @fake angelina jolie: Seriously before you come on a site and trash talk anyone do yourself a favor….get an English dictionary. Anyways, I just saw a copy of the new people’s magazine cover, and her ring is absolutely beautiful, very elegant.
    Hey trolls/haters….if you dislike Brad & Angelina that much why do you come on their post, just keep it moving.
    I find nothing special or interesting about JA, so if I’m on a site that has a posting of her or her man I just keep scrolling.

  110. 110
    cats and rats Says:

    Not warking. Lucker. .only dump. Boo. Listen to cult. Master.peliceman. rose. An anutian. Them run from get hand dirty. Hello weng. John wayne. My husbond father inlaw like American actor.he say stand for right. Ange fan get penny. For pray. An talk bad for Jen.them crazy crazy dolousional. Fool self.them too peole. .don’t u.or care for u. . U not Ange. Mother. In sang woman name do not be nasty. An mean.u not doing serious work on site.old women do not be full of u self. All ways sat in high chair in judgement to other.

  111. 111
    Boo Hoo Says:

    Wow…lots of jealous people here today..Sorry that you are not Brad and Angie. They seem to be happy and blissful without knowledge of your hateful existence..More power to them!

  112. 112
    gracie Says:

    The whole family look like they’re having a fabulous time. I don’t see all the kids.

  113. 113
    gracie Says:

    # 115 Whamo

    When did you get out of prison? I thought you were in for life or did you escape?

  114. 114
    QQQQ Says:

    Hens are funny. It was DailyMail site where it read some bull_shite story about the knock off ring, that looks absolutely nothing like AJ’s ring. So it ran over here asking silly question, then got upset because it got thumbed down and didn’t get the answer it wanted.

  115. 115
    Tamsin Says:


    ITA Whamo… there is nothing this woman can aspire too in movies, which is pretty sad, because Hollywood is sexist and ageist and good roles for women in their 40s are scarce. What’s going to happen to her, I don’t know, but even if she’s relegated to mom roles once she turns 40 she should be scared of Meryl Streep taking them from her.

  116. 116
    Ellen Says:

    Lovely pictures….Thanks JJ!

  117. 117
    Tamsin Says:

    @fake angelina jolie:

    Sure, Pityful mom’s loved JA. There’s a reason for that. Even if the mother of her grandchildren is another woman, she could never replace JA in her heart.

  118. 118
    Tamsin Says:


    I agree with you; it’s an absolutely little clique who think they know better, act like insiders or worse, as if they were related to them. In their minds, they’re all going to the wedding.

  119. 119
    Tamsin Says:

    @ Filthy Jolie.

    Don’t worry, they can only ban you for so long… Two minutes maybe?

    Keep ‘em coming.

  120. 120
    Tamsin Says:

    You silly sheep that Brad has made a ton of money on Jen’s back. Without her, Plan B would never exist.

    If she was greedy, she would’ve kept that partnership or fight for every single penny, but she was probably so disgusted at being involved with his cheating ass in any way that she chose to walk away from a lucrative business and let him have it all by himself and his mistress.

    Talk about a class act. She was wise enough to know that the universe will unfold as it should. Good for her.

  121. 121
    hopeso Says:


  122. 122
    lurker Says:

    Thanks bdj for all your great contributions of great articles

  123. 123
    lurker Says:

    Seven years of replying to these fools did not change a thing they are still dump as fuc* why feed trolls?? They will forever be hateful SOBS they are not worth it

  124. 124
    gracie Says:

    I’ve had great laughs today reading through some of the gossip mags, good chunk of them claim there is trouble in paradise in fugniston relationship with stumpy. How fugniston can’t keep a man and mr stumpy wanting a break from her. I don’t care if these stories are true or not but what I like about it is, the negative stories are now on her and mr stumpy, it was funny seeing her fugly fans trying to denfend her and calling the stories lies but when it is about Angie and Brad, it is true. Trolls, you can’t have it both ways. the heat is now on your idol and I’m loving it.

  125. 125
    lurker Says:

    lol so fat Tick sold the house with the two nurseries there goes the twin dreams for her hens

  126. 126
    lurker Says:

    They will deny any ticky stories but brad and angie stories are suppose to be true,these demented fools have serious issues

  127. 127
    Observer2 Says:

    Plan B wouldn’t exist without Lenny? ROTFLMAO!

    That’s why she tried very hard to keep her claws in it and she got out played by the Brad’s. She’s so successful as a producer that her Echo Films is all but defunct, just like her movie career: Oh, you poor sheep, believing for a moment that Lenny did not try, but, The Brad’s wanted her gone and she’s gone. Echo Films is an apt name as that’s all you hear is an Echo of what was never going to be. Hell, they don’t even have a home for their laughable production company.

    How Are These Actors Still Working?
    Jennifer Aniston
    Career High Point: Since we’re talking movies here, we’ll leave Friends out of the equation and go with her mid-’90s run of Picture Perfect, The Object of My Affection and Office Space.
    The Slide Begins: Pretty much every choice she’s made since Friends wrapped has been terrible — any fans of Derailed, The Bounty Hunter or The Switch out there? Didn’t think so — and the movies that do turn out decent (like Friends with Money and Wanderlust) often fail to launch at the box office.
    Why She’s Still Working: Aniston’s still a Friendly face for viewers who lived through the ’90s and she has made a few commercially (though not critically) sound choices, like Marley & Me, Just Go With It and Horrible Bosses that keep her toward the bottom of the A-List. See also: Brad Pitt.
    Upcoming Projects: Aniston is rumored to be in talks to join the Elmore Leonard adaptation Switch opposite Dennis Quaid and John Hawkes.

    Her next slate of movies are all straight to VOD and she’ll be calling Adam Sandler, please, please, put me in a movie, I needs the B.O. numbers that you provide to pad my resume.

    You don’t have hot up and comers going on and on about Lenny. Michael Fassbender can’t say enough about Brad and Angelina and how much he respects them and Plan B.

    But, watch, Lenny is still waiting for Fincher, Bigelow, Soderbergh, Depp and Renner to call her to be in one of their movies. They all bust a gut and gave her the side eye and the hand when they heard that. Who the fvck does she think she is. As if! LOL.

  128. 128
    Tamsin Says:


    Has Pityful ever finished something that he started? He’s still renovating those houses, isn’t he? Typical stoner.

  129. 129
    Samantha js Says:

    Everybody know s brad is gay, first that maniston guy and now that heroin addict are just a distraction . But im very happy for brad . not so much for that junkie he is with because when he will break up with her ( and believe me he will) She will be attacked by the U.F.G.W.A.L Army *
    of just jared also eventually.

    *Ugly fat girl army without a life of their own

  130. 130
    hehehe Says:

    So Maniston sold her NYC apartment, lost $500 K. hehehe

  131. 131
    hehehe Says:

    National Enquirer had Maniston Collapsed, Melted Down Over Brad Pitt-Angelina Jolie Engagement. Hehehe

  132. 132
    RotflmaoO Says:

    @Tamsin: It’s very hard for Brads followers to swallow the fact that the ninja turtle turned lesbian with a wiglet was into harder drugs than pot. You are still stuck on the good ole boy myth.
    WHICH A-list actor smoked heroin with his then-ac­tress/girlfriend in the early ’90s before he became super famous? Now he’s tied down with a brood of kids and doesn’t touch the hard stuff. But the handsome hunk still likes to relax with his much-loved marijuana!


    O I wonder….

  133. 133
    RotflmaoO Says:

    Don’t forget the then G/f was a teenager.

  134. 134
    well Says:

    hehehe @ 04/20/2012 at 6:31 pm

    Thumb up Thumb down +2

    So Maniston sold her NYC apartment, lost $500 K. hehehe
    Ticky is an idiot.

  135. 135
    RotflmaoO Says:

    Knox hates brad.

  136. 136
    hehehe Says:

    It is hilarious the trolls’ melting-down over Brange engagement for a week by now. hehehe

  137. 137
    gracie Says:

    The loving pic of Brad and Angie and their beautiful family having a great time has brought all the dogs out, they’re losing their minds. Fugniston needs their help but the disloyal dogs will rather be here instead.

  138. 138
    TWEET Says:

    Cannes Film Festival ‏ @CannesCoverage

    Nicole Kidman and Brad Pitt have confirmed to be present at #Cannes2012.

  139. 139
    NAN Says:

    Dolly’s friends on board,their boss be Crayzy and she can’t showed her LOSER face .
    7+ years gone by with 7+ men all just ding dong her and gone…Ouch.
    Jenny Poop is still be The Bitter B!tch Barren Cow of HW.

  140. 140
    guest Says:

    I remember watching the premiere of “The Mexican” and Brad and JR were joking with one another on the red carpet and there was ticky lurking with friends or PR in the background watching their every move. I never followed them as couple but I kept thinking this woman is so insecure about her relationship. Her body language and how she really wasn’t paying attention to the people around her,
    I’ve I never seen photos or videos of Angie reacting that way when Brad is talking to a fellow actress.

  141. 141
    gracie Says:

    # 152 hehehe , yeh, I read that and it was LMAO. She collapsed on hearing about Brad’s engagement to Angie and mr stumpy was unsympathetic — Lol.

