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Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt: Post-Engagement Vacation with the Kids!

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt: Post-Engagement Vacation with the Kids!

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt arrive at the Baltra Airport on the Galapagos Islands for some family vacation time with the kids earlier this week.

The newly engaged couple brought along the entire family for the tropical vacay. Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, Vivienne, and Knox joined mom and dad in the celebration of their post-engagement announcement vacation!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Angelina Jolie

Angelina‘s engagement ring was designed by Brad with jeweler Robert Procop. Check out the pic of her beautiful jewel in case you missed it!

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  • RotflmaoO

    @Whamo: thoughts on brads hairline and the golden son trying to escape your idols armz? 2 painful?

  • bdj

    Yep McShorty Skinny Jeans lying golddigger ass must be in the dog house. Poor Baby Jane, with two whiny paid hens, bad rom com career advise and a black hair polish paid escort, ole girl must be screaming at the ocean. BP and AJ keep trunkin along, doing good works, raising an adorable family and lovin. It is all good.

  • Tamsin


    Easy! Noticed how Mr. Vain usually shares the same hue of hair dye with St. Angie? Well, he is starving her to death because he’s waiting for her hair to fall off naturally so he can use it as plugs.

  • RotflmaoO

    Thought bubble over brads head: fck!!! I forgot my Wiglet glue.

  • RotflmaoO

    @Tamsin: I’ll have to use that one later. He is killing her softly by starving her.

  • bdj

    Hollywood star Angelina Jolie has been appointed as Special Envoy of the United Nations refugee agency.
    IN PICS: Angelina Jolie is UNHCR’s special envoy

    Angelina, who was the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees’s Goodwill Ambassador, has been promoted as the Special Envoy of High Commissioner Antonio Guterres.

  • A Lurker

    Jared is so behind news. If the original report is correct, they will be leave there tomorrow. I think they will stay in France until Cannes. I am so stoked about their first red carpet after engagement. The red carpet is going to crazier than ever for the king and queen of Cannes.

  • bdj

    Indignant hen alert.

  • Roxy

    @fake angelina jolie: Seriously before you come on a site and trash talk anyone do yourself a favor….get an English dictionary. Anyways, I just saw a copy of the new people’s magazine cover, and her ring is absolutely beautiful, very elegant.
    Hey trolls/haters….if you dislike Brad & Angelina that much why do you come on their post, just keep it moving.
    I find nothing special or interesting about JA, so if I’m on a site that has a posting of her or her man I just keep scrolling.

  • cats and rats

    Not warking. Lucker. .only dump. Boo. Listen to cult. Master.peliceman. rose. An anutian. Them run from get hand dirty. Hello weng. John wayne. My husbond father inlaw like American actor.he say stand for right. Ange fan get penny. For pray. An talk bad for Jen.them crazy crazy dolousional. Fool self.them too peole. .don’t u.or care for u. . U not Ange. Mother. In sang woman name do not be nasty. An mean.u not doing serious work on site.old women do not be full of u self. All ways sat in high chair in judgement to other.

  • Boo Hoo

    Wow…lots of jealous people here today..Sorry that you are not Brad and Angie. They seem to be happy and blissful without knowledge of your hateful existence..More power to them!

  • gracie

    The whole family look like they’re having a fabulous time. I don’t see all the kids.

  • gracie

    # 115 Whamo

    When did you get out of prison? I thought you were in for life or did you escape?

  • QQQQ

    Hens are funny. It was DailyMail site where it read some bull_shite story about the knock off ring, that looks absolutely nothing like AJ’s ring. So it ran over here asking silly question, then got upset because it got thumbed down and didn’t get the answer it wanted.

  • Tamsin


    ITA Whamo… there is nothing this woman can aspire too in movies, which is pretty sad, because Hollywood is sexist and ageist and good roles for women in their 40s are scarce. What’s going to happen to her, I don’t know, but even if she’s relegated to mom roles once she turns 40 she should be scared of Meryl Streep taking them from her.

  • Ellen

    Lovely pictures….Thanks JJ!