  142. 142
    RotflmaoO Says:

    i have no life

    i suck

  143. 143
    RotflmaoO Says:

    i love brad pitt

  144. 144
    RotflmaoO Says:

    brangelina fans own me on a daily basis.

    i hate myself. i am a loser, you are a loser

  145. 145
    RotflmaoO Says:

    i am a cretin

  146. 146
    RotflmaoO Says:

    my other names are tasmin, cat and rats, lyn,

  147. 147
    Tamsin or Iamsin Says:

    Oh, lordy Lord, this child is still singing the same tune again. Why don’t you go ask your beloved man stealing herself if she’s as miserable as you right now. You are so pathetic. Angers will rotten your heart child. I repeat, this was not your marriage and the Jolie-Pitt will never read your rants, so go in peace and repent your sins to the lord.

  148. 148
    gracie Says:

    Her fans keeps telling us she is over Brad and mr gigolo is hotter but it’s obvious she is not. Her fans are here coz they can’t get over Brad dumping their fug idol for beautiful Angie. And they’re all losing their minds now, Angie is going to be Mrs Pitt.

  149. 149
    Tamsin Says:


    Actually I do believe that he tried heroin. That would explain how he bonded with St. Angie, you know, probably the first thing they discovered they had in common.

  150. 150
    NAN Says:

    I’m happy for Brad that he is very happy now with his new wife + 6 lovely children.
    Now The whole world knew who is Abnormal & Kaput.
    Just B @ R K I N G dogs,anyway your boss is always be The Loser.
    No A-D listers wanted her because of her opened mouth.
    Soon she will be with Z-list + bulldogs,

  151. 151
    Tamsin Says:


    Do you know how ironic is it for you to call others sheep?
    I appreciate that you give us a run down on JA’s projects, lots of things a I didn’t know about. I thought you weren’t a fan of JA, but I was wrong.

    Did you know that Angie was had four Razzie nominations back to back? Some of them were even double entries. JA has been hard pressed to follow up on such remarkable achievement, but so far St. Angie has kept a hold of that record. I’m pretty sure she’s very proud. I mean, “Life or Something Like it” is a timeless classic.

    Stil you couldn’t refute what I said about Plan B. It was all about Jen and Brad Grey’s influence and connections, but hey, there is no shame in admitting that. Everybody knows it. She couldn’t stand being involved any further with a lying cheating manskank.

    And yet you forget to mention that as part of Plan B she financed her then hubby’s star vehicle Troy, so the money he is using to build his little vanity projects (while trying to pass for an architect, no less) it came from the investments that his much wealthier wife made. Has his mistress realized that yet?

    I’m sorry that you’re butthurt that Tree of Life and Land of Blood and Hunny tanked at the box office but hey, there is only so much support a cheating sleazebag and his mistress can get. There’s always room for Mr and Mrs Smith part 2, right?

  152. 152
    Tamsin Says:


    Your nervous laughter tell me you’re scared that they might not go through with it at all, after all, as a dedicated fan you are indeed aware that well known for cheating on their partners and break commitments.

    I hear that guys who marry their mistresses aren’t always that fortunate.

  153. 153
    anustin Says:

    wtf!!! batman Theroux is 510,00?hehehehe

  154. 154
    Tamsin Says:

    @Tamsin or Iamsin:

    Does it bother you that you’re not invited to the pothead and the mistress’ next PR stunt aka their wedding? They don’t care about you at all, and yet you’re here defending them from god knows what.

  155. 155
    lurker Says:

    nope more like 5″6 lol he looks like a midget

  156. 156
    bdj Says:

    Beautiful pixs on facebook page

    People Mag reports the newly engaged couple and their kids have set up shop at the Royal Palm Hotel on the island of Santa Cruz. The hotel, a member of Leading Hotels of the World, is the only luxury hotel that’s actually located inside the Galapagos National Park. Reportedly, Brangelina and co. are staying in one of the hotel’s 10 villas which are equipped with living rooms, dining areas with fireplaces, jacuzzis and covered outdoor decks off the bedrooms and living spaces.

    But since those villas have only one or two bedrooms, we suspect that the family is renting out the hotel’s luxury residence, Villa Escalesia which has fourbedrooms in the main house, four and a half bathrooms, an infinity pool, whirlpool, steam bath, sun deck and bar, another suite on the villa grounds that can sleep up to four more nannies, er, people, unobstructed island views and total privacy. The residence also comes with an in-home chef, housekeeper, maitre’d and a personal concierge.

    If you have to ask how much this residence costs, then you aren’t Brangelina. Regular rooms, or verandas, at the hotel start around $320 a night. The villas start at $529 a night.

    [Photo: Villa Escalesia/Facebook]

  157. 157
    bdj Says:

    Brad and Angelina: Domestic Bliss
    The world’s two hottest stars discuss love, marriage, and playing house in Palm Springs. Brad Pitt collaborates with photographer Steven Klein to create this portfolio of images, while starring in it alongside his Mr. and Mrs. Smith costar and purported new love, Angelina Jolie. CLICK HERE to see W’s latest collaboration with Brad and Angelina. AND HERE to return to the W Classics archive.

  158. 158
    bdj Says:

    Blast from the past for the whiny hen. Often imitated but rarely duplicated. Just ask myboo Gerry and that constipated Baby Jane layout or frozen Nicole Kidman and Clive Owen. BP and AJ just sizzles in Domestic Bliss.

  159. 159
    Observer2 Says:

    Lenny’s connections? Really? She’s got so many connections that no A-List talent wants to work with her. She has to all but beg in interviews for people to please call her. She’s still waiting by the phone. Ring, please, ring.

    With such notable movies as MisManagement, Siht happens, The Switch and Wanderbust, the movie where she found twu love and no one cared. LOL.

    Such notable connections that her Echo films, is all but dead.

    You’re so far up Lenny’s **** that you’re swimming in the fecal matter that is her colon. Bend over and grab your ankles.

    Talk about being butt hurt. She’s got to do 4 movies, to make what Brad and Angelina make doing one.

    Brad’s worth over 200M, Lenny is on a losing streak. Bought little man is costing her money, not making her any.

    And it’s pretty sad that people have to go back a decade to say, hey, she was good in that one movie, remember? LOL.

    Speaking of razzies, Lenny was nominate for razzies for The Switch, TBH and JGWI. She’s batting 3 for 5 for her last movies. Good job!

  160. 160
    Tamsin Says:


    Yes, let’s be reminded of the shameless farce that they willingly took part of. Let’s celebrate a man and his mistress, and the lame asses they were cheating on at the time. Serves them right.

    Karma is a bigger ****** than St Angie ever will.

  161. 161
    bdj Says:

    NOLA-shot ‘The Paperboy’ and ‘Beasts of the Southern Wild’ added to Cannes 2012 lineup

    cannes film festival 2012 press conference.jpgThe official lineup for the 2012 Cannes Film Festival is announced during a news conference in France. Four titles with significant Louisiana links are among the 54 accepted this year into the prestigious film festival.

    Lee Daniels’ New Orleans-shot drama “The Paperboy” — starring Zac Efron, Matthew McConaughey, John Cusack and Nicole Kidman — will screen in competition at this year’s festival. Also, the Houma-shot Sundance Film Festival sensation “Beasts of the Southern Wild,” directed by New Orleans-based filmmaker Benh Zeitlin, has been added to the Un Certain Regard section.

    They join director Walter Salles’ “On the Road,” based on Jack Kerouac book and which filmed in New Orleans, among various other places around the country; and “Killing Them Softy,” director Andrew Dominick’s gritty crime drama starring Brad Pitt and which shot in New Orleans under the title “Cogan’s Trade.”

    Both “On the Road” and “Killing Them Softly” had previously been reported as part of the Cannes lineup.

    The 2012 Cannes Film Festival will be from May 16-27.

  162. 162
    bdj Says:

    The whiny paid hen should go celebrate Baby Jane stealing a short skinny jean wearing gold digger from his girlfriend of 14 years. Thus creating that dynamic duo, McGreedy and McNeedy. The rest is history.

  163. 163
    Observer2 Says:

    Domestic Bliss set the standard and every movie couple has been trying to recreate it since. Even Lenny, with Buttefinger Butler. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. LOL.

  164. 164
    lurker Says:

    beautiful,classic cannot be copied

  165. 165
    theresa Says:

    I wonder if these trolls, tamsin and friends, know that very few posters are responding to them. essentially, they are talking to themselves.

  166. 166
    Love the JoliePitts Says:

    “If you have to ask how much this residence costs, then you aren’t Brangelina.”
    Well, then, that is just how they roll! And they deserve it!
    Brad is saying -”Nothing is too good for my Mrs., and my kids. ”
    And we love you for it Brad!

  167. 167
    Love the JoliePitts Says:

    NAN! Nice to see you on board. You are always missed.
    Have a wonderful life, dear lady.

  168. 168
    Love the JoliePitts Says:

    BDJ, your comebacks are incomparable.
    Your zingers are enjoyable even when I don’t know who or what you are responding to.
    Thanks to all the fans for thumbing down the Troll.
    It is refreshing to be in a “you don’t have to read” – “Toll Free Zone”

  169. 169
    NAN Says:

    @ Love the JoliePitts.
    # 183
    Hi Love the JoliePitts and thank you.
    Have a wonderful life to you too.
    Hi To all JP fans around the world.

  170. 170
    facts not tabliod Says:

    Aniston DID NOT put in any money to become part of Plan B. She became part of Plan B by being Brad Pitt’s wife. Which is why she got NO money for Plan B when the divorced occurred. Also she go NO production credits for any of the movies that have been created after there separation. Her friend did for The Departed for the work she did but not her. She only rec’d is the rights to two stories that she has yet to make movie on and probably have lost the rights to them.

  171. 171
    briseis Says:

    Wow, two threads I had to catch up on. Thanks to all who thumbed down the trolls (or is it just one troll?) Don’t have to put up with their nonsense. But I can’t believe the stamina of this troll that keeps posting and posting all day and all night long. Must have been promised a huge bonus if it just kept on going and going and going ,,, like the energizer bunny.
    I truly and seriously envy the JP kids. The Galapagos Islands? All these places that I only read about or learned in Geography in school and they see them for reals. Sigh!

  172. 172
    Observer2 Says:


    Is McGreedy helping McNeedy with The Boring Girls? Ya know with all of her connections, this indie should have been a slam dunk. Instead, Stacey Snider, from DreamWorks put it into immediate turnaround. And Overnight put it on the shelf after MisManagement and Siht Happens flopped hard. But, we know that Lenny has got a hard flop sweat going on with Wanderbust, busting as badly as it did. They even trotted the wee one, threw a spray tan on him with sparking mascara, with his gold sparkly sneakers and they highjacked the movie for more of their tour of love and no one showed up.

    But, all is good, as Lenny will throw down and isn’t afraid to stretch herself by wearing no mascara or throwing on a dark wig.

    I just can’t figure why The Boring Girls hasn’t gotten made, nor any of the movies that were announced when Echo Films was announced.

    That’s how she maintains her wannabe B-List status. Hell, even CC gets to direct a full length movie for Lifetime, whereas, Lenny could only get a 12-15 minute short on Lifetime.

    McGreedy will stick around for a few more months. It’s apparent that CAA isn’t working their tails off for him. It’s a good thing that his writing and directing allows him to do such masterpieces as Charlies Angels 2, Your Highness and Wanderbust. With such a stellar resume, color me que surprised that he hasn’t hit it big time yet. And RDJ was so impressed with his IM2 script, that he went on record slamming it and hiring the screen writer from SH2 to write the script for IM3. Good thing, the balding hipster, skinny girl wearing douchster has his friendship with Stiller. You know everyone is just waiting with baited breath for Zoolander 2. Not.

    So, Lenny is going to be playing a part where she’s dying from Cancer in Beaches 2. Will she try and sing The Wind Beneath My Wings Part Deux? LOL.

  173. 173
    cats and rats Says:

    I come to make fun of all Ange mother she. Not no about. U talk no talk do not gave a shift* I have fun. You o bay cult leader or he bet fat button. Why you stay all day an night wonder of bloodsucker life. I come when my father in law an my mom in law and my boys and housbond have eat play bath play. What about u old women what u do for the day. Pray Ange she do not care for you or no. .u. u love her be good in her name. U sat in high chair an judge. Some u proper are. Crazy an lonely no friendss.

  174. 174
    theresa Says:


    no, it’s all one troll.

  175. 175
    Love the JoliePitts Says:

    Brad, Angelina and the children all look so happy to be on this vacation. So much good to celebrate and savor.
    I am overjoyed that Brad gave Angelina a beautiful engagement ring and that the two of them did not just run off and get married.
    They have seven lovely and joyous years together to celebrate and not just the beautiful engagement alone.
    The engagement brings with it the herald of a future that will be even more lovely and loving and beautiful and filled with so many more unexpected blessings of joy as they have experienced in the past and will experience as they go forward in their lives together as husband and wife and father and mother to their beautiful clan.
    Yes! You are doing it right Brad and Angelina. You are doing it the “Brangelina” way! You always set the tone and then others follow gladly acting as if they thought of it first. :)
    Looking forward to your perfect wedding, however you decide to present it.
    And the ring Brad designed is so spectacular the world cannot stop talking about it. It fits Angelina’s finger so beautifully and she wears it so gracefully, like the Lady of Class she is. It is clear she is thrilled to have it on her finger and she is proud to show it off as any woman in love would be. Its incredible beauty is a testament of Brad’s love for her and how much he cherishes her and what the family they have so beautifully created together means to him.
    Angelina said they (she and Brad), along with their children have a very warm and loving home. We give thanks that your home will continue to be filled with such warmth and love and joy and goodness for you all throughout eternity.
    A special extended double blessing is asked for you, Angelina, because of the unwarranted, hateful attacks leveled against you for so many years. We give thanks that the Universe of Love does not tolerate such injustice but instead protects those it loves and sets all things right. God’s blessings cover you always beautiful lady. You, Brad and all your children.

  176. 176
    Love the JoliePitts Says:

    @Love the JoliePitts:
    That should read “Troll free Zone” Not Toll Free Zone. Sorry! :)

  177. 177
    briseis Says:

    @theresa: That’s what I thought. Thanks.

    BTW, I had to go to that troll’s particular post when I read the comments about Plan B. I nearly busted a gut laughing at that troll’s assertion about Ticky’s money being used to finance Troy. Sheesh, if she is such the moneyed one, how come she hasn’t financed the Goree Girls which she has talked about ad infinitum ad nauseam. She even showed off her “singing” skills in Ellen. If she really had the money she could have financed TGG for what, about $20M? For a woman purportedly worth $110M she could have financed it if she actually believed in it and herself. But just crickets sound now about TGG … what happened to it after all the fanfare? Or is she planning to shoot it when she’s 50 and pretend that she looks 20-something?

  178. 178
    cats and rats Says:

    Troll come when u want to. Crazy Ange mothers not want truth.they talk bad all day of other. Do not talk bad of sex. In car an wall to bill much to here. If u come say what u like no talk to mean nasty bloodsucker fans not special.only fool them self thing them doing big job on site. Them can gave.can not take it sad

  179. 179
    nice! Says:

    Not only did Mr. and Mrs. Smith get Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie together, it also gave movie fans one of the hottest fight scenes of all time.

  180. 180
    Tamsin Says:

    @Love the JoliePitts:


    The JPs won’t ever thank you for such poetic prose. But perhaps they’ll reward you with a restraining order if you get near them. How sad.

  181. 181
    Young at heart Says:


    Goody! That means we will see pictures of Brad and Angie.

  182. 182
    Tamsin Says:


    Oh Theresa. No one with a functioning brain would ever care about the pothead and his mistress, it’s no wonder you think there is only one person posting here.

    You think I am alone in this? Jesus dear, you are naive. Just check out other blogs and how much hate these two gather. Their fanbases have dwindled because everybody has realized see how desperate they are, and everybody is also disgusted at how they exploit their children in their neverending quest for fame and power. All they have left is a few loons and their hired paps to keep them relevant.

  183. 183
    Observer2 Says:

    LMOA! I love how someone that claims to hate them, has way too much time on their hands that they go from blog to blog.

    Brad and Angelina own you, ******! Bow down. Good times.

  184. 184
    cats and rats Says:

    All old Ange mother hen run an hide. Them obay. .them cult leader. Luckier. Luçker speak them here he/her. The boss.Policemen of site.he very proud of he self he fuel. No one can speck to troll. Site more fun when u read to side. Not one. But lurker to dumb to know that. When troll come to site not for old women or want friend.but to laugh an have fun for a day. In my. County we post on gossip. Bloog. Free we disagree.on mannything. . Never tell other what to do or say. No bossman.all free to say what he/she like.ok lurker cult. Boss.

  185. 185
    briseis Says:

    @Observer2: Yep, the troll has parked her behind in every recent JP thread, and keeps asserting that the JPs have lost their fanbase and relevance. And yet she is here to what — convince us that SHE is right and we who are real fans are wrong??? Boy, the JPs really own her and her ilk. What is funny is that when the rest of us have gone to bed she will still be posting her twaddle.

  186. 186
    hahahahaha Says:

    LOL, 7 years and 6 kids and all she gets is a “promise ring”…wow how desperate is she to stay with him

  187. 187
    One Go Says:

    A well deserved family fun vacation. Go Jolie-Pitts

  188. 188
    Love the JoliePitts Says:

    As if we didn’t already know the insane Troll multiple posting on this thread under so many different names is the very SAME hateful Troll posting the same hate messages multiple times on every Brad and Angelina Blog under many more different names.
    Thanks for confirming what we ALL already know to be a FACT!

  189. 189
    cats and rats Says:

    Tamsi. That good one.them never see dump love letters or porms .old woman. No invite to wedding. U be sat. On fat. Button. An see on Tv. Or run to. Buy Mag’s. That u all say lie. When it sute. U to buy the lie u do make u fake fake lief. Who speak up to lurker tazzy them shot she time will one of you. U turn. On other fans here. Stand up for u John wayne. The ducke

  190. 190
    Aussie Girl Says:

    I lolve it when I open this site and see beautiful happy family up the top?All the kids are great-but little Viv is just so cute and cheeky looking!!
    You guys might have said this,but are they really getting on a big bus??
    What a great couple!
    Now,to go back and read the bomments,I read the first page and always love the thoughtful and Factual comments. I did catch a couple of comments on page one–Who is Hyena??
    Yes—The trolls are def melting down,one in fact I’m sure will soon be carted off screaming–I love JA…I can’t spell…I am a perverted..I love Ticky…..I have disrespected Ticky code by saying I hate JTX..They got engaged,wtf they were supposed to split 6yrs ago…AHHhh..I’m a nutty hen….AHHh

  191. 191
    Observer2 Says:

    @Love the JoliePitts:

    I know right. It’d be sad, if it weren’t so funny.