  • Tamsin

    @fake angelina jolie:

    Sure, Pityful mom’s loved JA. There’s a reason for that. Even if the mother of her grandchildren is another woman, she could never replace JA in her heart.

  • Tamsin


    I agree with you; it’s an absolutely little clique who think they know better, act like insiders or worse, as if they were related to them. In their minds, they’re all going to the wedding.

  • Tamsin

    @ Filthy Jolie.

    Don’t worry, they can only ban you for so long… Two minutes maybe?

    Keep ‘em coming.

  • Tamsin

    You silly sheep that Brad has made a ton of money on Jen’s back. Without her, Plan B would never exist.

    If she was greedy, she would’ve kept that partnership or fight for every single penny, but she was probably so disgusted at being involved with his cheating ass in any way that she chose to walk away from a lucrative business and let him have it all by himself and his mistress.

    Talk about a class act. She was wise enough to know that the universe will unfold as it should. Good for her.

  • hopeso


  • lurker

    Thanks bdj for all your great contributions of great articles

  • lurker

    Seven years of replying to these fools did not change a thing they are still dump as fuc* why feed trolls?? They will forever be hateful SOBS they are not worth it

  • gracie

    I’ve had great laughs today reading through some of the gossip mags, good chunk of them claim there is trouble in paradise in fugniston relationship with stumpy. How fugniston can’t keep a man and mr stumpy wanting a break from her. I don’t care if these stories are true or not but what I like about it is, the negative stories are now on her and mr stumpy, it was funny seeing her fugly fans trying to denfend her and calling the stories lies but when it is about Angie and Brad, it is true. Trolls, you can’t have it both ways. the heat is now on your idol and I’m loving it.

  • lurker

    lol so fat Tick sold the house with the two nurseries there goes the twin dreams for her hens

  • lurker

    They will deny any ticky stories but brad and angie stories are suppose to be true,these demented fools have serious issues

  • Observer2

    Plan B wouldn’t exist without Lenny? ROTFLMAO!

    That’s why she tried very hard to keep her claws in it and she got out played by the Brad’s. She’s so successful as a producer that her Echo Films is all but defunct, just like her movie career: Oh, you poor sheep, believing for a moment that Lenny did not try, but, The Brad’s wanted her gone and she’s gone. Echo Films is an apt name as that’s all you hear is an Echo of what was never going to be. Hell, they don’t even have a home for their laughable production company.

    How Are These Actors Still Working?
    Jennifer Aniston
    Career High Point: Since we’re talking movies here, we’ll leave Friends out of the equation and go with her mid-’90s run of Picture Perfect, The Object of My Affection and Office Space.
    The Slide Begins: Pretty much every choice she’s made since Friends wrapped has been terrible — any fans of Derailed, The Bounty Hunter or The Switch out there? Didn’t think so — and the movies that do turn out decent (like Friends with Money and Wanderlust) often fail to launch at the box office.
    Why She’s Still Working: Aniston’s still a Friendly face for viewers who lived through the ’90s and she has made a few commercially (though not critically) sound choices, like Marley & Me, Just Go With It and Horrible Bosses that keep her toward the bottom of the A-List. See also: Brad Pitt.
    Upcoming Projects: Aniston is rumored to be in talks to join the Elmore Leonard adaptation Switch opposite Dennis Quaid and John Hawkes.

    Her next slate of movies are all straight to VOD and she’ll be calling Adam Sandler, please, please, put me in a movie, I needs the B.O. numbers that you provide to pad my resume.

    You don’t have hot up and comers going on and on about Lenny. Michael Fassbender can’t say enough about Brad and Angelina and how much he respects them and Plan B.

    But, watch, Lenny is still waiting for Fincher, Bigelow, Soderbergh, Depp and Renner to call her to be in one of their movies. They all bust a gut and gave her the side eye and the hand when they heard that. Who the fvck does she think she is. As if! LOL.

  • Tamsin


    Has Pityful ever finished something that he started? He’s still renovating those houses, isn’t he? Typical stoner.