    They’re owned by Brad and Angelina and well, by us. LOL.

  192. 192
    MJ Says:

    @Tamsin: Ohh! Slow down Mr. Stephanie Huvane. You keep making up stories. You better be careful on your GAY MOUTH because if Brad Pitt have enough from you, all Ticky’s dirty laundry will come out maybe with the help from Vince V. and Ticky’s other SPORTS F*CK. Maybe Brad Pitt will tell the whole world that when he was married to her, they used to do sex like a groupie style with Ticky’s circle of friends and taking some kind of drug pills. I’m sure you remember that on one of the blind items last 2004. Brad Pitt already confess that during his marriage to that BORING ONE, what he has been doing was smoking marijuana together with his boring wife. I’m sure you joined them too many times. So, don’t lose Brad Pitt’s patience because if that time comes, you better be ready and your client better be ready because when Ticky’s dirty laundry will come out to the public, she can’t handle it, Brad don’t have a problem to his family about the truth because they use to it. I understand why you work so hard on your job like making up lies against THE JOLIE PITT because you just want to cheer up your client from drowning herself with vodka. I guess, McGreedy’s presence didn’t help at all ha? Poor woman. Oh! well, that’s karma for her. For us fans, we are anxious waiting for the JOLIE PITT, the wedding of the century. ‘LOVE THEM.

  193. 193
    Jen the hag Says:

    bwahahaha hater are really losing it .. and are all delusional .. just think FUGLY BARREN HAG loser if Brad and Angelina have few fans why is this engagement news is played all over the world ? Just because the bulk of Brad and Angelina fans all over the world don’t go from site to site to post about them. But their movies earned hundred millions of dollar and still the highest paid actor/actress in HW but MANISTON who got a lot of troll depending her .. her MOVIES BOMBED in the box office .. these only show MANISTON got few fans or just that they are all talk but don’t go see her movies whereas Angelina’s fans do not post all over the internet but SUPPORT HER MOVIES and HER !!! So FUGLY HENS stop your delusional rant and accept the fact that Angelina Jolie is an ICON and love all over the world. The only HW actress known even in remote villages in Asia is Angelina .. if you ask MANISTON.. they scratch their head and asked JENNIFER ANISTON WHO?????

  194. 194
    Tamsin or Iamsin Says:

    May the wrath of god be with you child.

  195. 195
    fyi1 Says:

    @<a href="/2012/04/20/angelina-jolie-brad-pitt-post-engagement-vacation-with-the-kids/comment-page-9/#comment-21756921"

    MJ, great post! Sadly, the morons can not comprehend because, like you said they are delusional and love to try & rewrite history….Unfortunately for them, JP fans have interviews on video and print to prove them wrong with real facts!. And JP fans have proven them wrong over & over again for the past 7 damn years!. Pathetic Jen fans are HURTING BIG TIME! Time to celebrate! Woohoo!!!

  196. 196
    busted Says:

    Wow the hag is still here.. No life.

    Let’s see we the fans have been living the truth about the Jolie-Pitts for over 7 years. Brad and Angie are together happy, with kids, successful, caring and giving.

    and all the crap the hags are posting have not come true.

    So are reality is

    Jolie[-Pitt fans..7+ and the hags… O

    to quote Charlie… WINNING.. WINNING ..WINNING… LOL

  197. 197
    fyi1 Says:

    .Well why not….let’s drive the trolls crazy with this blast from the past posted a few hrs ago.

  198. 198
    Love the JoliePitts Says:

    I would like to reiterate what has already been said by several JP fans on JP Threads many times and for anyone who may still be suffering under the delusion that Ms. Aniston has a large fan base anywhere in this world.

    Ms Aniston’s Troll uses pre-scripted, formulaic messages to post hate on every Brad and Angelina Thread, especially on Angelina’s Threads and especially on DM.
    It is simply a matter of copy pasting the SAME hate messages on every blog, sometimes altering the sentences to feign the message is different. But it is not. It has only been scrambled to look different.
    That is why it is not even necessary to read what the Troll has to say. It posts the SAME hateful messages everywhere over and over again. It NEVER changes. Sometimes it pretends to be completely illiterate in its posts so you can’t tell it is the SAME person.
    As has been stated before by others,….please forgive me for repeating what is a FACT!
    The Troll’s sole purpose when it invades a JP thread with its hateful posts is to disrupt any happy and positive talk about the JPs. Its purpose is to attack the JPs everywhere, especially to viciously attack Angelina on every blog it finds an article about her. E.g. DM, CB, JJ, et al.
    The Troll becomes extremely vicious in its attacks when the conversations on the JJ JP threads focus on and become too many and too negative about Ms. Aniston. Any JP fan telling the truth about Ms Aniston and her antics is not to be tolerated by the Troll and will be attacked by the Troll.
    It is written in the Troll’s contract.
    Please, JP Fans, try and remember:
    You need to understand you truly are not responding to a real person with real feelings when you answer a Troll.
    And the Troll LOVES it when you attack them personally.
    It is the Troll’s function to draw you away from attacking Ms. Aniston. The Troll truly does not care if you call it jealous, fat, lonely, bitter or ugly or talk about its mother or its children.
    Better you call the Troll names than direct your truths against Aniston. After all, the Troll is being paid to protect Aniston’s “faux innocent” image at all cost.
    (Let me be very clear here: Please do not take these statements as my endorsement of attacks on Ms. Aniston.) I am just stating facts.
    2. When you get caught in the web of communicating back and forth with the Troll it means the Troll has literally CAPTURED you and LOCKED you in. And now the Troll DICTATES what YOU will discuss on the Board. You no longer have a say as to what you want to talk about. The Troll will control the conversation.

    3. The Toll will continue to talk its nonsense to you as long as you are its willing CAPTIVE!
    And this is a complete waste of your time because -
    It wants ONLY your attention so it can deflect, deflect, deflect.
    In conclusion, please ask yourself -
    Do you really want to let some insane fool grab you by the tail and CONTROL what comes out of your mouth, and when and how many times over and what YOU think and what you feel you must defend when there is truly nothing to defend?
    This is why people who work in insane asylums must leave the asylum’ grounds every two weeks like clock work, lest they begin believing the Asylum’s environment is a microcosm of the real world and buy into the insane inmates behavior and start communicating on the insane person’s level. It is for their own protection.
    Just like NOT communicating with a Troll is for your own protection. (I am being a bit facetious here….please bear with me.) Thank you.
    Anison’s movies bombing left and right tells you how “big” her REAL fan base is. DO NOT BE FOOLED BY THE MANY DIFFERENT NAMES the TOLL POSTS UNDER.
    Take control of what YOU want to post and don’t let some idiot tell you what to do.
    There are ways to answer a Troll’s madness without responding directly to it. BDJ and others do it all the time. Learn from them. They are great examples.
    That being said —-
    If you still choose to respond to a Troll, that is your prerogative to do so.
    Thank you for your patience. Please forgive my lengthy posts.

  199. 199
    everyone in HW hates AJ Says:

    angelina will NEVER live down her “right leg” – she made an idiot of herself in front of the WHOLE academy: STUPID GIRL! no wonder she will never be invited back

  200. 200
    Aussie Girl Says:

    Wow, that was some fun reading! Wow Again for the major meltdown from troll,Page 4 was out of control. Oh except for the wonderful articles from bdj-So factual and interesting. I did read a few posts from troll then just totally ignored all posts from two names,as suggested. The hen I was referring to in my above post is not here b/c she cannot spell and is perverted.
    I went to the supermarket yest and the new WHO(like U.S.People) mag was on sale and they have a beautiful front cover pics,then lines like—
    All the details,How Brad proposed,The kids reaction then they f.uck it all up by including Jen’s reaction. Are you kidding me?? This would happen with no other couple.Who gives a rats how JA feels that her Ex of 7yrs got engaged. Why ruin a lovely story with comment about a long ago EX. Look how fast other HW couples move on.
    That being said I found some old mags a couple of days ago,when getting rid of stuff and I come across this mag with JA on the cover with the headline, JA&VV Pregnant and engaged-First I laughed so hard,then checked the date DEC 2005,so what is the f/ing prob. In pics she’s all over VV by the end of ’05?? Peeps think Brad and Angie moved fast etc but SS was in VV bed before the year was out as well. SMH.
    On a side note,the troll I refered to says JA does not wear tiny bikini’s-WTF Thanks to every-one who are true fans and post facts,I nearly gave up this site about 2 weeks ago after a sex ually perveted troll said some horrid things about the whole family-Really upsetting stuff,so thanks TRUE J-P fans!!

  201. 201
    CLINIQUA Says:

    Oh my WOW…have you seen this girl, she does these amazing transformations of herself into beauty icons using makeup…of course she does the most beautiful woman in the world, Angelina…and she is spot on:

  202. 202
    marina Says:

    @Love the JoliePitts:
    I have wondered why a celebrity like x would like to be followed by such dumb “fans”. One thing is to get paid to defend her and another is to be linked to such illiterate, perverted, totally negative horrible trolls.
    Tnx to your post now I understan better. This is why some hens have tried to detach themselves from being Ticky fans. They say that they aren’t fans of her, but that they do hate AJ and are trying to “expose” her.
    Please. The woman has been the blank of relentless attacks for year, going on a decade, while ticky was already moving on with VV, Grip boy, sport f boy, that model, Mayer, et al and home wrecking some friends marriage and shortie’s relationship.
    These hypocrite attacks on AJ and BP’s relationship, children and appearance was what made me a fan moreso that their acting.

  203. 203
    CLINIQUA Says:

    Bahahaha, you know that apt in NYC that Maniston bought and never lived in? Well, she just lost a half mil on it. What an idiot. Lol

  204. 204
    theresa Says:

    briseis @ 04/20/2012 at 9:58 pm

    you have to give our little troll credit. he or she is persistent.

  205. 205
    Love the JoliePitts Says:

    @Aussie Girl:
    I saw in the supermarket the Nat’l Enquire’s headline….”Jen collapses – she never thought Brad would marry, etc.”
    I think we will see some major PR control of the press by Huvie after a screaming headline like that making Aniston look even more pathetic than she already is. Of course they had the worst picture of Jen (which is NOT hard to find) on their front cover. Well, I think Huvie has already started damage control with the headline….”Jen is happy for Brad!”
    No one in their right mind believes that lie after she has spent seven years viciously attacking him and Angelina and their children every chance she could. Whether by her own mouth or the mouth of Handler and others.
    She thinks if she says that Heid will say the same for her and Justin and absolve her of all the guilt she should feel for being the HOMEWRECKER she truly is. Breaking up a 14 years long relationship between a man and his common law wife.
    Of course, I believe NOTHING the Enquire says, but Huvie used that rag in the past, and probably still does, to attack Angelina so what he gave out is coming right back to his meal ticket.
    And this is her payback for using her bitter divorce to ride Brad and Angelina’s back for years with her double message of “No one cheated but………” and then encouraging her hateful hens to fill in the rest with their endless lying, disgusting stories of how Brad cheated on Jen with Angelina to ignite an insane triangle that should never have been instigated by Aniston.
    Aniston is the architect of the “destroy Angelina at all costs” campaign which she has been waging for the last 7 years with her money buying writers and “sources” and posters to lie their black hearts out about a woman who NEVER did her one day’s harm. She built her house of horrors and now it is closing in all around her and her face shows the fear.
    I can almost believe she has little Charlie Manson on lockdown because she can’t afford to have him bailing now when she is looking so desperate. Stealing Biven’s husband at the same time attacking Angelina accusing her of doing what she (Aniston herself) has done. And when the heat got too hot out she comes with her lying tongue….”there was never any triangle….Brad and I get along” and all the other bull she spouts trying to paint herself as “clean” in the eyes of the public after what she did to Heidi. When her own father said she and Brad do NOT talk.
    All the retribution her few fans have called down on Angelina is literally falling on Aniston for being the world’s biggest HYPOCRITE and LIAR, accusing yet being guilty of the very thing she accused another of, who did not do what she has done.
    She invested so much money trying her best to tear down Angelina and all she has managed to to do is destroy herself.
    As the famous poet said, ….”be careful who you did a ditch for lest you fall into it your self.”
    Aniston….your ditch is but a few steps away from you.
    Again, I apologize for a lengthy post. It was not intentional. I am just disgusted with what that woman has put this nation through.

  206. 206
    Love the JoliePitts Says:

    “These hypocrite attacks on AJ and BP’s relationship, children and appearance was what made me a fan moreso that their acting.”
    It is amazing how so many new Brad and Angelina fans have been won over in the same way as you.
    Thank you for sharing that.

  207. 207
    just me Says:

    @Love the JoliePitts: I have been thumbing down posts that are replying to the trolls even if they are positive to the JPs or if they are regular fans, if the trolls name appear on their reply.

    Like you, I really like the way bdj answers the trolls.

  208. 208
    MJ Says:

    @everyone in HW hates AJ: Ahhh! Poor you woman. All awards organizers always begging Angie to be there either as a presenter or just a special guest. Organizers in these awards always make a special seat just for them, always in the front. Never seen of Brad and Ticky got that special treatment during their merger marriage. These organizers respect Brad and Angie for their works. Look at the Cannes Festival, Brad and Angie always have a special moment walking in the red carpet but when Brad was with Ticky for Troy, they were just ordinary nothing special. While Ticky on the other hand, she always begged organizers to be a presenter even though many times she failed to read the teleprompter and yet she keeps begging to do it just for attention. That’s how PATHETIC Ticky is. Don’t worry honey, Angie will be there for more Oscars but maybe next time she won’t be a presenter, she will be the winner. Just watch and see. And for Ticky, no hope for Oscar, Razzie Award absolutely!

  209. 209
    everyone in HW hates AJ Says:


  210. 210
    Anjolie Says:

    Love the JoliePitts @ 04/20/2012 at 11:31 pm

    “2. When you get caught in the web of communicating back and forth with the Troll it means the Troll has literally CAPTURED you and LOCKED you in. And now the Troll DICTATES what YOU will discuss on the Board. You no longer have a say as to what you want to talk about. The Troll will control the conversation.”
    Thank you for your post Love the JoliePitts!
    Some of us should start thumbing down fans that reply to trolls directly.

  211. 211
    Love the JoliePitts Says:

    @just me: .
    Please hear me out. I want to be very clear here.
    I have never, at any time, asked any fan to thumb down any other fan who responds to a Troll. This is a public forum and people are free to do as they will.
    I have thanked the fans for thumbing down the Troll so I don’t have to see their post. I know how to bypass a Troll’s post when I see one. And I try not to read them when and if they are visible.
    I truly hope the fans will begin to see that the Troll only wants to sucker them into a conversation where the JP fan spends all its time defending Angelina or Brad against accusations the TROLL KNOWS are not true.
    The Troll asks the SAME STUPID QUESTIONS over and over all the time because the TROLL knows that is what works to entice the JP fan. Especially a new fan.
    The TROLL has heard the answer already thousands of times over in many different ways over the many years. Unfortunately the JP fan that gets suckered in does not know that.
    The TROLL probably KNOWS the answer far better than the JP fan and can practically recite it rote. The TROLL could also write the answer verbatim and probably far better than the fan can because the Troll has heard the answer delineated over and over again and from far better and more knowledgeable fans than some of the novices who respond to the Troll.
    I do not blame the fan for trying to respond. Sometimes it is very hard to listen to the Troll’s lies over and over and not respond with the truth. And THAT is what the Troll counts on to ensnare the fan.
    Also, some new fans are helped by the answers. But the answers can be given w/o communicating directly with the Troll. Especially, do not reply to the Troll by name. It lives for that.
    Just notice how the Troll will ask the fan the same questions today that it asked yesterday and will ask tomorrow. The questions never change.
    What baffles me is the fan who does not recognize the same stupid questions again and again. But it is a learning lesson for that fan and it is not my place to interfere.
    I wrote my post with the hope that the fans would see the Troll’s simple agenda and not buy into it.
    The GOAL of the Troll is to always suck the fan into defending Angelina of things which the TROLL KNOWS ARE NOT TRUE and get the fan to stop talking about Aniston. The Troll wants to make the thread all about Angelina’s past and the anger Jen feels for what was done to her. Never mind Jen says it never happened. Jen wants revenge.
    What Jen has done to Heidi Bivens is the only thing keeping Jen in check lately. The public has not forgotten that. That is why Jen is desperately trying to portray herself as having changed and having “buried the hatchet.” Yes she has always been the one with the vendetta hatchet. Brad and Angelina have always tried to just live their lives.

    This nonsense is a game the Troll plays daily, and sadly it works for some until they learn to stop playing the game.
    But everyone has to come to that conclusion when it is right for them.

  212. 212
    JP Kids Make Wedding Plates Says:

    mostly silly, but interesting about the no-fly zone, but Brad being “gutted” is probably tab junk…I doubt Brad or Angie would need to helo around with the type(s) or movies that are on-deck. WWZ was HUGE w/ zombies, etc.
    Brad, his fiancée Angelina Jolie and their six children will be staying in the UK for an extended period while Ange works on three films. She will have the kids back in their favourite pottery painting shop in Richmond right away – it saves paying out for posh plates at their nuptials.

  213. 213
    bebeca Says:

    Old news! old pictures!!!! they have been there since last Tuesday

  214. 214
    A Little Over Five Years Ago Says:

    Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie go out for a ice cream run with baby Zahara, 2, at a Baskin-Robbins ice cream shop on Saturday afternoon in Los Feliz, Calif. Angelina stayed in the car, while Brad (wearing a fedora and these same gold sunglasses) and Zahara (wearing Adidas kicks) picked up an ice cream cake..

    JJ Note: Apologies, proper photo licenses to publish the real pictures could not be acquired. Enjoy the Photoshop creation with a sprinkles of creativity and the Baskin Robbins mascot Basky!! You can view thumbnails of the Pitt ice cream outing here.