  • Samantha js

    Everybody know s brad is gay, first that maniston guy and now that heroin addict are just a distraction . But im very happy for brad . not so much for that junkie he is with because when he will break up with her ( and believe me he will) She will be attacked by the U.F.G.W.A.L Army *
    of just jared also eventually.

    *Ugly fat girl army without a life of their own

  • hehehe

    So Maniston sold her NYC apartment, lost $500 K. hehehe

  • hehehe

    National Enquirer had Maniston Collapsed, Melted Down Over Brad Pitt-Angelina Jolie Engagement. Hehehe

  • RotflmaoO

    @Tamsin: It’s very hard for Brads followers to swallow the fact that the ninja turtle turned lesbian with a wiglet was into harder drugs than pot. You are still stuck on the good ole boy myth.
    WHICH A-list actor smoked heroin with his then-ac­tress/girlfriend in the early ’90s before he became super famous? Now he’s tied down with a brood of kids and doesn’t touch the hard stuff. But the handsome hunk still likes to relax with his much-loved marijuana!


    O I wonder….

  • RotflmaoO

    Don’t forget the then G/f was a teenager.

  • well

    hehehe @ 04/20/2012 at 6:31 pm

    Thumb up Thumb down +2

    So Maniston sold her NYC apartment, lost $500 K. hehehe
    Ticky is an idiot.

  • RotflmaoO

    Knox hates brad.

  • hehehe

    It is hilarious the trolls’ melting-down over Brange engagement for a week by now. hehehe

  • gracie

    The loving pic of Brad and Angie and their beautiful family having a great time has brought all the dogs out, they’re losing their minds. Fugniston needs their help but the disloyal dogs will rather be here instead.


    Cannes Film Festival ‏ @CannesCoverage

    Nicole Kidman and Brad Pitt have confirmed to be present at #Cannes2012.

  • NAN

    Dolly’s friends on board,their boss be Crayzy and she can’t showed her LOSER face .
    7+ years gone by with 7+ men all just ding dong her and gone…Ouch.
    Jenny Poop is still be The Bitter B!tch Barren Cow of HW.

  • guest

    I remember watching the premiere of “The Mexican” and Brad and JR were joking with one another on the red carpet and there was ticky lurking with friends or PR in the background watching their every move. I never followed them as couple but I kept thinking this woman is so insecure about her relationship. Her body language and how she really wasn’t paying attention to the people around her,
    I’ve I never seen photos or videos of Angie reacting that way when Brad is talking to a fellow actress.

  • gracie

    # 152 hehehe , yeh, I read that and it was LMAO. She collapsed on hearing about Brad’s engagement to Angie and mr stumpy was unsympathetic — Lol.

  • RotflmaoO

    i have no life

    i suck

  • RotflmaoO

    i love brad pitt

  • RotflmaoO

    brangelina fans own me on a daily basis.

    i hate myself. i am a loser, you are a loser

  • RotflmaoO

    i am a cretin

  • RotflmaoO

    my other names are tasmin, cat and rats, lyn,

  • Tamsin or Iamsin

    Oh, lordy Lord, this child is still singing the same tune again. Why don’t you go ask your beloved man stealing herself if she’s as miserable as you right now. You are so pathetic. Angers will rotten your heart child. I repeat, this was not your marriage and the Jolie-Pitt will never read your rants, so go in peace and repent your sins to the lord.

  • gracie

    Her fans keeps telling us she is over Brad and mr gigolo is hotter but it’s obvious she is not. Her fans are here coz they can’t get over Brad dumping their fug idol for beautiful Angie. And they’re all losing their minds now, Angie is going to be Mrs Pitt.

  • Tamsin


    Actually I do believe that he tried heroin. That would explain how he bonded with St. Angie, you know, probably the first thing they discovered they had in common.

  • NAN

    I’m happy for Brad that he is very happy now with his new wife + 6 lovely children.
    Now The whole world knew who is Abnormal & Kaput.
    Just B @ R K I N G dogs,anyway your boss is always be The Loser.
    No A-D listers wanted her because of her opened mouth.
    Soon she will be with Z-list + bulldogs,