  215. 215
    just me Says:

    @Love the JoliePitts: I have been thumbing them down since jj started this feature. It is just me that I do not want to see the trolls name and being given importance. To me they should not be acknowledged at all. I have that right to thumb them down just like the trolls have the right to do as they please. I have been lurking from the beginning . I have read everything that was posted on this blog since Shiloh was born, guli and all. I also know when you came on board on a different name.
    I have admired Angie for all the things she has done and has been doing to help the children of the world. She has a loving heart that is
    very rare in Hollywood.

  216. 216
    Passing Through Says:

    Dang…It was rag on Ticky’s quasi Plan B “partnership” night and I missed it! Bummer…cuz you guys know I have all those Variety articles proving Ticky was NEVER a full partner in Plan B that I’ll gladly share with the hen. Aw, what the hell…I may be later to the party but the hen obvs needs an eduction. The relevant part is below, the rest of the article is at the link…
    Posted: Sun., Jun. 2, 2002, 6:33pm PT
    Brads mad for WB pact
    Grey, Pitt, Aniston ink development, prod’n deal
    In a partnership that will test the hypothesis that two Brads are better than one, Brad Grey and Brad Pitt have formed a motion picture company that has been staked to a first-look, first-dollar gross deal at Warner Bros. (PT: Dear Twoll – Please note that this says “two Brad” and not “two Brad’s and one leech”.)
    The three-year venture is a 50/50 partnership between the Brads, with “Friends” star Jennifer Aniston also an equity partner. Aniston comes to the venture by way of a producing deal she and her husband Pitt have had at WB for the past year under the Bloc banner. (PT: Dear Twoll – Since we know reading comprehension isn’t your strong suite…This means that Ticky was NOT a full and equal partner with the 2 Brads. She was part of Plan B due to having been Brad’s partner in a previous producing venture and that investment was rolled over into Plan B. In hindsight I’m sure both Brads wished they’d given Ticky cash instead of letting her come in the back door of Plan B on Brad’s coattail. Then again, in hindsight I’m sure Brad is sorry he ever married the bloodsucking trick.)

  217. 217
    oy Says:

    There are already plenty of lizards on the Galapagos Islands. There’s no need to send the paparazzi down there.

  218. 218
    Jen the hag Says:

    Ahh MANISTON must be drunk dialing her pr agent since the news came out about Brad and Angie being engaged .

    Maniston to huvane: Pleaseee think of something that will not make me look pathetic now that my X put a ring to that “woman” . Find me a man taller and more handsome than Brad and more famous. Get rid of THEROXNESAUROS that you hired to be my BF .. my fans don’t like him…wahh wahh wahh!!

    Huvane: Hello are you crazy there is no man more handsome and more famous than brad that would take a 45 year old NEUROTIC woman like you. Be thankful that Brad was on pot when he married you. Why do you think he was in therapy a year after your wedding and since then smoking pot when he was with you. it’s because you’re so damn insecure, boring and needy …..ha think about that!!

  219. 219
    Jen the hag Says:

    oy @ 04/21/2012 at 4:14 am

    Maybe we could send TAMSIN and the rest of the fugly hag to be fed to the galapagos shark or crocs out there bwahahhahah!!

    Oh the second THOUGHT I pity those shark or crocks that will eat them since these hags are not even tasteful and full of fats I think even the sharks/crocs will SPIT THEM OUT!! BWAHAHAHHH

  220. 220
    Premalee Says:

    @ BDJ #178

    You go girl.

    @Love the JoliePitts! #214 and 229

    Excellent posts.

  221. 221
    Aussie Girl Says:

    @Love the JoliePitts: Thanks great advice for both newbies and oldies.I have been lurking since Shi was born and it has been a privalige to follow this wonderful family and see it grow.
    At various times I have disappeared for awhile b/c it all dot to vicious esp before JJ put it the thumb buttons.
    I have taken some of the fans posts and try not to direct comments to trolls directly. Unfortunatly I did just what you said and got caught with a hateful,lying troll which really upset me. So,I will do as you all suggest and not even read them at all now! Thanks

    Also–Just saw another of our tabs-Unbeivable-well I do believe it b/c it’s a tab. It has a split cover with Angie and X and the headline Race to the Alter,inside complete BS about who’s getting married where and when.As if they would know,as if any one does!
    I also think that Ticky knows her popularity is dwindling to nothing and the public have had enough at last. We always said Karma would bite her back HARD!
    Thanks for advice!

  222. 222
    gracie Says:

    # 236 Jen the hag @ 04/21/2012 at 4:24 am +5


  223. 223
    Rose Says:

    Good morning fans, hoping all have a great day.
    @Premalee, Great to see you dropped by to say hello, take care.
    @Love the Jolie Pitts, #229, great post and advice. Agreed with everything you have said. However, we all know that it’s hard to have everyone on the same page. Another thing, I would recommend, keep posting and reporting this comment because some fans drop in and out and never see all comments posted. What I’ve been trying to do is When I feel the need to reply to a troll I’ll advise that hen not to reply to me because I will not have a dialogue going. I say what I have to and then I’m done for the day, I don’t keep it going or I’ll reply without referring to troll by name, JMO.
    @Jen the Hag, #236, love the part about SS drunk dialing her PR , that’s priceless. Also love the THEROXNESURO, I going to steal that one from
    you. I must say we have very smart fans here.

  224. 224
    gracie Says:

    214 Love the JoliePitts, Thank you for reiterating that — exellent post. When good things happen to the JPs and fans are happy and manny is made the laughing stock, trolls get pissed and frustrated and they come here in their droves spamming, trying to take control of the thread, we know that’s their tactics but we should never let them succeed. Thank you for reminding us to watch out for these low lives and their activities/agendas.

  225. 225
    cats and rats Says:

    Cult boss what we do to day master.I wait of commond sr.luckier.he take u right away.tell u duties. Now all night. Pray all Ange mother.u all go to wedding yea.u get pay yea. Love u .love u girl.go u more them me self yea. Manny Manny to day on other person an Jan. No one do same on sec in car.sec on wall.kiss brother in mouth. .blood on she.trask.

  226. 226
    Rose Says:

    Following up on my #241 post, I have never given a fan a red thumb. Whenever I disagree with a fan I just skip, no up or down thumb. IMO we are all entitled to our thoughts. Fans who wants to red arrow, thats their choice which I respects. However, whenever I see a troll, I automatically use my option by thumbing down trolls. I’m figuring if you are NOT A FAN, stay away from Brad Angie thread, JMO.

  227. 227
    Young at heart Says:

    Such a normal family. Love them.

  228. 228
    LLM Says:

    I think those recent trolls are Pig Ian paid posters. I remember before and after IUC breaking news about JP engagement reason is to revive JP’s brand etc….those trolls names become more active here they even tried to convince us about their lies. Pig Ian probably is afraid of those gullible Jen Hens finally wisen up, realize it is the end of their dream (which is the fact), less Jen Hens come to his blog, that’s why the trolls are here 24/7 and Pig Ian continue to persuade those stoopid hens about his lies. Again, I don’t come here very often, I am on short term vacay for the last 2 weeks, that’s why I check JJ almost everyday. I think Huvane’s job is to put Jen in a not bitter everything is ok with her because the engagment is inevitable. That what I observed. This is just my opinion.

  229. 229
    Premalee Says:

    @ Rose #241

    We should save the advice which “Love the JoliePitts!” have given us and repost them on every new thread. Where do you get these kind of jealous lunatic trolls and for them to think we JP die hard fans are going to stop posting on JJ.

    Brad and Angelina will always win in the end.

  230. 230
    anustin Says:

    Anjolie @ 04/21/2012 at 1:37 am +12

    Love the JoliePitts @ 04/20/2012 at 11:31 pm

    “2. When you get caught in the web of communicating back and forth with the Troll it means the Troll has literally CAPTURED you and LOCKED you in. And now the Troll DICTATES what YOU will discuss on the Board. You no longer have a say as to what you want to talk about. The Troll will control the conversation.”
    Thank you for your post Love the JoliePitts!
    Some of us should start thumbing down fans that reply to trolls directly.

    lady.if u are the Anjolie from b4…i miz ur azz.

  231. 231
    LLM Says:

    Weng, I miss Maria too.

  232. 232
    Dakota Says:

    Good morning JP fans. Informative material on handling trolls. Thanks. :) Ignoring trolls =Irritated trolls.

  233. 233
    Anjolie Says:

    @Weng/anustin, LLM

    Yeah,that’s me!Miss posting with you guys,have been too busy the last months but will be back to the Grotto very soon ;-)

  234. 234
    RotflmaoO Says:

    @Passing Through: Thoughts on dear leaders hairline and Knox trying to swan dive out of his armz? 2 painful?

  235. 235
    busted Says:


    Knox is obviously holding a toy or something with both hands.. not trying to leave his Dad’s arms.

    but comprehension visually or auditory has never been the strong characteristic of a HAG

  236. 236
    RotflmaoO Says:

    @busted: Riiight…Brangelina and the infamous rose colored glasses.

  237. 237
    anustin Says:

    anjolie…yeyyyyyy… !!!welcome back baby.

  238. 238
    anustin Says:

    lurker @ 04/20/2012 at 8:00 pm +19

    nope more like 5″6 lol he looks like a midget

    nah ah…what i mean is the price of his “peen” hehehehe

    thanks babe.

  239. 239
    dawne Says:

    Re the ‘ignoring’ of the trolls….reminds me of something else.

    Years ago I was a manager at Bell Canada and had to train my customer service reps how to handle subscribers who were plagued by ‘annoyance calls, obscene, threatening or otherwise.

    They were instructed to advise the customer ………no matter what horrendous thing was said to them………to stay perfectly silent….no reaction……..not a word or protest, anger or outrage………d e a d silence. Then quietly hang up.

    Now how much fun was that for the annoyance caller……….zero. They typically stopped the harangue before we had to file a police report.

    For the annoyance caller…….the fun was over. No reaction meant they didn’t get their ‘thrill’ by upsetting or shocking the target.

    Worked like a charm………as it would with the trolls if we were 100% consistent with our ‘non reaction’………total silence and quiet disregard.

    Just thought I’d share that. I have decided to completely ignore them no matter what red meat they throw at us. It is our reaction they are seeking……there are not interested in a debate……’s like a nasty kid teasing a dog incessantly……..who just wants to play.

  240. 240
    fyi1 Says:

    I usually don’t like to give links to CB but these pictures of Lenny & Squiggy had me in stitches. LMAO!

  241. 241
    LLM Says:

    Anjolie @ 04/21/2012 at 10:39 am

    Thumb up Thumb down +10

    @Weng/anustin, LLM

    Yeah,that’s me!Miss posting with you guys,have been too busy the last months but will be back to the Grotto very soon ;-)

    Nice to see you post again.
    I miss the old enthousiatic days.

    Have a nice weekend JP fans, get to go out. Bye

  242. 242
    chunky pipe Says:

    …hahahahahahahhaahahaha…all that non-sense about ignoring trolls…now, passing through will come here and rebutt every comment with her ‘so called facts’ but is just an opinion like everyone has…hahahahahahahahahaha

    …and that one poster who used to be named ‘jen’ still writes too damn much…she’s never edited in her life?…hahahahahahahaha

  243. 243
    fyi1 Says:

    A very nice video by a JP fan for another fan as a birthday present. Cute!

  244. 244
    fyi1 Says:

    More imitations of Angie’s gorgeous ring.. Bradley, you did great!–Angelina-Jolies-500-000-diamond-engagement-ring-knock-version-available-just-1-200.html

  245. 245
    PJ Says:


    Thanks for the info, I am still in shock looking at the photo I have never seen a neck like that before.

    Love the JPs hope they are having a great holiday.

  246. 246
    Rose Says:

    @dawne: Dawn, I like your analogy. This treatment works for people who are not afflicted with mental illness. I have worked with clients with mental illness, sometimes all the ignore therapy, as per Drs orders only cause more extreme behavior, especially the with female clients. They will fight staff and other clients just for attention, when they are ignored. The only thing that’s works is a shot of Ativan 2mg, I’m. Or medication and seclusion. Works like a charm. Within fifteen minutes they are fast asleep. I can write you a book to show how far mentally I’ll clients will go for attention, even if they have to take a life. All I’m saying
    at times we are dealing with the mentally I’ll on these threads. I’m all for ignoring the trolls and have been practicing this skill I learned years ago, but we have to remember not all trolls are sane people.

  247. 247
    Life's a Blog Says:

    Absolutely thrilled that they are so happy with their HUGE family! Love seeing Brad as a doting father!

  248. 248
    who Says:

    Knox is busy. A teddy bear under one arm and what looks like a dvd in his hands. So many things to see, so many things to hold. LOL These kids are too cute.

  249. 249
    fyi1 Says:

    Jack Black giving marriage advice to Angie & Brad about sex life. LOL

  250. 250
    Rose Says:

    @fyi1: @fyi1: @fyi1#249, just looked at that knocked off ring, it does not look anything like Angie’s fabulous ring to me. When you looked at Angie’s ring you can see the craftsman ship as something that’s far superior to the knockoff.

  251. 251
    anustin Says:

    lol Maniston is doing a great job for taking away the batman Theroux.

  252. 252
    Passing Through Says:

    # 232 LLM @ 04/21/2012 at 10:15 am
    I think Ticky’s hens would have wisened up to the fact that Brad was never coming back a lot quicker had any of the 4,000 men Ticky’s fvcked since Brad dumped her found her tolerable in the anything more than the face-down doggy position. Unfortunately she turned her head to the side and kept right on talking. Ho just does not know when to STFU. Therefore every guy that hit it ran like hell afterwards because the woman is just too damned annoying, neurotic, clingy, desperate and obsessed with having the public think she’s the catch of a lifetime – and as powerful in HW as Brad and Angie are. If any of those men had been looking for a Sugar Mama like Squiggy then Ticky would have found a guy a long time ago. Even the 2 nobodies that she dated (that we know about) quit the ho. “Yeah, she’s richer than hell…but she’s just too fvcking annoying to put up with for longer than it takes to bust a nut. And the shrine to Brad Pitt in her bathroom is just fvcking creepy!” Now that’s she’s seemingly found a guy who’s willing to put up with her – and her equally annoying hens – her fans are upset that he’s nobody and might be taking advantage of her. Oh well…be careful what you ask for next time and you should have been more specific when asking God for a man Ticky’s neediness & desperation didn’t scare away.

  253. 253
    RotflmaoO Says:

    Dear leader we our praying for your weave. It’s ubeweavable, find the wiglet superglue.

  254. 254
    fyi1 Says:


    ITA Rose, but the best form of flattery I heard is imitation! I think it shows how much JP family is loved, adored and how much everyone around the world is rooting for this wonderful family.
    Yep, the knock-off can not be compared to Angie’s ring BUT some folks who admire them might get a ring they could afford.

  255. 255
    RotflmaoO Says:

    Dear leader we pray for food for dear leaders wife, Angelina twiglet Jolie.

  256. 256
    RotflmaoO Says:

    Will brad wear his wiglet when he marries his twiglet?

  257. 257
    Passing Through Says:

    # 244 fyi1 @ 04/21/2012 at 12:04 pm
    Since those apartments were an end to a means for Ticky – she’s not shedding any tears over that half mil because she accomplished her goal of fooling Jeangolo into believing she was willing to live in NYC part-time to have him. Like I keep saying – it’s the same bait-and-switch she pulled with Brad. She undoubtedly pulled the same routine with all those other men, too. Squiggy’s gonna live Brad’s 6 1/2 year nightmare firsthand now. Hope he remembers when he dumps her that it seemed like a good idea at the time. At least Brad was recovering from having his heart ripped out and was high half the time. He had a readymade excuse. Squiggy’s supposedly sober so this dumping should be super fun…

  258. 258
    flower girl Says:

    Did no one remember that yesterday was Iggy Pop’s birthday.

    How quickly we forget.. Remember someone once referenced that Aniston looked like Iggy.. LMAO

    that was funny..

  259. 259
    Rose Says:

    @fyi1: You are so right about the imitation ring. I can just see the joy in Angie’s face, she loves her ring. Brad Did good.

  260. 260
    TOL on MAX Says:

    Great news- TOL is now on-demand if you have Cinemax. They are also showing in a 10 PM EDT tonight. As much I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED Moneyball and Brad & everybody else in it, Brad’s performance in TOL is just masterful- words can barely convey how great his work was in TOL- the whole movie is amazing.

  261. 261
    fyi1 Says:

    @Passing Through:

    ITA, I am on the front row of the bleachers to see when Squiggy run, run, runs for his life or back to Heidi.. Le ny has that reaction from everyone she tries to hire as a BF! But as usual, she will have to STFU & STFD while the JP wedding frenzy dies down….No one cares about her or Squiggly! This will be fu. To watch as High desperately tries to save his mula he has been milking from the 43 year old, ugly cow.

  262. 262
    Rose Says:

    PT#257, PT, you forget to mention, Let me add my two cents, he is hotter than Brad, as her hens would say. So they have that to comfort them when the getting gets rough. When was the last time we heard her hens talking about THEROXNESURO hotness? Cricket, cricket.

  263. 263

    thanks for the TOL info…right now, watching Moneyball on Starz- they just had the scene with Billy & his daughter having ice cream!!

  264. 264
    Tamsin Says:


    Oh throwing homophobic insults at me? What is your goddess going to think? She is bisexual and has a transgender boy. Shame on you.

  265. 265
    Rose Says:

    @fyi1:#248, Love, love this video, Thant you for posting.

  266. 266
    blondie Says:

    1 min ago

    I think that it was about seven years ago
    that Jen had a five year plan:

    I can, I do, and I will?

    I will find a man and settle down with him,
    get married, and produce a child????
    Have a career. Be happy? Take baby steps to
    mother and daughter happiness with Nancy Dow?

    Instead look what happened in those five years:

    Belly-aching about Brad and his new life without her.
    Flop movie after dull movie.
    Tabloid coverage of nothing worth remembering.
    Dresses and outfits that boggle decription.
    Affairs that end up being denied.
    The interference of David Arquette’s marriage???
    The facial expressions on the cover of magazines
    that make you twist your head in all sorts of
    positions to try to find some sort of hidden
    meaning as to what on earth any photographer
    worth their salary must have been trying to
    conjure forth!!!
    Box office figures that must have been fudged up.
    Fans that may have dwindled, in number, to a large
    The loss of poor old Norman the Dog, just to replace him with Justin and Sophie, the Pitt Bull.
    (Just had to get a PITT in there somehow…the
    corney old HOE!)

    And a new face for each flop movie that she made.
    Photographs that were so touched up
    that you never are really quite sure if it is Jen
    or a Jen look-a-like, that is about 15 or twenty years younger
    than the actual great-grand-mother aged Aniston!!!

    Haaaaaa haaaa ha.

  267. 267
    RotflmaoO Says:

    i am a cretin. i hate myself.

    i hate brad pitt and i will NEVER accept brad pitt loving my girl angelina, and i will troll them till the day i die.

    i am pathetic and mentally ill. help me

  268. 268
    Tasmin Says:

    i am a cretin. i hate myself.

    i hate brad pitt and i will NEVER accept brad pitt loving my girl angelina, and i will troll them till the day i die.

    i am pathetic and mentally ill. help me

  269. 269
    Tamsin Says:


    Brad confessed that he was a self-absorbed junkie who was leeching off Aniston’s. Why he keeps bringing her up is only because he feels guilty about ******** her over, and his pathetic “it wasn’t her, it was me” excuse does little help to put him as more than dull, empty, boring person who hasn’t found himself.

    Watch any of his interviews and listen to his mumbled speech and hesitant tone, then you’ve heard it all. He’s dull and and is so afraid to say something stupid that he hesitates with every word he utters. That’s why he prefers to give written interviews instead of live ones.

    As for his behavior, he is the type of partner who is needy, demanding and won’t encourage the other person to grow and instead sucks up all your life energy when you are in a relationship with him. It’s pretty evident by the way St. Angie looks lately.

  270. 270
    Tamsin Says:

    @Jen the hag:

    Are you bitter because no matter what she does or what you say, your goddess is still nothing but a MISTRESS and will always be one?

    I’m only stating the facts, luv, no need to get upset.

  271. 271
    fyi1 Says:

    PT, post #261

    Yep this is so TRUE! Yeah, at least Bradley had an excuse…..poor Squiggy has none, just plain old money/fame-hungry! I sure hope Lenny’s handlers won’t somehow stop him for milking her all the way..hey, there are dozens & dozens who live off of this talentless 43 year old box office poison.. I am sure Huvane is working behind the scenes and overtaken like crazy to make sure they get their share after tolerating, consoling, pampering thiis b!tch for decades.

  272. 272
    Let's GO OAKLAND!! Says:

    also watching Moneyball- a bit behind because bc I paused dvr to multi-task…they are in the middle of the win streak- so cool. That guy that got to play a young Billy really does look like Brad. What a beautiful movie.

  273. 273
    Tamsin Says:


    Sweetie, do you know how ironic it is for you to quote Charlie Sheen??

    The jokes do write themselves sometimes. I rest my case. :D

  274. 274
    also Says:

    It’s hard not to be romantic about baseball!

  275. 275
    fyi1 Says:

    @Let’s GO OAKLAND!!:

    Do you mean the 18 year old Billy Bean? If that’s what you are talking about, They hit the jackpot with him, btw loved seeing him Brad chatting on the RC. He was great!

  276. 276
    Lara Says:

    ————————–New Thread————————–

  277. 277
    Tamsin Says:

    @Love the JoliePitts:

    The only person who is pretty evidently getting paid for putting a positive spin on every PR stunt by the JPs is you, doll. There is no other justification for the overwhelming wall of text that feel like a fu-kk-ing litany because of the repetitive stupid sh it you put out: “God bless the JPs. They so beautiful, talented, happy. Beautiful kids. He said “***” to her ,and she replied “***” to her in this pic.”

    Mind you, I can’t read through all that nonsense. I would tell you it’s sad and pathetic but your clearly are making money off of the crazies here, so I guess I should say congrats on milking these loons and I thank you for devoting so much time on me. :)

  278. 278
    facts not tabliod/web junk Says:

    Actually it was Brad who talked Aniston into doing The Good Girl. She was afriad to step out of the box of her normal romcoms. Just like she is stuck in the same box for the last five years.
    Brad was the one who incoragned Angelina to show her script to others. He was the one who said she would make a great director.
    It’s funny how this trolls just spitting out bs without any facts.

  279. 279
    facts not tabliod/web junk Says:

    Sorry that is “Brad is the one who encouraged

  280. 280
    Tamsin Says:


    Don’t you mean, Dear Leader’s Mistress? Because that’s what she is.


  281. 281
    Tamsin Says:

    The lying cheating manskank exposed.

    I love this bit down here..

    What does it feel like to have a wife unemployed now?

    BP: She makes more money than I do.

    (the only truth he admitted to in the interview)

    Are you appalled by the tabloids headlines featuring you and Angelina Jolie?

    BP: At this point we just stay away from it all cause we’ve seen so much of it come and go. I’ve never seen someone so misperceived as Jolie. She’s a really decent human being. Very dedicated with her UN work and very dedicated to her child, which is a daily thing for her. She’s surprising levelheaded and bright and decent.

    She told us how great you were with her son. Would you like to be a father?

    BP: Yeah, it’s time. I’m finally at the place where I think I won’t mess up too much and Jen’s in agreement with this.

  282. 282
    Passing Through Says:

    FYI for anyone interested – I have posted the tab report but it didn’t quite work out as I’d planned it. Full explanation at the tab report blog…

  283. 283
    Lisa Says:

    Omg jared you must’ve gotton paid by skeletina to have deletd my comments on the 1st page,damn you jared!! biased much!?

  284. 284
    fool Says:


    suck it up cry baby

  285. 285
    lsam Says:

    There are so many kinds of unique animals there. The kids would love it. My husband said there is only one small hotel there. Glad they are having a great time in between movies.

  286. 286
    Love the JoliePitts Says:

    Angelina Jolie is more than a pretty face for Pakistan flood relief
    Angelina Jolie, a veteran of humanitarian work, has traveled to more than 20 countries. Pakistan’s crisis was greater in scope than any she had ever witnessed, Angelina Jolie said.

    By Issam Ahmed, Correspondent, Christa Case Bryant, Staff writer / September 8, 2010

    Angelina Jolie, the Hollywood celebrity with access to everyone from heads of state to humble refugees, used her global megaphone today to solicit donations for Pakistan’s 21 million flood victims. The United Nations, for whom Ms. Jolie serves as a goodwill ambassador, is struggling to raise the last third of a $460 million appeal for emergency funds.

    Rich Clabaugh/Staff


    In Pictures: Pakistan floods

    Related stories

    Haiti’s pressing need: rain-resistant shelter for 750,000 homeless
    Port-au-Prince, Haiti: From George Clooney to Lance Armstrong, celebrities tap star power to urge giving
    Watching Africa from the inside
    Pakistan floods: Want to help? Click here.
    Angelina Jolie meets with flood victims in Pakistan
    A veteran of disaster scenes whose humanitarian work has taken her to more than 20 countries, Jolie said Pakistan’s crisis was greater in scope than any she had ever witnessed. While Hollywood stars rushing to disaster scenes often lead to rolling of eyes and complaints that they do little good, at least some veteran aid workers in Pakistan are delighted that Jolie is on the case.

    Ishfaq Ahmed, head of operations for the Hashoo foundation in Pakistan, was grateful for the added attention she brought – particularly amid claims of corruption in aid distribution and complaints about Pakistan’s mediocre record in tackling militancy.

    IN PICTURES: Pakistan floods

    “I think it’s really helpful because we have problems on a massive scale in Pakistan… we have a big catastrophe on our hands and we have a big trust deficit,” said one of his employees, who did not want to be named. “A lot of Westerners who would come to help, now think twice about coming. A celebrity coming over is a symbol of trust and shows their support…. It’s brilliant, it helps improve our image.”

    Jolie toured a camp of 6,000 people, whom the employee described as living in “terrible conditions” despite the camp’s proximity to Islamabad, the capital.

    “She was very down to earth and friendly with the kids and interested in knowing about everything. She visited homes, she visited schools, and she chatted with the kids for almost half an hour. I talked to her about the health center, and she wanted to meet the families and displaced people.”

  287. 287
    Love the JoliePitts Says:

    Entire article at below link.
    JJ will not allow me to post full article.

  288. 288
    Tamsin Says:


    LOL at your double standard. So passing your stupid opinions for facts and making all kinds of judgements on what Brand-gelina those two must be talking about in those pics, or even guessing what JA must be doing/feeling about them is okay, yet you tell me not to do the same.

    Unlike you, I know enough about the subject to identify Shiloh’s behavior, but hey don’t take my word for it, there are plenty of documentaries and interviews with other children on youtube for you to check out when you feel ready. Of course you’re going to deny it, and kick and scream about it, because she’ like a messiah to you but I dare to watch it and deny that Shiloh does not behave like the kids who are subject of these documentaries.

    At the end of the day, with St Angie being bisexual she shouldn’t have a problem with any of her kids’ sexual orientation. If she went further than calling it “Montenegro style”, I’m pretty sure that if she confirmed it, you mindless sheep would immediately change your collective mind, acting all progressive and claiming to have always known.

  289. 289
    Tart Says:

    ‘Post-Engagement Vacation’

    I wonder how many Pre-Wedding Vacations they will take for the cameras?

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